DX Fanzine nr. 43 – March 2017

DX Fanzine, an electronic newsletter which was originally edited in 1999/2000, brings together tips and news as contributed by individual DXers or ascertained from different sources. We are interested in any change about frequencies, times, language-services, transmitters, programme contents, phone and fax-numbers, electronic and postal address, station personnel.
The purpose of DX Fanzine, which doesn’t pretend to be in competition with any other electronic DX newsletter, is to provide timely and topical news and information to shortwave enthusiasts worldwide.
It is available on the web at http://www.dxfanzine.com and updated as soon as loggings, DX news, frequency upadates as well as QSL notes are received from any SWL around the world.
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NB: All times, days and dates are day/month GMT-UTC, unless otherwise stated.

Logs are entered in frequency order. Reception quality abbreviations: P = Poor, F = Fair, G = Good, E = Excellent.

Language Abbreviations: AA=Arabic, CC=Chinese, CT=Catalan, DD=Dutch, EE=English, FF: French, GG= German, IT=Italian, JJ=Japanese, PP=Portoguese, RM=Romanian, RR=Russian, SS=Spanish, VV=Vernacular.

Material from DX Fanzine may be redistributed, posted to any other location, published or used for broadcast, provided it be fully credited to DX Fanzine and the original and intermediate sources.
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Editor:Antonello Napolitano. The cover photo shows QSL card of Baltic Sea Radio.

 Freq.   Date    Time-UTC  ITU Station, Language and Programme Details.    SINPO Contributor

  558   13.03.17 1840       E  RNE R.5, Valencia, SS: Regional NX Comunidad Valen-  G.    RP
  666   14.03.17 1840       E  R.Barcelona, CT: Interview.                          G.    RP
  747   08.03.17 1835       E  RNE R.5, Cadiz, SS: Regional NX "Andalucia".         G.    RP
  783   08.03.17 2320      SYR Syrian R., Tartus, AA: Holy Quran.                   F.    RP
  828   17.03.17 1710       I  Z100, IT: MX. E-mail: z100milano@ondemedie.am        G.    RP
  882   01.03.17 1745       G  BBC R.Wales, Cardiff, EE: NX.                        G.    RP
  882   01.03.17 1755       E  COPE Alicante, SS: ID+Commercials for local business G.    RP
  882   06.03.17 2255       E  COPE Valladolid,SS:ID+Commercials for local business G.    RP
  954   24.03.17 1835      TUR TRT, Trabzon, TurKish: MX.                           G.    RP
  963   09.03.17 1900      TUN R.Tunis International, Tunis/Djedeida, SS: ID, MX.   G.    RP
 1008   10.03.17 2005-2023 CNY ES R.Las Palmas, Las Palmas, SS: Football live match 12321 MM
                               Español/Las Palmas+Commercials for local business, ID                            
 1008   31.03.17 2239       E  R.Extremadura, Badajoz, SS: ID+Commercials for local G.    RP
 1026   06.03.17 1850      IRN R.Tabriz, Azarsharh, Farsi: TK.                      G.    RP
 1026   06.03.17 2115       E  R.Reus, CT: ID, Commercials for local business.      G.    RP
 1026   24.03.17 1830      IRN R.Tabriz, Farsi: radioplay.                          G.    RP
 1035   20.03.17 2305       G  Northsound 2, Aberdeen, EE: ID, MX.                  G.    RP
 1053   27.02.17 2257       E  COPE Zaragoza, SS: ID+Commercials for local business G.    RP
 1071   01.03.17 1750      IND AIR Rajkot, Urdu: NX.                                F.    RP
 1080   21.03.17 1825       E  R.Huesca, SS, Local NX.                              G.    RP
 1098   22.03.17 1835       E  RNE R.5, Avila, SS: Regional NX reg Castilla y Leon. F.    RP
 1130   11.03.17 0420      USA WBBR, New York, EE: NX.                              F.    RP
 1134   27.03.17 2157       E  COPE Pamplona, SS: ID+Commercials for local business G.    RP
 1170   26.03.17 2155      SVN R.Koper/Capodistria, Beli Kriz, IT: MX.              G.    RP
 1179   30.03.17 2234       E  R.La Rioja, Logrono, SS: ID+Commercials for local    F.    RP 
 1224   16.03.17 1755       E  COPE Mallorca, SS: ID+Commercials for local business G.    RP
 1260   29.03.17 2234       E  R.Murcia, SS: ID, Commercials for local business.    G.    RP
 1269   10.03.17 1756       E  COPE Zamora, SS: ID, Commercials forl local business F.    RP
 1341   28.02.17 1758       E  Onda Cero R., Ciudad Real, SS: ID, Commercials for   G.    RP
                               local business.
