DX Fanzine No. 56 – April 2018

DX Fanzine, an electronic newsletter which was originally edited in 1999/2000, brings together tips and news as contributed by individual DXers or ascertained from different sources. We are interested in any change in frequencies, times, language-services, transmitters, programme contents, phone and fax-numbers, electronic and postal address, station personnel.
The purpose of DX Fanzine, which doesn’t pretend to be in competition with any other electronic DX newsletter, is to provide timely and topical news and information to shortwave enthusiasts worldwide.
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NB: All times, days and dates are day/month GMT-UTC, unless otherwise stated.

Logs are entered in frequency order. Reception quality abbreviations: P = Poor, F = Fair, G = Good, E = Excellent.

Language Abbreviations: AA=Arabic, CC=Chinese, CT=Catalan, DD=Dutch, EE=English, FF=French, GG=German, HA=Hausa, IT=Italian, JJ=Japanese, KK= Korean, PP=Portoguese, RM=Romanian, RR=Russian, SS=Spanish, VV=Vernacular.

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Editor:Antonello Napolitano. The cover photo shows the transmitting site of Radio Bari in Ceglie del Campo (Italy) in 1935.

 Freq.   Date    Time-UTC  ITU Station, Location, Language and Programme Details.      SINPO/SWL

  648   05.04.18 1820      SVN R.Murski Val, Murska Sobota, Slovenian: ID, MX.         G.    RP
  828   01.04.18 2235       E  Hit FM, Terrasa, SS: MX.                                F.    RP
  828   08.04.18 0958       I  Z100, Pavia?, IT: ID+MX. e-M: z100milano@ondemedie.am   G.    RP
  936   08.04.18 1020       I  RAI R.1, Venezia, IT: Regional NX "Veneto".             F.    RP
  936   03.04.18 0718       I  RAI, Venezia, IT: GR Veneto, Regional NX. QRM Spain.    P/F   GB
  990   24.04.18 2232       E  R.Bilbao, SS: ID+Commercials for local business.        G.    RP 
  999   03.04.18 0718       I  RAI, Volpiano, IT: GR Piemonte, Regional NX. QRM Spain. F.    GB
  999   03.04.18 0520       E  COPE, Madrid, SS: Madrid NX. QRM fm RAI.                P/F   GB
 1008   03.04.18 0550       E  SER, Badajoz, SS: NX "Hoy por Hoy Badajoz".             F.    GB
 1026   03.04.18 0550       E  SER, Jaen, SS: NX "Hoy por Hoy Andalucia".              F.    GB
 1026   03.04.18 0553       E  SER, Tarragona, SS/CT: NX "Hoy por Hoy Catalunya".      G.    GB
 1035   09.04.18 2200      EST R.Eli, Tartu/Sooranna, RR: TK.                          F.    RP
 1035   16.04.18 2343-0010 EST R.Eli, Tartu/Sooranna, RR: Rlgs TK and Songs.           34432 AN
 1035   10.04.18 2230      JOR R.Jordan, Amman, AA: MX.                                F.    RP
 1044   03.04.18 0550       E  SER, Valladolid, SS: NX "Hoy por Hoy Castilla y Leon    F/G   GB
 1053   03.04.18 0520       E  COPE, Castellon, SS: NX "Comunidad Valenciana".         F.    GB
 1062   03.04.18 0518       I  RAI, Catania, IT: GR Sicilia, Regional NX.              F.    GB
 1062   03.04.18 0524       I  RAI, Cagliari, IT: GR Sardegna, Regional NX.            G.    GB 
 1080   25.04.18 2234       E  R.Huesca, SS: ID+Commercials for local business.        G.    RP 
 1107   03.04.18 0518       I  RAI, Roma, IT: GR Lazio, Regional NX. QRM Spain.        P/F   GB
 1116   03.04.18 0520       E  SER, Pontevedra, SS: NX Hoy por Hoy special Regional,   F.    GB
                               ID mentioning 3 radios. 
 1130   03.04.18 0500      USA WBBR New York, EE: Economic TK+ X "Bloombergradio.com"  F.    GB
 1134   03.04.18 0520       E  COPE, Jerez de la Frontera, SS: "COPE Andalucia".       F.    GB
 1143   03.04.18 0520       E  COPE, Jaen, SS: "COPE Andalucia".                       P/F   GB                                
 1179   03.04.18 0550       E  SER, Valencia, SS: NX"Hoy por Hoy Comunidad Valenciana" F.    GB
 1200   03.04.18 0505      CAN CFGO Ottawa, EE: Sport NX, TK.                          F.    GB
 1206   03.04.18 0525       I  Amica R.Veneta, Vigonza, Non stop Italian songs.        F/G   GB
 1206   09.04.18 2205       I  Amica R.Veneta, Vigonza, IT: MX.                        G.    RP
 1269   03.04.18 0520       E  COPE, Badajoz, SS: Extremadura NX.                      F.    GB
 1269   03.04.18 0523       E  COPE, Zamora, SS: Castilla y Leon NX. Now dominant!     F.    GB
 1287   02.04.18 2235       E  R.Lleida, CT: ID, Commercials for local business.       G.    RP 
 1287   13.04.18 1900-2100 ISR VO Hope, She'ar-Yeshuv, EE: MX, Song In The Night &     43443 PR
                               Jazz Session 
 1300   17.04.18 0425      USA WJDA Quincy MA, SS: Latin songs, TK.                    F.    GB
 1330   17.04.18 0427      USA WRCA Watertown MA, EE: Economics.                       F.    GB
 1332   31.03.18 2335       G  Smooth R., Peterborough/Gunthorpe, EE: MX.              F.    RP
 1341   31.03.18 2220       G  Smooth R.!? Ed: I suppose you mean BBC R.Ulster... EE:  34443 AM
 1341   09.04.18 2157       E  Onda Cero R., Ciudad Real, SS. ID+Commercials for local G.    RP
 1350   01.04.18 2345       B  R.Boa Vontade, Salvador, PP: MX.                        F.    RP
 1350   05.04.18 0448      CLM Ondas de la Montana, Medellin, SS: Sons, IDs, TK about  P/F   GB
 1350   07.04.18 0155       B  Boa Vontade, Salvador, PP: Usual Rlgs TK.               F.    GB
 1350   21.04.18 0800       I  I Am R., IT: DX PX "Studio DX". e-M: info@iamradio.am   G.    RP
 1350   22.04.18 1818-1833 ARM TWR, Gavar, EE/Turkish: Leading The Way Ministries      53443 PR
 1368   31.03.18 2240       G  Manx R., Douglas/Foxdale, EE: MX.                       F.    RP
 1368   01.04.18 2015       G  Manx R., Douglas/Foxdale, EE: Local PX.                 34433 AM
 1368   21.04.18 2315       G  Manx R., Douglas, EE: MX.                               G.    RP
 1377   01.04.18 2025       I  R.One, Pistoia/Lucca area, IT: Songs by Battisti/Paoli. 44444 AM
 1377   03.04.18 0530       I  R.One, Pistoia/Lucca area, Songs. Ed: New QRG, ex 1368. G.    GB
 1377   13.04.18 1807-1826 ARM TWR, Gavar, EE/Farsi: Leading The Way                   44444 PR
 1380   16.04.18 0410      CAN CKPC Brantford ON, EE: Country songs, ID "Your hometown F.    GB
                               country station CKPC" 
 1390   17.04.18 0400      USA WEGP Presque Isle ME, EE: TK.                           F.    GB
 1395   31.03.18 2310      HOL Studio Denakker, Klazienaveen, DD: MX.                  F.    RP
 1395   01.04.18 2240      HOL R.Seabreeze, Grou, DD: MX.                              F.    RP
 1395   22.04.18 0910       I  R.Aemme, Como Area?, MX.                                P.    RP
 1400   17.04.18 0430      USA CBG Gander NL, EE: TK.                                  F.    GB
 1431   03.04.18 0518       I  RAI, Foggia, IT: GR Puglia, Regional NX.                F.    GB
 1440   31.03.18 2251      ARS SBC R.Ryadh, Ras-al-Zawr, AA: TK.                       33333 AM
 1440   06.04.18 0445      NGR Adamawa Broadcasting Corporation, Yola, VV: Afro songs. F.    GB
 1440   17.04.18 0415      USA WVEI Worcester MA, EE: "Sports Radio" Dominant over     F.    GB
                               WRED "Fox Sports"
 1449   03.04.18 0518       I  RAI, Belluno, IT: GR Veneto, Regional NX.               G.    GB
 1470   03.04.18 0510      USA WLAM, Lewiston ME, EE: Nice oldies.                     F/G   GB
 1470   06.04.18 0505      USA WLAM, Lewiston ME, EE: ID  Dominant for only one minute F.    GB
 1470   06.04.18 0435      PRU R.Capital, Lima, SS: TK, commercials, ID. (Few minutes) F.    GB 
 1476   02.04.18 0530       I  R.Briscola, Lenta, IT: Songs. At 0532 Slogan: "Prove di F.    GB
                               trasmissione in onde medie". "La radio? La Radio a val- 
                               vole (Laughing)". QRM from Greek pirate.
 1476   08.04.18 0900       I  R.Briscola, Lenta, IT: DX PX  "Studio DX" by Roberto    G.    RP
                               Scaglione. e-M: radiobriscola@gmail.com  
 1480   05.04.18 0404-0410 PTR WMDD, Tropical del 1480, El Fajardo, SS: ID, Rlgs PX.   23342 PR
 1500   15.04.18 0420      USA WFED, Washington DC, EE: Reports.                       G.    GB
 1503   01.04.18 2006      BIH R.Zavidovici, Zavidovici/Mecevici, Bosnian: Local PX.   22222 AM
 1512   12.04.18 1130       E  Mini R., Castano Primo, IT: ID+MX. NB: Heard in Bernate F.    RP
                               Ticino near Milano. staff@miniradioam.it 
 1560   03.04.18 0430      USA WFME Family R., New York, EE: Rlgs songs.               G.    GB
 1560   06.04.18 0500      USA WFME Family R., New York, EE: Usual songs & TK.         F.    GB
 1566   20.04.18 0303-0310 HOL Vahon Hindustani R., Den Haag, Hindustani/DD: Native MX 23442 PR
                               & TK.
 1575   08.04.18 1015       I  RAI R.1, Genova, IT: Regional NX Liguria.               G.    RP
 1580   05.04.18 0350-0402 PTR Faro de Santidad, Morovis, SS: ID, Samba songs.         23442 PR
 1584   03.04.18 0520       E  SER, Gandia, SS: NX "Hoy por Hoy Comunidad Valenciana". F.    GB
 1600   17.04.18 0429      USA WUNR Brookline MA,  SS: Commercials.                    F.    GB 
 1602   03.04.18 0520       E  SER, Cartagena, SS: NX "Hoy por Hoy Region de Murcia".  F.    GB  
 1602   17.04.18 2235       E  R.Segovia, SS: ID, Commercials for local business.      F.    RP
 1620   03.04.18 0445      CUB R.Rebelde, TX site?, SS: Songs.                         F.    GB
 1620   05.04.18 0340-0348 CUB R.Rebelde, TX site?, SS: // SW 5025 kHz.                25342 PR
 1620   05.04.18 0430      CUB R.Rebelde, TX site, SS: ID, Reports.                    G.    GB
 1640   01.04.18 2245      PIR R.Ros AM, DD: ID, MX. e-M: rosamradio@gmail.com         G.    RP
 1640   03.04.18 0459      USA WTNI, Biloxi MS, EE: Many IDs, ESPN sport.              F/G   GB
 1647   07.04.18 2350      PIR R.Keizer & Keizerin, DD: ID+MX. (kaaimann@hotmail.com)  F.    RP
 1650   03.04.18 0455      CAN CINA, Mississauga, Asian Indian songs.                  F.    GB
 1652   21.04.18 2350      PIR R.Moby Dick, DD: MX. e-M: mobydickradio@hotmail.com     F.    RP
 1655   01.04.18 2250      PIR Digital AM, DD: ID+MX. e-M: digitalmw1650@hotmail.com   G.    RP 
 1660   05.04.18 0450      PTR WGIT, Canòvanas, SS: Rlgs TK "Farodesantidad punto com" ????? GB
 1660   05.04.18 0500      USA WQLR Kalamazoo MI, EE: ID, Sport NX. Dominant for few   F.    GB
 1662   01.04.18 2320      PIR R.Batavier, DD: ID, MX. e-M: radionorthcoast@live.nl    F.    RP
 1689.9 03.04.18 0500      USA WPTX, Lexington Park, EE: TK+Oldies (Frank Sinatra too) F.    GB
 1690   17.04.18 0420      USA WPTX, Lexington Park, MD, EE: Light songs & MX. Heard   F.    GB
                               on LSB to avoid QRM from a Greek pirate.
 1700   03.04.18 0457      USA WJCC, Miami Spring FL, Creole: TK.                      F.    GB
 1700   05.04.18 0455      USA WJCC, Miami Springs, FL, Creole: TK, Songs.             F.    GB
 3255   01.04.18 1758      AFS BBC, via Meyerton, EE:                                  22222 AM
 3310   01.04.18 0105-0115 BOL R.Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, Quechua: Bolivian songs, TK. 35443 MM
 3310   13.04.18 0022-0035 BOL R.Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, Quechua: TK, Bolivian songs. 25432 MM
 3330   14.04.18 0340      CAN CHU, Ottawa, EE/FF: ID and Pips.                        G.    RP
 3905   31.03.18 2300      PIR R.Alice, EE: ID, MX. e-M: radioalice@hotmail.com        G.    RP
 3915   07.04.18 2255      SGP BBC, via Kranjii, EE: NX.                               F.    RP
 3915   21.04.18 2300      SGP BBC, via Kranjii, EE: NX.                               F.    RP
 3975   12.04.18 1810-1823  D  Short Wave R. De., EE: TK, pop songs.                   24231 MM
 3975   29.04.18 1945-1956  D  Short Wave R. De., EE: Pop songs and TK.                25322 MM
 4055   01.04.18 0420-0435 GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, Ed: SS? Rlgs songs/TK.Only on LSB 15321 MM
 4055   13.04.18 0424-0510 GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, SS/EE: Rlgs songs/TK. Better LSB. 15321 MM
 4765   07.04.18 0345      CUB R.Progreso, Bejucal, SS: MX.                            F.    RP
 4765   13.04.18 0346-0400*CUB R.Progreso, Bejucal, SS: Cuban songs, NX, ID, NA, S/OFF 35433 MM
 4765   14.04.18 0345      CUB R.Progreso, Bejucal, SS: NX.                            G.    RP
 4765   20.04.18 1847-1905 TJK Tajik R.1, Yangiyul, Tajik: TK & songs.                 25332 MM#
 4765   25.04.18 1805-1816 TJK Tajik R.1, Yangiyul, Tajik: Local chant with instr. MX, F.    GS
                               Annmt, Long speech by OM. Heard in SSB, QRN.
 4775   14.04.18 2320      PRU R.Tarma, Tarma, SS: MX.                                 G.    RP
 4810   25.04.18 1818-1828 ARM VO Armenia, Gavar, AA: TK with MX breaks. Heard in SSB. F.    GS
 4845   07.04.18 2320       B  R.Cultura, Manaus, PP: MX.                              F.    RP
 4875   14.04.18 2325       B  R.Difusora Roraima, Boa Vista, PP: MX.                  G.    RP
