DX Fanzine No. 52 – December 2017

DX Fanzine, an electronic newsletter which was originally edited in 1999/2000, brings together tips and news as contributed by individual DXers or ascertained from different sources. We are interested in any change in frequencies, times, language-services, transmitters, programme contents, phone and fax-numbers, electronic and postal address, station personnel.
The purpose of DX Fanzine, which doesn’t pretend to be in competition with any other electronic DX newsletter, is to provide timely and topical news and information to shortwave enthusiasts worldwide.
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NB: All times, days and dates are day/month GMT-UTC, unless otherwise stated.

Logs are entered in frequency order. Reception quality abbreviations: P = Poor, F = Fair, G = Good, E = Excellent.

Language Abbreviations: AA=Arabic, CC=Chinese, CT=Catalan, DD=Dutch, EE=English, FF=French, GG=German, HA=Hausa, IT=Italian, JJ=Japanese, KK= Korean, PP=Portoguese, RM=Romanian, RR=Russian, SS=Spanish, VV=Vernacular.

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Editor:Antonello Napolitano. The cover photo shows the building of Radio Nacional de Angola.

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 Freq.   Date    Time-UTC  ITU Station, Location, Language and Programme Details.      SINPO/SWL
  621   30.12.17 1755       B  RTBF, Wavre, FF: Commercials.                           G.    RP
  729   20.12.17 1810       E  RNE R.1, Oviedo, SS: Regional NX Asturias.              F.    RP
  828   16.12.17 1045       I  Z100, Milano, EE: Mx. E-mail: z100milano@ondemedie.am   G.    RP
  828   28.12.17 1850-1905 RUS R.Gazeta Slovo, S.Peterburg/Sosnovka, RR: TK.           23342 PR
  846   14.12.17 1835       I  R.Challenger, Villa Estense, EE: TK.                    F.    RP
  873   13.12.17 2333       E  R.Zaragoza, SS: ID, Commercials for local business.     G.    RP 
  882   11.12.17 2258       E  COPE, Alicante, SS: ID, Commercials for local business. G.    RP
  918   07.12.17 1745      EGY ERTU, Bawti, AA: Holy Quran.                            F.    RP
 1008   19.12.17 2335       E  R.Extremadura, Badajoz, SS: ID, Commercials for local   F.    RP
 1026   06.12.17 1755       E  R.Jaen, SS: ID, commercials for local business.         F.    RP
 1026   19.12.17 1840      IRN IRIB, Tabriz, Farsi: MX.                                F.    RP
 1026   21.12.17 1758       E  R.Reus, CT: ID, Commercials for local business.         F.    RP
 1035   17.12.17 0030       G  Northsound 2, Aberdeen, EE: ID, MX.                     F.    RP
 1044   14.12.17 2334       E  R.Valladolid, SS: ID, MX.                               G.    RP
 1125   04.12.17 1755      BEL Vivacité, Houdeng, FF: ID, MX.                          F.    RP
 1152   30.12.17 2350       G  LBC News, London/Saffron Green, EE: TK.                 F.    RP
 1206   11.12.17 2140       I  Amica R.Veneta, Peraga di Vigonza, IT: Liscio MX.       G.    RP
 1224   18.12.17 1850       E  COPE, Mallorca, SS: Regional NX Baleares.               G.    RP
 1233   05.12.17 1800      CZE R.Dechovka, Praha Zbraslav, Czech: MX.                  G.    RP
 1278   06.12.17 2330      IRN IRIB, Kermanshah, Farsi: MX.                            F.    RP
 1287   12.12.17 2330       E  R.Castilla, Burgos, SS: ID, Commercials for local       G.    RP
 1287   22.12.17 2131-2145 ISR VO Hope,	She'ar-Yeshuv, EE: Christmas songs+TK by DJ.   33443 PR
 1305   20.12.17 1600-1605 GRC ERA 1 Proton programa, Greek: ID, NX. NEW FREQ.!        43443 PR
 1350   06.12.17 0040      ARG R.Buenos Aires, Burzaco, SS: Rlgs TK.                   F.    RP 
 1350   17.12.17 0900       I  I AM R., IT: DX PX "Studio DX". Mail: info@iamradio.am  E.    RP
 1350   31.12.17 0900       I  I Am R., IT: DX PX "Studio DX". Mail: info@iamradio.am  E.    RP
 1350   22.12.17 2340       B  R.Boa Vontade, Salvador, PP: Rlgs TK.                   F.    RP
 1377   19.12.17 1600-1610 CHN China National R.1, Xingyang, CC: ID, NX. // 4800 kHz.  24432 PR
 1458   09.12.17 1330       G  Lyca R., Brookmans Park London, EE: TK.                 G.    RP
 1503   04.12.17 1810       E  RNE R5, La Linea, SS: Regional NX of Andalucia.         G.    RP
 1521   19.12.17 1900-1910 ARS SBC R.Riyadh, Duba, AA: ID. // 9555, 1440 kHz.          42442 PR
 1539   25.12.17 1758       E  R.Manresa, CT: ID, Commercials for local business.      G.    RP
 1548   09.12.17 1335       G  Gold, Saffron Green London, EE: ID, MX.                 G.    RP
 1550   16.12.17 2058-2107 ALG R.Nacional República Árabe Saharaui, Rabuni, AA: Arab   22322 MM
                               songs and TK. 
 1566   25.12.17 1705      HOL Vahon FM, Den Haag, Hindustani: MX.                     F.    RP
 1566   27.12.17 1900-1910 BEN TWR Africa, Parakou, EE: TK. Co-channel QRM from HLAZ.  33433 PR
 1566   28.12.17 1830-1840 KOR HLAZ-FEBC, Jeju, RR: Christian PX. QRM fm Greek pirate. 32432 PR
 1575   25.12.17 1730       I  RAI R.1, Genova, IT: Regional NX of Liguria.            G.    RP
 1584   25.12.17 1700       I  R.Studio X, Momigno, IT: Commercials.                   F.    RP
 1602   15.12.17 2328       E  R.Cartagena, SS: ID, Commercials for local business.    G.    RP
 3255   13.12.17 1715      AFS BBC, via Meyerton, EE: NX.                              F.    RP
 3310   17.12.17 0022-0033 BOL R.Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, Bolivian songs.              25322 MM
 3310   29.12.17 0053-0105 BOL R.Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, Bolivian songs.              15321 MM
 3915   09.12.17 2345      SGP BBC, via Kranjii, EE: NX.                               G.    RP
 3930   18.12.17 1715      KOR VO the People, Seoul, KK: TK.                           F.    RP
 3975   16.12.17*1959-2018  D  Short Wave Radio De., Hannover, EE: ID, Pop songs, TK.  24322 MM
 3975   28.12.17 1745-1758* D  Short Wave Radio De., Hannover, EE: Pop songs, TK.      25322 MM
 3995   16.12.17 1939-2018  D  HCJB, Weenermoor, GG: TK.                               15321 MM
 4055   17.12.17 0530-0540 GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula,  EE: Rlgs TK. Very weak.          15321 MM
 4055   25.12.17 0535-0548 GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, EE: Rlgs songs+TK. Audible on LSB 15321 MM
 4055   29.12.17 0455-0518 GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, SS: Rlg songs and TK. Very weak.  15321 MM
 4764.1 17.12.17 0026-0033 PRU R.Huanta 2000, Huanta, Peruvian songs.                  15321 MM
 4765   17.12.17 0450-0457 CUB R.Progreso, Bejucal, Cuban songs.                       15421 MM
 4765   25.12.17 0415      CUB R.Progreso, Bejucal, SS: MX.                            G.    RP
 4765   29.12.17 0456-0602*CUB R.Progreso, Bejucal, SS: NX on Cuba, ID, NA and S/OFF.  25432 MM
 4765   23.12.17 z2355     TJK Tajik R., Dushanbè. Tajik: MX.                          F.    RP
 4774.9 17.12.17 0023-0031 PRU R.Tarma, Tarma, SS: Peruvian songs, TK.                 14321 MM
 4774.9 28.12.17 2141-2150  B  R.Congonhas, Congonhas, PP: PX “A Voz do Brasil”.       15321 MM
 4800   06.12.17 1730-1733 IND AIR, Hyderabad, EE: NX. Co-channel Strong QRM fm China. 11321 MM
 4800   17.12.17 1731-1733 IND AIR, Hyderabad, EE: NX. Strong Co-channel QRM fm China. 12321 MM
 4800   28.12.17 1728-1734 IND AIR, Hyderabad, EE: Hindi songs, NX.                    12321 MM
 4805   28.12.17 2137-2145  B  R.Difusora do Amazonas, Manaus, PP: “A Voz do Brasil”.  14321 MM
 4810   06.12.17 1731-1734 IND AIR, Bhopal, EE: NX. Co-channel QRM fm Armenia.         12321 MM
 4810   17.12.17 1709-1715 IND AIR, Bhopal, Hindi songs. Co-channel QRM fm Armenia.    12321 MM
 4810   28.12.17 1731-1733 IND AIR, Bhopal, EE: NX.                                    12321 MM
 4810   24.12.17 1815-1818 ARM VO Armenia, Gavar, AA: IS, NA, ID, TK.                  45333 AN*
 4875.2 16.12.17 2117-2155  B  R.Difusora Roraima, Boavista, PP: Brazilian songs, TK.  15321 MM
 4875.2 24.12.17 2352-0010  B  R.Difusora Roraima, Boavista, PP: TK.                   15321 MM
 4875.2 28.12.17 2135-2143  B  R.Difusora Roraima, BoaVista, PP: PX  “A Voz do Brasil. 15321 MM
 4885   03.12.17 1805-1807 KOR Echo of Hope, Seoul, KK: TK.                            35333 AN*
 4885   17.12.17 1714-1725 KOR Echo of Hope, Seoul, KK: MX, TK.                        25322 MM
 4885   09.12.17 0415       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: MX.                         G.    RP
 4885   09.12.17 0540-0610  B  R.Clube do Pará, Belem, Brazilian songs.                25332 MM
 4885   16.12.17 2140-2155  B  R.Clube do Pará, Belem, PP: TK. QRM from Korea.         23432 MM
 4885   16.12.17 2350       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: MX.                         G.    RP
 4885   24.12.17 0000       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: MX.                         G.    RP
 4885   25.12.17 0510-0620  B  R.Clube do Pará, Belem, Brazilian and other songs.      25322 MM
 4885   29.12.17 0516-0555  B  R.Clube do Pará, Belem, PP: Brazilian songs+TK+ID+Freqs 25432 MM
 4910   17.12.17 1659-1720 IND AIR, Jaipur, VV: TK.                                    15321 MM
 4910   28.12.17 1716-1725 IND AIR, Jaipur, Hindi songs.                               15321 MM
 4910   17.12.17 1731-1734 IND AIR, Chennai, EE: NX. Co-channel QRM fm China.          12321 MM
 4910   28.12.17 1730-1734 IND AIR, Chennai, EE: NX.                                   23322 MM
 4930   03.12.17 1800-1804 BOT VOA, via Selebi Phikwe, EE: Jingle, NX, ID.             45333 AN* 
 4930   24.12.17 1800-1804 BOT VOA, via Selebi Phikwe, EE: NX, ID.                     35333 AN*
 4949.7 16.12.17 1748-1840 AGL R.Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, PP: Songs, NX, TK.      15321 MM
 4949.7 24.12.17 2345-2356 AGL R.Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, PP: Songs, TK.          25432 MM
 4949.7 28.12.17 1812-2045 AGL R.Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, PP: Songs, TK. At 1859  25322 MM 
                               ID, Time Pips, NX, Afro-pop songs. 
 4950   06.12.17 1715-1823 IND AIR, Kashmir, Srinagar, Hindi songs.                    15321 MM
 4950   17.12.17 1718-1725 IND AIR, Kashmir, Srinagar, VV: TK, songs.                  14321 MM
 4950   28.12.17 1715-1726 IND AIR, Kashmir, VV: Hindi songs, TK.                      14321 MM
 4970   17.12.17 1657-1718 IND AIR, Shillong, Hindi MX.                                15321 MM
 4970   28.12.17 1731-1734 IND AIR, Shillong, EE: NX.                                  15321 MM
 4985   16.12.17 2105-2119  B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: Brazilian songs, ID, TK. 24322 MM
                               In // 11815 kHz. 
 5005   09.12.17 0547-0612 GNE R.Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, Only carrier!    XXXXX MM
 5005   17.12.17*0508-0537 GNE R.Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, SS: Songs, TK    15321 MM
 5005   25.12.17*0541-0610 GNE R.Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, SS: Afro-pop     15321 MM
                               songs, TK (mentioned “la Navidad”) Xmas songs in SS. 
 5005   29.12.17*0519-0610 GNE R.Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, SS: Pop and Rlg songs. 15321 MM
                               At 0534 ID+greetings and New Year's wishes to listeners 
 5010   05.12.17 1731-1740*IND AIR, Thiruvananthapuram, EE: NX, then into VV with TK.  25432 MM
 5010   16.12.17 1718-1734 IND AIR, Thiruvanantapuram, VV/EE: TK. At 1730 ID+NX in EE. 15321 MM
 5010   17.12.17 1654-1715 IND AIR, Thiruvananthapuram, Hindi MX.                      25322 MM
 5010   28.12.17 1723-1733 IND AIR, Thiruvananthapuram, VV: TK+songs. At 1730 NX in EE 15321 MM
 5020   25.12.17 0745-0806 SIB Solomon Islands B.C., Honiara, Carrier and at moments   XXXXX MM
                               some songs detected. Extremely weak. Barely audible. 
 5020   29.12.17 0745-0810 SIB Solomon Islands B.C., Honiara, Songs detected. At 0800  XXXXX MM
                               TK. Extremely weak audio. Barely audible. Fair carrier.