 1350   02.03.17 1745      HNG Magyar R, Gyor, Slovak: MX.                          G.    RP
 1350   05.03.17 0120       B  Super R.Cristal, Salvador, PP: Rlgs TK.              F.    RP
 1350   05.03.17 0910       I  I AM R., IT: DX PX By R:Scaglione. info@iamradio.am  G.    RP
 1350   12.03.17 0910       I  I AM R., IT: DX PX by R.Scaglione. info@iamradio.am  G.    RP
 1350   19.03.17 0910       I  I AM R., IT: DX PX by R.Scaglione. info@iamradio.am  G.    RP
 1368   20.03.17 2120       I  R.Challenger, Villa Estense, EE: NX relayed from VOA G.    RP
 1368   20.03.17 2125       G  Manx R., Douglas, EE: MX.                            F.    RP
 1377   02.03.17 1800      ARM TWR, Gavar relay, Farsi: TK.                         G.    RP
 1377   06.03.17 2125      CHN China National R. 1, via Xingyang, CC: MX.           G.    RP
 1395   20.03.17 2115      IRN IRIB, Hajiabad, Farsi: MX.                           F.    RP
 1413   27.02.17 1835       E  RNE R.5, Girona, CT: Regional NX Catalunya.          G.    RP
 1431   08.03.17 1725      DJI R.Sawa, Doraleh, AA: MX.                             F.    RP 
 1449   25.03.17 0435       G  BBC R.4, Redmoss, EE: NX.                            G.    RP
 1500   11.03.17 0430      USA WFED, Washington, EE: NX.                            F.    RP
 1510   11.03.17 0425      USA WMEX, Boston, EE: TK.                                G.    RP
 1539   15.03.17 1830       E  R.Manresa, Manresa, CT: Regional NX Catalunya.       G.    RP
 1550   04.03.17 2016-2022 ALG R.Nacional República Árabe Saharaui, Rabouni, AA: TK 32432 MM
 1550   10.03.17 2015-2023 ALG R.Nacional República Árabe Saharaui, Rabouni, AA: TK 12321 MM
 1560   11.03.17 0415      USA WFME, New York, EE: Gospel.                          G.    RP
 1566   21.03.17 1650-1710 KOR HLAZ FEBC, Jeju, JJ: At 1600 Pips & ID, Rlgs songs.  33343 PR
 1566   22.03.17 0410-0420 BEN TWR Benin, Cotonou, VV: Rlgs PX.                     34343 PR
 1584   26.02.17 1755       I  R.Studio X, Momigno, IT: ID, MX.                     G.    RP
 1584   05.03.17 1840       I  R.Studio X, Momigno, IT: ID, MX.                     G.    RP
 1584   15.03.17 1945       I  IBC, via R.Studio X, Momigno, IT: TK. ibc@europe.com G.    RP
 1593   27.03.17 2010       F  R.Bretagne 5, Quessoy, FF: Jazz MX.                  G.    RP
 1610   27.02.17 2110      PIR R.Batavier,EE: ID, MX. Mail: radionorthcoast@live.nl G.    RP
 1610   05.03.17 0050      AIA Caribbean Beacon, The Valley, Anguilla, EE: Rlgs TK. F.    RP
 1610   11.03.17 0410      AIA Caribbean Beacon, The Valley, Anguilla, EE: Rlgs TK. F.    RP
 1610   22.03.17 0423-0428 AIA Carribean Beacon, The Valley, EE: PX by University   25342 PR
                               Network. // 5935 kHz (WWCR). 