 4875.2 01.04.18 0109-0113 BOL R.Difusora Roraima, Boavista, PP: TK.                   25322 MM
 4875.2 13.04.18 0027-0034  B  R.Difusora Roraima, Boavista, PP: TK.                   25322 MM 
 4875.2 13.04.18 0350-0358* B  R.Difusora Roraima, Boavista, PP: Brazilian Song+ID+QRT 25322 MM 
 4885   01.04.18 0433-0530  B  R.Clube do Pará, Belém,  Brazilian songs, Annmt, Time.  35433 MM
 4885   07.04.18 2330       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: NX.                         F.    RP
 4885   12.04.18 0450-0605  B  R.Clube do Pará, Belém, PP: Brazilian songs, ID.        25432 MM
 4885   14.04.18 2330       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: Football live.              G.    RP
 4885   21.04.18 2335       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: MX.                         F.    RP
 4885   16.04.18 2015      KOR VO Hope, Seoul, KK: MX.                                 G.    RP
 4885   29.04.18 0650-0745  B  R.Clube do Pará, Belém, PP: Brazilian songs, ID.        24332 MM
 4905   01.04.18 1808      CHN PBS Xiziang, Lhasa-Baiding CC: MX, TK.                  33333 AM
 4910   01.04.18 0108-0115 IND AIR, Jaipur, VV: Songs, TK.                             25322 MM
 4910   12.04.18 1721-1725 IND AIR, Jaipur, Hindi MX.                                  15321 MM
 4930   01.04.18 1815      BOT VOA via Selebi Pikwe, EE: Ed: Details missing.          23222 AM
 4949.7 12.04.18 1840-1950 AGL R.Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, PP: songs+ID+Pips+NX.   35333 MM
 4949.7 29.04.18 1905-1933 AGL R.Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, PP: TK, ID.             15321 MM
 4950   14.04.18 2315      AGL R.Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, PP: MX.                 F.    RP
 4950   20.04.18 1845-1906 AGL R.Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, PP: TK+Afro songs+ID+NX 25322 MM#
 4955   13.04.18 0024-0036 PRU R.Cultural Amauta, Huanta, TK+Peruvian songs. Very weak 15321 MM
 4985   12.04.18 0350-0410  B  R.Clube do Pará, Belém, Brazilian songs. QRM from RTTY. 13321 MM
 5005   13.04.18*0520-0536 GNE R.Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, Opens w/ Spanish 15321 MM 
                               African songs. At 0536 signal became inaudible. 15321. 
 5005   15.04.18*0519-0524 GNE R.Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, Carrier and some 
                               some songs detected. Extremely weak, barely audible. 
 5010   09.04.18 1730-1734 IND AIR, Thiruvananthapuram, EE: NX.                        15321 MM
 5010   12.04.18 1700-1734 IND AIR, Thiruvananthapuram, VV: TK/songs. 1730 ID+NX in EE 15321 MM
 5010   20.04.18 1718-1725 IND AIR, Thiruvananthapuram, Hindi songs.                   15321 MM#
 5020   13.04.18 0633-0640 SIB SIBC, Honiara, only carrier detected.                   XXXXX MM
 5040   12.04.18 1717-1724 IND AIR, Jeypore, Hindi MX.                                 15321 MM
 5040   20.04.18 1730-1734 IND AIR, Jaipore, EE:, TK. Very weak.                       15321 MM# 
 5040   30.04.18 1720-1728 IND AIR, Jeypore, VV: TK.                                   15321 MM
 5150   22.04.18 1730      PIR R.Charleston International, EE: MX.                     G.    RP
 5840   12.04.18 1825-1840 DNK World Music R., Randers, Pop songs in EE and SS, ID.    34433 MM
 5840   29.04.18 1907-1925 DNK World Music R., Randers, Pop songs in EE, ID.           24322 MM
 5905   30.04.18*2000-2022* D  Deutscher Wetterdienst, Pinneberg, GG: WX. // 6180.     34433 MM
 5910   15.04.18 0515      CLM Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, LA songs, TK. Very weak.   15321 MM
 5910.3 30.04.18 0516-0550  B  Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, LA songs.                  15321 MM
 5915   04.04.18 0408      ZMB Zambia NBC R.1, Lusaka, VV: Nice Afro song, TK.         F.    GB  
 5915   30.04.18 1840-1910 ZMB Zambia NBC R.1, Lusaka,  VV: TK.                        12321 MM
 5920   13.04.18 0645-0655  D  HCJB Deutschland, Weenermor, GG: TK.                    15321 MM
 5940   14.04.18 2335       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: MX.                      F.    RP
 5940   21.04.18 2340       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: Rlgs TK.                 G.    RP
 5945   15.04.18 1942      IRN VOIRI, Sirjan, IT: ED: Details missing.                 E.    GB*
 5950   01.04.18 1744      ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK.        23232 AM
 5950   04.04.18 0412      ETH VO Tigray Revolution, A.Ababa/Gedja, VV: Low modulation F.    GB
 5950   12.04.18 1645-1656 ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK, East   24322 MM
                               African songs.
 5950   13.04.18 1650      ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa/Gedja, Tigrinya: TK.  F.    RP
 5950   20.04.18 1716-1730 ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: East Afri- 25322 MM#
                               can songs, TK.
 5950   29.04.18 1812-1833 ETH VO Tigray Revolution, A.Ababa/Gedja, East African songs 34433 MM
 5980   22.04.18 1620      NZL R.New Zeland International, Rangitaiki, EE: NX.         F.    RP
 5985   04.04.18 0415      USA R.Japan NHK, via WRMI Okeechobee, SS: TK on Culture.    F/G   GB
 5995   30.04.18 1945-1956 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF: TK, Strong carrier, very weak audio 14321 MM
 6015   13.04.18 0420-0450 TZN Zanzibar B.C., Dole, Swahili: TK, mention of “Tanzania” 34433 MM
 6030   20.04.18 1727-1736 ETH R.Oromiya, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK.                   24322 MM#
 6030   29.04.18 1813-1835 ETH R.Oromiya, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK.                   24322 MM
 6050   13.04.18 0639-0648 LBR ELWA R., Monrovia, EE: Rlgs  TK.                        14321 MM
 6060   04.04.18 0418      CUB R.Habana Cuba, Bauta, SS: Reports.                      G.    GB
 6070   01.04.18 0444-0610 CAN CFRX, Toronto, EE: TK. At 0500 NX, At 0505 PX “Coast to 15321 MM
                               coast AM” (Canadian dollars mentioned). At 0600 National
                               NX and “Coast to Coast AM".  At times SINPO 25322. 
 6070   13.04.18 0402-0455 CAN CFRX, Toronto, EE: NX. At 0429 heavy QRM fm Channel 292 15322 MM 
                               which S/ONs ans SINPO became 12321.
 6070   30.04.18 0510-0540  B  CFRX, Toronto, EE: NX, TK, songs, Commercials (Canada   15321 MM
                               mentioned) PX “Coast to Coast AM”. 
 6070   07.04.18 1800       D  R.Oberlausitz Int., via Rohrbach Waal, GG: ID, MX. e-M: G.    RP
 6085   12.04.18 1621-1650  D  R.Mi Amigo International, Kall Krekel, EE: Pop songs+ID 24322 MM
 6085   15.04.18 0930       D  R.Mi Amigo International, Kall Krekel, EE: ID, MX. e-M: G.    RP 
 6085   30.04.18*0658-0805  D  R.Mi Amigo, Kal Krekell, EE: Pop songs, ID, TK.         15321 MM
 6090   04.04.18 0400      ETH Amhara State R., A.Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK, HoA style songs F/G   GB
 6110   04.04.18 0403      ETH R.Fana, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK.                      G.    GB
 6110   12.04.18 1650-1705 ETH R.Fana, Addis Ababa/Gedja, East African songs.          34433 MM 
 6110   13.04.18 0420-0425 ETH R.Fana, Addis Ababa/Gedja, East African songs.          35443 MM 
 6110   20.04.18 1728-1740 ETH R.Fana, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK.                      24322 MM#
 6110   22.04.18 1702-1738 ETH R.Fana, Addis Ababa/Gedja, Amharic: TK+MX breaks+Local  P/F   GS 
                               chants with instr.MX. Heard in SSB.@ 1722 better audio 
 6110   29.04.18 1814-1829 ETH R.Fana, A.Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK, East African songs.      34433 MM
 6115   09.04.18 1805-1820 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: NX, TK.                       14321 MM
 6115   13.04.18 1750-1820 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: African songs, at 1802 NX, ID 14321 MM
 6115   21.04.18 1821      CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: TK+Local songs+ID. Hrd in SSB F.    GS
 6115   22.04.18 1810-1834*CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF:  TK (NX?), MX & local song,   P.    GS
                               TK. Abrupt S/OFF at about 1834. Better heard in USB.
 6115   25.04.18 1843-1852*CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: TK, Afropop songs, TK, IDs.   P/F   GS
                               Abrupt S/OFF at 1852. Heard in ssb.                        
 6115   29.04.18 1810-1824 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: TK about Congo.               14321 MM
 6134.8 01.04.18 0107-0114 BOL R.Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivian songs.  14321 MM
                               Very weak. Heard on LSB. 
 6134.8 13.04.18 0027-0038 BOL R.Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, SS:, TK. Better  13321 MM    
                               on LSB. Very weak.
 6150   12.04.18 1635-1712  D  R.Marabu, Datteln, GG: Pop songs, TK, ID.               24322 MM
 6150   22.04.18 0850       D  R.Marabu, Datteln, GG: ID+MX. e-M: info@radiomarabu.de  G.    RP
 6170   01.04.18 0920      PIR Speedwing R., EE: ID, MX. e-M: speedwingradio@gmx.net   G.    RP
 6173.9 13.04.18 0028-0037 PRU R.Tawantinsuyo, Cuzco, Peruvian songs, TK. Only on LSB. 14321 MM
 6180   29.04.18*2000-2028  D  Deutscher Wetterdienst, Pinneberg, GG: WX.              34433 MM
 6185   01.04.18 0508-0550 MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de México, SS: Mexican songs, TK,   25322 MM
                               ID, Classic MX. 
 6190   28.04.18*0600-0700  D  Hamburgher Lokal R., Goheren, EE: ID. At DX PX by Glenn 25332 MM
                               Hauser "World of Radio".
 6200   01.04.181200       PIR Crazy Wave R., EE: ID, MX. e-M: shortwave@gmx.de        G.    RP                               
 6205   08.04.18 0850      PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: ID+MX. (studio@laserhothits.co.uk)  G.    RP
 6205   14.04.18 2350      PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: ID+MX. (studio@laserhothits.co.uk)  G.    RP
 6205   23.04.18 2010      PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: ID+MX. (studio@laserhothits.co.uk)  G.    RP
 6230   01.04.18 1630      PIR R.Stove Farmer, DD: ID+MX. e-M: stovefarmer@hotmail.com G.    RP
 6240   01.04.18 0925      PIR R.Waves International, EE: ID+MX. e-M: rwaves@free.fr   G.    RP
 6243   02.04.18 0840      PIR R.Waves International, EE: ID+MX. e-M: rwaves@free.fr   G.    RP
 6243   22.04.18 0830      PIR R.Waves International, EE: ID+MX. e-M: rwaves@free.fr   G.    RP
 6285   02.04.18 0845      PIR Coast FM, EE: ID+MX. e-M: islandmediatenerife@gmail.com G.    RP
 6285   15.04.18 1630      PIR Atlantis FM, EE: ID+MX. (islandmediatenerife@gmail.com) F.    RP
 6300   01.04.18 0835      PIR R.Northpole, EE: ID+MX. e-M: radionorthpole@planet.nl   G.    RP
 6300   01.04.18 1820      PIR R.Northpole, EE: MX+TK.                                 45444 AM
 6305   01.04.18 0830      PIR R.Merlin Int., EE: ID+MX.(radiomerlin@blueyonder.co.uk) F.    RP
 6305   22.04.18 0840      PIR R.Merlin Int., EE: ID+MX.(radiomerlin@blueyonder.co.uk) G.    RP
 6320   01.04.18 1825      PIR R.Focus International, EE: TK, MX.                      44444 AM
 6320   20.04.18 1935-1937 PIR R.Abu Dhabi, EE: IDs by OM, S/OFF.                      F/G   LB 
 6375   01.04.18 0850      PIR Harmony R., EE: ID, MX. e-M: HarmonyQRZ@gmail.com       F.    RP
 6375   01.04.18 1830      PIR Harmony R., Jazz MX.                                    33333 AM
 6375   08.04.18 0830      PIR Harmony R., EE: ID+MX. e-M: HarmonyQRZ@gmail.com        F.    RP
 6400   07.04.18 1650      PIR Pyongyang BS, Kanggye, KK: MX.                          G.    RP
 6970U  09.04.18 1700-1905  I  Marconi R.International, IT: TK, Pop Songs, ID in EE,   15321 MM
                               TK "New Zealand Radio DX League...". At moments 25322.
 7180   15.04.18 1640      ERI VO Broad Masses of Eritrea, Asmara, AA: MX.             F.    RP
 7205   15.04.18 1650      SDN Sudan R., Al-Aitahab, AA: MX.                           F.    RP
 7205   29.04.18 1940-1955 SDN Sudan R., Al-Aitahab, AA: TK.                           14321 MM
 7250   13.04.18 1655      BGD Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka, Bengali: MX.                   F.    RP
 7255   12.04.18 1808-1822 NGR VO Nigeria, Ikorodu, EE: NX, TK, ID “Voice of Nigeria”. 34433 MM
 7255   29.04.18 1818-1827 NGR VO Nigeria, Ikorodu, EE: TK, ID, Afropop songs.         34433 MM
 7260   20.04.18 1445-1500 MNG Mongolian R. 2, Ulaan Bataar, ED: Mongolian? 1500 S/OFF 25332 PR
 7290   20.04.18*1800-1830 ROU Italian Radio Relay Service, Saftica, EE: IS, ID. No    24432 MM#
                               relay of R.City! Asked why they were not on the air, R.  