 5035   28.12.17 2127-2135  B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: PX “A Voz do Brasil”.       15321 MM
 5040   06.12.17 1720-1734 IND AIR, Jaipore, EE: Hindi songs. At 1730 ID, NX in EE.    15321 MM
 5040   17.12.17 1714-1722 IND AIR, Jeypore, VV: TK.                                   15321 MM
 5040   28.12.17 1732-1724 IND AIR, Jeypore, EE: NX.                                   15321 MM
 5040   11.12.17 0119-0123 CUB R.Habana Cuba, Bauta, Creole: TK.                       35333 AN
 5845   20.12.17 1900      ARM IBC, via Gavar, IT: Vintage DX PX by Dario Monferini.   45544 CG 
 5845   20.12.17 1925      ARM IBC, via Gavar, IT: Vintage DX NX by Dario Monferini.   G.    RP
 5845   27.12.17 2001-2031 ARM IBC, via Gavar,  EE: ”Italian Shortwave Panorama” No 88 55534 PR
 5845   24.12.17*1759-1950 UZB R.Mi Amigo Int., via Tashkent, EE: IS+ID+Pop songs+TK.  44444 MM
 5845   24.12.17 1800      UZB R.Mi Amigo Int., via Tashkent, EE: Christmas Special PX 45444 CG
 5910   24.12.17 2100      CVA Vatican R., S.Maria di Galeria, FF: Xmas Holy Mass, TK  45454 CG
 5910   09.12.17 0420      CLM Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, SS: MX.                    G.    RP
 5910   17.12.17 0501-0545  B  Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, Ed: SS? LA “Llaneras”      15321 MM
                               songs, ID, “Alcaraván Radio”. 
 5910.3 09.12.17 0810-0835 CLM Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, LA songs. Better on LSB.   15321 MM
 5910.3 10.12.17 0755-0812 CLM Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, LA songs. Extremely weak.  15321 MM
 5910.3 29.12.17 0510-0615 CLM Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, SS: Rlgs TK, LA songs.     15321 MM
 5930   24.12.17 2100       D  NDR Gruss and Bord, via Nauen, GG: Holy Mass.           35443 CG
 5935   22.12.17 1300       D  Welle 370, via  Nauen, GG: Christmas songs.             45343 CG
 5940   24.12.17 0005       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: MX.                      G.    RP
 5950   16.12.17 1753-1757 ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: East Afri- 33433 MM
                               can songs, TK. 
 5950   24.12.17 1740-1748 ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK.        23322 MM
 5952.4 17.12.17 0020-0027 BOL R.Pio XII, Siglo Veinte, SS: TK. Very weak.             14221 MM
 5952.4 24.12.17 2245-2320 BOL R.Pio XII, Siglo Veinte, SS: LA songs+TK. Better on LSB 14321 MM
 5952.4 29.12.17 0050-0103 BOL R.Pio XII, Siglo Veinte, SS: TK.                        14321 MM
 5995   17.12.17 0612-0633 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, VV/FF: Songs, TK. “Bamako” mentioned.   13321 MM
 5995   29.12.17*0659-0710 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, VV: IS, ID, TK, Arab songs.             24322 MM
 6010   17.12.17 0451-0458  B  R.Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, Brazilian songs.       14321 MM
 6010   24.12.17 1900      ARM NDR Gruss and Bord, via Gavar, GG: Ed: Details missing  44444 CG
 6010   29.12.17 0710-0753 CLM La Voz de tu Conciencia, Puerto Lleras, SS: Rlgs TK and 14321 MM
                               Rlgs songs.
 6010   25.12.17 0420      CLM La Voz de tu Concencia, Puerto Lleras, SS: MX.          F.    RP
 6030   03.12.17 1841-1843  D  Bible Voice, via Nauen, EE: Rlgs TK.                    44444 AN*    
 6030   24.12.17 1740-1755 ETH R.Oromiya, Addis Ababa/Gedja, VV: TK and songs.         24322 MM
 6040.7 17.12.17 0650-0658  B  R.Evangelizar, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs songs.                25322 MM
 6050   17.12.17 0637-0650 LBR ELWA R., Monrovia, EE: Rlgs songs and TK.               15321 MM
 6050   25.12.17*0629-0650 LBR ELWA R., Monrovia, EE: Rlgs TK and songs.               15321 MM
 6050   29.12.17 0624-0650 LBR ELWA R., Monrovia, EE: Rlgs TK and songs.               14321 MM
 6070   09.12.17 1315       D  IBC, via Rohrbach Waal, IT: DX PX. Mail: ibc@europe.com G.    RP
 6070   10.12.17 1100       D  R.Bcl News, via Rohrbach Waal, IT: DX PX "Studio DX"    E.    RP
                               hosted by Roberto Scaglione. E-mail: info@bclnews.it  
 6070   24.12.17 1100       D  R.Bcl News, via Rohrbach Waal, IT: DX PX "Studio DX"    E.    RP
                               hosted by Roberto Scaglione. E-mail: info@bclnews.it 
 6070   16.12.17*0900-0920  D  Atlantic 2000 International, via Rohrbach Waal, EE/FF:  14321 MM
                               IS, ID (also in other languages) Xmas & pop songs, TK. 
 6080   24.12.17 1900       D  NDR Gruss and Bord, via Nauen, GG: Ed: Details missing  45444 CG
 6080   28.12.17 2146-2153  B  R.Marumby, Curitiba, PP: PX “A Voz do Brasil”.          14321 MM
 6085   06.12.17*0757-0820  D  R.Mi Amigo, Kall Krekel, EE: Pop songs, ID, TK.         25332 MM
 6085   24.12.17 1650-1700  D  R.Mi Amigo, Kall Krekel, Ed: EE? Pop songs, ID.         24222 MM
 6085   25.12.17 1200       D  R.Mi Amigo, Kall Krekel, EE: Christmas Special PX.      35543 CG
 6090   17.12.17 0628-0637 NGR R.Nigeria, Kaduna, VV: IS, TK, African songs.           24322 MM
 6110   24.12.17 1706-1715 ETH R.Fana, Addis Ababa/Gedja, East African songs.          34433 MM
 6115   05.12.17 1812-1850 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: TK, ID, Afro and other songs. 23322 MM
 6115   17.12.17 0614-0633 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: TK. Very weak. Rare to hear   14321 MM
                               this station early in the morning. 
 6115   25.12.17 0603-0612 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: TK. Very weak.                15321 MM
 6115   28.12.17 1719-1745 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF/VV: TK, African songs, ID.     13321 MM
 6134.8 17.12.17 0018-0028 BOL R.Santa Cruz, S.Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivian songs+flute 14321 MM
 6134.8 24.12.17 2253-2310 BOL R.Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivian songs.  14321 MM
 6134.8 28.12.17 2205-2230 BOL R.Santa Cruz, S.Cruz de la Sierra, SS: NX about Bolivia 14321 MM
 6150   06.12.17 0805-0818  D  R.Marabu, Dattlen, Pop songs in EE.                     15321 MM
 6155   24.12.17 2100      ARM NDR Gruss and Bord, via Gavar, GG: Holy Mass.           35443 CG
 6180   16.12.17 2125-2140  B  R.Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, PP: Brazilian songs,  25432 MM
                               ID: “Radio Nacional, Brasilia”, TK. 
 6180   10.12.17 0618-0623  F  Deutscher Wetterdienst, Pinnenberg, GG: WX. // 5905.    35433 MM
 6180   17.12.17 0610-0620  D  Deutscher Wetterdienst, Pinnenberg, GG: WX. // 5905.    45444 MM
 6185   09.12.17 0425      MEX R.Educacion, Ciudad de Mexico, SS: NX.                  F.    RP
 6185   17.12.17 0526-0540 MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de México, Instrumental MX.         15321 MM
 6185   29.12.17 0504-0520 MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de México, SS: TK, songs. Very weak 15321 MM
 6190   09.12.17 0740-0750  G  Hamburger Lokal R., Gohren, EE: DX PX "World of Radio”. 15321 MM
 6195   03.12.17 1845-1849 OMA BBC, via Al-Seela, EE: TK on Italian football team      45444 AN*
                               Milan and Ancelotti and other Sport NX.
 6195   10.12.17 1719-1723 OMA BBC, via Al-Seela, EE: Manchester Utd vs Manchester     45333 AN
                               City live football, then ID, comments from the studio.
 6205   09.12.17 1325      PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: ID, MX. studio@laserhothits.co.uk   G.    RP
 6205   25.12.17 0003-0023 PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: Pop+Xmas songs presented by OM, ID. 35333 AN*                            
 6205   25.12.17 0930      PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: ID, MX. studio@laserhothits.co.uk   G.    RP
 6210   24.12.17 0945      PIR R.King SW, EE: ID, MX. Mail: kingshortwave@hotmail.com  F.    RP
 6230   17.12.17 1015      PIR R.Casanova, EE: ID, MX. mail: radiocasanova@hotmail.com G.    RP
 6235   06.12.17 0930      PIR R.Waves International, EE: ID+MX. Mail: rwaves@free.fr  G.    RP
 6235   23.12.17 1320      PIR Coast FM, EE: ID+MX Mail: islandmediatenerife@gmail.com G.    RP
 6235   24.12.17 2343-2359 PIR Coast FM, EE: Pop songs, presented by OM, ID.           25222 AN*                              
 6245   09.12.17 1320      PIR Coast FM, EE: ID+MX.  islandmediatenerife@gmail.com     G.    RP
 6245   24.12.17 1325      PIR R.Waves International, IT: ID, MX. Mail: rwaves@free.fr G.    RP
 6260   17.12.17 1000      PIR R.Sallandse Boer, EE: ID, MX. sallandseboer@msn.com     G.    RP
 6260   25.12.17 0945      PIR R.Laguna, EE: ID, MX. E-mail: laguna76@gmx.net          G.    RP 
 6265   24.12.17 0950      PIR R.Casanova, EE: ID+MX. E-Mail:radiocasanova@hotmail.com G.    RP
 6267   24.12.17 1440      PIR R.Zwarte Panter,EE: ID+MX. zwartepanter1951@hotmail.com E.    RP
 6284.1 24.12.17*0829-0840 PIR FRS Holland, Ed: EE:? Pop songs, ID, "FRS Holland".     35323 MM
 6290   24.12.17 0955      PIR R.Thunderbird, EE: ID+MX. Address: c/o SRS Germany,     G.    RP 
                               Postfach 101145, 99801 Eisenach, Germany.
 6290   24.12.17 1020      PIR R.Benelux!?, EE: ID, MX.                                G.    RP
 6290   25.12.17 1020      PIR R.Boomerang, EE:  Id, MX. E-mail: box73@gmx.net         E.    RP
 6292   10.12.17 1310      PIR R.Scotland, EE: ID, MX. Mail: radioscotland@hotmail.com G.    RP
 6292   16.12.17 1030      PIR Misti R., EE: ID, MX. E-mail: mistyshortwave@gmail.com  G.    RP
 6295   24.12.17 0010      PIR R.Johnny Tobacco, EE: ID+MX. corsnoek9422@gmail.com     G.    RP
 6295   24.12.17 1005      PIR R.Python, EE: ID, MX. E-mail: python@pirateradio.at     G.    RP
 6305   06.12.17 0955      PIR R.Merlin Int., EE: ID+MX. radiomerlin@blueyonder.co.uk  G.    RP
 6305   17.12.17 0940      PIR R.Merlin Int., EE: ID+MX. radiomerlin@blueyonder.co.uk  G.    RP
 6310   24.12.17 1000      PIR R.Marabu, EE: ID, MX. E-mail: info@radiomarabu.de       G.    RP
 6310   25.12.17 1000      PIR R.Marabu, GG: ID, MX. E-mail: info@radiomarabu.de       G.    RP
 6315   24.12.17 1330      PIR R.Goofy, EE: ID, MX. E-mail: carolineradio@hotmail.com  G.    RP
 6325   24.12.17 1445      PIR R.Bogusman, EE: ID, MX. differentradio@yahoo.co.uk      G.    RP
 6400   17.12.17 1320      PIR Pyongyang BS, Kanggye, KK: TK.                          G.    RP
 6450   10.12.17 1330      PIR R.Readymix, EE: ID+MX. E-mail: readymix@hotmail.nl      G.    RP
 6875   16.12.17 0935       I  R.Europe, IT: ID, MX. E-mail: radioeurope@iol.it        G.    RP
 6970   25.12.17 1005      PIR R.Orion 2000, EE: ID, MX. radioorion2000@googlemail.com G.    RP
 7120   16.12.17 1757-1805 SOM R.Hargeisa, Hargeisa, VV: TK.                           14321 MM
 7120   22.12.17 1740      SOM R.Hargeisa, Hargeisa, Somali: TK.                       F.    RP
 7120   24.12.17 1743-1755 SOM R.Hargeisa, Hargeisa, VV: TK, Songs.                    24322 MM
 7180   22.12.17 1750      ERI VO Broad Masses of Eritrea, Asmara, AA: MX.             F.    RP
 7205   16.12.17 1906-1915 SDN Sudan R., Al Aitahab, AA: TK.                           34433 MM
 7280   10.12.17 2148-2157 VTN VO Vietnam, Hanoi, EE: TK, Interview, Address, E-mail.  45333 AN
 7300   10.12.17 2143-2145* G  Akhbar Mufriha, via Woofferton, AA: E-mail+web+ID+QRT.  45444 AN
 7310   16.12.17*1000-1015  D  R.Mi Amigo, via Kall Krekel, EE: Pop songs, ID, TK.     35433 MM
 7320   10.12.17 2134-2139 ARM Denge Kurdistan, via Gavar, Kurdish: TK, MX.            45544 AN
 7365   17.12.17 0825-0833  D  HCJB, Weenermoor, GG: TK.                               25322 MM
 7365   24.12.17 2020      CVA Vatican R., S.Maria di Galeria, EE: Xmas Holy Mass, TK  44444 CG
 7370   17.12.17 0915-0927 ALS KNLS, Anchor Point, RR: Songs and TK. Very weak.        15321 MM
 7550   10.12.17 2123-2129 IND AIR, Bengalaru, EE: Interview and TK.                   45333 AN
 7580   25.12.17 1715      MDA R.Ranginkaman, via Kishinev, Farsi: TK. E-mail address: G.    RP
 7700   24.12.17 0930      PIR Free R.Service Holland, EE: ID+MX. frs@frsholland.nl    G.    RP
 7700   24.12.17*0829-0841 PIR Free R.Service Holland, EE: Pop songs+TK+ID. // 6284.1  45444 MM
 7720U  09.12.17 1440-1604  I  Marconi R.International, EE/IT: Pop songs, DX NX.       15321 MM
 7720U  16.12.17*1430-1550  I  Marconi R.International, EE/IT: TK DX NX, Pop songs.    15321 MM
 7720U  24.12.17 1420       I  Marconi R.International,  IT: DX PX. E-mail address:    F.    RP
 7720U  24.12.17 1433-1440  I  Marconi R.International, EE: DX PX. Very weak.          15321 MM
 7720U  25.12.17*0900-0910  I  Marconi R.International, EE/IT/SS: ID (also in other    14321 MM
                               languages) then into DX PX in IT. 