 1646   13.03.17 2130      PIR R.Vrolijke Mijnwerker, Holland, DD: ID, MX. E-mail:  G.    RP
 1655   05.03.17 0040      PIR R.Relmus, EE: ID, MX. E-mail: relmusfm@hotmail.com   G.    RP
 3310   05.03.17 0141-0146 BOL R.Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, Quechua: TK.              14321 MM
 3330   26.03.17 0005      AFS R.Sonder Grense, Meyerton, Afrikaans: MX.            F.    RP
 3900   18.03.17 2335      PIR R.Technical Man, EE: ID, MX. technicalman@hotmail.nl G.    RP
 3905   12.03.17 0005      PIR Skyline R.International, EE: ID, MX. E-mail address: G.    RP
 3975   01.03.17 1835       I  IBC Italian Broadcasting Corporation, IT: MX. E-mail G.    RP
                               address: ibc@europe.com  // 1584 kHz     
 4010   22.03.17 1610      KGZ Birinchi R., Bishkek, Kyrgyz: NX.                    F.    RP
 4055   04.03.17 0605      GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, EE: Rlgs TK and songs.         25432 MM 
 4055   04.03.17 0539-0601*GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, EE: Rlgs songs,TK, ID, NA, QRT 15431 MM
 4055   22.03.17 0523-0532 GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, EE: Rlgs TK/songs. Better LSB  14321 MM
 4055   26.03.17 0520-0550 GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, EE: Rlgs songs, TK.            14321 MM
 4055   30.03.17 0458-0510 GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, EE: Rlgs songs and TK.         14321 MM
 4765   05.03.17 0010      TJK Tajik R, Dushanbè. Taijik: NX.                       G.    RP
 4765   05.03.17 0443-0504*CUB R.Progreso, La Habana via Quivican, Cuban songs.     34433 MM
 4765   30.03.17 0308-0315 CUB R.Progreso, La Habana/Quivican, SS: Cuban songs, TK. 24322 MM
 4800   12.03.17 1714-1720 CHN China National R.1, Geermu, CC: TK, MX. QRM from AIR 43433 AN*
 4885   04.03.17 0604-0630  B  R.Clube do Pará, Belém, Brazilian songs.             34433 MM
 4885   05.03.17 0015       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: NX.                      G.    RP
 4885   12.03.17 0010       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: NX.                      F.    RP
 4885   12.03.17 0540-0620  B  R.Clube do Pará, Belém, PP: Brazilian songs, TK.     24322 MM
 4885   13.03.17 0637-0650  B  R.Clube do Pará, Belém, PP: Songs in EE & PP, TK.    34433 MM
 4885   18.03.17 2340       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: MX.                      G.    RP
 4885   22.03.17 1615      KRE Echo of Hope, Seoul, Korean: TK.                     G.    RP
 4885   25.03.17 0410       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: MX.                      G.    RP
 4885   26.03.17 0510-0540  B  R.Clube do Para, Belém, Brazilian songs.             24322 MM
 4885   30.03.17 0620-0635  B  R.Clube do Pará, Belém, - Brazilian songs.           24322 MM
 4910   04.03.17 1731-1733 IND AIR Jaipur, EE: NX.                                  14321 MM
 4910   29.03.17 1734-1737 IND AIR Jaipur, Hindi: TK.                               14321 MM
 4920   04.03.17 1730-1732 IND AIR Chennai, EE: NX.                                 21321 MM
 4920   11.03.17 1730-1736 IND AIR Chennai, EE: NX. At 1734 into Hindi with TK.     13321 MM
 4920   19.03.17 1730-1734 IND AIR Chennai, EE: NX.                                 14321 MM
 4920   29.03.17 1730-1735 IND AIR Chennai, EE: NX, then into Hindi with TK.        24322 MM
 4930   12.03.17 1706-1711 BOT VOA, Selebi Pikwe relay, Shona: TK, ID.              45333 AN*
 4949.7 11.03.17 1832-1843 AGL R.Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, PP: TK, Songs.       24322 MM
 4949.7 29.03.17 1820-1845 AGL R.Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, PP: TK+African songs 14321 MM
 4949.8 04.03.17 1942-2020 AGL R.Nacional de Angola, via Mulenvos, PP: TK.          14321 MM
 4985   13.03.17 0640-0704  B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: TK, Brazilian songs.  21331 MM
                               Strong RTTY QRM. // 11815 kHz. 