                               City replied: "Dear Manuel, It sometimes happens IRRS 
                               finds other customers for the Friday evening slot. The 
                               3rd Saturday on 9510 kHz is guaranteed and if there is 
                               no other customers repeats of old programmes may be 
                               repeated other Saturdays. Radio City was on the air 
                               yesterday on 9510 kHz as announced. Best regards..."
 7310   15.04.18*1000-1011  D  R.Mi Amigo, Kall Krekell, EE: IS, ID, Pop songs, TK.    15321 MM
 7340   16.04.18 1835-1857*CHN China R.Int., Kashi-Saibagh, IT: Ed: Details missing.   E.    GB*
 7345   01.04.18 0405-0420 RUS NVK, R.Sakha, Yakutsk, only carrier detected. Extremely XXXXX MM 
 7726   18.04.18 2235      PIR Zeppelin R., EE: ID+MX. e-M: zeppelinradiosw@yahoo.com  F.    RP
 9330   02.04.18 2230      USA WBCQ/Brother Stairs, Monticello, EE: Rgs TK.            F.    GB
 9355   15.04.18 1910      CHN Firedrake, Chinese MX jammer.                           G.    GB*
 9370   02.04.18 2235      USA WWRB, Manchester, EE: Ed: Details missing.              F.    GB
 9390   02.04.18 1920      THA R.Thailand, Udon Thani, EE: Reports.                    G.    GB
 9390   15.04.18 1912      THA R.Thailand, Udon Thani, EE: Freqs including FM, NX.     E.    GB*
 9390   22.04.18 1459-1502 UZB FEBA/IBRA R., Tashkent, Bengali: IS, Sign.Tune, TK+Song 45444 AN
 9410   15.04.18 1915      UAE BBC, Dhabbaya, EE: Reports.                             F.    GB*
 9420   16.04.18 1903      GRC VO Greece, Avlis, Greek, Nice jazz.                     E.    GB*
 9445   15.04.18 1918      IND All India R., Bengaluru, EE TK, Indian song.            E.    GB*
 9460   15.04.18 1923      TUR VO Turkey, Emirler, Turkish: Radiodrama.                E.    GB*
 9515   05.04.18 1835      KOR KBS World, Kimjae, KK: TK.                              G.    GB
 9525   04.04.18 0350       F  Denge Welat, via Issoudun, Kurdish: Songs, TK.          F.    GB
 9535   02.04.18 2240      CUB R.Habana Cuba, Bauta, SS: TK.                           F.    GB
 9564.9 13.04.18 0740-0752  B  Super R.Deus e Amor, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK.             14321 MM
 9565   03.04.18 2225      USA R.Marti, Greenville, SS: TK, Politics. Fading.          P/F   GB
 9570   05.04.18 1839      MDG MWV New Life Station, Mahajanga, RR: TK, Songs.         G.    GB
 9620   05.04.18 1844      IND AIR, Aligarh, AA: Songs.                                F.    GB
 9630.5 12.04.18 2018-2023  B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: Rlgs TK. // 11855.7.        24322 MM
 9635   13.04.18*0800-0815 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF: IS, TK. Very weak audio.            14321 MM
 9635   30.04.18*0759-0815 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF: TK. Very weak audio. Barely audible 15321 MM
 9635   15.04.18 1927      TUR VO Turkey, Emirler, FF: IDs, start bc.                  G.    GB*
 9650   02.04.18 2245      GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: TK.                              F.    GB
 9650   13.04.18 0700-0805 GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: ID, NX, TK, African songs.       44444 MM
 9650   16.04.18 2010      GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: MX.                              G.    RP
 9650   28.04.18 0738-0806 GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: MX, TK, afropop songs, Annmts,   F/P   GS
                               Local chant. Better heard in USB to avoid slight het.
 9665   13.04.18 0927-0938  B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriú, PP: Rlgs TK and songs.       14321 MM
 9700   23.04.18 0559-0602 ROU R.Romania International, Tiganesti, GG: IS, ID, NX.     45544 AN
 9720   22.04.18 1704-1708 BUL R.Erena, via Kostinbrod, Tigrinya: ID, TK, Song.        45544 AN
 9725.3 13.04.18 0733-0745  B  R.Evangelizar, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK.                   25322 MM
 9726   17.04.18 0400-0415  B  R.Evangelizar, Curitiba, PP: ID, Songs.                 25332 PR
 9730   05.04.18 1850      VTN VO Vietnam, Hanoi, GG: MX, End of broadcast.            G.    GB
 9730   15.04.18 1932      VTN VO Vietnam, Hanoi, FF: NX. QRM frpm CRI.                G.    GB*
 9810   15.04.18 1935      IRN VOIRI, Sirjan, EE: Reports.                             F.    GB*
 9818.9 12.04.18 2010-2018  B  R.9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, PP: Rlgs TK.                   13321 MM
 9819   17.04.18 0417-0433  B  R.9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, PP: relay of R.Aparecida, //   25332 PR
                               9630 kHz. 
 9830   15.04.18 0656-0700*STP DW, via Pinheira, HA: TK, MX pause, S/OFF at 0700.      G.    GS
 9860   15.04.18 0714-0731  G  KBS World, via Woofferton, KK: Lite songs, TK by OM+YL. E.    GS
 9885   23.04.18 0603-0630*USA VOA, Greenville, FF: News Reports, IDs. At 0630 S/OFF.  45444 AN
 9940   02.04.18 1935      SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, FF: Start of broadcast.         F/G   GB
 9940   15.04.18 1938      SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, FF: Rlgs TK.                    G.    GB*
 9955   02.04.18 2250      USA WRMI, Okeechobee, SS: PX "Frequencia al dia".           F.    GB
10000   03.04.18 2241       I  Italcable, Viareggio, IT: MX, Time Annmt.               F.    GB
10000   09.04.18 2010       B  Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, PP: ID+Time      F.    RP
10000   18.04.18 2230      USA WWV, Fort Collins, EE: ID, Pips.                        F.    RP
10000   22.04.18 1700      CHN BPM, Lintong, CC: ID &  Pips.                           G.    RP
11253   12.04.18 1130       G  RAF Volmet, Saint Evel, EE: Airports info.              F.    GB*
11530   12.04.18 1125      MDV R.Dengê Welat, Kishinev, Kurdish: TK.                   G.    GB*
11530   15.04.18 0738-0817 MDV R.Dengê Welat, Kishinev, Kurdish: Interview, Local son- G/E   GS 
                               gs, Time pips at 0800, MX break, NX, TK. 
11675   25.04.18 0924-0936 TUR VO Turkey, Emirler, Turkish: Local chant, Annmts, TK.   E.    GS 
11720   15.04.18 1815      THA VOA, via Udon Thani, Amharic: Reports, politics.        F.    GB*
11725   23.04.18 0652-0658*NZL Pres.R.New Zealand, Rangitaiki, EE: TK. S/OFF at 0658.  25232 AN
11735   01.04.18 1645      TZN Zanzibar B.C., Dolè, Swahili: Speech.                   G.    RP 
11735   15.04.18 1825      TZN Zanzibar B.C., Dolè, Swahili: TK, Songs.                G.    GB*
11735   15.04.18 1730      TZN Zanzibar B.C., Dolè, Swahili: TK.                       G.    RP
11735   18.04.18 1800-1810 TZA Zanzibar B.C., Dolè, EE: NX by YL.                      G.    LB
11735   20.04.18 1745-1810 TZN Zanzibar B.C., Dolè, VV/EE: TK. At 1800 ID & NX in EE.  25332 MM#
11735   29.04.18 1800-1810 TZN Zanzibar B.C., Dolè,  EE: ID, NX, at 1810 into Swahili. 34433 MM
11735   12.04.18 1751-1830  B  R.Transmundial, Santa María, PP: Rlgs TK, Songs, ID.    24332 MM
11735   29.04.18 1931-1950  B  R.Transmundial, Santa María, PP: Rlgs TK+ID. QRM fm ZBC 22322 MM
11735   30.04.18 1411-1425  B  R.Transmundial, Santa María, PP: Rlgs TK.               14321 MM
11745   22.04.18 1658-1701 ARS Al-Azm R., Jeddah, AA: ID, Freqs, TK, ID.               45333 AN
11745   25.04.18 0938-0953 ARS Al-Azm R., Jeddah, AA: Local chant, Annmt, TK. Better   F/P   GS
                               heard in LSB to avoid slight splats.  
11790   15.04.18 1906       D  AWR, via Nauen, Wolof: Rlgs TK mentioning Senegal.      E.    GB*
11810   15.04.18 1830      ASC BBC, via English Bay, EE: International                 F.    GB*
11815   13.04.18 0940-0955  B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: TK, Brazilian songs.     14321 MM
11830   15.04.18 1837       F  R.Ndarason International, via Issoudun, Kanuri: TK.     F.    GB*
11830   20.04.18 1852-1915  F  R.Ndarason International, via Issoudun, Kanuri: Annmt.  F.    LB
11850   15.04.18 1833       G  Follow the Bible Ministries, Woofferton, AA: Rlgs TK.   F/G   GB*
11855.7 12.04.18 2005-2014  B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: Rlgs songs and  TK, ID.     34433 MM
11860   15.04.18 1841      ARS Rep.Yemen R. Sana'a, via Ryadh, AA: TK.                 P/F   GB*
11895   12.04.18 2003-2012  B  R.Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre, PP: Rlgs TK and songs.     13321 MM
11915   12.04.18 1745-1758  B  R.Gaucha, Porto Alegre, PP: TK. At 1758 blocked by Ara- 14321 MM
                               di Arabia. Very weak, barely audible. 
11915   12.04.18 2001-2045  B  R.Gaucha, Porto Alegre, PP: TK, ID. QRM fm BSKSA.       13321 MM 
11934.9 12.04.18 1948-1958  B  R.Evangelizar, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK and songs, ID.     22322 MM
11950   22.04.18 1600-1630 BUL AWR, via Kostinbrod, EE: TK by YL.                      F.    LB
11955   01.04.18 0900       D  AWR, via Nauen, IT: DX PX "Obiettivo DX" by R.Scaglione G.    RP
11955   08.04.18 0905       D  AWR, via Nauen, IT: DX PX "Obiettivo DX" by R.Scaglione G.    RP
11955   15.04.18 0900       D  AWR, via Nauen, IT: DX PX "Obiettivo DX" by R.Scaglione G.    RP
11955   15.04.18 1845      AUT AWR, via Moosbrunn, AA: Songs, TK.                      G.    GB*
11975   15.04.18 1848      ROU R.Romania Int, Galbeni, RM: Ed: Details missing.        G.    GB*
12030   15.04.18 1903      ASC Follow The Bible Ministries, English Bay, EE: Rlgs TK.  E.    GB*
12050   15.04.18 1851      ASC Dandal Kura R., via English Bay, Kanuri: Interviews.    G.    GB*
12060   15.04.18 1859       F  R.Algerienne, via Issoudun, FF: (not AA as reported),   G.    GB*
12130   15.04.18 1855      THA VOA, Udon Thani, Amharic: End of BC.                    F/G   GB*
12085   13.04.18*0900-0910 NGL VO Mongolia, Ulaan Baatar, EE: IS, ID, TK, Songs.       14321 MM
13580   21.04.18 1816-1821 BGD Bangladesh Betar, Dhka, EE: TK (Comment), Somg.         35333 AN
13720   01.04.18 0659-0703 ARS R.Saudi Int., Riyadh, Somali: IS+NA+ID+TK+Holy Quran.   35333 AN
15090   15.04.18 1035-1053 KWT R.Azadi, Umm Al-Rimam, Dari: TK (phone). Better hrd SSB P.    GS
15090   22.04.18 1113-1117 KWT R.Azadi, Umm Al-Rimam, Dari:  TK,                       P.    GS
15120   22.04.18 1118-1129 ARS R.Saudi Int., Jeddah, Bengali: TK. Heard in USB.        P.    GS
15130   12.04.18 1100      ROU R.Romania Int., Tiganesti, EE: Start of bc. //15320 kHz G.    GB*
15140   22.04.18 1401-1411 OMA R.Oman, Muscat, EE: NX, ID and FM freqs.                45444 AN
15244.9 15.04.18 1411-1436 KRE VO Korea, Kujang, EE/FF: TK+MX. At 1430 into FF with    P.    GS  
                               IS, Anthem, Annmts. Better heard SSB.  
15255   28.04.18 1359-1435  G  RFE/RL, Woofferton, Turkmen: Annmt+TK+ID. Better in ssb P/G   GS
15360   12.04.18 1105      THA R.Mashaal, via Udon Thani, Pashto: TK.                  F/G   GB*
15360   22.04.18 1412-1415*SWZ TWR Swaziland, manzini, Urdu: Web+Addr+MX. 1415 IS, QRT 35333 AN
15410   28.04.18 1024-1043 IND AIR, Bengaluru, EE??: TK, Indian vocals. Rechecked 1048 P.    GS 
                               1058* with Annmt+Local song+TK+ID?+S/OFF. Better in SSB 
15435   12.04.18 1110      GUM AWR KSDA, Agat, CC: TK, slow MX.                        P/F   GB*
15490   12.04.18 1115      ARS BSKSA 1, Riyadh, AA: TK, NX.                            G.    GB*
15580   23.04.18 0554-0557 BOT VOA, via Selebi Pikwe, EE: Live ID over song, Editorial 35333 AN
15590   22.04.18 1203-1207 CHN China R. Int., Urumqi, EE: NX, ID, Lesson of CC.        45433 AN
15660   22.04.18 1202-1213 CHN China R.Int., Kashi, EE: NX, Annmts, TK. Better in SSB. P.    GS
15755   28.04.18 1001-1016 KWT Pres.Mashaal R., Umm Al-Rimam, Pashto: TK. Better  SSB. P.    GS
16100   12.04.18 1119      CHN CNR 1, CC: TK, jamming broadcasts from Taiwan.          P.    GB*
17490   12.04.18 1020      CHN China R.Int. Kashi-Saibagh, EE: Reports.                G.    GB*
17570   12.04.18 1025      CHN China R.Int. Kashi-Saibagh, Hungarian: TK.              G.    GB*
17615   12.04.18 1029      ARS BSKSA, Riyadh, AA: Holy Quran.                          E.    GB*
17660   22.04.18 1422-1425 ARS R.Saudi Int., Riyadh, FF: ID, SCH, TK.                  35333 AN
17665   12.04.18 1032      GUM AWR KSDA, Agat, CC: TK. Fading.                         F.    GB*
17710   12.04.18 1036      ARS Deutsche Welle, via Meyerton, Swahili: TK.              F.    GB*
17730   12.04.18 1040      GUM AWR KSDA, Agat, Tagalog: TK.                            P.    GB*
17850   12.04.18 1044      THA R.Thailand, Udon Thani, Thai: Songs.                    E.    GB*
17850   22.04.18*1600-1603  F  VO Independent Oromia, via Issoudun, Oromo: ID+Freq.+TK 55544 AN
17880   12.04.18 1047      THA R.Azadi - Free Afghanistan, Udon Thani, Dari: TK.       G.    GB*
21670   12.04.18 1052      ARS R.Saudi International, Riyadh, Indonesian: TK, Reports. P.    GB*

