DX Fanzine No. 76 – December 2019

DX Fanzine, an electronic newsletter which was originally edited in 1999/2000, brings together tips and news as contributed by individual DXers or ascertained from different sources. We are interested in any change in frequencies, times, language-services, transmitters, programme contents, phone and fax-numbers, electronic and postal address, station personnel.
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NB: All times, days and dates are day/month GMT-UTC, unless otherwise stated.

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Language Abbreviations: AA=Arabic, CC=Chinese, CT=Catalan, DD=Dutch, EE=English, FF=French, GG=German, HA=Hausa, IT=Italian, JJ=Japanese, KK= Korean, PP=Portoguese, RM=Romanian, RR=Russian, SS=Spanish, VV=Vernacular.

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Editor:Antonello Napolitano. The cover photo shows a QSL card of Radio Lesotho from DXF Editor’s collection

 Freq.   Date    Time-UTC  ITU Station, Location, Language and Programme Details.      SINPO/SWL  
  234   24.12.19 2130      LUX RTL, Beidweiler, FF: Xmas songs presented by G.Lang.    45444 CG
  590   28.12.19 2146      CAN VOCM, Saint John's, EE: TK.                             22222 AM
  590   28.12.19 2325      CAN VOCM, Saint John's, Ed: Details missing.                44444 AM
  594   11.12.19 1858      NGR R.Nigeria, Kaduna, VV: ID, TK.                          F/G.  GB*
  675   11.12.19 2325      HOL R.Calypso, Oostwold. DD: MX.                            F.    RP
  675   15.12.19 0308      HOL R.Calypso, Oostwold, songs non stop. 100 Watts. // Web  F.    GB*
  675   12.12.19 1840      QAT QMC R.Qatar, Al-Arish, AA: MX.                          F.    RP
  702   07.12.19 1035       I  R.Briscola, Lenta, IT: MX.                              G.    RP
  702   08.12.19 1600      ALG R.Laghouat, Laghouat, AA: great ID, NX.                 G.    GB*
  750   28.12.19 2110      CAN CGBY, Bonavista Bay, EE: TK.                            22222 AM
  760   28.12.19 2340      USA WIR, Detroit, EE: TK.                                   33433 AM
  765   08.12.19 2300       G  BBC Essex East England, Chelmsford/Baker's Wood, EE:    F.    GB*
                               local ID, TK. Power 500 watts.    
  774   13.12.19 1920       E  RNE R5, Valencia, SS: Regional NX Comunidad Valenciana. G.    RP
  774   14.12.19 1030       I  R.Zainet, ?,  IT: ID+MX.                                G.    RP
  828   11.12.19 1800      RUS R.Gazeta Slovo, S.Petersburg/Sosnovka, RR: Great ID.    F.    GB*
  837   09.12.19 1730      IRN R.Esfahan, Esfahan/Habibabad, Farsi: TK.                F.    RP
  837   28.12.19 1705      ETH R.Oromia, Robe, VV: MX. QEM from IRIB.                  34433 AM
  840   28.12.19 1805      ERI Dimtsi Hafash 2, Asmara/Sela'i Da'iro, VV: TK.          44444 AM			
  873   05.12.19 2258       E  R.Zaragoza, SS: ID+Commercials for local business.      G.    RP
  891   14.12.19 2000      ETH EBC Ethiopia National R., Dessie, VV: HoA style songs.  F.    GB*
  891   13.12.19 2258      HOL Hot R.Hits, Huissen, DD: songs.                         F.    GB*
  891   29.12.19 0600-0610 TUR TRT 1, Antalya-Aksu, Turkish: under new tx fm Algeria.  52342 PR
  900   29.12.19 0110-0130  I  RAI 1, Siziano, Song by Donna Summer “On the Radio”.    54444 PR
  918   28.12.19 1610      IND AIR North Suratgarh, Indian MX.                         44444 AM
  927   06.12.19 0430-0440 TUR TRT 1, Izmir, Turkish: // 891, 954, 1062 kHz.           33343 PR
  945   11.12.19 1900      STP R.Nacional de Sao Tome, Pinheira, PP: TK over Smooth R. F.    GB*
  990   07.12.19 1040       I  Z100, Milano, IT: MX.                                   F.    RP
 1017   03.12.19 1920       E  RNE R5, Burgos, SS: Regional NX Castilla y Leon.        G.    RP
 1027   07.12.19 1740      IRN R.Tabriz, Azarshahr, Farsi: TK.                         F.    RP 
 1044   02.12.19 1702       E  R.San Sebastian, SS: ID+Commercials for local business. G.    RP
 1107   04.12.19 1730       I  RAI R1, Roma, IT: regional NX Lazio.                    P.    RP
 1130   28.12.19 2135      USA WBBR, New York, EE: TK.                                 23322 AM 
 1170   28.12.19 1600-1620 UAE Sawt Al-Joumhouria, Al-Dhabbaya, AA: Re-activated!      44444 PR
 1197   07.12.19 1745      ROU Brasov FM, Bra?ov/Bod Colonie, RM: NX.                  F.    RP
 1200   24.12.19 0030       B  R.Clube, Fortaleza, PP: Rlgs TK.                        F.    RP
 1233   02.12.19 1630      CZE R.Dechovka, Predboj; Czech: ID+ MX.                     G.    RP
 1269   12.12.19 2320       G  R.XL, Birmingham, Hindi: MX.                            F.    RP
 1278   02.12.19 1850      IRN R.Kermanshah, Kermanshah, Farsi: TK.                    F.    RP
 1278   19.12.19 0600       G  Pulse 2, Bradford, EE: NX. 430 watts.                   P.    GB*
 1287   09.12.19 1840       E  R.Lleida, CT: Local NX.                                 G.    RP
 1350   01.12.19 0020       B  R.Boa Vontade, Salvador, PP: Rlgs TK.                   F.    RP
 1350   24.12.19 2350       B  R.Boa Vontade, Salvador/Ilha de Itaparica, PP: Rlgs TK. G.    RP
 1350   23.12.19 2330      USA WEGA, Vega Baja, SS: Rlgs TK.                           G.    RP
 1350   27.12.19 1745-1830 ARM TWR, via Gavar, Sorani/Kurdish/Turkish: New broadc time 34343 PR
 1350   27.12.19 1930-2130 ARM Pres. AWR 360 Studio, Gavar, AA: Christian PX.          44444 PR
 1350   28.12.19 0022      ARG R.Buenos Aires, Burzaco, SS: Argentinian MX.            33433 AM
 1368   01.12.19 0600       G  Manx R., Douglas/Foxdale, EE: NX.                       F/G.  GB
 1368   14.12.19 2325       G  R.Caroline, via Manx R., Douglas/Foxdale EE: songs, ID, F.    GB*                                
                               TK QRM from Greek pirate.   
 1377   28.12.19 0550      CHN CNR 1, Xingyang, CC: TK.                                44444 AM
 1380   24.12.19 0020       B  R.Continental, Recife, PP: Rlgs TK.                     F.    RP
 1395   19.12.19 0559      HOL R.Seabreze, Grou, DD: NX. Power 100 watts!              F.    GB*
 1400   23.12.19 0010      GRD Harbour Light of the Winwards, Carriacou/Tarleton Point G.    RP
                               EE: Rlgs TK. 
 1400   28.12.19 0045      GRD Harbour Light of the Winwards, Carriacou/Tarleton Point 34343 AM
                               EE: Ed: Details missing.
 1431   19.12.19 0600       G  Smooth R.Essex, Southend/Rayleigh, EE: Commercials, NX, F.    GB*
                               Power 350 watts! over RAI from Foggia.
 1440   20.12.19 0600      DNK R.208, Copenhagen, songs, "The rock of Copenaghen".     F.    GB*
 1440   22.12.19 0500      DNK R.208, Copenhagen, Rock MX.                             23432 CG
 1476   02.12.19 1900      UAE R.Asia Network, Ras al-Khaimah, Malayalam: MX.          F.    RP
 1476   20.12.19 0530       G  Carillon Wellbeing R., Coalville, EE: oldies.           F.    GB*
 1485   20.12.19 0620       E  R.Alcoy, Alcoy, SS: local PX.                           F.    GB*
 1494   20.12.19 0600      MDV R.Moldova, 2 tx, RM: NX.                                F.    GB* 
 1500   28.12.19 2130      USA WFED, Washington, EE: MX.                               22222 AM
 1503   10.12.19 1920       E  RNE R5, La Linea, SS: Regional NX Andalucia.            G.    RP
 1539   20.12.19 0620       E  R.Elche SER, SS: PX "Hoy por hoy Comunidad Valenciana". XXXXX GB*
                               QRM from R.Manresa.
 1557   14.12.19 2358       G  Gold R., Northampton, EE: songs+TK.                     F.    GB*
 1557   20.12.19 0600       G  Smooth R., Southampton, EE: NX. Over Gold.              F.    GB* 
 1566   10.12.19 1805       I  R.Kolbe, Schio, IT: MX.                                 F.    RP
 1566   20.12.19 0550      HOL Vahon Hindustani, DD: Asian songs non stop.             G.    GB*
 1584   03.12.19 1758       E  R.Gandia, SS: ID+Commercials for local business.        G.    RP 
 1584   14.12.19 1702       I  Regional R., Otricoli, IT: Time Annmt, NX.              F.    GB*
 1584   03.12.19 1803       I  R.Diffusione Europea, Trieste, IT: NX.                  F.    RP
 1584   20.12.19 0600       I  R.Diffusione Europea, Trieste, IT: PX Buongiorno Italia F.    GB*
 1584   21.12.19 1730       I  R.Diffusione Europea, Trieste, IT: NX+WX+Traffic info.  35443 CG
 1602   02.12.19 0850       I  R.Milano, Como, IT: MX.                                 G.    RP
 1602   14.12.19 1803       I  R.Milano, Como, songs.                                  F.    GB*
 1602   21.12.19 1800       I  R.Milano, Como, IT: Non stop MX.                        45444 CG
 1602   04.12.19 1735       E  R.Cartagena, Cartagena, SS: Local NX.                   F.    RP 
 1602   20.12.19 0600       I  Dot R., Spello, IT: ID, NX. Power 150 watts! QRM.       P.    GB*
 1620   28.12.19 0455      CUB R.Rebelde, SS: Salsa MX+TK.                             33333 AM
 1633   14.12.19 0500       E  R.Barcelona, Holland, DD: MX.                           G.    RP
 1647   05.12.19 2315      PIR R.Professor Sikbock, Holland, DD: MX.                   F.    RP
 1648   09.12.19 2230      PIR R.Oldtimer, Holland, DD: MX.                            F.    RP
 1660   24.12.19 0000      USA WGIT Faro de Santitad, Canovanas, PP (Ed !?): MX.       F.    RP
 1660   28.12.19 2350      USA WGIT Faro de Santitad, Canovanas, SS: TK+MX.            34433 AM