 9100   03.12.17 2117      KOR Echo of Hope, Seoul, KK: TK, Song.                      33333 AN
 9265   03.12.17 2029-2032 USA WINB, Red Lion, EE: ID, Rlgs TK.                        25322 AN*
 9300.4 17.12.17 0945-1130 PIR FRS Holland, EE: Pop songs, TK, ID, At 1002 into GG PX, 25332 MM
                               with Pop songs+TK & more PXs in EE.// 7700 (SINPO 34433) 
 9300   17.12.17 0950      PIR Free R.Service Holland, EE: ID, MX. frs@frsholland.nl   G.    RP
 9325   19.12.17 1230-1234 MRA R.Free Asia, via Tinian, EE: ID then into Cambodjan: TK 35322 AN 
 9335   10.12.17 2200-2203 PHL VOA, via Tinang, EE: ID+Jingle then into Cambodjan: NX. 35333 AN
 9355   17.12.17 1330-1336 THA VOA Deewa R., via Udon Thani, Pashto: NX. At 1435 ID.   45544 AN                    
 9390   10.12.17 1459-1503 UZB FEBA/IBRA R., via Tashkent, Bengali: IS, Signature      45444 AN   
                               Tune, TK by OM and YL, Song.                            
 9390   17.12.17 1500-1503 UZB FEBA/IBRA R., via Tashkent, Bengali: Signature Tune+TK  45444 AN   
                               YL, Song.                            
 9390   03.12.17 1900-1905 THA R.Thailand, Udon Thani, EE: ID, NX.                     45444 AN*
 9390   10.12.17 2103-2108 THA R.Thailand, Udon Thani, Thai: TK, Song.                 45333 AN
 9390   17.12.17 1401-1403 THA R.Thailand, Udon Thani, EE: Commercials for Thai Air+NX 35433 AN
 9390   26.12.17 1400-1403 THA R.Thailand, Udon Thani, EE: IS, ID, NX.                 35433 AN 
 9400   23.12.17 1120      PHL FEBC, Bocaue, CC: TK.                                   G.    RP
 9430   17.12.17 1558-1600*PHL FEBC, Bocaue, - MX. At 1600 IS and S/OFF.               43433 AN                           
 9445   01.12.17 1600-1603 GUM KSDA AWR, Agat, EE: ID then into Urdu with ID, TK, Song 43433 AN
 9445   10.12.17 1600-1604 GUM KSDA AWR, Agat, EE: ID then into Urdu with ID, TK, Song 55544 AN 
 9445   17.12.17 1600-1604 GUM KSDA AWR, Agat, EE: ID then into Urdu with ID, TK, Song 33433 AN 
 9445   03.12.17 2108-2115 IND AIR, Bengalaru, EE: Commentary, ID+Song "Sanam Tere Ho" 45444 AN
 9460   10.12.17 1129-1130*GUM KSDA, Agat, EE: Full ID and S/OFF.                      35433 AN
 9465   17.12.17 1356-1400 PHL FEBC, Bocaue, Yunnan: TK, MX. At 1500 IS, S/OFF.        44333 AN
 9465   26.12.17 1330-1333 PHL FEBC, Bocaue, Yunnan: IS, TK with MX Bridges.           45444 AN
 9485   03.12.17 1130-1200  D  Hamburger Lokal R., Gohren, EE: DX PX "World of Radio". 35433 MM
 9500   03.12.17 1832-1836 SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, EE: ID+IS. At 1834 Rlg PX.      35333 AN*
 9505   01.12.17 1430-1434 PHL Vatican R.,via Tinang, Hindi: IS+ID+Rlg Chant. Ex 9510? 34333 AN
 9510   17.12.17 1347-1355 SGP BBC, via Kranji, Bengali: NX Report, Sport NX           45433 AN                               
 9510   10.12.17 1237-1258*BUL IRRS, via Kostinbrod, EE: TK with songs. At 1258 ID+QRT 55544 AN
 9510   17.12.17 1247-1259*BUL IRRS, via Kostinbrod, EE: TK+Songs (Hell or High Water  45544 AN
                               by David Hope, Nothing to Lose by Cornerstone)+ID+S/OFF
 9515   01.12.17 1555-1558 KOR KBS World, Kimjae, EE: ID, Song "Winter Wonderland" by  44433 AN
                               The Barbarettes.
 9515   16.12.17 2035-2043  B  R.Marumby, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK and songs.             15321 MM
 9515   25.12.17 0750-0815  B  R.Marumby, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK, ID: “Radio Marumby”.  25322 MM
 9515   28.12.17 2109-2117  B  R.Marumby, Curitiba, PP: PX “A Voz do Brasil”.          25432 MM
 9525   17.12.17 1345      INS VO Indonesia, Jakarta/Cimanggis, EE: MX.                F.    RP
 9530   10.12.17 2211-2215*ASC Akhbar Mufriha, via English Bay, Pular: TK, MX. At 2112 33333 AN 
                               ID and E-mail address in FF, MX. at 2215 S/OFF.
 9564.9 09.12.17 0935-0948  B  Super R.Deus e Amor, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK.             24322 MM
 9564.9 17.12.17 0825-0837  B  Super R.Deus e Amor, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK.             34433 MM
 9564.9 25.12.17 0754-0812  B  Super R.Deus e Amor, Curitiba, PP: NX+ID+Freqs+Rlgs TK. 25432 MM
 9564.9 29.12.17 0857-0918  B  Super R.Deus e Amor, Curitiba, PP: Time annm+ID+Rlgs TK 24322 MM
 9565   24.12.17 2304-2307 USA R.Marti, Greenville, SS: NX, ID, Xmas greetings         34333 AN*
 9570   03.12.17 1850-1857*MDG MWV/WCB, Mahajanga, RR: KNLS Contacts+Song "Thunder"by  45444 AN* 
                               Imagine Dragons, ID as KNLS, Address, MX. At 1857 S/OFF.
 9590   24.12.17 2100       F  NDR Gruss and Bord, via Issoudun, GG: Holy Mass,        25542 CG
 9610   06.12.17 1000       D  AWR, via Nauen, IT: DX PX "Obiettivo DX" by R.Scaglione E.    RP
 9629.9 09.12.17 0750-0808  B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: Rlgs TK, ID.                14321 MM
 9630   16.12.17 0933-0944  B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: Rlgs TK, ID, Time Annmt.    13221 MM
 9630   28.12.17 2108-2113  B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: PX  “A Voz do Brasil”.      25432 MM
 9630   27.12.17 1530-1558 CHN CNR 1, Lingshi, Kazakh: TK by YL, hits of Linda Ronstad 35543 PR
 9635   03.12.17 1202-1216 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF/VV: TK.                              13221 MM
 9635   09.12.17*0759-0810 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF: IS, ID, TK.                         14321 MM
 9635   10.12.17 0758      MLI R.Mali, Bamako, Only strong carrier. Audio non existent F.    AN
 9635   11.12.17 0802-0805 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF: TK. Strong signal, low modulation!  35431 AN
 9635   16.12.17 1015-1033 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF: TK, ID, “Radio Mali”.               13221 MM
 9635   24.12.17 1648-1655 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF: TK.                                 24322 MM
 9635   26.12.17 0758-0801 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, IS. Strong carrier but faint modulation 35331 AN
 9635   28.12.17 1721-1734 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, VV: TK.                                 24322 MM
 9650   01.12.11 0702-0716 GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: Summary of today's PXs+ID, Chant 35433 AN 
 9650   11.12.17 0737-0743 GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: TK. QRM from VO Korea,           33433 AN
 9650   24.12.17 2130      GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: Afro songs.                      35443 CG
 9650   25.12.17 0658-0701 GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: TK, At 0712 ID, Afro Song.       45444 AN
 9660   03.12.17 1819-1822 CVA Vatican R., S.Maria di Galeria, PP: Interview.          45444 AN* 
 9660   25.12.17 1859-1903 CVA Vatican R., S.Maria di Galeria, PP: IS, ID, TK          35322 AN 
                               Vietnamese with TK, Song (Short segment), TK
 9665   04.12.17 2110       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: PX "A Voz do Brasil".    G.    RP
 9674.9 16.12.17 0927-0937  B  R.Cançao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, PP: Rlgs TK and      12321 MM
                               songs. QRM from China on 9675 kHz.  
 9674.9 16.12.17 2100-2118  B  R.Cançao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, PP: ID+Freqs+Rlgs TK 24322 MM
 9674.9 25.12.17 0805-0817  B  R.Cançao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, PP: Rlgs TK, ID.     24322 MM
 9674.9 28.12.17 2104-2108  B  R.Cançao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, PP: PX “A Voz do     35433 MM
 9675   04.12.17 2115       B  R.Cançao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, PP:"A Voz do Brasil" F.    RP
 9700   24.12.17 2020      CVA Vatican R., S.Maria di Galeria, FF: Xmas Holy Mass, TK  45444 CG
 9720   03.12.17 1700-1705 BUL R.Erena, via Kostinbrod, Tigrinya: Jingle, TK (NX?)     34333 AN*
 9724.8 16.12.17 0922-0934  B  R.Evangelizar, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK and songs.         24322 MM
 9725   04.12.17 2120       B  R.Evangelizar, Curitiba, PP: PX "A Voz do Brasil".      F.    RP
 9725.5 25.12.17 0808-0823  B  R.Evangelizar, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK and songs.         34433 MM
 9725.5 28.12.17 2000-2019  B  R.Evangelizar, Curitba, PP: PX  “A Voz do Brasil”.      35433 MM
 9740   24.12.17 1900      AUT NDR Gruss and Bord, via Moosbrunn, GG: Ed: details?     25332 CG
 9745   01.12.17 1435-1436 ARM TWR India, via Gavar, EE: IS, ID                        F/G   AN
 9745   26.12.17 1444-1449 ARM TWR India, via Gavar, EE: Post Addr, ID+SCH+Rlgs TK+QRT 45444 AN
 9745   10.12.17 1505-1508 BAH R.Bahrain, Abu Hayan, Arab Pop song (Bghitou Habibi by  35433 AN
 9745   26.12.17 1453-1505 BAH R.Bahrain, Abu Hayan, Arab and Western Pop Songs.       34333 AN
 9750   10.12.17 1557-1600* J  NHK, Yamata, JJ: TK+ID+fragment of song+Pips.QRT @ 1600 45433 AN
 9765   10.12.17 0803-0807 NZL R.New Zealand Int., Rangitaiki, EE: NX, Annmt, Song:    35433 AN
                               "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" by Paul & Linda McCartney
 9765   19.12.17 0758-0802 NZL R.New Zealand Int., Rangitaiki, EE: IS+Time Pips+ID+NX. 35333 AN 
 9765   24.12.17 0759-0803 NZL R.New Zealand Int., Rangitaiki, EE: IS+Time Pips+ID+NX. 45444 AN 
 9765   24.12.17 2100       D  NDR Gruss and Bord, via Nauen, GG: Holy Mass.           35333 CG
 9818.8 16.12.17 2040-2052  B  R.9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, PP: Rlgs TK.                   15321 MM
 9818.8 25.12.17 0810-0825  B  R.9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, PP: Rlgs TK, ID.               34433 MM
 9818.8 28.12.17 2106-2112  B  R.9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, PP: PX  “A Voz do Brasil”.     21321 MM
 9875   03.12.17 2018-2020 KRE VO Korea, Kujang, EE: ID, Instrumental MX.              35333 AN*
 9900   03.12.17 2021-2026 EGY R.Cairo, Abis, FF: TK. SOng "L'amour c'est comme le     35433 AN*
                               tango" by Frédeéric François. Not too bad modulation.                
 9925   03.12.17 1731-1734 PHL PBS R.Pilipinas, Tinang, Tagalog: ID, TK.               25322 AN*
 9930   17.12.17 1310      PLW T8WH, Palau, EE: rkgs TK.                               G.    RP
 9940   24.12.17 1904-1908 SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, EE: IS+ID, then into Lingala    45444 AN*
                               with Signature Tune, Rlgs TK.  
 9975   23.12.17 1350      GUM KTWR, Guam, CC: TK.                                     G.    RP
10000   16.12.17 1946-1955  B  Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, PP: Pips+ID+Time 14321 MM
10000   25.12.17 0824-0833  B  Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, PP: ID+Time+Pips 23322 MM
10000   28.12.17 2115-2122  B  Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, PP: ID+Time+Pips 23422 MM
11580   05.12.17 1100      USA WRMI, Okeechobee, EE: Rlgs TK.                          G.    RP
11580   10.12.17 2206-2208 USA La Rosa de Tokyio, via Okeechobee, SS: TK on R.Canada   35333 AN
11610   03.12.17 2100-2105 MDG WCB/MWV, Mahajanga, CC: IS, ID, TK, song "I heard the   45433 AN
                               bells on Christhamas day" by Suzy Boggus. TK.
11610   16.12.17 1140      NZL R.New Zeland International, rangitaiki, EE: Interview.  G.    RP
11625   24.12.17 2020      CVA Vatican R., S.Maria di Galeria, PP: Xmas Holy Mass, TK  35343 CG
11660   10.12.17 1659-1703 SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, Amharic: IS+Sign.Tune+TK+Prayer 35322 AN
11734.9 09.12.17 1635-1657  B  R.Transmundial, Santa María, PP: Rlgs TK and songs, ID. 24322 MM
11735   03.12.17 1332-1410  B  R.Transmundial, Santa María, PP: PX: "Historia das      25322 MM
                               Missoes", ID, Rlgs TK. 
11735   24.12.17 1801-1815  B  R.Transmundial, Santa María, PP: ID, Rlgs TK.           13221 MM
11735   28.12.17 1840-1855  B  R.Transmundial, Santa María, PP: Rlgs TK and songs, ID. 12321 MM
                               QRM from Tanzania. 
11735   05.12.17 1800-1810 TZN Zanzibar Broadcasting Corp., Dole, EE: Pips, ID, NX. At 14321 MM
                               1809 into VV. Very weak today. 