Contributors 8: (Bulgaria 1, Italy 6, Spain 1) 

AN  = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: ICOM IC R70, Sony ICF 2001, Elad FM1 (SDR)
      ANT: 10 metre outdoor wire. Tecsun AN-200 Medium Wave Tunable Loop antenna. Mini Whip SR
AN* = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: KENWOOD R-1000. ANT: inverted "V"+20m wire.
AM  = Alex Micheli, Trento (Italy). RX: Sangean ATS 909. ANT Rgp3 ferrite road, SW Loop home made.
GB  = Giampiero Bernardini, in Bocca di Magra, SP. (Italy). RX: SDR Perseus, Winrad Excalibur 
      Pro. ANT: Wellbrook Ala 1530LNP Loop.
GB* = Giampiero Bernardini, in Milano (Italy). RX: Geloso G4/220. ANT: T2FD outdoor.
GS  = Giovanni Serra, in Rome (Italy). RX: JRC NRD 525. ANT: Alpha Delta DX-SWL Sloper-S with 
      JPS NIR 12 Noise & Interference Reducer-Dual DSP outboard audio filter.
LB  = Luca Botto Fiora in Rapallo (Italy). RX: R7 Drake, Yaesu VR5000, Tecsun PL-660, Degen 
      DE1103. ANT: 75 cm loop ferrite rod, Magnetic Loop Antenna, 20 m Windom dipole antenna.
MM  = Manuel Méndez in Friol or Lugo (Spain). RX: Sangean ATS-0909X, Tecsun PL880, Sony ICF 
      SW 7600G, XHDATA D-808. ANT: Degen, 31MS active loop antenna and 8 metre cable antenna.
MM# = Manuel Méndez in Sanxenxo, Pontevedra, (Spain). RX: XHDATA D-808. ANT: Telescopic.
PR  = Rumen Pankov, Sofia (Bulgaria). RX: Sony ICF2001D. ANT: Folded Marconi antenna own made.
RP  = Roberto Pavanello in Vercelli (Italy). RX: EGZ DX 10, Icom R-71. ANT: EGZ LPF1R ferrite
      loop for reception of MW, 30-metre long wire.