 3310   25.12.19 0015-0028 BOL R.Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, only carrier detected today  XXXXX MM
 3330   14.12.19 0450      CAN CHU, Ottawa, EE/FF: ID+Pips.                            F.    RP
 3915.0 16.12.19 2200      SGP BBC, via Kranjii, EE: reports.                          P.    GB
 3975   16.12.19 2150       D  Shortwave R., Winsen, EE: songs, IDs.                   F.    GB
 4055   01.12.19 0650-0840 GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, SS: Rlgs songs/TK. Very weak,     XXXXX MM 
                               better on LSB.
 4055   17.12.19 0540-0555 GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, EE: Rlgs TK/songs. Better on LSB. 15311 MM
 4055   12.12.19 0445-0510 GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, Rlgs songs/TK. Ed: EE? Audible on 15311 MM
                               LSB. Very weak. 
 4055   25.12.19 0550-0853 GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, SS: Rlgs/Xmas songs, Rlgs TK, ID. 15321 MM 
                               Extended program today, Christmas Day. Very weak. 
 4765   12.12.19 0454-0500*CUB R.Progreso, Bejucal, SS: Songs, NX “Reportero RP”+S/OFF 35433 MM
 4765   14.12.19 0440      CUB R.Progreso, Bejucal, SS: MX.                            G.    RP 
 4774.9 11.12.19 2147-2158  B  R.Congohnas, Congonhas, PP: TK. Very weak.              15311 MM
 4774.9 12.12.19 2106-2119  B  R.Congohnas, Congonhas, PP: Rlgs TK.                    15321 MM
 4775   07.12.19 2350      PRU R.Tarma, Tarama. SS: ID, Commercials.                   F.    RP
 4775   24.12.19 2320-2345 PRU R.Tarma, Tarma, SS: Football live+Commmercials.         14321 MM
 4775   28.12.19 0005      PRU R.Tarma, Tarma, SS: ID.                                 23322 AM
 4800   16.12.19 1659-1710 IND AIR, Hyderabad, Hindi songs. Cochannel QRM from China.  21421 MM
 4810   16.12.19 1631-1733 IND AIR, Bhopal, VV: Hindi songs, TK. At 1730 ID+NX in EE.  15321 MM
 4810   24.12.19 1725-1733 IND AIR, Bhopal, VV: TK, Hindi songs, at 1730 ID+NX in EE.  25322 MM
 4875   14.12.19 2340       B  R.Difusora Roraima, Boa Vista, PP: MX.                  G.    RP
 4875   24.12.19 2315-2343  B  R.Difusora Roraima, Boavista, PP: Brazilian songs, TK.  25322 MM
 4875   28.12.19 0010       B  R.Difusora Roraima, Boavista, PP: TK.                   34433 AM
 4885   07.12.19 2345       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: ID, MX.                     G.    RP
 4885   14.12.19 0445       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: MX.                         G.    RP 
 4890   13.12.19 1710-1720 KOR Echo of Hope, Seoul, KK: TK.                            25322 MM
 4905   01.12.19 0730-0745  B  R.Relogio Federal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian songs.     15311 MM
 4910   16.12.19 1704-1710 IND AIR, Jaipur, VV: Hindi songs, TK.                       15321 MM
 4910   24.12.19 1731-1733 IND AIR, Jaipur, EE: NX.                                    15311 MM
 4920   16.12.19 1710-1716 IND AIR, Chennai, Hindi songs. Cochannel QRM from China.    21421 MM
 4925   28.12.19 0012	    B  R.Educaçao Rural, Tefe, PP: TK.          	       22222 AM
 4949.7 11.12.19 2136-2145 AGL R.Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, PP: TK+songs. Very weak 15211 MM
 4949.7 13.12.19 0505-0520 AGL R.Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, PP: Songs+TK+ID.        15321 MM
 4950   16.12.19 1715-1723 IND AIR, Kashmir, VV: Hindi songs, TK.                      14321 MM
 4950   24.12.19 1730-1733 IND AIR, Kashimir, EE: NX.                                  15321 MM
 4985   28.12.19 2115       B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: MX+TK.                   34433 AM
 5005   01.12.19*0528-0610 GNE R.Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, SS: Afropops. @  15321 MM
                               ID "Radio Bata", TK. At 0601 NX “Boletín Informativo”. 
 5005   07.12.19 0550-0606 GNE R.Nacional de guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, SS: TK. At 0602  15311 MM
                               NX. Very weak, better on LSB. 
 5005   12.12.19*0511-0615 GNE R.Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, SS: Opens with car- 15322 MM                          
                               rier cut off at 0515. Again on air at 0522 with PX "Pa- 15321 MM
                               norama Nacional". At 0601 NX. SINPO improved to 25322
 5005   12.12.19*1640-1651 GNE R.Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, Spanish songs. Cut  15311 MM
                               off abruptly in the middle of a song.                          
 5005   13.12.19*0521-0615 GNE R.Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, SS: PX "Consejos   25432 MM
                               para la Familia”, 0526 PX “Panorama Nacional”, 0600 NX
 5005   13.12.19 1633-1645*GNE R.Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, Songs. Extrem. weak 15311 MM
 5005   14.12.19 0550-0707 GNE R.Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, SS: Song "Feliz Na- 15321 MM
                               dad”, ID as “Radio Malabo”, TK. At 0700 NX.
 5005   16.12.19 1645-1657*GNE R.Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, VV: Song "Noche y   15322 MM
                               Día” by E.Iglesias+Afro songs-TK. Abrupt S/OFF at 1557. 
 5009.9 07.12.19 1715-1726 MDG R.Nasionaly Malagasy, Ambohidrano, VV: TK.              15321 MM
 5009.9 12.12.19 1900-1910 MDG R.Nasionaly Malagasy, Ambohidrano, VV: TK.              15321 MM
 5009.9 17.12.19 1701-1716 MDG R.Nasionaly Malagasy, Ambohidrano, VV: TK+African songs 25322 MM
 5009.9 24.12.19 1815-1843 MDG R.Nasionaly Malagasy, VV: Rlgs PX, Holy Mass, TK.       25322 MM
 5035   28.12.19 2120       B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: MX+TK.                      34333 AM
 5040   16.12.19 1637-1648 IND AIR, Jeypore, Hindi songs.                              15321 MM
 5040   25.12.19 0720-0810 VAN R.Vanuatu, Port Vila, EE: TK, songs. Very weak. Heard   15421 MM
                               after Radio Habana Cuba signed off.
 5140   15.12.19 0925      PIR R.Charleston International, EE: MX.                     G.    RP 
 5140   25.12.19 1015      PIR R.Charleston International, EE: MX.                     G.    RP 
 5780   01.12.19 0915      PIR Harmony R., EE: ID+MX.                                  G.    RP
 5780   07.12.19 1340      PIR Harmony R., EE: MX.                                     G.    RP 
 5780   14.12.19 1720      PIR Harmony R., EE: MX.                                     F.    RP
 5780   25.12.19 1020      PIR Harmony R., EE: MX.                                     G.    RP 
 5805   24.12.19 1440      PIR R.Focus International, EE: MX.                          G.    RP
 5840   07.12.19 1335      PIR R.Focus International, EE: MX.                          F.    RP 
 5850   26.12.19 1900      UZB R.Eifeler Radiotage, via Tashkent, GG: TK on the end of 45544 CG
                               the German Democratic Republic.  
 5905   18.12.19 2000       D  DWD, Pinneberg, GG: start bc, meteo info.               G.    GB
 5915   07.12.19 1717-1728 ZMB Zambia NBC R.1, Lusaka, VV: TK.                         25432 MM
 5915   12.12.19 1730-1748 ZMB Zambia NBC R.1, Lusaka, VV: TK.                         24322 MM
 5915   16.12.19 1658-1719 ZMB Zambia NBC R.1, Lusaka, VV: TK, Commercials, African    25322 MM
                               songs. At 1758 into EE with Commercials, ID, NX. 
 5915   24.12.19 1758-1807 ZMB Zambia NBC R.1, Lusaka, EE: Commmercials, ID, NX        25322 MM
 5940   14.12.19 2345       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: Rlgs TK.                 G.    RP
 5940   28.12.19 0019       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: Rlgs TK.                 43333 AM
 5950   01.12.19 0451-0505 ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: East Afri- 34433 MM
                               can songs,TK. 
 5950   05.12.19 1638-1655 ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK, East   33433 MM
                               African songs. 
 5950   12.12.19 0505-0610 ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK, East   24322 MM
                               African songs, TK. 
 5950   16.12.19 1730      ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Abeba, Tigrinya: TK.        F.    GB
 5950   20.12.19 1657-1710 ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: East Afri- 44434 MM
                               can songs, TK. 
 5950   24.12.19 1605-1615 ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: East Afri- 24322 MM
                               can songs, TK. 
 5965   16.12.19 2135      GUM KSDA AWR, Agat, KK: TK.                                 F.    GB
 5995   16.12.19 2140      MLI R.Mali, Kati, VV: nice songs.                           F/G.  GB
 5995   12.12.19 0659-0705 MLI R.Mali, Bamako-Kati, FF: ID+NX “Le Journal".            44444 MM
 6010   18.12.19 2000      CVA Vatican R., S.Maria di Galeria, EE: start bc.           P.    GB
 6010   24.12.19 2020      CVA Vatican R., S.Maria di Galeria, FF: Xmas Eve Holy Mass  33443 CG
 6015   13.12.19 0450-0505 TZA Zanzibar B.C., Dole, Swahili: TK. Strong QRM from 6020. 31431 MM
 6030   18.12.19 1831      ETH R.Oromiya, Addis Ababa, Oromo: TK.                      P.    GB
 6050   01.12.19 0650-0710 LBR ELWA R., Monrovia, EE: Rlgs songs and TK.               24322 MM
 6050   12.12.19 0640-0655 LBR ELWA R., Monrovia, EE: Rlgs TK. PX “Back to the Bible”. 25422 MM             