 4985   26.03.17 0520-0530  B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, Brazilian songs. RTTY QRM 12321 MM 
 4996   06.02.17 1740      RUS RWM, Mendeleevo, - Pips                              G.    RP
 5005   05.03.17 0546-0604 GNE R.Nacional Guinea Ecautorial, Bata, SS: songs, TK.   14321 MM
 5005   11.03.17 0530-0550 CGE R.Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, SS: Songs, TK.   14321 MM
 5005   17.03.17 0525-0540 CGE R.Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata,- African songs.  14321 MM
 5005   22.03.17 0520-0550 GNE R.Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, SS: TK. Hrd LSB. 14321 MM
 5005   26.03.17*0513-0540 GNE R.Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata: Initially, only  14321 MM
                               carrier detected but after 0525 some songs were heard  
 5005   30.03.17 0522-0536 GNE R.Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata, SS: African and  14321 MM
                               other songs, TK. Very weak. 
 5010   04.03.17 1730-1733 IND AIR Thiruvananthapuram, EE: NX.                      14321 MM
 5010   11.03.17 1725-1736 IND AIR Thiruvanamthapuran, EE: Local MX. At 1730 NX.    14321 MM
 5010   18.03.17 1731-1737 IND AIR Thiruvananthapuram, EE: NX,then into TK in Hindi 14321 MM
 5024.9 05.03.17 0118-0125 PRU Presumed R.Quillabamba, Ed: SS? TK, songs. Better on 14321 MM
                               LSB. NB: Radio Rebelde was off-air. 
 5025   18.03.17 2325       B  R.Rebelde, Habana via Quivican, SS MX. Reactiveted!  G.    RP
 5040   04.03.17 1731-1733 IND AIR Jeypore, EE: NX.                                 14321 MM
 5040   12.03.17 1730-1734 IND AIR Jeypore, EE: NX. Very weak.                      14321 MM
 5040   18.03.17 1730-1737 IND AIR Jeypore, EE: NX,  then into TK in Hindi.// 5010. 24322 MM
 5040   29.03.17 1732-1734 IND AIR Jeypore, EE: NX.                                 24322 MM
 5060   12.03.17 1650-1705 CHN PBS Xinjiang, Urumqi, CC: Songs, Time Pps, TK.       43333 AN*
 5860   26.02.17 1740      KWT R.Farda, Washington via Kuwait, Farsi: MX.           G.    RP
 5910   04.03.17 0650-0750 CLM Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, SS: LA songs, Rlgs TK.  14321 MM
 5910   05.03.17 0521-0710 CLM Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, SS: LA songs, "Boleros" 34333 MM
                               At 0628 ID and Time, Martin Stendhal, rlgs TK. 
 5910   11.03.17 0620-0640 CLM Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, Latin American songs.   14321 MM 
 5910   12.03.17 0640-0730 CLM Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, SS: Rlgs TK by Martin   14321 MM 
 5910   25.03.17 0420      CLM Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, SS: MX.                 F.    RP
 5910   22.03.17 0522-0533 CLM Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, LA songs. 14321 MM
 5910   26.03.17 0525-0540 CLM Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, LA Songs.               24322 MM
 5910   30.03.17 0618-0640 CLM Alcaraván R., Puerto Lleras, LA songs.               14321 MM
 5910   26.03.17 1600      ROU R.Romania Int., Bucharest via Tiganesti, IT: ID, NX. E.    RP
 5915   25.02.17 0459-0555 ZMB ZNBC, Lusaka, EE: IS mixed w/fanfare, ID, NX. @ 0517 F.    DV
                               w/manufacturing ad for Zambia Bureau of Standards by 
                               OM, then ID by studio OM DJ in VV+lively Afro Pop MX.
 5940   05.03.17 0020       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: Rlgs TK.              G.    RP
 5940   18.03.17 2345       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: Rlgs TK.              F.    RP
 5950   07.03.17 1810-1825 ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa, VV: East African  23322 MM
                               songs, TK. 
 5950   11.03.17 1805-1812 ETH VO Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa, VV: East African  33433 MM
                               songs, TK. 