Logs from Dave Valko in Dunlo Pennsylvanya-USA

RX: Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA 1530S and 153 foot Delta loop.

11735 ZANZIBAR ZBC 1809 EG ID by W at end of nx as “This is the English news from Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation. Thank you for listening”. Best signal during the EG nx in quite a while. (Valko 18 April)

6100 PIRATE (NA) “The Relay Station” Tnx John Herkimer tip, noted at 2205 w/end of anmnt w/ment of website welcomeradio.com, Dance mx w/DJ “Annie” giving pgm credits, name and “The General Store”, Blues mx, ID by little girl for WXNZ, Skowhegan, ME, cont. Blues song, then “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell. Very good signal. Here’s a link to a Youtube video of the reception: https://youtu.be/JTRfsX5LugM (Valko 18 April)

12255 PIRATE (EUROPE) Reflections Europe Surprised to find a visible signal abt 1808. Started getting a M tlking at 1817. Then womens choir mx plainly audible at 1825. Then M tlking again at 1838, 1839, 1848, 1855, 1900, and at 1902 suddenly shouted “Eternal!!”. Hrd M and W tlking 1904-1907 w/ments of Canada, New Zealand, Australia. 1907 gave US addr. Diff. pgm at 1911 w/M preaching and mentioning “…Jesus name we pray, amen”, and “…in the Bible…all their children…” at 1912. Gave scripture chapter and verse at 1914. Still same M preaching at 1920 and giving at least 3 “Hallelujah”s at 1925. Later, hrd womens choral group at 2105. 2115 contact info, and what sounded like Reflections Europe ID at 2117. Still a little audible when it suddenly went off at 2127:16. Really heavy QSB, sometimes fading out for long periods. But also audible on short peaks. Best hrd 1902-1907. (Valko 1 April)

5995 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope 1045 canned anmnt by W w/mx bed, then usual male chorus and W w/”V-O-H” ID at 1047. Audible over the jamming. All the Korean Clandestines in and around 49m doing better than usual at this time. (Valko 2 April)

6930L PIRATE (NA) KOOT 2311 final ID and said was DJ Koot. (Valko 2 April)