11735   16.12.17 1910-1918 TZN Zanzibar Broadcasting Corp., Dole, VV: TK.              24322 MM
11750   10.12.17 1631-1640 CLN Sri Lanka B.C., Trincomalee?, Sinhala: TK, songs.       35322 AN
11750   23.12.17 1735      CLN Sri Lanka B.C., Trincomalee?, Sinhala: MX.              G.    RP
11780   28.12.17 2135-2140  B  R.Nacional da Amazonia,Brasilia, PP: PX A Voz do Brasil 15321 MM
11790   23.12.17 1602-1628  D  Somali Christian Ministry R., Nauen, EE: Addr.in Canada 55544 PR
11800   03.12.17 2000-2003 AFS AWR, via Meyerton: EE: ID then into FF with Rlgs TK.    25322 AN*
11815   03.12.17 1153-1210  B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: Brazilian songs, TK, ID. 24322 MM
11815   09.12.17 0902-0925  B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: NX, WX.                  24322 MM
11815   16.12.17 0938-1010  B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: NX, ID, Brazilian songs. 34433 MM
11815   25.12.17 0817-0855  B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: Brazilian songs, TK, PX  34433 MM
                               “Brasil Sartanejo”.
11815   28.12.17 21128-2124 B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: PX “A Voz do Brasil”.    32322 MM
11850   26.12.17 1259-1302 PHL R.Veritas Asia, Palauig Zambales, EE: IS+ID, then into  35433 AN
11854.9 16.12.17 1013-1024  B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: Rlgs TK and songs. // 9630. 24322 MM
11854.9 28.12.17 1912-1925  B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: PX “A Voz do Brasil”.       24322 MM
11895   28.12.17 2120-2126  B  R.Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre, PP: PX “A Voz do Brasil”.  14321 MM
11900   03.12.17 2004-2008 STP VOA, via Pinheira, FF: ID, TK, Song "Chain Gang Blues"  45433 AN*
11934.9 25.12.17 0815-0825  B  R.Evangelizar, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK and songs.         22322 MM
11945   03.12.17 2011-2015 MDG WCB/R.Feda, Mahajanga, AA: TK with MX inserts.          45433 AN*
11985   03.12.17 1916-1923 MDG AWR, via Talata Volonondry, AA: TK, Web, Rlgs Song.     35433 AN* 
12005   10.12.17 1705-1709  D  R.Farda, via Biblis, Farsi: Pop songs, ID.              43433 AN
12095   05.12.17 1105      PHL FEBC, Bocaue, Hmong: TK.                                G.    RP
12075   03.12.17 1825-1828 CVA Afia Darfur, via S.Maria di Galeria, AA: TK.            45433 AN*
12140   25.12.17 1910-1916 KWT VOA, Kuwait, Amharic: Jingle, NX report.                45444 AN               
13580   03.12.17 1746-1748 BOT VOA, via Selebi Phikwe, Somali: Jingle, TK.             45433 AN*
13630   03.12.17 1725-1730 BOT VOA, via Selebi Phikwe, PP: Interview, ID, Contacts.    45433 AN* 
13680   24.12.17 1500-1528 ZMB VO Hope, Lusaka, EE: ID, Xmas songs, Rlgs TK.           35444 AN*
13720   19.12.17 0658-0705 ARS R.Saudi Int., Riyadh, Somali: IS, NA, ID, TK+Holy Quran 25432 AN
13810   26.12.17 0748-0758  G  Dandal Kura R. Int., via Woofferton, Kanuri: TK. @ 0755 35433 AN
                               ID in EE, Jingle, MX, Web and Social Network contacts.
15040   10.12.17*1142-1203 IND AIR, Bengalaru, CC: MX. At 1259 ID, Time Pips, TK, MX.  45343 AN
15105   18.12.17 0630-0633 KRE VO Korea, Kujang, FF: IS+ID (Why do they make ID in FF  35333 AN
                               before starting in CC?), then into CC with NA+TK+Song.
15140   01.12.17 1403-1408 OMA R.Oman, Muscat, EE: NX, Promo for "Hard talk",          45444 AN
15140   10.12.17 1420-1430 OMA R.Oman, Muscat, EE: Song "Sorry seems to be the hardest 45454 AN
                               World" by Elton John, "Walking Away" by Craig David, ID 
15140   17.12.17 1404-1410 OMA R.Oman, Muscat, EE: NX+Promo+ Annmt Oman Transport Netw 45433 AN
15140   26.12.17 1404-1410 OMA R.Oman, Muscat, EE: NX, ID, Promo Annmt.                45444 AN
15225   17.12.17*1228-1241 PHL R.Veritas Asia, Palauig Zambales, EE: IS+ID. At 1230    35433 AN
                               into Kachin with Signature Tune, ID, TK.
15300   03.12.17 1711-1720  F  R.France Int., Issoudun, PP: Interview, NX reports.     45433 AN*  
15360   01.12.17*1358-1402 SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, EE:IS+ID then into Urdu with TK 15311 AN
15360   03.12.17 1752-1757  F  VO Amara R., via Issoudun, Amharic:: TK, East African   45433 AN*
                               Song. At 1757 S/OFF.
15450   10.12.17 1130-1134 PHL R.Veritas Asia, Palauig Zambales, Burmese: Signature    35333 AN
                               Tune, TK, Song.  
15500   03.12.17 1953-1956  E  REE, Noblejas, SS: Live Spanish Football League Betis   35433 AN*
                               vs Las Palmas.  
15575   05.12.17 1115      AUS Reach Beyond Australia, Kununurra, EE: ID.              G.    RP
17660   01.12.17 1422-1424 ARS R.Saudi International, Riyadh, FF: ID, PX on Islam.     25222 AN
17760   17.12.17 1110      KWT R.Kuwait, Al Kabd, Tagalog: TK.                         G.    RP

Contributors: 5 (Bulgaria 1, France 1, Italy 2, Spain 1) 

AN  = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: ICOM IC R70, Sony ICF 2001, Elad FM1 (SDR)
      ANT: 10 metre outdoor wire. Tecsun AN-200 Medium Wave Tunable Loop antenna.
AN* = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: KENWOOD R-1000. ANT: inverted "V"+20m wire.
CG  = Christian Ghibaudo in Nice (France). RX: Sangean ATS 909X. ANT: 12 metre longwire.
MM  = Manuel Méndez in Friol or Lugo (Spain). RX: Sangean ATS-0909X, Tecsun PL880, Sony ICF 
      SW 7600G, ANT: Degen, 31MS active loop antenna and 8 metre cable antenna.
PR  = Rumen Pankov, Sofia (Bulgaria). RX: Sony ICF2001D. ANT: Folded Marconi antenna own made.
RP  = Roberto Pavanello in Vercelli (Italy). RX: EGZ DX 10, Icom R-71. ANT: EGZ LPF1R ferrite
      loop for reception of MW, 30-metre long wire.

Logs from Dave Valko in Dunlo, Pennsylvania-USA.

RX: Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA 1530S loop antenna. 5010 PIRATE (NA) Pirate Radio Newport (relay) 2120-2157 very good signal w/Rock mx including 2129-2139 “Stranglehold” by Ten Nugent. 2140 M anncr w/what seemed to be a full list of songs played in the show to that point, and ID, then LP by The Scorpions. (Valko 27 Dec.) 4920 INDIA AIR Chennai 1228-1229 couple canned anmnts. 1229 W in hyper-speed mentioning upcoming EG nx. Deadair, then EG nx by soft-spoken M anncr to 1235. ID by studio W anncr, then subcont. mx. Fair. (Valko 28 Dec.) 5010 INDIA AIR Thiruvananthapuram EG nx by soft-spoken M 1230-1235 could just barely tell it was //4920 and 5040. (Valko 28 Dec.) 5040 INDIA AIR Jeypore Similar strength to AIR Thiru., and just barely able to tell it was //4920 w/EG nx by M 1230-1235. (Valko 28 Dec.) 9809.97 UNID. AIR Panaji?? Found a signal here with 1 khz test tone from 1245. Going of over an hour and a half until finally going off at 1416:37. (See below) (Valko 28 Dec.) 9809.98 INDIA AIR Panaji Weak at 1230 but came up rapidly and decent signal in just 5 min. Indian Pop mx to W anncr in pres. Tamil at 1240, then deadair for 5 min., and audio back at 1245 w/W anncr and canned anmnts in possible Hindi. Horrible distorted noise in the audio. Audio cut and test tone for 2 seconds, then off at 1254:17. So this was indeed the one with the test tone yesterday. (Valko 29 Dec.) 11828v UNID. Found a strong OC here at 1417 varying quickly and drifting as well. Was able to check on a number of web rxs around the world and it was noted everywhere. Went off at 1428:46 w/out any audio unfortunately. Must have been someone with a high-powered xmtr. (See below) (Valko 29 Dec.) 6185.02 MEXICO R. Educacion Audible at times. Thought I had Turkey in Italian at 1510 but it wasn't sounding parallel to what I had on a web receiver in Greece. The only other thing I could see that it could have been was Educacion. So I tried a web rx in TX, and sure enough, it was parallel. 1531 w/W then M in SP on peaks. W still audible on peak at 1546, and M at 1551 and 1556, same as on the TX web rx. Never heard R.Educacion at this time of day before. Signal visible in the display throughout the day even after China came on at 2000 (Educacion was slightly off freq.). (Valko 29 Dec.) 11828.5v INDIA AIR (site??) Found again today at 1410 w/audio, unlike yesterday. M tlk in what sounded like Hindi. 1412-1419 subcont. mx. 1419:25 clear AIR ID by M and tlk. Another ID by M at 1429:37. Discussion by at least 2 men from 1430 until the signal suddenly went off at 1433:05. Fair signal w/some QRM from 11830 which was easily notched out. I don’t see AIR listed on either 11825 or 11830. A Youtube video of the reception can be found by clicking on this link: https://youtu.be/RUHUs6efpvQ (Valko 30 Dec.) RX: Perseus SDR Wellbrook ALA 1530S loop at home and BOGs of 315 feet (except for 23 Dec. when 630 feet used) on micro-DXpeditions. 9650 GUINEA R.Guinée Nice lcl Afro mx 1853-1859, deadair, then canned ID at 1859:30. 1900 Afro mx briefly, live M in FR w/ID, mx bridge, then M w/pres. nx. Nice signal but wandering band of ruined it. (Valko 19 Dec.) 6940U PIRATE (NA) Yeti R. Just caught the last couple min. of the bdcst. 2043 “I’m a Believer” by The Monkeys, followed by “Ruby Tuesday” at 2044 and “Angie” at 2045 by the Rolling Stones. 2046 M anncr in heavy special effect w/anmnt “The ??? FCC. My name is Yeti. This is Yeti Radio”. Couldn’t ID until someone responded to my post on HF Underground. Fairly good, clear and almost no QSB. (Valko 19 Dec.) 3325 INDONESIA RRI Palangkaraya Found too late, but sounded like M anncr at 2315, mx at 2221. Right at threshold lvl. Faded out just as Palangkaraya should. Very surprised to find it here and the first time to hear an evening Indo in years. (Valko 19 Dec.) 6942U PIRATE (NA) Mr. Mayhem R. ID by M in echo at 2308 t/in. Deadair, then repeating IDs “This is Mr. Mayhem R.” w/pitch getting slower. 2309 into Hard Rock mx. Tuned out at 2310. Good solid signal. (Valko 19 Dec.) 4764.03 PERU R.Huanta 2000 2323 Pop song, 2325-2332 live studio M DJ w/long tlk, then long ad block 2332-2340 w/abt 1000 ments of Huanta. Phone #’s. One ad sounded like Quechua. Canned pgm intro/ID by M including other stns in network at 2340 and into pres. regional nx by W anncr. Fairly decent but right on the top edge of a CODAR. (Valko 19 Dec.) 6185 MEXICO R.Educacion Excellent signal at 2344 w/Ranchera mx nonstop all the way to 0001. 0001-0003 choral NA, then nice full canned ID by W w/freqs and QTH, then back to Ranchera mx. Abt the best ever hrd at this time. (Valko 19/20 Dec.) 20 December 2017 Micro-DXpedition 6045 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) V.O. Freedom Getting weak mx at 2059 as 6040 VOA Sao Tome signed off. Gradually getting better during the nonstop KR Pops, abt half of which were ballads. Exc. signal by the time of the long anmnts by W over piano mx bed at 2155. M and W anncr in discussion at 2209. More Pops w/same anncrs between songs. Getting blasted by CNR and Evangelizar on 6040 by 2250. Pulsing jammer no match for it. Tnx to Ron Howard for his continuing monitoring/reporting of this. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 9930 USA WTWW Massive signal w/Christmas mx at 2106, then nice canned ID by M w/ment of “…with miles of wires, and thousands of volts…”. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 9100 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope Fairly strong w/W anncr in KR at 2109, but of course mixing it up with the UTE here. Magnificent signal like a local at 2228 w/M and W in KR w/ments of Kim Jong. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 6600 CLANDESTINE V.O. the People Easily audible over the jammer at 2115 w/slow Pop song, but couldn’t get 6520 // as it was covered by WLO/KLB UTE on 6519. 2120 opera mx here. 2130+ tlk by M and W anncrs in KR. Still doing well at 2254. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 6350 CLANDESTINE Echo of Hope Barely audible through the jamming and UTE at 2115 w/soft mx. W anncr in KR at 2126. W anncr later at 2210. Signal had an echo at this time as did 6600 V.O. People. Wonder if I was getting different paths. Back to mx at 2214. Too bad the jammers didn’t go off. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 4450 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) V.O. the People Barely able to hear the M tlking in KR at 2151 amidst the jammer. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 3480 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) V.O. the People Sounded like the same M speaking at 2152 as on 4450, but the signal was weak and QRMed by a strong OC on 3479.6. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 3325 INDONESIA RRI Palangkaraya Signal wasn’t there at 2155, so it obviously signs on at 2200. 2159 end of IS but couldn’t start the recording fast enough. Fanfare, then live studio W anncr w/clear ID at 2200:00, diring anmnt, Pop-like mx, then canned ID anmnt at 2202:40, and live W returned. More canned anmnts at 2204 w/ment of Indonesia, and another mentioning “programa” and Palangkaraya. 2206:20 short “RRI Palangkaraya” ID, then into ballad song. Still easily audible at 2217 w/ballad. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 2850 NORTH KOREA KCBS Pyongyang Soft W vcl song, not really like the usual opera-like fare at 2207. Getting some weird rapid pulsing wideband QRM here for a time. Can’t be anything lcl as I wasn’t anywhere near anything electrical. Clear at 2222 but weaker fading signal. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 9155 CLANDESTINE (TAIWAN) Sound of Hope End of fanfare mx at 2228, then canned anmnts by W in CH for a min., then tlk by M to 2232 t/out. //9180, similar quality signal. Weak but audible and surprised to catch these. Would never hear them at home. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 7730 CLANDESTINE (TAIWAN) Sound of Hope Immediately after leaving 9155/9180, came down to tune above the 41mb and was surprised to find SoH here w/same M anncr in CH that was on 9155/9180, and also found on //7810 as well!! These 2 down here were weak but audible very similar to the ones below 31m. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 7570 NORTH KOREA V.O. Korea 2233-2237 just opera mx sounding almost identical to 7580, but they weren’t. This freq slightly QRMed. Hear 7580 often, but don’t recall hearing this SP xmsn before. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 7530 CLANDESTINE Suab Xaa Moo Zoo 2233-2235 “Hark the Herald Angel Sings”, 2236 M anncr in Hmong, then what sounded like a segment recorded outdoors. 2237 t/out. One of the best signals hrd. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 4885 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope 2240 usual pgm info format w/familiar song at this time, then W in KR at 2242 mixing equally w/Para. Strange to hear these 2 mixing. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 4774.91 BRAZIL R.Sora From 2239. Mixing a little w/Tarma. 2247:35 “Radio Congohas” ID by W. 2248 full ID by M. Nonstop ZY Pops over the ToH 2257-2307. Haven’t hrd it this strong in a long time. Only about 4 or 5 hertz separates this from Tarma. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 4905 BRAZIL R. Relogio (pres.) Sounded like M in PT slightly under Tibet (W anncr) at 2244. Way too weak and too much Tibet QRM. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 5050 CHINA Beibu Bay R. 2258 M vcl song. 2300 time ticks and W ID in CH followed by W w/EG TC “It’s Beijing time 7 AM”, canned M anncr, then ID in unison by several people. 2305 ad starting w/”Jingle Bells”. Fair signal for Beibu Bay on this freq here. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 4750 CHINA CNR1, Hailar Canned anmnts at 2259, usual time ticks w/last higher, then “Beijing tsen” ID. Pres. nx at 2301, and some canned anmnts at 2303, //4800 which was better. Feed on this freq just a hair behind 4800. Interestingly this had a slight echo effect. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 21 December 2017 Micro-DXpedition #1 5054.997 AUSTRALIA 4KZ 1032 mx faintly, M anncr 1033. 1040 mx a little more audible. Same freq as noted yesterday for the first time. Couldn’t really get anything more than just mx or tlk by M or W throughout to 1145 t/out. Very fady. Just a tad weaker than Ozy, as it should be as it’s half the strength (now). Conditions were too poor. Thanks to Rob Wagner for the first alert on this. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1) 5045 AUSTRALIA Ozy R. Hrd what was apparently the nx by W after 1100, then caught “Waltzing Matilda” w/M anncr mentioning “radio” at 1107. Couldn’t copy anything else though. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1) 2850 NORTH KOREA KCBS Pyongyang 1205 dead air break between opera-like songs. Not very strong. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1) 6765.1U THAILAND Bangkok Meteorological R. 1211 end of IS and mechanical M w/opening ID/freq/sked anmnt in EG as “This is Bangkok Meteorological R. broadcast on the freq of 6765.1 kHz and 8743.0 kHz from…Heavy weather forecast?? on Thursday the 21st of December 2017. Broadcast message for shipping…”. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1) 6350 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope 1254 usual pleasant melody and W w/”VOH” ID. Hrd again at 1354. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1) 4885 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope 1255 short Gregorian chant-like vcl and W w/”VOH” ID, then another anmnt by W w/at least 3 “VOH” IDs. Still audible at 1354 w/“VOH” IDs again. Was still there at 1410 but there was a white noise jammer making it very difficult to detect audio. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1) 4790 TADJIKISTAN BBC Signal already on at 1257 and audio up at 1258:42 w/M anncr giving e-mail addr. Deadair, 1259:17 w/canned ID anmnt by M in EG, then another in lang. ending w/”…BBC London”, then into apparent Uzkek pgm at 1300. Fairly good but horribly CODAR QRM. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1) 6085 JAPAN Shiokaze Sea Breeze Thought the EG pgm was only at 1330. Glad I was recording over 1300 as the signal dropped quite a bit by 1330. Usual piano mx and long opening anmnt by W w/ID, website, e-mail, phone, and mailing addr.Into nx focusing on North Korea. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1) 7625 UZBEKISTAN V.O. the Wilderness Signal already on at 1321. 1330 pgm start w/usual wind blowing SFX and trumpet blaring, rel. choral mx, and M in KR. Just a fair signal. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1) 5995 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope Plainly audible over the jamming at 1330 w/discussion in KR between M and W. Easy song at 1356-1358. W in KR at 1400-1407, best at 1407. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1) 6045 CLANDESTINE V.O. Freedom In the clear finally at 1400 after China went off. Not a bad signal w/W in KR then MOR KR song. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1) 6400 NORTH KOREA Pyongyang BS Still quite audible w/usual opera-like mx 1401-1407. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1) 21 December 2017 Micro-DXpedition #2 3325 INDONESIA RRI Palangkaraya Signal came on at 2159:09 w/what sounded like the IS already in progress. Sounds like a somber rel. instru. Then lively fanfare mx at 2159:35. Usual fast-tlking W anncr at 2200. Mx for abt 2 min., then canned anmnts. Conditions just too poor. Audio went down to threshold by 2222. Signal pretty much gone by 2252. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2) 9665 NORTH KOREA KCBS, Kanggye Huge signal at 2305 w/W in KR in forceful desk-pounding manner. Sounded //6400. Tuned out at 2314. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2) 9445 NORTH KOREA V.O. Korea Fairly good signal here. Instru. orchestral mx 2307-2312, W anncr in CH briefly, then MOR song w/W vclist to 2314 t/out. // much weaker 9875. Some splash QRM from 9450 FEBC and Taiwan. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2) 9405 PHILIPPINES FEBC Another big signal here at 2307 w/jazzy version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. M in CH over soft instru. mx at 2310. Tlk by W then w/instru. mx started at abt 2312. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2) 9514.93 BRAZIL R. Marumby 2309 C&W like PT rel. song. 2312 M anncr in PT w/ment of Christo, then choral mx briefly, and canned anmnt by M w/phone #, and nice canned ID promo by M at 2313:30. Pretty decent signal. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2) 9650 NORTH KOREA V.O. Korea 2309 usual opera-like vcl mx, then soft instru. song to 2314 t/out. Should have been in JP but no anmnts hrd. Mixing abt equally w/Guinea. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2) 9795 PHILIPPINES FEBC 2309-2314 EG lang. lesson in the Mon lang. pgm hosted by M and W anncrs. Of course scriptures were used. And some words were spelled out such as “think” and “spoke”. Fair signal. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2) 9850 CLANDESTINE (TAIWAN) Sound of Hope CH tlk by M and W pgm hosts 2309-2314. Apparent R. Free Asia relay, but didn’t find this until afterwards, so no //’s checked. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2) 9920 CLANDESTINE (TAIWAN) Sound of Hope 2309 W in CH, then M anncr from 2311. Very weak signal w/some fading and slop QRM from a huge WTWW on 9930. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2) 5914.98 MYANMAR Myanmar R. (pres.) Signal with 1 khz test tone from 2315 t/in to 2325. Weak signal mixing w/slightly stronger pres. CRI. Couldn’t really confirm any audio, but the freq being slightly off, and the test tone should be a dead give-away. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2) 23 December 2017 Micro-DXpedition No sign of the Antarctic Hams doing the caroling in the 2300-0000 time frame. Disappointing. (Valko 23 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 6973 PIRATE (ARGENTINA) Lupo R. Nothing but nonstop Tango mx from 2332 to 2354, then long anmnts by M in SP ending w/nice canned ID by W over mx at 2356:25 as "??, transmite Lupo Radio..660 kilohertzios, amplitud modulada, desde la provincia Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina...", then right back to more Tango mx. Fair signal at times. The 630’ BOG aimed at Argentina sure helped. Didn’t know about this Pirate and glad to hear it. Almost makes up for not hearing the Antarctic Hams caroling. (Valko 23 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 6949.76U PIRATE (NA) Pee Wee R. Hrd here at 2337 w/Rock mx. 2338 SSTV but I stopped the recording before it finished. More mx and break again at 2343 for SSTV image of climbing mouse and ID at the bottom. Weak signal. Pretty good peaks at 2346 and 2349. CW at 2354 and off. (Valko 23 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 7700.02 PIRATE (EUROPE) Free R. Service Holland Mx finally audible at 0907, same as on the Leiden web rx. M w/ID at 0948. 0956 M tlk w/ment of dates. 1000 ID jingle. 1010 M anncr again. 1012 “more music” jingle. 1052 still in w/M ment of the “Free Radio Service”. (Valko 24 Dec.) 6284.06 PIRATE (EUROPE) Free R. Service Holland Thought this had started the broadcast at 0830, but hrd the “Close Encounters” theme song IS at 0857. Slightly weaker than 7700.02. (Valko 24 Dec.) 6234.98 PIRATE (EUROPE, presumably) Coast FM Nx by W at the 0900 ToH. 0905 “Fascination” by The Human League. (Valko 24 Dec.) 4009.97 PIRATE (EUROPE) Laser Hot Hits Mx at 0852, just barely audible. Finally able to confirm it was the same as on a European web rx. More mx at 0917. (Valko 24 Dec.) 6309.8 PIRATE (EUROPE) R. Marabu Found a signal here at 0903 but not quite strong enough to get audio. Guys in the chat said it was Marabu. There at 0935 check but still not audible. (Valko 24 Dec.) 6264.97 PIRATE (EUROPE) R. Casanova Noted the signal here at 0933. Like Marabu, guys in the chat, including the op, said it was Casanova. Couldn’t get any audio, but probably could have at one of the remote sites. (Valko 24 Dec.) 12019.12 VIETNAM V.O.V. W doing the nx in EG at 1006, //9839.81 which was good. Better than a couple days ago. (Valko 24 Dec.) 24 December 2017 Micro-DXpedition 7700.06 PIRATE (EUROPE) FRSH Getting a decent signal here right from the start at 1850-1855, plenty strong on peaks, but couldn’t detect any audio. Gone at 1919 check. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 12255.03 PIRATE (EUROPE) Reflections Europe?? Weak signal but something here at 1856:50 w/what sounded like a W anncr once or twice on very short peaks. Didn’t want to spend time on this as the NDR broadcasts were abt to start. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 9800 FRANCE NDR Annual Christmas relay for sailors. *1900 w/W doing nx in GM already in progress. 9790 and 9740 fair to good, 11650 very poor but audible and fady, and 6080 and 6010 excellent. Interestingly, 6080 was ahead of 6010. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 6000 Adyegyan R.?? W vclist at recording start around 1907. 1912 M anncr in east Euro lang. Almost like a hybrid GM/RS. 1921 M choral song like RS Christmas song. 1924 same M anncr. W anncr joined in at 1926. 1927-1932 same song as hrd at 1921. 1932-1936 M and W anncrs again. 1936-1940 male chorus again. 1940 W anncr, no M. 1941 audio way down but sounded like background noise from live bdcst (entire bdcast live perhaps??). Retuned at 1948 and hrd instru. mx and poss. more background noise. Midnight Mass?? Finally M and W anncrs again at 1958. Test tone came on at 2000:40 to 2002:38, then OC, tone back on 2003:13 for 17 seconds, and deadair again, 2004:10 tone back, OC, and signal finally went off at 2006:40. Poor w/popping audio. Fady. Fairly good on short peaks early on. Occas. thunderstorm static crashes. Now that Bro. Stair is in jail, was hoping Adygeyan R. would be in the clear and it was. Thanks to Alexandr Kostiukevich in Ukraine for his help on this. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 7120 SOMALILAND R. Hargeisa Very nice signal at 1944 t/in w/clear ID by M just as I was abt to start recording. Usual stn theme song, then same M w/ment of Somaliland, and tlk by another M w/many ments of Somaliland. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 7425 GERMANY Bible Voice Broadcasting 2015 closing ID/contact anmnts in EG by M. Only fair. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 6090 ETHIOPIA Amhara R. Nice ID by W coming back from HoA Pop song. Exc. Signal. Incredibly strong. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 6110 ETHIOPIA Fana BC 2023 song “Let Me Be Your Love-Maker”, then a HoA Pop song. 2028 M DJ. Audio still slightly over-modulated. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 6069.98 CANADA CFRX Breaking away from their usual nx/tlk format to play Christmas mx on this Christmas Eve at 2028 check. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 5930 GERMANY NDR (Nauen) was very strong w/signal on at 2059:50 and pgm start at 2100:00. 6155 (Yerevan) came on late w/audio up at 2101:19 and nearly as strong at 5930 but audio a bit distorted. 9590 (France), 9650 (Austria), and 9830 (France) all good, but 9765 (Nauen) weak. 9650 was of course mxing w/Guinea. A bad freq choice. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 9899.58 EGYPT R. Cairo AR version of “Jingle Bells” at 2108!!! Had to change the laptop battery after the song, and W was in FR on return. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 3975 GERMANY Shortwave R. 2117 Pop/Rock song, 2119 next song which was “Things We Do For Love” by 10CC. 2122 M DJ w/UK accent. 2127 Rod Stewart and jingle w/ID. Getting some decent peaks at 2129. 2130 short song anmnts, then “If You Leave Me Now” by Chicago to 2135. Hams staying away for the most part except for 3972.5. But 2 guys came on right on top at 2133. 2140 M w/ment of shortwave and song anmnts. Pretty clear at 2141. 2142 more song anmnts, and into “Somebody to Love” by Queen. Weird that this would come in but nothing from 3995 HCJB Weenermoor. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 4009.97 PIRATE (EUROPE) LHH Dance mx at 2020. Fairly audible at this time but surprisingly nothing on 48m. Really long Dance song, 2124 “Oh Girl” by Chi-Lites. 2130 Seagulls. 2135 canned anmnt, and into “Come Together” by The Beatles. 2143:00 jingle ID by M, then “Love You Inside and Out” by The Bee Gees. Very fady like 3975 Shortwave R. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 3325 INDONESIA RRI Palangkaraya Decent signal up at 2158, but blasted by South Africa and UTE. Audio too low and too much QRM to ID. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 6295.02 PIRATE (EUROPE) Reflections Europe 2203-2008 rel. tlk by M and choral mx at 2210. Tough reception. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 6310 PIRATE (EUROE) R. Marabu M anmnt as soon as I started the recording at 2203, and into “Haitian Divorce” by Steely Dan. 2205 ment of Marabu in GM tlk by M. “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo” at 2210. Better signal than Coast FM. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 6973 PIRATE (ARGENTINA) Lupo R. Signal here at 2244 after I moved to the top of the hill and changed BOG to 175 degrees. Definite mx at 2259, and again at 2307 check. 2318 Tango mx. W anncr at 2341 but impossible To copy. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 6925.13 PIRATE (CHILE) R. Compania Worldwide (pres.) Signal here at 2320 but SP renegades were here. 2332 poss. mx?? Definite mx at 2343 but extremely weak. Very fady. Needed that extra 315 feet of wire like last night. Just too weak. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition) 4054.98 GUATEMALA R.Verdad Usual vibraphone-like mx w/SP ID anmnt by M at 0805, and into rel. mx. Guess they were staying on all night for Christmas. Fair signal at best with a lot of crackly static-like noise through the entire SW spectrum. (Valko 25 Dec.) 7400 CHINA apparently Ron’s UNID. hrd w/signal coming on at 1056:43 and Chinese mx up already in progress 10 seconds later. Mx over ToH and straight through nonstop till laptop battery ran out of power at 1219. (Valko 25 Dec.) 6069.98 CANADA CFRX 1557 W giving her version of a memorable Christmas, canned ID by M “This is Toronto’s breaking news, traffic, and weather, Indepth Radio, Newstalk 10-10. CFRB AM, an iHeart Radio station”, and into Christmas mx. Fanfare, ID, nx and sports from the Canadian Press by W, Christmas and New Years ID greeting, then back to Christmas mx including “Happy Christmas, War is Over” by Lennon. Strong.(Valko 25 Dec.) 6000 RUSSIA Adygeyan R. (pres.) Had the signal here from but not strong enough for audio. Plus there was a band of lcl noise between 5999-6010. Went off at 1859:35. Had it fairly well on a web rx in the Ukraine too. (Valko 25 Dec.) 6160 UNID. NA Pirate?? Getting a weak signal here at 2222 w/unrec. Rock mx. Also had it on VA web rx, and very weak signals w/out audio on various European web rxs, but may have been something else. In fact it was strongest here. Unreadable M anncr at 2227:55 sounding like EG. 2233:20 ment of “…on frequencies 6160 khz shortwave…”. 2234 back to Rock mx sounding like a remake of “Here Come the Sun”. 2236:50 canned tlk in EG by M w/ment of United States, Watergate, and Vietnam, then audio off at 2238:14 and signal gone at 2238:31. Didn’t return. Not a spur or image. One or two NA Pirates have been hrd around this freq in the past. (Valko 25 Dec.) 6294.96 PIRATE (EUROPE) R. Tower Found weak signal at 0852 then bits of audio on very short peaks after 0900. Big signal on the Leiden NL web rx. Peaks here at 0925, 0935, and 0942. M anncr at 0948. Just not in long enough. (Valko 26 Dec.) 6160.03 BRAZIL Super R. Boa Vontade (pres.) Came on late at 0907:54 today w/male choral song. Too weak as usual. (Valko 26 Dec.) 9898 CLANDESTINE V.O. Tibet (via Tajikistan) Found w/weak signal at 1332 w/tlk in Asian lang., no doubt Tibetan.Signal went off 1335:44 on sked. (Valko 26 Dec.) 9903 CLANDESTINE V.O. Tibet (via Tajikistan) Came on here just 3 seconds after 9898 went off. Cont. tlk in pres. Tibetan by M, W joining in later. Still tlking and no change in signal quality by 1345 t/out. Don’t recall ever hearing these 2 freqs before. (Valko 26 Dec.) 6011.74 BRAZIL R. Inconfidencia First found around 2252 w/M and W. W in PT went over the 2300 ToH. Some canned anmnts at 2302, and into mx at 2304. Slowly getting better. M in PT at 2318 recheck, and more mx. Mx pgm w/M DJ hosting continued, playing a bunch of songs in a row after 2330. Got a het from pres. China on 6010. Nothing noted on 15190 as conditions were too poor. Hrd on a couple ZY web rxs too and only 1 ID in the 2300-0000 hour. Wonder why it’s so far off freq. (Valko 26 Dec.) RX: Perseus SDR and Wellbrook ALA 1530S and 150 foot Delta loop. 1710 UNID. Pirate?? T/in at 2246 “Never Gonna Let You Go” by Dionne Warwick, 2248 “Yakety Sax” by Boots Randolph, 2251 “Together Forever” by Rick Astley, 2253 “When I Fall in Love” Natalie and Nat King Cole, and 2258 “525,600 Minutes” by Tuks. Lost at 2259 and didn’t return. No anmnts. Brett Saylor said he brought up the webstream for the Louisiana Pirate R. Reten lo que Tiene and they had preaching. So this is someone new. (Valko 17 Dec.) 6924.97 PIRATE (NA) Partial India R. Holiday program 1938-2026+ w/”The Indian 12 Days of Christmas”, canned IDs by Mrs. Krishna. E-mail QSL request anmnt as haroldkrishnaPIR@gmail.com. Played The Beatles “Christmastime is Here Again” song/comedy recording. Also had sitar versions of Christmas songs. Fair signal and a bit fady. (Valko 18 Dec.) 6045 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) V.O. Freedom 2112 getting some mx here at this time. Flute song at 2119 plainly audible. Then song by what sounded like Stevie Wonder at 2122. Went over BoH w/mx. W anncr in KR mixed w/instru. mx 2156-2159. Mx leading up to ToH. M and W w/short anmnt, peppy mx, then tlk by M anncr maybe nx. Wiped out by 6040 WHRI. Also hrd on a web rx in South Korea, jammed w/pulsing noise, but no jamming detected here. (Valko 18 Dec.) 6600 CLANDESTINE V.O. the People 2209 jammer went off, then hrd M in KR. 2216 instru. mx bridge, then next segment by W to BoH. M after 2230. Jammer returned at 2240. Haven’t hrd this w/out the jammer in a while. Peaked nicely around 2215-2220. The white noise jammer here and on 6520, 6350, and 6015 all went off at the exact same time. Unfortunately there’s some lcl noise on 6350. (Valko 18 Dec.) 6400 NORTH KOREA Pyongyang BS, Kanggye Big signal w/orch./opera mx pgm from 2208-2229. Studio W anncr in KR once or twice. Dear air briefly at 2229, same W anncr, 3+1 higher pitched time ticks, then alternating M and W anncrs at 2230-2243+. Very strong around 2225 peak, but faded very quickly after 2235. Abt the best ever hrd at this time. (Valko 18 Dec.) 4450 CLANDESTINE V.O. the People Didn’t appear to be jammed at 2211 when M anncr hrd very weakly. Signal strong enough, just not that much audio punch. (Valko 18 Dec.) 6160.03 BRAZIL Super R. Boa Vontade W anncr in PT at 0904 t/in, then rel. song at 0906-0911. Fading too quickly. Could still hear the studio W return at 0911, also noted on a Brazilian web rx where she ended w/ment of Sao Paulo. Brief mx, then M anncr w/cadence matching that on the web rx w/Super R. Boa Vontade ID w/freq and QTH. Unfortunately there was a lcl static-like noise burst a couple times over ID here, but did catch the Puerto Alegre QTH. Have noted this a couple times now, but it fades very quickly upon 0900 s/on. Best on the Delta loop. (Valko 19 Dec.) 9839.81 VIETNAM V.O.V. Signal suddenly on at 0959 w/orch. mx already playing. 1000 usual instru. mx and EG IDs by W and M. Opening w/W anncr. Mx briefly and nx headlines and in detail by W. Peppy Caribbean-flavored instru. mx at 1009 recheck, then same W anncr, and into lcl traditional mx. 25mb outlet much too weak to //. (Valko 19 Dec.) 6205.01 PIRATE (EUROPE) Laser Hot Hits Surprised this was coming in at 0905 as it wasn’t there an hour earlier. “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins. 0906 M DJ then aser shooting SFX w/nx intro, very short nx headlines, jingle ID by deep-voiced M at 0907:40, then into Christmas song “It’s a Marshmellow World”. Nice peak during mx at 0912 ant 0921. (Valko 17 Dec.) 6244.98 PIRATE (EUROPE) Coast FM 0905 Dance mx. 0912 M DJ finally w/short anmnt and ment of “6 songs in a row”, then right back to more Dance mx. 0921 jingle w/M saying a few words and W ending w/”Coast FM”, and more mx. Like LHH, this was very fady. Stronger signal on the Delta loop than on the Wellbrook, but more noise as well. (Valko 17 Dec.) 7699.99 PIRATE (EUROPE) FRSH No sign of FRSH as sked on either freqs 7700 or 9300 in the 0810-0935 time frame. Did finally catch it on a Leiden Netherlands web rx at 0959. So s/on abt 2 hours late. Could only muster an extremely weak carrier here. Zip, not even a carrier, on 9300.47 where it was found on the Leiden Netherlands web rx. It went off at 1108. (Valko 17 Dec.) 6070.0 NORTH KOREA R.Pyongyang What I thought might be Channel 292 hetting 6069.99 CFRX (weaker) turned out to be this w/IS at 0930. Pyongyang was slightly stronger than CFRX. (Valko 17 Dec.) 4965.02 BRAZIL R.Alvorada (pres.) Finally getting audio on the Delta loop, mx at 0938, and poss. M anncr between songs at 0940. Mx plainly audiable at 0946, and M anncr at 0951 but couldn’t copy. (Valko 17 Dec.) 6024.97 BOLIVIA Red Patria Nueva 0958 long pleasant camposina song, 1002 “Feliz Navidad”, another LA song, then M anncr in SP at 1007 joined by another. Nice signal but too much slop from the radio war on 6030. (Valko 17 Dec.) 6045v COLOMBIA LV de tu Conciencia Found a horribly distorted signal pop on here in mid-tlk by M in SP at 1007. Seemed to be drifting up. No exact carrier detected though. Sometimes better in FM mode, sometimes better in AM wide. At 1100 noted W anncr and then the HJ NA and realized it must be Conciencia. Indeed, when I went back to the recordings, I found it had suddenly jumped up from 6009.95v to around 6042 at 1007:25. This doesn’t bode well for this xmtr and suspect it may finally be on it’s last legs. A Youtube video of the freq jump and NA can be found using this link: https://youtu.be/dwrlHHrVImo (Valko 17 Dec.) 6180.03 BRAZIL R.Nacional Amazonia Usual M and W anncrs in PT hosting “Voz do Brasil” nx pgm from 2112 t/in. Some actualities. Ments of Brasil. 2120 t/in as it was getting stronger. Very quick QSB. First time hrd back on here. (Valko 14 Dec.) 11735 NORTH KOREA V.O. Korea Unsked xmsn, possibly a test, noted at 0305 w/melancholy vcl song. Found very strong on web rx in South Korea and Japan. Audio stopped at 0311, then just 100 hz rumbling. //15180. 1 khz tone started at 0320, still //15180. Back to the 100 hz rumbling at 1025. Usual IS and SP IDs at 0330 both on the web rx and weakly at home. Could barely tell it was //15180 too which was surprising as nothing has been propagating on 19m at that time here. (Valko 15 Dec.) 7290.10 UNID. Found someone on this freq at 0903 playing the song “Those Were the Days” by Mary Hopkin. Went off immediately at the end of the song at 0907:02, before I could bring up a web rx to get an idea where it was coming from. I stayed on the freq to almost 0911 and it didn’t return. Given the poor conditions and the freq, I’d say it was a Ham testing his audio or just having a bit of fun. But the audio characteristics sounded like it was overseas. (Valko 15 Dec.) 9229.4v USA WWRB Found the spur of 9370 WWRB here again at 1844 during Bro. Stair pgm. Then found the weaker 9510.6v spur on the upper side. Upon generating a screenshot of the spurs, found that 9229.4v was in LSB and 9510.6v was in USB. Strange. (Valko 15 Dec.) 9530 ASCENSION ISLAND R Akhbar Mufriha/HCJB OC on at 2144, then pgm start at 2145 w/organ and opening ID anmnts by M and W in Pulaar. Simple stringed mx of NW Africa like used to be common on R.Senegal. Soft-spoken M, then more of the same string mx. Fair signal. (Valko 15 Dec.) 4949.73 ANGOLA R. Nacional Angola End of PT nx at 0304, promo, TC by W, then cute 1 min. seasonal stn promo song sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells” (“Nacional, Nacional, Radio Nacional…”). Nice to see a SW stn getting into the spirit. Then immediately into Tropical song. Fair signal. To see a video of the reception of the station Christmas song, click on this link: https://youtu.be/CRbkk-7jVEA (Valko 16 Dec.) 6015 ZANZIBAR ZBC Long SW tlk by W, pres. nx from 0332-0342. Ments of Zanzibar. M w/Koran-like chant briefly, then W again w/ID, then choral singing briefly and studio W anncr returned. 