 6050   17.12.19 0640-0647 LBR ELWA R., Monrovia, EE: Rlgs TK and songs.               25433 MM
 6050   13.12.19*0924-0940 EQA HCJB, Pichincha, Quechua: IS, NA, TK, Ecuadorian songs. 15321 MM
 6050   14.12.19 0455      EQA HCJB, Pichincha, SS: MX.                                F.    RP 
 6050   24.12.19 2340-2355 EQA HCJB, Pichincha, Quechua, TK, Rlgs songs. Strong Co-    12421 MM
                               channel QRM fm China. 
 6050   25.12.19*0923-0937 EQA HCJB, Pichincha, Quechua, Songs, NA, TK. Very weak.     15321 MM
 6050   18.12.19 2100      CHN PBS Xizang, Tibet, CC: ID, songs.                       F.    GB
 6055   07.12.19 0758-0814 JPN R.Nikkei 1, Chiba-Nagara, JJ: Songs+TK.                 15311 MM 
 6055   12.12.19 0746-0757 JPN R.Nikkei 1, Chiba-Nagara, JJ: TK.                       15311 MM 
 6055   13.12.19 0801-0815 JPN R.Nikkei 1, Chiba-Nagara, JJ: TK.                       15321 MM 
 6070   12.12.19 0515-0550 CAN CFRX, Toronto, EE: NX, TK, Commmercials.                14321 MM
 6070   14.12.19 1037-1052  D  R.City, via Rohrbach Waal, EE: pop songs, TK, ID.       15321 MM
 6070   14.12.19 0800       D  R.Waves Int. via Rohrbach Waal, FF: Songs from the 60’s 35543 CG
 6070   14.12.19*0900-0920  D  Atlantic 2000 Int., via Rohrbach Waal, FF: IS, ID pop   25322 MM
                               songs and TK. // 7440 with SINPO 35433.
 6070   14.12.19 2104-2114  D  R.For Peace International, via Rohrbach Waal, FF: NX+TK 24322 MM
 6070   16.12.19 1127       D  Brother Stair, Rohrbach, EE: usual TK.                  F.    GB
 6070   24.12.19 1310       D  Korches R., via Rohrbach Waal, GG: ID+MX.               G.    RP
 6070   25.12.19 0945       D  R.SE-TA 2, via Rohrbach Waal, GG: MX.                   G.    RP
 6080   24.12.19*1900-1920 ??? Norddeutscher Rundfunk, via Nauen? GG: Christmas songs. 45444 MM
 6080   24.12.19*1900      ??? Norddeutscher Rundfunk, via Nauen? GG: PX Spezial Gruß  45433 CG
                               an Bord. // 11650, 9740, 6030 kHz.
 6085   20.12.19 1545-1605  D  R.Mi Amigo, Kall Krekel, EE: Pop songs, TK.             34433 MM
 6090   01.12.19 0520-0533 ETH Amhara State R., Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK+East African 25322 MM
 6090   12.12.19 0503-0518 ETH Ahmara State R., Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK+East African 24322 MM
 6090   20.12.19 1618-1628 ETH Ahmara State R., Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: East African    32432 MM
                               songs, TK.
 6090   18.12.19 2000      UAE KBS World R., Dhabbaya, AA: start bc, NX.               E.    GB
 6110   05.12.19 1705-1720 ETH R.Fana, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK.                      24322 MM
 6110   20.12.19 1701-1722 ETH R.Fana, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK.                      34433 MM
 6110   18.12.19 2000      AUT AWR, Moosbrunn, EE: ID then into UNID language.         E.    GB
 6115   01.12.19 0522-0550 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: TK+African/afropop songs. at  24322 MM
                               0532 into VV: TK. 
 6115   01.12.19 0733-0747 JPN R.Nikkei 2, Chiba-Nagara, JJ: TK.                       15321 MM
 6115   06.12.19 0744-0755 JPN R.Nikkei 2, Chiba-Nagara, JJ: Pop songs in EE+TK.       15321 MM
 6115   07.12.19 0805-0816 JPN R.Nikkei 2, Chiba-Nagara, Pop songs in EE.              15321 MM
 6115   12.12.19 0737-0810 JPN R.Nikkei 2, Chiba-Nagara, JJ: Pop songs+TK.             15321 MM
 6115   13.12.19 0800-0814 JPN R.Nikkei 2, Chiba-Nagara, JJ: TK+songs.                 15321 MM
 6115   16.12.19 1445      NZL R.New Zealand, Rangitaiki, EE: reports, TK.             P/F.  GB
 6115   24.12.19 1710      CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: TK, African songs.            14321 MM
 6115   25.12.19 0545-0612 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: TK, NX, African songs.        25322 MM
 6130   18.12.19 1828      SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, African lang.: TK.              F.    GB
 6140   18.12.19 1830      IND AIR, Bengaluru, Urdu: ID.                               G.    GB
 6145   29.12.19 0515-0545 ROU R.Romania Actualitati (HS), Galbeni-Bacau: Xmas songs.  25332 PR
 6150   07.12.19 1355       D  R.Marabu, Datteln, GG: MX.                              F.    RP
 6150   20.12.19 1556-1608  D  R.Marabu, Datteln, GG: pop songs, TK.                   23322 MM
 6155   24.12.19*2100      ??? Norddeutscher Rundfunk, via Nauen? GG: PX Spezial Gruß  45544 CG
                               an Bord. // 6145, 9590, 9675 kHz.
 6170   25.12.19 0930      PIR R.Speedwing, EE: MX.                                    G.    RP
 6185   01.12.19 0445-0510 MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de México, LA songs.                15321 MM
 6185   12.12.19 0445-0525 MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de México, Classic MX, Mexican and  15321 MM
                               other LA songs.
 6185   13.12.19 0507-0540 MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de México, MX.                      15321 MM
 6185   17.12.19 0458-0520 MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de México, SS: TK+MX.               15321 MM
 6185   25.12.19 0018-0025 MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de México, SS: NX.                  14321 MM
 6185   25.12.19 0545-0601*MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de México, SS: Clasic MX+TK.        15321 MM
 6185   25.12.19 0935      PIR R.Laguna, EE: MX.                                       F.    RP
 6195   18.12.19 2000      BOT VOA, Mopeng Hills, EE: NX.                              G.    GB
 6205   08.12.19 0935      PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: MX.                                 G.    RP
 6205   14.12.19 1725      PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: MX.                                 F.    RP
 6205   16.12.19 2145      PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: nice oldies.                        XXXXX GB
 6205   24.12.19 1500      PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: MX.                                 G.    RP
 6210   01.12.19 0930      PIR R.King SW, EE: MX.                                      F.    RP
 6210   08.12.19 0930      PIR R.King SW, EE: MX.                                      G.    RP
 6210.2 10.12.19 1715-1804*DRC R.Kahuzi, Bukavu, VV: TK, songs. Very weak.             15321 MM
 6210.2 12.12.19 1740-1805*DRC R.Kahuzi, Bukavu, VV: TK, songs. Better on LSB Ext.weak 15311 MM
 6210.2 24.12.19 1724-1804*DRC R.Kahuzi, Bukavu, VV: TK. Extremely weaky, only on LSB. XXXXX MM
 6225   25.12.19 1030      PIR R.AC/DC, EE: MX.                                        G.    RP 
 6230   15.12.19 0930      PIR Coast FM, Tenerife, EE: ID+MX.                          G.    RP
 6230   24.12.19 1430      PIR Coast FM, Tenerife, EE: MX.                             G.    RP
 6240   15.12.19 0940      PIR R.Casanova, EE: ID+Italian MX.                          G.    RP
 6250   15.12.19 1030      PIR R.Thunderbird, EE: ID+MX. // 6315 kHz.                  G.    RP
 6260   08.12.19 1030      PIR Reggae R., EE: ID+MX.                                   G.    RP
 6262   25.12.19 1010      PIR R.Overijseel, EE: MX.                                   G.    RP 
 6270   01.12.19 0950      PIR R.Thunderbird, EE: ID+MX.                               G.    RP
 6270   14.12.19 1730      ??? Iran Int TV, London, Farsi: NX.                         G.    RP
 6272   25.12.19 1005      PIR Misti R., EE: MX.                                       G.    RP
 6276   24.12.19 1420      PIR R.Zeewolf, EE: MX.                                      G.    RP 
 6280   15.12.19 0935      PIR R.319, EE: ID+MX.                                       G.    RP
 6284   24.12.19 1445      PIR R.Joey, EE: MX.                                         G.    RP  
 6285   07.12.19 1330      PIR R.319, EE: MX.                                          G.    RP 
 6285   25.12.19 1025      PIR X-Mas R., EE: MX.                                       G.    RP 
 6290   08.12.19 0940      PIR R.Zwarte Non, EE: MX.                                   G.    RP 
 6290   22.12.19 1035      PIR R.Deltracks, EE: MX.                                    G.    RP 
 6305   01.12.19 0955      PIR R.Merlin Int., EE: MX.                                  F.    RP 
 6305   25.12.19 1000      PIR R.Merlin Int, EE: MX.                                   F.    RP
 6323   24.12.19 1435      PIR R.Pandora, EE: MX.                                      F.    RP
 6850   08.12.19 1035      PIR Blue Moon R., EE: MX.                                   F.    RP 
 7140   12.12.19 1655-1705 ERI VO Broad Masses of Eritrea, Asmara, VV: TK. QRM fm HAMs 23422 MM                            
 7140   20.12.19 1610-1625 ERI VO Broad Masses of Eritrea, Asmara, VV: TK, East Afri-  22432 MM
                               can songs. QRM from HAMs.
 7140   24.12.19 1655-1710 ERI VO Broad Masses of Eritrea, Asmara, VV: East African    24422 MM
                               songs, TK. 
 7205   05.12.19 1631-1640 SDN Sudan R., Al Aitahab, AA: TK.                           15321 MM
 7205   12.12.19 0501-0512 SDN Sudan R., Al Aitahab, AA: TK.                           25432 MM
 7205   17.12.19 0501-0518 SDN Sudan R., Al Aitahab, AA: TK.                           25322 MM