6374.63 PIRATE (EUROPE) R. Harmony Found this new Pirate while cruising down to 49m at 2319. A variety of MOR songs inlcuding an occasional Top 40. 2326 short anmnt by M. Recognized “Close to You” by The Carpenters at 2341. Sounded like a M anncr between songs at 2343. Indeed, found ID using a web rx in Austria mentioning “…beautiful music on Harmony”. Couldn’t find a European web rx that had a decent signal, only weak carriers. Finally got a good signal on the one in Austria. Was able to recognize “Dream a Little Dream of Me” by The Mamas and the Papas at 2351 here. Another M anncr at 2354. Back at 0029 to hear “I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover”. Much better at this time. 0037 canned M between songs again. These short ID anmnts came abt after every 3rd song. Best one was at 0048, but still not readable. Voice audio too muffled. (Valko 2-3 April)

6319.86 PIRATE (EUROPE) Focus Int. NF here. Rock mx at 2320. 2325 M anncr w/UK accent. Finally up briefly at 2337. M anncr again at 2338. Too much rapid QSB, almost pulsing. Canned anmnt by M at 0030 w/ment of “free radio” sounding like an “Off-Shore Echoes” ad. Novelty-sounding song. 0034 live M DJ again. Just a bit too weak, way too much QSB, QRN, and also QRM from a huge UTE on 6319. IDed using an Austrian web rx. (Valko 2-3 April)

6210.01 PIRATE (EUROPE) Laser Hot Hits Pop mx at 0033, 0034 ID jingle by W, then nx headlines by M, ID, and back to mx. Fairly readable but not the best. (Valko 3 April)

6070 GERMANY Channel 292 Surprised to find this plainly audible at 0549 w/”Band of Gold” by Freda Payne. 0552:30 canned ID and relay info w/ment of 6070 by alternating M and W in EG, then R. Caroline promo/ID starting w/”Here Comes the Sun”, and back to mx at 0554. 0603-0605 “Walk Like a Man” by Four Seasons, then 0605-0609 “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas. 0609 novelty Reggae-like song. Fady. QRM from a very low level het from CRFB, and some adjacent slop. Noisy too. (Valko 3 April)

5905 GERMANY Deutscher Wetterdienst Signal on at 0558:06, and pgmming start at 0600 w/usual robo-W anncr giving wx conditions. Some decent peaks and better than hrd the first time. And quite good when it went off at 0630:10. Some slop QRM from 5910.37 Alcaravan. 6180 blocked by VOA Sao Tome. (Valko 3 April)

6284.98 PIRATE (EUROPE) Coast FM Canned ID ending w/ment of 2018 by M, then ads at 0625, and ending w/simple ID by W and back to Pop mx. (Valko 3 April)

2940.13 UNID. Best hrd yet w/rapid-fire SP tlk by M from 0902. Had breaks for soft instru. mx abt every 10 min. at 0910, 0918, 0929. Thought hrd ments of “Gloria”, “universal”, “tarde”, and “manana”. Some decent short peaks at 0927, 0929, 0935, and 0937. Pgm ended at 0946. Came back later and hrd diff. M anncr/pgm at 0955. 0958 soft mx bridge. 0959:35 sounded like a signature and M anncr. 1000 mx and next pgm w/poss. intro by M. Check at 1038 found audible w/M in SP. Definitely appears to be a rel. stn, and am betting it’s somewhere out of the country. (Valko 4 April)

Is HJNT R. Huellas, Cali, Colombia, see below.

5917.40 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) V.O. Freedom Audible w/M and W alternating in KR at 1044. Still on it’s very slow drift downward. (Valko 4 April)

6400 NORTH KOREA Pyongyang PBS Strong at 1125 w/choral song, 3+1 long time ticks at 1130 M anncr in KR, then feature by W and M anncrs. (Valko 4 April)

11855.79 BRAZIL R. Aparecida Excellent signal w/”Voz do Brasil” pgm at 2256 // to massive 11780.01 Nac. Amazonia but it went off at 2359:50. 2300 full canned ID by M. (Have been noticing what I believe is Aparecida signing on daily at 1000 on 5035, but can’t get any useable audio.) (Valko 4 April)

5915 ZAMBIA ZNBC/R. One Found completely in the clear at 0247 w/Fish Eagle IS. Into choral NA at 0250. M w/opening anmnt at 0252. Sounded like some canned anmnts, then into lively Afro Pops at 0256 and studio M anncr came in at 0257 to ToH. Not a great signal and fady but always nice to hear in the clear. Best on the Delta Loop. (Valko 5 April)

7295 RUSSIA R. Sakha Ad/promo block at 1050 including one at 1052 using the old R. Moscow IS!! Into several Pop songs. 4 time ticks at 1100 w/first and last being a double tick, then anmnt by M anncr including nice ID, and into nx by diff. M. Good signal and a rare day w/very little Ham QRM and none at ToH. But did have some CNR1 7300 slop QRM. (Valko 5 April)

2940.13 COLOMBIA HJNT R. Huellas, Cali Barely had M preacher once after 0900. Brett Saylor mentioned someone hrd R. Huellas on 1470.07 and had a Youtube video, and suggested trying the R. Huellas webstream. Did so using the rx at TWR Bonaire, and found the exact same rapid-paced preacher I hrd 2 days ago 0902-0946. Also got the // 2940.13 harmonic very weakly. Amazing that this is only 1 kw and the 2nd harmonic can be hrd here. Would never have solved this mystery if not for Brett and the fact Huellas is off-freq. (Valko 6 April)

6300 PIRATE UNID. Found a good signal here at 2326 w/what sounded like a DT version of “Blowin in the Wind”. More nonstop apparent DT ballads and MOR songs. One or 2 more uptempo songs. Even one schlager. Not one anmnt. Song ended at 2346, then the signal left the air at 2347:14. Bet this was the same stn airing the satellite Netherlands program Sky Radio back on 24 March. (Valko 6 April)

6950U PIRATE (NA) WREC R. Free East Coast 1658, 1700, 1705 nice canned IDs. Still going at 1732. Fairly good signal. (Valko 7 April)

9100 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope Nice simple Asian mx at 1157 to ToH. 1200 usual fanfare and M anncr in KR w/pres. intro, and same M w/apparent nx. W at 1202. Good signal this morning. (Valko 8 April)

6930U PIRATE (NA) WREC R. Free East Coast 1208 canned ID “WREC, R. Free East Coast, signing on”, Big increase in signal w/“A Pirates Life for Me” at 1208. (Valko 8 April)

6374.76 PIRATE (EUROPE) R. Harmony Old-time ballad at 2334 t/in. 2335 “These Boots Were Made for Walkin” by Nancy Sinatra. 2337 short prob. ID but someone whistling on the freq. Little better signal at 2340 and nice peak at 2341 w/Doris Day-like ballad. 2343-2345 “Gentle on My Mind” by Johnny Hartford. 2345-2347 “Que Sera Sera” by Doris Day. 2347 brief ID anmnt by M between songs. 2350-2354 lively Swing song w/fast beat. 2357-0000 sounded like The Platters. 0000 another ID anmnt by M. Fair on peaks but noisy conditions and a lot of lcl static bursts. (Valko 8 April)

6025 TIBET (CHINA) Xizang PBS Long Tibetan tlk by M over instru. mx 2345-2355, then exotic lcl choral singing. Very nice signal and abt the strongest ever hrd here, //6130 which was just slightly weaker. (Valko 9 April)

6945U PIRATE (NA) Stn airing sci-fi pgm “X Minus 1” again. Ran his xmtr back and forth across the freq at 0000, then started mx and the pgm at 0002. Big signal. (Valko 12 April)

6925.18v PIRATE (NA) Nuttin’ on Shortwave 2328 ID and 2333 another ID. (Valko 13 April)

6955U PIRATE (NA) XLR8 Simple “XLR8” ID at 0159, 0212, and 0216. (Valko 14 April)

13710 GERMANY Missionswerk Friedensstimme (via Nauen) Mostly M tlking after 1218 t/in. Did hear a W once or twice. Soft rel.-like mx at 1229 s/off, then signal gone at 1230:06. Very weak and only audible (but not readable) on peaks. No sign of co-channel Turkey that was hrd on European web rxs. (Valko 14 April)

15360 CLANDESTINE V.O. Amara R. (via Issoudun) Signal on abt 10 sec. before 1700 s/on w/usual routine; ID by M, bell tolling and HoA mx, then full ID by M in apparent Amharic. Diff. bells at 1701 and W anncr. Feature w/M rpter at 1704. Fair and very fady. No jamming to at least 1706. (Valko 14 April)

6304.82 PIRATE (EUROPE) Cupid R. Rock song at 2305. 2311 “Crazy” by Aerosmith. Live long ID anmnt at 2316, into next Pop song at 2317. Abruptly off at 2320:22. Noticed another signal on 6305.07 while Cupid was on and found out it was R. Merlin using Iceland web rx after Cupid went off. Much too weak for audio here though. (Valko 14 April)

6905 PIRATE (NA) Seven Trees R. On at 0016. SSTV ID in not often used SC120 at 0101. Good signal. (Valko 15 April)

6955U PIRATE (NA) III (although someone in HF Underground had it listed as “III%”) Came on at 0058 vcl only singing “I’m a good ole Rebel…” song, “Dixieland”, then mx from movie “Patton”, live speech-like historical accounting of the NA/Francis Scott Key/War of 1812, then NA, and ending at 0112 w/SSTV “III” ID. Good signal. (Valko 15 April)

6950U PIRATE (NA) Wolverine R. ID 0051 and 0104 ID. SSTV ID of Giraffes at closing 0120. Good. (Valko 15 April)

6935.63 PIRATE (NA) UNID Stn on for the Titanic anniversary at 0005 w/instru. mx, CW Mayday, and voice audio recreation all mixed together in various combinations. Went off and on a few times, and gone for good at 0016. Good signal. (Valko 15 April)

7265L USA W1MGY (Old Coast Guard station at Eastham, Cape Cod, MA) Special “Titanic Memorial” event stn for 106th anniversary of the Titanic disaster. 0158 operator Russ calling CQ and getting calls from W3RI (AZ), WO8L (NC), AA9L (WI) Said was the “Titanic/Marconi Memorial Radio Association” of Cape Cod. Also said QSL info at QRZ.com. Nothing after 0203 and tuned out at 0207. (Valko 15 April)