0344 SFX of car horn beeping in traffic immediately followed by ZBC ID and tlk segment. Decent strength w/QSB and severe QRM from 6020 CRI Albania as always. (Valko 16 Dec.) 11390 CUBA R.Havana Cuba Mixing product here after 1200. Thought this might be Marconi Radio Int. at first until Larry Yamron pointed out it sounded like Spanish. And that’s when the thought occurred that it might be more RHC junk. Indeed, looking in the 25mb, found that it’s a mixing product; 11670 minus the difference between 11670 and 11950 (11670-280=11390). Disappointed it wasn’t MRI. Should’ve realized this was the mixing product here last weekend when I found the upper side mixing product on 12230. (Valko 16 Dec.) 11780 INDIA AIR Delhi Found horrible 100 hz buzzing on this xmsn at 1330. Same as hrd on 11560 two days ago. Obviously the same faulty xmtr. 11560 goes off at 1140 and this comes on abt an hour later. 1330 M anncr, mx briefly, then possible W anncr. Very diff. to get any audio due to the buzzing. (Valko 16 Dec.) 13680 ZAMBIA V.O. Hope Africa Audible w/mx at 1333. Returned at 1457 and hrd mx once again. M annc at 1458 including ID, and back to mx. Sounded like spiritual tlk at 1504, then EG ID at 1506 before going back to mx. 1556 Jazz version of “How Great Thou Art”. Another canned EG ID by M at 1600, brief tlk, and into “That’s Just the Way it Is” by Bruce Hornsby. 1656 ID and spiritual message by M on recheck, Pop song, 1659 M w/anmnt w/web site, brief instru. mx, and canned closing ID by M “With love from Zambia, this is the V.O. Hope Africa service broadcasting on 9680 and 13680 kHz, and streaming worldwide on voiceofhope.com. V.O. Hope is now closing down. Please join us again tomorrow with more music and ministries from the Word of God”. 1 kHz tone, and off at 1700:54. Best at the end. (Valko 16 Dec.) 11560 INDIA AIR Panaji Weak signal at 1528 w/tlk by M in mid-east lang. 1529 subcont. mx.1530 apparent pgm intro by M, brief mx, then EG tlk by M. Could only get a few words here and there. Mx at 1544, and off at 1545:02. Is supposed to be Bengaluru to 1530, then Panaji, but I didn’t see or hear any difference in the signal over 1530. So is it Panaji before 1530 as well?? (Valko 16 Dec.) RX: Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA 1530S loop antenna 6010.18v COLOMBIA La Voz de tu Conciencia First found on yesterday at 2309 w/”Ticket to Ride” by the Beatles mixing w/Inconfidencia. This morning found up on this freq at 1025 w/variety of mx. Canned ID by W at 1041. A bit distorted and freq varying up and down abt 200 hz. (Valko 7 Dec.) 5910.41 COLOMBIA R.Alcaravan 1042 pleasant LA Tropical mx. A couple canned anmnts but didn’t hear an ID. 1103-1105 choral HJ NA, M w/TC, and into lively mx. Finally short canned ID promo by W at 1112. Noisy this morning.(Valko 7 Dec.) 4870.03 INDIA AIR Delhi Surprised to find a signal here at 0217. Audio right at threshold. 0221 M anncr briefly, checked on the web rx in Coimbatore India and hrd M anncr speaking also, and on the exact same freq. 0223 mx and what sounded like a W anncr. Right a threshold here. Very rare to hear this at this time and no other Indians noted oddly enough. (Valko 13 Dec.) 5005 EQUATORIAL GUINEA R.Bata (pres.) Found in the wake of the power outage at 0536-0555 w/M speaking in SP, but audio very weak. Finally into Pop ballad at 0556. Imposs. to ID due to the weak audio, WWV slop QRM, and static crashing QRN. (Valko 13 Dec.) 7254.93 NIGERIA V.O. Nigeria Fair signal at 0557 w/usual IS of drums and indigenous mx instru., then opening ID anmnt by M in Hausa. (Valko 13 Dec.) 6089.94 NIGERIA R.Nigeria Kaduna 3 signals here at 0536; 6089.94, 6089.99, and 6090.13. Don’t know what 6090.13 was and it disappeared at 0537:47. Was getting what sounded like HoA dance mx on 6089.99. Must have been Amhara, which is surprising considering Addis Ababa was well into daylight. However there was a weak audible signal from pres. Fana on 6110 same time. Later 0602, Kaduna the strongest signal w/M prob. giving the nx w/weak audio, same as hrd on their evening xmsns lately. (Valko 13 Dec.) 5010 PIRATE (NA) UNID. Usual strong signal but kind of early at abt 1215. Later at 1318 recheck, as relaying mx pgm w/UK-accented DJ playing variety of Pop mx and chatter over mx bed of “Tijuana Taxi” by Tijuana Brass. No IDs noted just song anmnts and just general tlk abt friends, places, happenings, etc. Still going at 1500 when I tuned out. Fairly good. Checked a number of web rxs across the country and noted only a carrier outside the NE (not in the West), moderate signal at best around the NE, but a massive signal on rx in Monmouth County NJ. So suspect the stn QTH is northern NJ, NYC area. (Valko 13 Dec.) 4965 BRAZIL Pres. R.Alvorada in again at 1015. Audio still extremely weak. Thought hrd a M anncr once. (Valko 14 Dec.) 4950.1 Didn’t see any sign of this signal here this morning. (Valko 14 Dec.) 11560 INDIA AIR Delhi 100 hz buzzing in the audio w/weak tlk in apparent Urdu by M at 1058. W anncr at 1100. All tlk features, no mx. ID in Hindi by M at 1130. Audio cut off at 1139:47, and signal off 10 seconds later. (Valko 14 Dec.) 11825 SINGAPORE NHK/R. Japan (relay) Signal on right at 1100 and start of xmsn w/EG opening ID anmnt by M. 1101 nx in headlines and detail by M and W. Poor. (Valko 14 Dec.) 12150 CLANDESTINE V.O. Khmer M’Chas Srok (via Tashkent) Signal, OC, coming on early at 1220:47. 1130 flute instru. and opening ID anmnt by 2 women, cont. mx, then tlk by M in Khmer, very brief mx, and M cont. Live rpt feature later. Nice lcl mx w/piercing vcl 1147-1152, then same M returned. W briefly at 1156, then more mx, 1158-1159 W w/contact info including website URL, e-mail and mailing addr, 1159:30 M w/apparent closing anmnt, W very briefly ending pgm, deadair, and signal off at 1200:49. Never really got any better as I was hoping and expecting. (Valko 14 Dec.) 12230 CUBA R.Havana Cuba Spur of 11950 found here at 1201 w/tlk by W in SP, then instru. mx, and more tlk. Weak, sometimes up to IDable strength, some f/outs. (Valko 14 Dec.) 7525 UNID. Found someone here at 1227. An obvious Asian, but I don’t see a listing for anything on this freq at all. I was thinking they were signing on early but instead went off at 1228. Who?? (Valko 14 Dec.) 6085 JAPAN Shiokaze Sea Breeze. Hrd usual soft piano instru. mx bed w/W voice-over opening EG anmnt routine at 1330. Could recognize the womens big pitch change in “Sea (high) Breeze (lower)”. Also the ment of the website and e-mail addr. If I hadn’t hrd this many times before, I’d never have been able to ID it. (Valko 14 Dec.) RX: Perseus SDR and Wellbrook ALA1530S loop antenna. Loggings on 11 Dec. (4950.1 excluded) were on a micro-DXpedition with a Beverage on the ground (BOG) aimed at Europe, 50 degrees. 9228v USA WWRB Found a spur of 9370 here at 2104 drifting down from 9228.75 to 9228.52 by 2135. Rel. preaching by M, and promo for Bro. Stair at 2116, //9370 of course. Good and easily readable at t/in, but faded badly by t/out. Nothing noted on the upper side. An audio file can be heard by using this link: https://app.box.com/s/fw8iflbc22g1js6nceh39i9jw740oio3 (Valko 8 Dec.) 5995.03 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope Hrd a het on 5995 around 2208 t/in. Noted KR tlk by W. Short mx interlude at 2215, then next pgm segment w/KR tlk by M. Couldn’t tell for sure it was //9100 until the mx and then M speaking. Slightly off freq creating the het against 5995 Mali. Don’t ever recall hearing this at this time before and haven’t noticed that it’s been off-freq in the mornings. 6350, 6520, and 6600 all doing better than usual. This wasn’t //6350. (Valko 8 Dec.) 11390 UNID. Marconi R. Int. hoax stn!! Hrd reasonable audio at 1202 check. Abt good enough to copy M and lady pgm hosts. That was the best it was hrd though. Did get the same M and lady continuing alternating to at least 1218. Had some peaks at 1203 and 1211 and 1218. Came up just enough to hear a M tlking at 1315, 1339, 1341, then a W anncr at 1347, and a mx bridge at 1348. That was all. Signal went off at 1357:11. Poor conditions today like all week. After sending MRI a report, they replied "we heard your recording dozens of times before assuming that its contents are not from MRI broadcasts. Our verdict was confirmed after having heard a recording from Larry Yamron in Pittsburgh which is clearer than yours. The broadcast, you and Larry received and recorded, is in Spanish (It seems with Argentian accent but we are not sure) which we understand it can easily confused with Italian (both languages originate from Latin). We think this should be a prankster who wanted to make fun of Marconi Radio International and, above all, DXers in North America.". An audio file can be heard by using this link: https://app.box.com/s/p7krk2f49xyl0t5b5tmp0v88qw8iajwu (Valko 9 Dec.) 11387U AUSTRALIA AXQ421, Volmet from Sidney. While listening for Marconi R. Int., saw the signal here. Replayed recording later and noted w/Aussie-accented W at 1300, 1330, and 1400. Best at 1330. (Valko 9 Dec.) 6899.58 PIRATE (NA) Recycle R. Very strong at 2105 w/”Over the Rainbow” chime IS and W ID “Broadcasting from somewhere over the rainbow, this is Recycle R.”. Faded in the next min. though and signal off at 2106:31. An audio file can be heard by using this link: https://app.box.com/s/0z8p1is7auyngz097hedc47atucn5y14 (Valko 9 Dec.) 6045 GERMANY Hit AM (via Nauen) M w/EG ID at 0921, Dance mx, canned GM anmnt, “Merry Christmas” jingle, and back to mx. More GM anmnts between Pop songs. Fading badly by 0940. (Valko 10 Dec.) 4965.02 BRAZIL R. Alvorada (pres.) Possibly reactivated. First noted at 0903. Sounded like mx at 0904 and 0913. Definitely mx during very short peaks at 0914 and 0915. A little more mx at 0940. Strong enough signal but modulation lvl extremely low. (Valko 10 Dec.) 4950.10 UNID. Noted a signal here off-freq around 1125. Could only muster bits of audio right at threshold. Hrd on web rxs in Asia and the Pacific, but there was UTE QRM on the freq. Clearest audio was in New Zealand. Except for a brief period of simple flute mx for abt a min. just after the BoH, it was all tlk by M anncr in an Asian lang. Didn’t sound CH. Went off in mid-tlk just seconds before the ToH at 1159:44. Srinigar?? (Valko 11 Dec.) 9745 BAHRAIN R.Bahrain Noted AR mx in passing at 1728. QRMed from above later. (Valko 11 Dec.) 9100 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope Surprised to find a signal here at 1733. Tlk by M but couldn’t really tell if it was KR because of the horrible QRM. (Valko 11 Dec.) 6110 ETHIOPIA Fana Broadcasting Corp./FBC Tlk by M but QRMed from co-channel Iran from 1730. 1759 same jazzy wind section fanfare hrd at 0300 s/on. Fana way on top of Iran by 1810. Played a Blues song and then Johnny Cash's “Nearest Place to Heaven” song w/M breaking in at 2048:55 for ID and anmnts, then restarted the song at 2051. Huge signal in the last half hour w/audio a bit distorted. An audio file can be heard by using this link: https://app.box.com/s/2jre315xidkk25c4q9bk4rmqzmnc1ow0 (Valko 11 Dec.) 7120 SOMALILAND R.Hargeisa Blasted by CW and FR Hams at 1715, but totally clear a half hour later at 1745 w/end of Koran and tlk by M. Disappointed there was no sign of the Eritreans 7140 and 7181.56, nor Ethiopia 7236v. An audio file can be heard by using this link: https://app.box.com/s/2ujktzkdf6ujotn017096137kto5k084 (Valko 11 Dec.) 7550 INDIA AIR Bengaluru 1749 tremendous signal w/wonderful subcont. vcl by M and chorus. An audio file can be heard by using this link: https://app.box.com/s/3bdtldx9p8h7lsm3xqwlpwyu7q127209 (Valko 11 Dec.) 6030 ETHIOPIA R.Oromiya Good signal w/HoA mx as early as 1816. Couldn't hear it though at 1800. W DJ. Usual closing routine at 1959. Audio file: https://app.box.com/s/1496rra2j9wikn5ncrvum6wn8fymonx1 (Valko 11 Dec.) 5950 ETHIOPIA V.O. the Tigray Rev. Could barely hear a M tlking at 1758 and went right over ToH. HoA mx at 1819. Getting QRM from 5945 Turkey at 1828. Much better by 1930 but QRM from Romania on 5955 then. M anncr. Blasted by slop from 5960 CRI Albania, and eliminated by co-channel KBS France at 1959. An audio file can be heard by using this link: https://app.box.com/s/23a7sx84iumwxyon0p9u1nkb61hxodiq (Valko 11 Dec.) 5995.03 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope Already showing up in the display at 1835. Even by 2140 end, there was no audio but Mali. (Valko 11 Dec.) 6000 BULGARIA Overcomer Ministry Had some weak audio here leading up to 1900 and was hoping it was Adygeyan R. but then hrd the trumpet blaring of the Overcomer Ministry. Disappointing. Hrd Bro. Stair later. (Valko 11 Dec.) 4930 BOTSWANA VOA relay Getting a little tlking at 1924. Abt 2 and a half hours before local sunset here. (Valko 11 Dec.) 5940 ETHIOPIA R.Deegaanka Soomaalida 1929-1938 fast tlk by M w/ment of Eritrea (Air-Ah-Try) and occas. instru. mx bridges. Poss. ment of Hargeisa. Went into HoA ballad w/western style at 1938. 1940 M returned. 1947 brief deadair and M anncr w/maybe ID. 1950 subcont. mx briefly, M anncr, then song cont. 1957 great stringed mx, still going when the Algeria OC came on at 2000, and could still hear the song when Algeria pgm started at 2001. Best signal yet from this one. Audio file: https://app.box.com/s/npe8x3e5y5h2ozsr9mngxh3325j21ett (Valko 11 Dec.) 6090 ETHIOPIA Amhara R. Tremendous signal and just as strong as CFRX in the last half hour from 2030. Earlier had QRM from co-channel China to 1930. W anncr DJ. Nice soft HoA Jazz mx to end the show at 2056, then usual closing ID routine. Audio file: https://app.box.com/s/mncel1rwknaug6d4x2rixsdes0yfyofb (Valko 11 Dec.) 6070 GERMANY DARC R. (via Channel 292) While listening to Fana and Amhara, noticed something under CFRX at 2040. W in GM. Song w/W vcl at 2044-2049, CW sounding like “QTM” at 2050 and M in GM. 2052:15 same CW again and the M in GM w/what sounded like ment of “…perfect day…good DX”. 