 7330   01.12.19*1100-1135 AUT R.Joystick, The Charlie-Prince-Show, Moosbrunn, GG: Pop 45544 MM
                               songs, TK, ID “The Charlie-Prince-Show”. 
 7345   16.12.19 2034      CHN China R.International, Kashi, IT: reports.              G.    GB
 7365   16.12.19 1120       D  HCJB, Weenermoor, GG: TK.                               F.    GB 
 7440   14.12.19 0900       D  R.Atlantic 2000 Int., via Rohrbach Waal, FF: MX+TK      45343 CG
 7475   16.12.19 2030      THA R.Thailand, Udon Thani, EE: PX to Europe, Fading.       F/G.  GB
 7485   25.12.19 1500      SGP BBC, via Kranjii, EE: Queen Elizabeth II’s message to   45433 CG
                               the Commonwealth. 
 7505   25.11.12 0400      USA WRNO, New Orleans, EE: PX "Grace for Today".            35543 CG
 7525   07.12.19 1330      UZB Asian Broadcasting Institute, via Tashkent? JJ: 40th    35443 CG
                               40th anniversary broadcast with some recordings of
                               AFN Taiwan. At 1358 ID in EE & S/OFF.
 7555   15.12.19 1300-1330 TJK Bible Voice, via Dushanbè, EE: Jack van Impe Presents   25332 PR
 7615   24.12.19 1455      UZB VO Wilderness, via Tashkent, KK: Gospel MX.             G.    RP
 7780   29.12.19 0100-0105 USA WRMI, Okeechobee, SS: PX La Rosa de la Tokyo by A.Slaen 35343 PR
 9250   16.12.19 1425      PHL FEBC, Bocaue, CC: TK.                                   F/G.  GB
 9300   16.12.19 1430      ARM TWR, Gavar, Hindi: TK.                                  F.    GB
 9330   24.11.12 1935      USA WBCQ, Monticello, EE: Rlgs speech.                      35433 CG
 9330   14.12.19 1600      USA WCQB, Monticello, EE: ID                                45444 AN
 9330   16.12.19 1850      USA WBCQ, Monticello, GG (Ed: !?): TK, MX.                  G.    GB
 9345   07.12.19 1400      PHL FEBC, Bocaue, CC: TK.                                   G.    RP
 9350   14.12.19 2100      USA Encore, Classical music on R.Tumbril, via WWCR, Nash-   F.    GB
                               ville, EE: Classical MX. 
 9395   07.12.19 0611-0613 USA The Overcomer Ministry, via Okeechobee, EE: Rlgs TK.    45444 AN
 9395   18.12.19 2046      USA WRMI R.Miami Int. Okeechobee, EE: TK.                   P/F.  GB
 9410   14.12.19 1522-1530 SGP BBC, via Kranjii, Urdu: ID+TK.                          35433 AN
 9420   18.12.19 2200      GRC VO Greece, Avlis, Greek songs.                          G.    GB
 9425   16.12.19 1844      KRE VO Korea, Kujang, GG: usual songs.                      F.    GB
 9445   16.12.19 1840      IND All India R., Bengaluru, EE:                            F/G.  GB
 9450   16.12.19 1435      CLN AWR, Trincomalee, CC: TK.                               P.    GB
 9500   01.12.19 1759-1810 SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, EE: IS+ID+Rlgs TK.              35333 AN
 9505   05.12.19 1715-1725 SDN VO Africa, Al Aitahab, EE: ID+NX+TK.                    14321 MM
 9505   12.12.19 1716-1723 SDN VO Africa, Al Aitahab, EE: ID+NX+TK.                    24322 MM
 9505   14.12.19 1745      SDN VO Africa, Al-Aitahab, EE: NX.                          F.    RP
 9515   16.12.19 1900      STP VOA, Pinheira, FF: reports.                             F.    GB
 9515   16.12.19 2015      MDG AWR, Talata Volonondry, FF: TK.                         F/G.  GB
 9525   16.12.19 1905       F  Denge Welat, via Issoudun, Kurdish: TK. Jamming from    F.    GB
                               Turkey consisting of Turkish songs.
 9535   07.12.19 0552-0555 CUB R.Habana Cuba, Bauta, SS: ID+TK.                        35322 AN
 9545   12.12.19 0453-0459*SIB SIBC Honiara, strong carrier and some TK detected.      XXXXX MM
 9545   17.12.19 0453-0459*SIB SIBC Honiara, only carrier detected.                    XXXXX MM
 9565   18.12.19 2040      USA R.Martì, Greenville, SS: politics & economics.          F.    GB
 9610   01.12.19 1000       D  AWR, via Nauen, IT: DX PX "Obiettivo DX" by R.Scaglione E.    RP
 9610   08.12.19 1000       D  AWR, via Nauen, IT: DX PX "Obiettivo DX" by R.Scaglione E.    RP
 9610   15.12.19 1000       D  AWR, via Nauen, IT: DX PX "Obiettivo DX" by R.Scaglione E.    RP 
 9630   05.12.19 2118-2122  B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: Rlgs TK.                    34333 AN
 9630   08.12.19 0000       B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: ID, Rlgs TK.                G.    RP
 9630   28.12.19 1225-1235 CHN China National R.17, Lingshi, Kazakh: English lesson.   25332 PR
 9630.3 16.12.19 2020       B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: songs, TK.                  P.    GB
 9635   07.12.19 0801-0807 MLI R.Mali, Bamako-Kati, Afro songs.                        35433 AN
 9635   16.12.19 1740      MLI R.Mali, Bamako-Kati, VV: Afro songs.                    F/G.  GB
 9635   16.12.19 1835       G  R.Ndarason Int., via Woofferton, Kanuri/FF: NX at 1845. G.    GB
 9635   23.12.19 1800       G  R.Ndarason Int., via Woofferton, Kanuri: TK.            G.    RP 
 9640   16.12.19 1115      GUM KSDA AWR, Agat, RR: TK.                                 F.    GB
 9650   07.12.19 1710      GUI R.Guinee, Conakry, FF: Afro MX.                         G.    RP
 9650   16.12.19 1910      GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: TK, songs.                       F.    GB
 9665   05.12.19 2110-2115  B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: Rlgs TK+MX.              35433 AN
 9665   07.12.19 2355       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: Rlgs TK.                 G.    RP
 9670   16.12.19 1915      JPN R.Japan, Yamata, JJ: conversation.                      F.    GB
 9700   16.12.19*1059      VTN R.New Zealand, Rangitaiki, EE: NX.                      P/F.  GB
 9730   16.12.19 2010      VTN VO Vietnam, Hanoi, GG: TK.                              F.    GB 
 9740   07.12.19 1405      AUS Reach Beyond Australia, Kununurra, Hindi: TK.           G.    RP
 9740   24.12.19*1900-1910 ??? Norddeutscher Rundfunk, via Nauen? GG: // 6080 kHz      21421 MM
 9740   24.12.19 1905-1930 ??? Norddeutscher Rundfunk, via Nauen? GG:"Gruess on Board" 55555 PR
 9746   29.12.19 1630-1640 VTN VO Vietnam, Hanoi-Sontay, RR: on this odd freq! // 9730 33433 PR
 9765   16.12.19 1054-1058*NZL R.New Zealand, Rangitaiki, EE: TK.                      P/F.  GB
 9830   07.12.19 0556-0559*USA WHRI, Cypress Crek, EE: Rlgs TK+ID+S/OFF.               45444 AN
 9835   01.12.19 1110-1135 MLY Sarawak FM, Kajang, Malaysian: Malaysian Pop songs+TK.  14321 MM
 9835   25.12.19 1011-1035 MLY Sarawak FM, Kajang, Malaysian: TK+songs.                14321 MM
 9845   16.12.19 1925      MDG Madagascar World Voice (NLS), Mahajanga, RR: TK.        G.    GB
10000   11.12.19 2002-2006  B  Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, PP: ID+Time+Pips 23322 MM
11540   07.12.19 1345      MDA Denge Welat, via Kishinev, Kurdish: MX.                 G.    RP
11610   05.12.19 2126-2128 MDG Madagascar World Voice (NLS), Mahajanga, CC: lesson of  35433 AN
                               English with mention of KNLS.
11689.8 07.12.19 0740-0755 FIN Scandinavian Weekend R., Virrat, Finnish: Pop songs+TK. 15321 MM
11689.8 07.12.19 0925-0940 FIN Scandinavian Weekend R., Virrat, Finnish: Pop songs.    15311 MM
11720   07.12.19 1105-1117 FIN Scandinavian Weekend R., Virrat, EE: Songs+TK.          15211 MM
11750   16.12.19 1406      PHL FEBC, Bocaue, Asian language: TK.                       F.    GB
11780   11.12.19 1959-2104  B  R.Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, PP: NX+songs. @ 2100  34433 MM
                               Full ID with Freqs.+NX.
11815   12.12.19 0924-1005  B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: Brazilian songs, PX      24322 MM
                               "Brasil Sertanejo”. @ 0945 PX “RBC Agro”. @ 1001 ID+NX. 
11860   16.12.19 1410      ARS Rep. Yemen R.Sana'a, via Riyadh, AA: TK.                P.    GB
11865   16.12.19 1105      AUS Reach Beyond Australia, Kununurra, Asian lang: TK, MX.  F.    GB
11890   11.12.19 1114-1125 UZB R.Nyawa Sarawak, via Tashkent, Malaysian: TK. (Sarawak  24322 MM
11890   13.12.19*1000-1020 UZB R.Nyawa Sarawak, via Tashkent, Malaysian: MX+ID+TK.     ????? MM
11895.1 11.12.19 2057-2108  B  R.Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre, PP: Rlgs songs and TK.     24322 MM
11925   16.12.19 1415      UAE R.Japan NHK, Dhabbaya, EE: TK, songs.                   F.    GB
11930   16.12.19 1420      USA R.Martì, Greenville, SS: TK.                            F.    GB
11945   02.12.19 1215      AUS Reach Beyond Australia, Kununurra, EE: Rlgs TK.         G.    RP 
12095   16.12.19 1110      PHL FEBC, Bocaue, Asian lang.: TK.                          F.    GB
13670   11.12.19 1830      MDG Madagascar World Voice, Mahajanga, EE: TK.              G.    RP
13740   16.12.19 1345      CUB R.Habana Cuba, Bauta, SS: TK.                           P.    GB
13845   16.12.19 1350      USA WWCR Nashville, EE: TK.                                 G.    GB 
15530   07.12.19 0606-0610 KWT R.Kuwait, Al-Kabd, EE: NX, Annmt.                       45433 AN
15580   07.12.19 0603-0605 BOT VOA, Moepeng Hill, EE: NX, Web address, Song.           35333 AN
15580   16.12.19 1403      BOT VOA, Moepeng Hill, EE: NX, songs.                       G.    GB
15770   16.12.19 1355      USA WRMI, Okeechobee, EE: Rlgs TK.                          G.    GB
15825   16.12.19 1400      USA WWCR, Nashville, EE: TK.                                F.    GB