4985.01 BRAZIL R. Brazil Central W w/PT TC between songs at 0211. Soft MOR PT songs, 0215 short canned anmnt by M w/ment of Brasil Central and ending w/”Theme to a Summer Place”, canned anmnt by W, TC again, and back to mx at 0216. //11815 which was poorer. (Valko 15 April)

9885 CLANDESTINE National Unity R. (via Tajikistan) *1200 w/orch. fanfare mx and W anncr KR w/opening anmnt. M anncr voice-over more instru. fanfare mx at 1201. Poor to fair. (Valko 15 April)

7260 MONGOLIA Mongolian Radio 3 (pres.) Noticed apparently slightly stronger Xinjiang on 7259.992 going off as scheduled at 1205:12 leaving this on 7260. Hrd a little bit of the mx on very brief peak at 1206 (mx and W in Mongolian alternating using South Korean web rx). Would have guessed Mongolia would be the one off-freq. (Valko 15 April)

6925.18 PIRATE (NA) Yeah Man R. 2210 w/ID. (Valko 15 April)

5964.96 BRAZIL R. Transmundial Found w/readable audio at 0945, but wasn’t there 15 min. earlier. PT tlk by soft-spoken M. Diff M over mx w/website at 0947, Sao Paulo 0950. Soft rel. vcl song by W at 0952-0956. Canned anmnts, ment of Transmundial 0958 and 0959. Weak w/slop QRM from 5970 WEWN. (Valko 16 April)

5910.35 COLOMBIA Alcaravan R. Long promo/ID w/freq by M between HJ songs at 0946. Only fair and dropped off after that. (Valko 16 April)

5025.03 PERU R. Quillabamba Noticed Rebelde’s audio was way down at 1001. Just OC from Quillabamba to at least 1005 when I tuned away. Came back at 1021 and found Quillabamba audio up w/apparent bdcst from children’s classroom w/singing, a lot of tlking, and ending w/all children individually saying hello to “mama” & “papa”. No adult anncrs at all. 1029 pgm end and many nice canned promo IDs, one lifting the laser shooting SFX from the beginning of “Jungle Love” by The Steve Miller Band. Intro for next pgm at 1031, but Rebelde’s audio coming up stronger by then. Glad to see Quillabamba still there. (Valko 16 April)

7260 MONGOLIA Mongolian Radio 3 (pres.) Again here w/Xinjiang on 7259.99. Pretty certain I could hear the M and W tlking in Mongolian at 1052 mixing w/mx on Xinjiang, which was also hrd on a Korean web rx. Although both signals were equally strong, the Xinjiang audio was on top. (Valko 16 April)


NB: Radio stations are listed under the country in which the transmitter (not studios!) is (or presumed to be) located. Unless otherwise stated, reception reports should be considered as sent by electronic mail.

FM Kompakt, via Gavar, 6145 kHz: eQSL in 42 days after F/UP to: kunos-radiothek@web.de and c/o Thomas Kircher, Welschstr.11, 74080 Heilbronn, Germany. (Vashek Korinek, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA).

IBC – Italian Broadcasting Corporation, via Gavar, 5845 kHz: eQSL in 4 days. Report in Italian sent to : ibc@europe.com (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE).

Ozy Radio, 5045 kHz: e-QSL in 25 days. The report was sent to this E-mail address: dxer1234@gmail.com (Dieter Sommer, Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany)

Radio 4KZ 5055 kHz: QSL card, 3 stickers in 40 days. The report was sent to this E-mail address: AL@nqradio.com.au (Dieter Sommer, Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany)

Nossa Radio (ZYK686), 700 kHz: E-mail verie in 1 day. V/S: Daniel Vidal danielvidal@nossaradiofm.co.br (Vashek Korinek, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA).

Radio Povo (ZYH532), 1230 kHz: Personalized e-certificate, pers. email in 315 days. V/S: Elinei Araujo (Gerente Administrativa). E-mail: radiopovoubata96.7@gmail.com (Vashek Korinek, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA).

Radio Trans Mundial, 11735 kHz: QSL in 90 days. Report in Portuguese sent to: qsl@transmundial.com.br V/S: Rudolf Grimm (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE).

CFRX, Toronto, 6070 kHz: QSL card in 12 days. V/S: Steve Canney, QSL Manager. Reception reports can be sent to: cfrbcfrxreport@gmail.com or: CFRX, Steve Canney, VA3SC, 1831 Waterdown Rd., Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7P 5A2. Criteria to receive a CFRB/CFRX QSL card: http://cfrx.webs.com/ “Return postage is greatly appreciated and ensures a faster response. For Canadians, include one $1 or an SASE, U.S. listeners $2 dollars, and for international listeners, $3 in Canadian or U.S. funds. Date you heard CFRB or CFRX; Time you heard the transmission (local or UTC);
Frequency (specify CFRB 1010 or CFRX 6070 kHz); Program material (at least 10 minutes of specific program material heard, i.e. name of announcer, commercials heard, news items etc.); Signal report (a general overview of how well you were hearing the signal in your location); Mention of the type of equipment and antenna you were using to hear the signal is helpful as well.” (Manuel Mendéz, Lugo, SPAIN).

HJZH Vida AM, Medellin 870 kHz: Audio verie message via Whatsapp in 40 days. (Vashek Korinek, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA).

Radio Eli, 1035 kHz: F/D eQSL and friendly message from Aleksei Müller, Main editor, in 3 days. The reception report was sent to: aleksei@pereraadio.ee; julia@pereraadio.ee; am1035@bk.ru and paavo@pereraadio.ee – The reply came from: raadioeli@gmail.com via alekseimuller@gmail.com (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY).

Radio Taiwan International, via Issoudun, QRG?: QSL in 30 days. Report in French sent to : fren@rti.org.tw (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE).

Scandinavian Weekend Radio, 11690 kHz: QSL in 184 days. Report in English sent to: SWR Hollitie 1025, FI 34930 Liedenpohja, Finland. (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE).

Radio Oberlausitz International, via Rohrbach Waal, 6070 kHz: F/D eQSL in 4 hours. E-mail address: post@radio-oberlausitz-International.de (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli, ITALY).

Radio Oberlausitz International via Rohrbach Waal, 6070 kHz: P/D eQSL, info, mp3-files in 1 day for e-report to: post@radio-oberlausitz-international.de (Juergen Waga, Berlin, GERMANY).

Radio Slovakia International, via Kall Krekel, 3985, 6005 kHz: QSL in 8 days. Report in French sent to : rsi_french@rtvs.sk (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE).

JSWC, via AWR-KSDA, 15715 kHz: QSL in 35 days. Report in English sent to : jswcqsl@live.jp (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE).

Voice of Hope, 1287 kHz: QSL card in 25 days. Ed: Please don’t forget to include E-mail address used to contact the station. (Dieter Sommer, Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany).

Challenger Radio, 846 kHz: F/D PDF eQSL in 2 hours from Maurizio Anselmo (Station Manager) for a report with audio clip sent to him via Facebook Messenger. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY).

Mini Radio, 1512 kHz: F/D eQSL in 2 hours. E-mail: staff@miniradioam.it Heard in Bernate Ticino (near Milano). (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli, ITALY).

Radio Briscola, 1476 kHz; eQSL in 50 days. Report in Italian sent to : radiobriscola@gmail.com (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE).

NHK World Radio Japan, 9750 kHz: QSL card in 30 days via NHK website (Dieter Sommer, Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany)

NHK World Radio Japan, via Radio Baltic Waves International, 1386 kHz: QSL card in 40 days. Ed: Please don’t forget to include E-mail address used to contact the station. (Dieter Sommer, Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany).

RTM Sarawak FM, 9835 kHz: QSL card in 15 days. (Dieter Sommer, Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany)

Radio Dengê Welat (formerly Dengê Kurdustane), via Kishinev, 11530 kHz: F/D eQSL via PRTC Moldova in 1 day for e-report to: prtc@idknet.com (Juergen Waga, Berlin, GERMANY).

Radio Moldova, 1494 kHz: e-QSL in 35 days via Luchianciu@yahoo.com (Dieter Sommer, Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany)

Thazin Radio, 9460 kHz: friendly N/D E-QSL and schedule in 3 days after reminder for e-report from March 2017 to: thazinradio6@gmail.com NB: Heard in Thailand. (Juergen Waga, Berlin, GERMANY).

Radio Horizon, Waarle, 107.0 MHz: Email and a photo of the station in 55 days, v/s Marcel Rommerts. E.Mail: marcel@rtvhorizon.nl NB: Heard in Europe. (Vashek Korinek, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA).

Radio 100% NL, Mierlo, 94.9 MHz: QSL sheet, station info sheet in 67 days. V/S: Herbert Visser (QSL Manager). Ed: What is the e-mail address? NB: Heard in Europe. (Vashek Korinek, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA).

Radio Liangyou FEBC, via Bocaue, 9345 kHz: QSL card in 30 days. (Dieter Sommer, Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany).

Lupo R. (Argentina), 6973 kHz: e-QSL, e-New Year’s card, informative pers. email in 1 day. E-mail: luporadio@hotmail.com (Vashek Korinek, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA).

RCW – Radio Compania Worldwide (Chile), 6925 kHz: Verification statement via Facebook in 1 day. V/S: Chucho Zavala (Managing Director). (Vashek Korinek, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA).

Radio Enterhaken, 6300 kHz: eQSL in 20 days. E-mail: Enterhaken@gmx.de (Dieter Sommer, Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany)

Radio Focus International, 6285 kHz: eQSL sheet in 23 days. NB: Heard in Europe. (Vashek Korinek, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA).

Radio Harmony, 6375 kHz: F/D e-QSL in 2 days. E-mail address: HarmonyQRZ@gmail.com (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli, ITALY).