 5950   29.03.17 1834-1842 ETH VO Tigray Revolution,Addis Ababa, East African songs 32332 MM
 5952.4 05.03.17 0106-0115 BOL R.Pio XII, Siglo XX, SS: TK, Bolivian songs.         14321 MM
 5985   26.03.17 0010      MYA Myanmar R., Yangon, Burmese: TK.                     G.    RP
 5995   05.03.17 0732-0745 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF: TK.                              14321 MM
 5995   13.03.17 0706-0715 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF: TK.                              14321 MM
 5995   18.03.17 2350      MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF: African MX.                      F.    RP
 5995   26.03.17 1550      NZL R.New Zealand Int, Wellington via Rangitaiki, EE: MX G.    RP
 5995   29.03.17 1849-1910 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF/VV: Local songs and TK.           14321 MM
 6000   13.03.17 1800      RUS R.Adygeya, via Armavir-Krasnodar, Adygeyan: TK. Ed:  F.    RP
                               In 2014 Artur Fernadez Llorella from Spain, got an E 
                               mail verification in RR from: gtrkadygeya@yandex.ru 
 6010   05.03.17 0701-0750 CLM La Voz de tu Conciencia, Puerto Lleras, SS: LA songs 14321 MM
                               and Martin Stendhal's Rlgs PX. 
 6010   12.03.17 0720-0749 CLM La Voz de tu Conciencia, Puerto Lleras, SS: Rlgs TK. 14321 MM
 6030   12.03.17 1740-1746 ETH R.Oromiya, Addis Ababa, VV: TK.                      24322 MM
 6050   05.03.17 0509-0850 EQA HCJB, Pichincha, SS: Rlgs TK and songs, Time Ann, ID 24322 MM
 6050   12.03.17 0630-0649 LBR ELWA R., Monrovia, EE: Rlgs songs and TK.            14321 MM
 6050   13.03.17 0643-0711 LBR ELWA R., Monrovia, EE: Rlgs TK and Rlgs songs.       14321 MM
 6050   23.03.17 0650-0715 LBR ELWA R., Monrovia, EE: Rlgs songs/TK.@ 0700 Time Ann 14321 MM
 6050   30.03.17 0615-0624 LBR ELWA R., Monrovia, EE: rlgs TK and songs. Very weak. 14321 MM
 6065   15.03.17 1740      ZMB VO Hope, Lusaka, EE: MX.                             F.    RP
 6070   04.03.17 0920-0930* D  Hobart R. Internatonal, Rohrbach Waal, EE: Special   14321 MM
                               show Hobart Radio International, TK. At 0930 S/OFF.  
 6070   04.03.17 1100       D  Frequenzfieber???, GG: MX.                           G.    RP 
 6070   04.03.17 1700-1715  D  R.Sylvia, via Rohrbach Waal, GG: ID.Co-ch QRM fm CRI P/F.  LB
 6070   05.03.17 0025      CAN CFRB, Toronto, EE: NX.                               F.    RP
 6070   05.03.17 1100       D  R.BCL News, via Rohrbach Waal, IT: DX PX "Studio DX" G.    RP
                               by Roberto Scaglione. E-mail: info@bclnews.it  
 6070   16.03.17 1610       D  R.Jammin Oldies,???, via Rohrbach Waal, EE: ID, MX.  G.    RP
 6070   18.03.17 1900-1915  D  SM R. Int., via Rohrbach Waal, EE: oldies, IDs.      F/G.  LB
 6070   19.03.17 1400-1415  D  8 R., via Rohrbach Waal, EE: IDs by OM.              F/G.  LB
 6070   19.03.17 1425       D  8 R., via Rohrbach Waal, EE: ID, MX. E-mail address: G.    RP
 6070   29.03.17 1845-1850  D  Italian Broadcasting Corp. (IBC), via Rohrbach Waal, 35333 AN
                               EE: DX PX "Italian Shortwave Panorama" with logs.
 6085   05.03.17 1000       D  R.Mi Amigo International, via Kall Krekel, DD: ID,   E.    RP
                               MX. info@radiomiamigo.es     
 6085   04.03.17 1700-1735  D  R.Mi Amigo, via Kall Krekel, Ed: EE? pop MX, ID.     24322 MM
 6085   26.03.17*0658-0720  D  R.Mi Amigo, via Kall Krekel, EE: Pop MX, ID, TK.     24322 MM
 6090   12.03.17 1735-1747 ETH VO Amhara State, Addis Ababa, VV: East African songs 24322 MM
 6100   10.03.17 1602-1629 AFG R.Afghanitsan, Kabul, Urdu?: TK, MX Bridge. At 1610  34433 AN*
                               Song "Husn Hazirhain" (from Lajla Majnu) by female
                               singer Lata Mangeshkar. At 1629 TK by YL.