Contributors: 7 (Bulgaria 1, France 1, Italy 4, Spain 1) 

AM* = Alex Micheli, DXpedition in Piancada (UD-Italy) RX: Elad FDM S2. ANT: 60° beverage to 
      Asia/330° beverage to North America.
AN  = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: ICOM IC R70, Sony ICF 2001, Elad FM1 (SDR)
      ANT: 10 metre outdoor wire. Tecsun AN-200 Medium Wave Tunable Loop antenna. Mini Whip SR
CG  = Christian Ghibaudo in Nice (France). RX: Sangean ATS 909X. ANT: 12 metre longwire.
GB  = Giampiero Bernardini, in Milan (Italy) RX: SDRplay RSPdx. ANT: 15 metre long folded dipole.
GB* = Giampiero Bernardini, in Bocca di Magra SP, (Italy). RX: Perseus. ANT: Wellbrook 
      Ala 1530LNP Loop.
MM  = Manuel Méndez in Friol or Lugo (Spain). RX: Sangean ATS-0909X, Tecsun PL880, Sony ICF 
      SW 7600G, XHDATA D-808. ANT: Degen, 31MS active loop antenna and 8 metre cable antenna.
PR  = Rumen Pankov in Sofia (Bulgaria) RX: Grundig Yacht Boy 80, ANT: 6 metre longwire on 8th floor.
RP  = Roberto Pavanello in Vercelli (Italy). RX: EGZ DX 10, Icom R-71. ANT: EGZ LPF1R ferrite
      loop for reception of MW, 30-metre long wire.