Radio Harmony, 6375 kHz: e-QSL in 22 days. E-mail: Harmonyqrz@gmail.com (Dieter Sommer, Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany)

Radio Melkbus, 3905 kHz: F/D eQSL in 44 days fo a report to this E-mail: midwave123@gmail.com (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli, ITALY).

Zeppelin Radio, 7726 kHz: F/D eQSL in 15 hours. The report was sent to this E-mail address: zeppelinradiosw@yahoo.com (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli, ITALY).

WHOY, Radio Hoy, Salinas, 1210 kHz. Long informative verie e-mail with photos in 46 days. V/S: Martin Colon (Station owner). E-mail: radiohoy1210@gmail.com (Vashek Korinek, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA).

RWW Moscow, 9996 kHz: QSL card in 20 days. Ed: Please don’t forget to include E-mail address used to contact the station. (Dieter Sommer, Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany).

National Unity Radio, via Dushanbé, 11550 kHz: Email verie in 30 days. V/S: Byungsuk Son (International Affairs Assistant, Unification Media Group). E-mail: international.umg@gmail.com (Vashek Korinek, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA).

Radio Trafik, Istanbul, 104.2 MHz: Email verie in 44 days after follow-up. E-mail: info@radyotrafik.com NB: Heard in Europe. (Vashek Korinek, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA).

Lyca Radio, 1458 kHz: N/D E-QSL in 16 days for report to: amitabh@lycatel.com V/S: Amitabh Sharma. (Juergen Waga, Berlin, GERMANY).

Manx Radio, 1368 kHz: F/D QSL card and letter in 63 days for report to this mail addres: reception@manxradio.com (Juergen Waga, Berlin, GERMANY).

Manx Radio, 1368 kHz: QSL in 6 days. Report in English sent via their web site: http://www.manxradio.com (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE).

La Chispa Estereo (Panama), via WRMI, 5950 kHz: eQSLl in 35 days. Report in Spanish sent to : lachispaestereo@hotmail.com (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE).

VOA, via Greenville, 9885 kHz: F/D QSL card, Info Sheet. The report was sent to this e-mail address: MDAIL@bbg.gov V/S: Macon M. Dail. All reception reports about any programme transmitted over Grimesland Greenville transmitting station in North Carolina (VOA or Radio Marti) are verified by QSL card. The reply came from: BBG/International Broadcasting Bureau, Edward R.Murrow Transmitting Station, 3919 VOA Site B Road, Grimesland NC 27837-8977 USA. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY).

WNVP, Chicago 1000 kHz: Personal email verie, signal coverage map, station history presentation in 35 days. V/S: Scott Clifton (Audio Technology). E-mail: Scott.A.Clifton@espn.com (Vashek Korinek, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA).

Radio Vaticana, 11625, 9700 kHz: eQSL in 102 days. Report in Italian sent to: commerciale@spc.va (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, FRANCE).

Radio Vaticana, 9660 kHz: e-QSL in 40 days. E-mail: commerciale@spc.va (Dieter Sommer, Lutherstadt Eisleben, Germany)

Voice of Hope Africa, 6065 kHz: F/D QSL card in 9 months sent from Zambia! E-mail: reports@voiceofhope.com V/S: Ray Robinson, Vice President Global Operations. (Manuel Mendéz, Lugo, SPAIN).

Voice of Hope Africa, 6065 kHz: F/D QSL card in 8 days after F/UP to: ray.robinson@voiceofhope.com Original report to: studio@voiceofhope.com, ray.robinson@email.com, reports@voiceofhope.com Total time: 68 days. V/S: Ray Robinson, Vice President Global Operations. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY).

Voice of Hope Africa, 13680 kHz: F/D QSL card in 9 days after F/UP to: studio@voiceofhope.com, ray.robinson@email.com and reports@voiceofhope.com Original report to : reports@voiceofhope.com, studio@voiceofhope.com Total time: Exactly 365 days (One year!). V/S: Ray Robinson, Vice President Global Operations. A few hours after my F/UP I received an E-mail message from Mr. Ray Robinson: “Hi, Antonello. Your QSL card was mailed from Zambia, but I’m sorry it hasn’t arrived. We will send another, from the USA”. He kept his promise. However, a few days after I also received the QSL card mailed from Zambia! (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY).


Radio Free Asia (RFA) announces the release of the fifth QSL card in the series highlighting the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) relay sites used for RFA programming. RFA programs also broadcasts from these IBB sites: Biblis, Kuwait, Saipan and Tinian. IBB Lampertheim is one function of the IBB’s Germany Station and is also an integral part of IBB’s global satellite interconnect system (SIS) carrying RFA programming where needed. This is RFA’s 67th QSL overall and will be used to confirm all valid RFA reception reports from May – August 2018. Created by Congress in 1994 and incorporated in 1996, RFA broadcasts in Burmese, Cantonese, Khmer, Korean to North Korea, Lao, Mandarin (including the Wu dialect), Vietnamese, Tibetan (Uke, Amdo, and Kham), and Uyghur. RFA strives for accuracy, balance, and fairness in its editorial content. As a ‘surrogate’ broadcaster, RFA provides news and commentary specific to each of its target countries, acting as the free press these countries lack. RFA broadcasts only in local languages and dialects, and most of its broadcasts comprise news of specific local interest. More information about Radio Free Asia, including our current broadcast frequency schedule, is available at http://www.rfa.org. RFA encourages listeners to submit reception reports. Reception reports are valuable to RFA as they help us evaluate the signal strength and quality of our transmissions. RFA confirms all accurate reception reports by mailing a QSL card to the listener. RFA welcomes all reception report submissions at http://techweb.rfa.org (follow the QSL REPORTS link) not only from DX’ers, but also from its general listening audience. Reception reports are also accepted by email at qsl@rfa.org and by mail to: Reception Reports Radio Free Asia 2025 M. Street NW, Suite 300 Washington DC 20036 United States of America. # (RFA Press Release)


Radio Aemme is a new private station from Italy which broadcasts on 1395 kHz, probably from the Como area (not so far from the border with Switzerland). The station was observed for the first time on 4 March 2017 with a format of non stop music (mainly international pop hits from ‘80s) without any station identfication announcement. A Emme is Italian of Ei Em, and this name was heard for the first time on the air on 21 April 2018. The jingle are very simple: “Qui Radio Aemme”. No further details available at time of editing. Probably, this station goes on the air on week-ends and holidays. It should be mentioned that 1395 kHz is a channel used by Radio Atlanta Milano, too. The website of Radio Atlanta offers live audio streaming at https://www.radioatlanta.it/allmusicplayer/ To avoid any confusion please check whether or not the music on 1395 kHz matches the webstream of Radio Atlanta Milano. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY).

Media Radio Castellana which operates from Castel San Pietro Terme, about 23 kms from Bologna, has recently added a new MW frequency. The station in addition to its original frequency of 1098 kHz can now also be heard on 711 kHz. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY).

Milano XR, a rock oriented station which operates from the metropolitan area of Milano is back on the air on the usual frequency of 1557 kHz. The station was off-the air for a number of days in April because of technical problems. It seems they have now a new antenna. You can also hear Milano XR via their webstream at https://milanoxr.tumblr.com/ (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY).

Bandscan Independent MW Stations from Italy.
NB: All logs, unless otherwise mentioned, as follows: RX: Websdr in Switzerland (near Carì, Canton Ticino) ANT: 160m horizontal wire loop, 20m ladder 450ohm, balun 4: DATE: 25.04.2018 (Times UTC).

594 kHz 16.16 Challenger R. (Villa Estense, PD), via websdr in Ravenna;
711 kHz 16.22 Media Radio Castellana, via websdr in Ravenna;
846 kHz 16.51 Challenger R. (Villa Estense, PD);
1098 kHz 16.18 Media Radio Castellana, via websdr in Ravenna;
1206 kHz 16.05 Amica Radio Veneta (Vigonza, PD);
1350 kHz 16.23 I Am R. (Milano);
1377 kHz 16.27 R.One (Pistoia/Lucca area); NB: New frequency. Ex 1368 kHz;
1395 kHz 16.11 R.Aemme, Lake Como area?, dominat over R.Atlanta Milano;
1395 kHz 16.36 R.Atlanta Milano (Milano), dominant over R.Aemme;
1404 kHz 16.08 R.106 (Casalgrande, RE);
1476 kHz 16.13 R.Briscola (Lenta, VC);
1512 kHz 16.07 Mini R (Castano Primo, MI);
1566 kHz 16.10 R.Kolbe (Schio, VI);
1584 kHz 16.14 Free R. AM (Trieste);
1602 kHz 16.12 RTV R.Treviso (Treviso);

Also on 25 April 2018, Alessandro Groppazzi reported as active: Baby Radio on 702 kHz and AM Classic on 819 kHz, both operating from Trieste. More information, including contacts, websites, social networks, E-mail addresses, future plans, transmitter powers, locations, verification of reception reports, etc. about MW stations from Italy on http://www.dxfanzine.net


IBC (Italian Broadcasting Corporation) per festeggiare il 39° anniversario della sua prima trasmissione, ha pensato di coinvolgere tutti i suoi ascoltatori in un concorso della durata di nove settimane che partirà il 3 maggio per concludersi il 4 luglio 2018. Ogni settimana, fra tutti coloro che avranno inviato, entro la domenica, all’indirizzo di posta elettronica ibc@europe.com le risposte esatte ai tre quesiti proposti, sarà estratta una delle sue grandi bandierine. Il nome del vincitore sarà comunicato nella trasmissione della settimana immediatamente successiva. Al termine, fra coloro che avranno inviato le risposte esatte a tutte le nove edizioni settimanali del concorso, verrà estratto il super premio, consistente nella famosissima radio portatile Xhdata D-808. La proclamazione del vincitore avverrà nella trasmissione della prima settimana di Luglio, durante la quale IBC festeggerà anche il suo 39° anniversario.

———————————————————————————— END OF DX FANZINE 56 —————————————————————————–

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