2052-2056 W vcl song, then M in GM over instru. mx w/ment of “…amateur radio…” at 2056:05, and possible website URL or e-mail addr at 2057:45 (“…radio D-A-R-C…”). Pgm ended at 2059. Would have been easy if not for CFRX. An audio file can be heard by using this link: https://app.box.com/s/mdkgfhh1czjck618wx7cjgbovajzz50t (Valko 11 Dec.) 3975 GERMANY 3975 AM Shortwave R. Found at 2115 while looking for Birinchi R. Anmnt at 2116 between songs, but a Ham right on top. 2116 to at least 2131 long version of “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”. A lot of Ham QRM especially after 2130. Clear though at 2133 w/Dance song. 2134:10 M w/ment of “shortwave” in UK accent. Heavy QSB and signal dropped down after 2130. When I got back home, I checked one of the European web rxs and caught the very end of the closing anmnt at 2200 and the M anncr was the same hrd at 2116 and 2134. An audio file can be heard by using this link: https://app.box.com/s/r3fwhx3h1cbpc6ibmkkfnl8tfwo8k9f6 (Valko 11 Dec.) 4950.1 UNID. Was on again to coming on around 1119. Unlike yesterday it stayed on past 1200, going off for about 5 minutes around 1220, then again for a few minutes around 1322. Finally faded from view just before 1500. A screenshot of the signal from sign on to fade out can be viewed by using this link: https://app.box.com/s/j48lmn0io7lxrg3ocw9uyktynbyg3zve (Valko 12 Dec.) RX: Perseus SDR receiver. Loggings on 3 December from 1320-1740 UTC were made on a micro-DXpedition using a 315 foot BOG at 45 degrees. All other loggings were at home using the Wellbrook ALA 1530S. 1710 PIRATE (USA) R.Reten lo que Tienes 1024 plainly recognizeable SP tlk by M, 1044 soft mx, 1049 def. LA mx. 1101 preaching by M, which was found // to their web stream. Tough with the Flight 93, Hudson Co. NJ, and Springfield MA armory TIS’s vying for prominence. Had to wait for the peaks. (Valko 1 Dec.) 5900 UZBEKISTAN IBRA R. (via Tashkent) 2358 “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” IS, 2359 lively vcl by M, 0001 short opening anmnt by W in presumed Bangla. Weak but there and clear. (Valko 1 Dec.) 6015 ZANZIBAR ZBC R. 0322-0326 M in SW on check w/ments of African countries, Namibia, Nigeria, Congo, but mostly Tanzania. Nice audio but blasted by 6020 CRI Albania. (Valko 2 Dec.) 6070 NORTH KOREA R.Pyongyang Hrd a weak CFRX here at 0929 but then was surprised to hear the IS of Pyongyang. Kind of early for them. (Valko 3 Dec.) 6239.98 PIRATE (EUROPE) Coast FM Just a weak signal noted here, no audio, at 0935 and found it strongly on a European web rx on the exact same freq. Surprised it was a little stronger w/audio on very brief peaks later at 1050. Was able to // to web rx at 1053. And still there at 1125 along with a signal from LHH on 6205.01. (Valko 3 Dec.) 4764.04 PERU R.Huanta 2000 1030 end of OA camposina song, deadair, then long ad block w/many ments of Huanta and Peru. Ended in an accurate TC by W at 1035. Started the next song, then immediate xmtr fault creating a test tone-like effect, then song broke in again for a couple seconds, then fault again. Signal fine though at 1046 recheck. Was on the bottom of one CODAR and at the top end of another. No sign of Tarma this morning at this time. (Valko 3 Dec.) 9650 GUINEA R.Guinée 1047 M anncr in FR taking phone calls with the usual clicks. Just enough audio at 1100 w/M anncr and ID, brief instru. W anncr at 1101, Jazz mx 1102 and W anncr w/apparent pgm intro w/ID, then M pgm host in FR. Don’t usually hear R. Guinee at this time. (Valko 3 Dec.) 7120 Signal here from Hargeisa at 1322, but SP Hams were right on top. Didn’t matter though as it wasn’t strong enough to get readable audio. (Valko 3 Dec.) 7236v Ethiopia was here too at 1322 but Hams on and around it. 7236.38 at 1352. (Valko 3 Dec.) 11390 ITALY Marconi R. Int 1324 nice peak w/tlk by M and then mx before calibrating the Perseus. A little more audio at 1338 w/mix of M and mx. Played a song at 1339-1343. 1341 short peaks during the song, and best at 1341:40. 1343 tlk by W, then into another song w/M vclist at 1344 to at least 1347. Completely gone at 1356 recheck. Went off early before 1400 sked close down?? Nothing on 7720U on later bdcast. (Valko 3 Dec.) 7625 UZBEKISTAN V.O. the Wilderness (via Tashkent) Carrier already on at 1326. 1330 wind blowing SFX, trumpet fanfare, short opening in KR by M, then soft vcl song. Barely audible at 1429 (mx). Nowhere near what it was 2 weeks ago. (Valko 3 Dec.) 15140 OMAN R.Sultanate of Oman 1359 audio up w/ad, then M w/ID and nx intro, fanfare mx, then W w/ID, TC, and nx headlines, then nx in details. Nice canned ID at 1408 ending the nx, then live M DJ. Exc. Signal. (Valko 3 Dec.) 11745 SAUDI ARABIA Al-Azm R. 1434 AR tlk by M pgm host w/reporter on phone w/ments of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. 1435 into AR choral mx. 1436 M again w/ments of Iran, then more mx. Sounded like a quick ment of Al-Azm at 1437:30. 1439 canned apparent intro for next segment w/speech excerpts. Into tlk by M w/ment of Yemen and Iran. 1446 same canned intro/outro, 1447 canned anmnt by M w/ment of Al-Azm. Peaks here around 1400-1430. (Valko 3 Dec.) 7700.01 PIRATE (EUOPE) Free R.Service Holland While looking for Marconi on 7720U at 1449, hrd FRSH in AM playing “Always Something There To Remind Me”. 1451 next song.unrec. 1455 maybe M tlk over mx. Sounded like more anmnts at 1459. Mx at 1501 but fading. Not even audible at 1506 recheck. Measured on exactly 7700.028 at 1515, but way too weak. Still there at 1535. Was getting some mx at 1601, and up to 7700.04. Looked like it was gone at 1638 recheck. (Valko 3 Dec.) 11735 ZANZIBAR ZBC 1516 AR sounding mx. Weak but here at this unusual time. (Valko 3 Dec.) 6937 PIRATE (NA) UNID. Big OC at 1518, then EuroPop instru. mx at 1520 recheck. UNID. In HF Underground too. (Valko 3 Dec.) 7181.56 ERITREA V.O. Broad Masses Fairly decent audio at 1701 w/HoA mx and M anncr. Just hammered by Hams though, as you’d expect on a Sunday. (Valko 3 Dec.) 11750 SRI LANKA SLBC 1725 subcont. vcl mx. Shouting like it was part of the song at 1730, then suddenly off. (Valko 3 Dec.) 11779.95 BRAZIL R.Nacional Amazonia 1727 M anncr in PT w/ment of Brazil, then vcl mx. Full canned ID by M at 1730. Very weak but definitely there back on after being off for a long time. (Valko 3 Dec.) 15205 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Still has the awful buzzing signal here. Massive signal too at the remote site at 1736. Youtube video of reception can be found using this link: https://youtu.be/ldlHV6TeyKo (Valko 3 Dec.) 6090 ANGUILLA Caribbean Beacon Found back on w/old strong signal at 2320 w/canned loop of mx and M giving phone # to call. Then back to The University Network rel. pgming. Hrd again the next day at 2200, but was off again on recheck just 3 min. later, and came back on at 2205:35. Guess either the hurricane damage wasn’t as bad as they said, or they got new equipment installed quickly, or maybe they’re even using a different site. Youtube video of reception can be found using this link: https://youtu.be/hXBOXz-Qe5c (Valko 4, 5 Dec.) 4925.01 BRAZIL R.Educacao Rural Horribly distorted signal at 1000 gradually clearing up by 1003. Apparent morning nx pgm w/M and W anncrs in PT including actuality. Wonder if this distortion is a result of their recent attempt to readjust the freq. Youtube video of reception at: https://youtu.be/FUkC0ZDzEl4 (Valko 5 Dec.) 11780.01 BRAZIL R. Nacional Amazonia Surprised to find this on at full high power at 2046. Nx pgm w/W anncr in PT. Went off the air at 2048:11 and audio was distorted briefly when it came back on a min. later. Went off again at 2051:00 and had the same distortion for a few seconds when it came back on a min. later. Full ID by M at 2058, then promo for “Voz do Brasil” and into the “Voz do Brasil” nx pgm at 2100. Good of course. Wonder if they’re testing at high power. Youtube video of reception at: https://youtu.be/zE8QO3udipo (Valko 5 Dec.)


NB: Radio stations are listed under the country in which the transmitter (not studios!) is (or presumed to be) located. Unless otherwise stated, reception reports should be considered as sent by electronic mail. BULGARIA SW Radiogram, via Kostinbrod, 9400 kHz: e-QSL in 14 days for report with audio clip, text and images decoded to: radiogram@verizon.net V/S Kim Andrew Elliott. (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN) FRANCE Radio Taiwan International, via Issoudun, 5935 kHz: F/D QSL card No. 11 "Butterfly" in 39 days for a report to Russian section: russ@rti.org.tw (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA). GERMANY IBC Italian Broadcasting Corporation, via Rohrbach Waal, 6070 kHz: F/D eQSL in 74 days. E-mail: ibc@europe.com (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti - RUSSIA). NHK World, via Nauen, 6165 kHz: F/D QSL card "Colors of the Autumn Chill" in 69 days for report through the website of NHK World. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA). Creepy Radio, via Rohrbach Waal, 6070 kHz: F/D e-QSL and two promo Halloween video wmv files in 40 days. E-mail: creepyradio@outlook.com ( Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA). Atlantic 2000 International, via Rohrbach Waal, 6070 kHz: e-QSL commemorating 35 years on the air and e-infosheet in 19 days for report with audio clip to: atlantic2000international@gmail.com (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN). HAWAII WWVH, 2500 kHz: QSL picturing a fiery sunset (or is it sunrise) in 19 days. Ironically the time wasn't included!! (Dave Valko in Dunlo, Pennsylvania-USA). ITALY Associazione Italcable, 10000 kHz: F/D QSL card "Stazione segnale orario" in 33 days. E-mail address: info@associazioneitalcable.it > (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA). Marconi Radio International, 7700 kHz USB: F/D QSL card in 40 days. E-mail: marconiradiointernational@gmail.com (Manuel Méndez, Lugo- SPAIN). Enterprise Radio, 6950 kHz: e-QSL celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the station in 7 days for report with audio clip sent to: enterpriseradio@hotmail.com (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN). Radio Europe, 6875 kHz: e-QSL and station logos in 1 day for report with audio clip to: radioeurope@iol.it (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN). PIRATE Partial India Radio 6924.97 kHz: e-QSL in 3 hours 41 minutes. (Dave Valko in Dunlo, Pennsylvania-USA). Radio Underground, 6305 kHz: e-QSL in 6 days for report with audio clip sent to: radioundergroundsw@gmail.com (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN). Radio Merlin International, 6305 kHz: Halloween show e-QSL, pictures, letter and station info in a few minutes for report with audio clip sent to: radiomerlin@blueyonder.co.uk (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN). Lupo Radio (Argentina) 6973 kHz: Nice e-QSL in 1 day. A great Christmas present!!! (Dave Valko, Dunlo, Pennsylvania- USA). RUSSIA WRN, via Moscow, 738 kHz. F/D e-QSL card "300th anniversary issue of Radio Panorama" 73 days for report to: letters@wrn.ru > (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA). TURKEY Voice of Turkey, 11965 kHz: F/D QSL card "... desert is cooked and distributed among people " in 69 days for report to Russian section: russian@trt.net.tr (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA). USA WJHR, 15555 USB kHz: N/D eQSL, Letters in English and Spanish, station info, picture in 13 days for report with audio clip sent to: WJHR@usa.com (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN).


Radio Free Asia (RFA) announces its 66th QSL card. This latest design commemorates the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea scheduled for February 9-25, 2018. The Games always bring people together from around the world in peace and harmony to respect universal moral principles. This new design shows an adaptation of RFA’s first panda design originally used for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This updated version of the original design adds a winter cap stylized to match the Games. This QSL design is used to confirm all valid reception reports from January – April 2018. RFA’s QSL commemorating the 2018 Winter Olympics Created by Congress in 1994 and incorporated in 1996, RFA broadcasts in Burmese, Cantonese, Khmer, Korean to North Korea, Lao, Mandarin (including the Wu dialect), Vietnamese, Tibetan (Uke, Amdo, and Kham), and Uyghur. RFA strives for accuracy, balance, and fairness in its editorial content. As a ‘surrogate’ broadcaster, RFA provides news and commentary specific to each of its target countries, acting as the free press these countries lack. RFA broadcasts only in local languages and dialects, and most of its broadcasts comprise news of specific local interest. More information about Radio Free Asia, including our current broadcast frequency schedule, is available at www.rfa.org. RFA encourages listeners to submit reception reports. Reception reports are valuable to RFA as they help us evaluate the signal strength and quality of our transmissions. RFA confirms all accurate reception reports by mailing a QSL card to the listener. RFA welcomes all reception report submissions at http://techweb.rfa.org (follow the QSL REPORTS link) not only from DX’ers, but also from its general listening audience. Reception reports are also accepted by email at qsl@rfa.org and by mail to: Reception Reports, Radio Free Asia 2025 M. Street NW, Suite 300, Washington DC 20036, United States of America. (Radio Free Asia Press Release)

View, download, print, and share for free a pdf version of DX FANZINE No. 52 - December 2017 ------------------------------------------- END OF DX FANZINE nr. 52 -------------------------------------------


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