NB: Radio stations are listed under the country in which the transmitter (not studios!) is (or presumed to be) located. Unless otherwise stated, reception reports should be considered as sent by electronic mail.


LRA36 Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza, 15476 kHz: Two F/D 40th anniversary certificates in 12 days. for an e-mail and reply from: lra36@hotmail.com (Edward Kusalik Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)


Trans World Radio, via Gavar, 1377 kHz: e- QSL in 2,5 months. E-mail: info@arabicprograms.org and twre@twr.org (Ivan Zelenyi, Nizhnevartovsk, RUSSIA)

Trans World Radio, via Gavar, 1377 kHz: F/D e-QSL (with transmitter site Central Asia) in 101 days. E-mail: kdobos@twr.org (Jürgen Waga, Berlin, GERMANY)

Welle 370, via Gavar, 6080 kHz: QSL in 31 days. Report in German sent to: welle370@funkerberg.de (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE)

Welle 370, via Gavar, 6080 kHz: QSL in 35 days. Report sent to the following E-mail address: welle370@funkerberg.de (Jürgen Waga, Berlin, GERMANY)


Radio Ndarason International, via BBC Ascension Island Transmitter, 9535 kHz: Full data two-page E-QSL with station information and data for a report to and reply from OopsAsc.@encompass.co.ac within 48 hours after posting my report. V/S: Shannon Yon, Trainee Communications Technician. (Edward Kusalik Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)


Hingna Awl Matu Radio via Reach Beyond Australia, 11905 kHz: cover letter plus a full data (w/programs and languages indicated) in 35 days for report posted on their website http://www.reachbeyond.org.au and reply from radio@reachbeyong.org.au V/S: Margaret Penford Listener Correspondent (Edward Kusalik Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)


Radio Dardasha 7, via Kostinbrod, 9400 kHz: QSL card in 4,5 months. E-mail: mail@bvbroadcasting.org (Ivan Zelenyi, Nizhnevartovsk, RUSSIA)

Radio Taiwan International, via Kostinbrod, 5900 kHz: F/D (with site) QSL RTI’s 90 anniversary Arjuna Temple Dieng-Wonosobo in 21 days after posting my report at their website: deutsch@rti.org.tw (Edward Kusalik Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)


Sichuan Radio & TV Station, 6060 kHz: e-QSL in 1 day. E-mail address: crieng@cri.com.cn (Ivan Zelenyi, Nizhnevartovsk, RUSSIA)

Xinjiang Radio & TV Station, 7205 kHz: e-QSL in 1 day. E-mail address: yinglian@cri.com.cn (Ivan Zelenyi, Nizhnevartovsk, RUSSIA)


Radio 208, 1440 kHz: F/D e-QSL in 9 days. E-mail address: mail@radio208.dk (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli, ITALY)


Amhara Radio, 6090 kHz: Rec’d back after posting my report (within four hours)
A Verification statement that “I was listening to there station Amhara Radio”. Report was sent to and reply from: deremo03@gmail.com V/s: Dereje Mogas Tdesse, Manager, Amhara Mass Media (Edward Kusalik Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)

Radio Taiwan International, via Issoudun, 9680 kHz: QSL in 10 days. Report in French sent to: fren@rti.org.tw (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE)


Deutsche Wetterdienst, 5905 and 6180 kHz: F/D (w/site & details on card) beautiful photo of Towers and Building QSL, with schedule and personal note in German via Postal Mail in 8 days. E-mail: info@dwd.de V/s: W. Bebiucke. (Edward Kusalik Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)

Europe 1, 183 kHz: QSL card in 5 days. E-mail: Eugene_Muller@bce.lu (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE)

Free Radio Skybird, via Rohrbach Waal, 6070 kHz: Rec’d a reply within 26 days a photo of staff in front of a Radio Shack Store. Report mailed to: DJ Frederick Moe, 36 West Main Street Warner NH 03278 USA, (Edward Kusalik Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)

Radio Atlantic 2000 International, via Rohrbach Waal, 7440 kHz: e-QSL in 4 days. Report in French sent to: atlantic2000international@gmail.com (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE)

Radio City, via Rohrbach Waal, 6070 kHz: e-QSL including playlist of the show received in 1 day. E-mail: citymorecars@yahoo.ca (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN)

Radio Eule, 1500 kHz: F/D e-QSL in 10 hours. V/s Luise Allendorf. E-mail address: Lallendorfhoefer@deutshes-museum.de (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli, ITALY)

Radio Free Asia, via Lampertheim, 12110kHz: F/D QSL card (RFA 23rd anniversary) in 10 days for report with audio clip sent to: qsl@rfa.org (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN)

Radio Korches, via Rohrbach Waal, 6070 kHz: F/D e-QSL in 3 days. E-mail: Korches-Radio@gmx.de (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli, ITALY)

Radio Slovakia International, via Kall Krekel, 3985 kHz: QSL in 11 days. Report in French sent to: rsi_french@rtvs.sk (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE)

Radio Star International, via Rohrbach Waal, 6070 kHz: E-QSL in 46 days. E-mail address: Radiostar@freewaves.it (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE)

Radio Waves International, via Rohrbach Waal, 6070 QSL in 4 days. Report in French sent to: rwaves@free.fr (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE)

Studio 52, via Nauen, 5990 kHz: F/D e-QSL in 9 days. E-mail address: studio52radiogroup@gmx.de (Jürgen Waga, Berlin, GERMANY)


Trans World Radio, via Krasnaya Rechka, 612 kHz: e- QSL in 3 months. E-mail: asiafeedback@twr.org and twre@twr.org (Ivan Zelenyi, Nizhnevartovsk, RUSSIA)


Key Channel Radio, 6265 kHz: e-QSL and station pictures in 6 days. E-mail: keyradioam@gmail.com (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN)

Radio Kolbe, 1566 kHz: N/D e-mail in a few hours for e-report with mp3-file. Editor: Which E-mail address did you use? (Jürgen Waga, Berlin, GERMANY)


RTL, 234 kHz: QSL in 5 days. Report in French sent to: Eugene_Muller@bce.lu (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE)

EifelRadio Tage, via BCE Junglinster 6030 kHz: QSL in 8 days. Report in French sent to: Eugene_Muller@bce.lu (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE)

EifelRadio Tage, via BCE Junglinster 6030 kHz: F/D QSL card in 68 days. E.mail: Eugene_Muller@bce.lu (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli, ITALY)


Radio Free Asia, via Saipan, 11985 kHz: F/D QSL card (2019 Year of the Pig) in 101 days. Email: qsl@rfa.org (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN)


Blue Moon Radio, 6850 kHz: F/D e-QSL in 8 days. E-mail address: bluemoonradio188@gmail.com (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli, ITALY)

King Creole Radio, 6270 kHz. No data thank you e-mail in 18 days. E-mail: king77creole@gmail.com (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN)

Laser Hot Hits, 6205 kHz: F/D e-QSL with listed power as 200 Watts. Report sent to and reply in 30 days from studio@laserhothits.co.uk (Edward Kusalik Daysland, Alberta, CANADA)

Radio Cuckoo, 6290 kHz: e-QSL in a few hours. Some days later received QSL card via postal mail. E-mail: radiocuckoo@yahoo.com (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN)

Radio Jan van Gent, 6922 kHz: F/D e-QSL in 8 hours. E-mail address:
radiojanvangent@gmail.com (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli, ITALY)

Radio Rainbow International, 6285 kHz: No data e-QSL card of Radio Monique (station involved in the project Radio Rainbow International-Pirates for Peace) in 1 day. E-mail: radiorainbow@hotmail.com (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN)

Radio Reggae, 6260 kHz: F/D e-QSL in 15 days. E-mail: reggaeradio@gmx.net (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli, ITALY)

Radio Zendpiraat, 6270 kHz: F/D e-QSL in 18 days. E-mail address: radiozendpiraat@gmx.net (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli, ITALY)

Radio Zeewolf, 6290 kHz: e-QSL, station pictures and information in 12 days. E-mail: radiozeewolf@hotmail.nl (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN)


Radio Koper/Capodistria, 1170 kHz: F/D e-QSL in 14 days. E-mail address:
antonio.rocco@rtvslo.si (Jürgen Waga, Berlin, GERMANY)


Radio for Peace international, via Okeechobee, 7780 kHz: F/D QSL card in 6 days. E-mail address: qsl@rfpi.eu (Jürgen Waga, Berlin, GERMANY)

WLC Radio, via WBCQ Monticello, 9330 kHz: automatic F/D e-QSL for report on webform https://www.worldslastchance.com/wlc-radio/qsl (Jürgen Waga, Berlin, GERMANY)

Global Radio Guide (Winter 2019-2020) Now Available at Amazon

Once again, Global Radio broadcasters have moved to the information war front lines as the world’s major superpowers have entered a new Cold War. As tensions heat up in the world’s hotspots such as eastern Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia, you can follow international events on radio, but you need an accurate and comprehensive radio guide to hear the action.

Teak Publishing is pleased to announce the release that all-important radio guide – the Global Radio Guide (GRG), 13th edition (Winter 2019-2020) e-book, by Amazon bestselling author Gayle Van Horn W4GVH. The book was formerly known as the International Shortwave Broadcast Guide.

This Amazon ‘electronic’ book is your ticket to travel the Global Radio bands. The heart of this publication is a 24-hour station/frequency guide with all the latest Winter 2019-2020 schedules for selected AM band, longwave, and shortwave radio stations.

This unique resource is the only radio publication that lists by-hour schedules that include all language services, frequencies, and world target areas for over 500 stations. There are listings of DX radio programs and Internet websites addresses for many of the stations in the book. There are also entries for time and frequency stations and even a few other intriguing shortwave radio stations.

New in this 13th edition of the GRG is an introductory article: The Software Defined Radio – Bringing the World to Your Doorstep. It includes our first-ever SDR buyers guide. Gayle and Larry Van Horn have also joined forces again penning an in-depth equipment review on the new Airspy HF+Discovery SDR.

Other authors in this edition include Richard Fisher with a feature on WBCQ – The Most Powerful Shortwave Voice in North America, and The Spectrum Monitor’s Fred Waterer, with a feature on winter/holiday radio programming. The 2019-2020 winter propagation forecast is presented by international radio propagation expert, Tomas Hood NW7US. In addition to his propagation forecast, Tomas will also preview his thoughts on the new solar cycle 25.

There are also articles on Traveling the World via Shortwave Radio Broadcasts, Monitoring the Shortwave Action Bands, our exclusive Hot 1000+ shortwave frequency list, and new radio product announcements.

The 133h edition of the Global Radio Guide eBook (electronic book only, no print edition available) is available worldwide from Amazon and their various international websites at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082DNSN4P.

The price for this latest edition is US$8.99. Since this book is being released internationally, Amazon customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, France Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Australia can order this e-Book from Amazon websites directly servicing these countries. Customers in all other countries can use the regular Amazon.com website to purchase this e-Book. You can read any Kindle eBook with Amazon’s ‘free’ reading apps on literally any electronic media platform. You do not have to own a Kindle reader from Amazon to read this e-book. There are Kindle apps available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC platforms.

You can find additional details on these apps by checking out this link to the Amazon website at http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771.
Additional information on this and other Teak Publishing radio hobby books can be found on the company sponsored Internet blogs – The Shortwave Central (http://mtshortwave.blogspot.com/), The Military Monitoring Post (http://mtmilcom.blogspot.com/ ), and on the Teak Publishing Company blog – The Btown Monitor Post (http://monitor-post.blogspot.com/). You can learn more about the author by going to her author page on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/GayleVan-Horn/e/B0084MVQCM/.

Global Radio listeners are routinely entertained with unique perspectives to events, music, culture, history, and news from other countries that you won’t see or hear on your local or national broadcast channels. Global Radio broadcasts are not restricted by country borders or oceans and can travel thousands of miles, reaching millions of listeners worldwide, now in over 300 different languages and dialects.

Listeners can hear shortwave broadcast stations from China, Cuba, France, Germany, India, Iran, Japan, New Zealand, North/South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, and many other counties. If you have a shortwave radio receiver or Internet connection, and this unique radio resource, you will know when and where to listen to your favorite radio broadcast station.

This publication will have wide appeal to amateur radio operators, shortwave radio hobbyists, news agencies, news buffs, educators, foreign language students, expatriates, or anyone interested in listening to a global view of world news and major events as they happen. Teak Publishing’s Global Radio Guide brings the world to you.

The new edition of ILG Radio for the new Winter 2019/20 brodcasting season (B19) now available

The new edition of ILGRadio effective for the new Winter 2019/20 broadcasting season (B19), the first part of this season, as of December 28th 2019 is now available. Data effective until December 22nd deleted. This great ILGRadio “A” version database includes now 74589 data sets.

From now on the ILG contains again full bandscan records and nearly all broadcasting entries checked and when on air the monitoring date is given.

In the YEAR field you may find the following (YY MM) e.g.:
1909 = monitored during September 2019
1910 = monitored during October 2019
1911 = monitored since November 1st 2019
1912 = monitored since December 1st 2019 …etc

Further ILGRadio updates will follow a.s.p.

Daily monitoring for many hours is going on and nearly all broadcasting data entries were checked along with the UTILITY (non broadcasting) transmissions.
In most cases PERSEUS SDR receivers will be used for bandscans because the sensitivity and reception is much better than the KiwiSDR remote receivers.
If time is available here various locations will be checked by TDoA function of the KiwiSDR receivers if channels higher and lower of the checked frequencies are full clear and free. This function is not available with PERSEUS receivers.

If information about changes are available an update will follow a.s.p. on a weekly basis.

– more bandscans around the clock
– if necessary more ILGRadio update releases
– general data check of transmitter site data (longitude/latitude)

there are various files to receiver control available upon request I do not own or use such receivers/software (except PERSEUS SDR) If you need any version please sent detailed structure of requested file

again in 2020 no changes for the low rate for one year but remember: If I get 17 Euro there are 10 Euro left for me equated to 2x of beer in the next pub. 7 Euro will be used for PayPal / Bank rates, office costs and the main part is used for the internet server. The used server is stand alone server and no other users may reduce the traffic speed. This guarantees a rather quick download of ILGRadio files.

There are a lot of software available to read the ILGRadio data. Here on this page are selected database readers: https://www.ilgradio.com/software/ With most of these software you can set index or filter functions and they are available for free or for a small amount.

LINK to the web pages: http://www.ilgradio.com/

These ILGRadio Databases are provided to promote and advance the hobby of Short
Wave Radio Listening and Monitoring with accurate details of stations broadcasting
between 2 to 30 MHz. ILGRadio is available for a very small amount of money as a
recognition for all the work for investigation and trouble. That’s why there is the wish that your access data were NOT given to other persons, who paid for nothing. Please accept this. If you would use ILGRadio for your professional job, please pay the higher price or more.


Radio Free Asia (RFA) announces its Chinese Lunar Year QSL. The Year of the Rat begins January 25, 2020 and ends February 11, 2021. The rat is one of twelve animals used in the Chinese zodiac. Those born in a rat year are considered ambitious, meticulous, industrious and sociable. They are also are very focused, naturals at following their instincts, and they are highly attentive which supposedly makes them excellent in business. This is RFA’s 72nd QSL and is used to confirm all valid RFA reception reports January – April 2020. Created by Congress in 1994 and incorporated in 1996, RFA broadcasts in Burmese, Cantonese, Khmer, Korean to North Korea, Lao, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, Tibetan (including Uke, Amdo, and Kham dialects), and Uyghur. RFA strives for accuracy, balance, and fairness in our editorial content. As a ‘surrogate’ broadcaster, RFA provides news and commentary specific to each of our target countries, acting as the free press these countries lack. RFA broadcasts only in local languages and dialects, and most of our broadcasts comprise news of specific local interest. More information about RFA, including our current broadcast frequency schedule, is always available at http://www.rfa.org.

RFA encourages listeners to submit reception reports. Reception reports are valuable to RFA as they help us evaluate the signal strength and quality of our transmissions. RFA confirms all accurate reception reports by mailing a QSL card to the listener. RFA welcomes all reception report submissions at http://techweb.rfa.org (follow the QSL REPORTS link) not only from DXers, but also from our general listening audience.

Reception reports are also accepted by email at qsl@rfa.org and by mail to:
Reception Reports, Radio Free Asia, 2025 M. Street NW, Suite 300, Washington DC 20036, United States of America.
———————————————————————————— END OF DX FANZINE 76 ———————————————————————-

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