 6100   19.03.17 1607-1620 AFG R.Afghanistan, Kabul, Urdu: TK, @ 1609 & 1619 songs. 44333 AN*
 6100   21.03.17 1607-1620 AFG R.Afghanistan, Kabul, Urdu: EE: End of PX in EE with 35333 AN*
                               closing annmnt, then into Urdu with TK.
 6115   07.03.17 1813-1821 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, 1813-1821, 07-03, French, TK.  12321 MM 
 6115   11.03.17 1801-1847 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: NX about Congo, ID.        13321 MM 
 6115   13.03.17 1815-1827 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: TK about Congo.            13221 MM
 6115   19.03.17 1817-1830 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: TK. Very weak.             14321 MM
 6115   29.03.17 1815-1840 CGO R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: TK, African songs.         14321 MM
 6134.8 05.03.17 0115-0120 BOL R.Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, SS: TK.       13221 MM
 6135.6 08.03.17 0005-0045  B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: TK. whistling with R.    32442 PR
                               Santa Cruz on 6134.5. 
 6150   05.03.17 0727-0740  D  R.Europa 24, Datteln, GG: Pop songs, ID, NX.         14321 MM
 6150   05.03.17 1020       D  R.Europa 24, via Datteln, GG: ID, MX.                G.    RP
 6150   26.03.17 0645-0720  D  R.Europa 24, via Datteln, GG: Pop songs, ID, TK.     24322 MM
 6180   04.03.17 0610-0630* D  Deutscher Wetterdienst, Pinneberg, GG: WX. NB: Radio 45444 MM
                               Nacional da Amazonia was off-air.  
 6180   04.03.17 2010-2030  D  Deutscher Wetterdienst, Pinneberg, GG: WX.           33433 MM
 6180   18.03.17 0545-0640  B  R.Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, PP: PX "Madrugada  24322 MM
                               Nacional" and "Aló Brasil", ID. 
 6180   30.03.17 0614-0628  D  Deutsche Wetterdienst, Pinneberg, GG: WX.            14321 MM
 6185   04.03.17 0540-0553 MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de México, SS: TK, songs.        14321 MM
 6185   11.03.17 0547-0600*MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de Mexico, Songs in SS language. 14321 MM
 6185   12.03.17 0543-0600*MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexican Songs.        14321 MM
 6185   13.03.17 0545-0555 MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de México, SS: TK, Mexican songs 14321 MM
 6185   19.03.17 0550-0601*MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de México, SS: Classical MX, PX: 14321 MM
                               "Mujeres Compositoras", ID "Radio Educación". 
 6185   26.03.17 0522-0545 MEX R.Educación, Ciudad de México, SS: classic songs, TK 14321 MM
 6190   18.03.17 0728-0759  D  Hamburger Lokal R., Gohren, EE: Glenn Hauser's DX PX 14321 MM
 6200   12.03.17 0950      PIR R.Borderhunter, EE: ID, MX. E-mail address:          G.    RP
 6220   13.03.17 1720      PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: ID+MX. studio@laserhothits.co.uk G.    RP
 6220   21.03.17 1710      PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: ID+MX. studio@laserhothits.co.uk G.    RP
 6235   12.03.17 0945      PIR R.Waves Int., EE: ID, MX. E-Mail: rwaves@free.fr     G.    RP
 6235   19.03.17 0945      PIR R.Waves Int., FF: ID, MX. E-mail: rwaves@free.fr     G.    RP
 6235   26.03.17 0840      PIR R.Waves Int, FF: ID, MX. E-mail: rwaves@free.fr      G.    RP
 6295   25.03.17 1730      PIR R.Tower, EE: ID, MX. E-mail: radiotoweram@gmail.com  G.    RP
 6240   04.03.17 1350      PIR R.Casanova, EE: ID, MX. radiocasanova@hotmail.com    G.    RP
 6260   19.03.17 1005      PIR R.AC DC, EE: ID, MX. E-mail: radioacdc@gmail.com     G.    RP
 6265   04.03.17 1740      PIR R.Mexico, GG: ID, MX. E-mail: radiomexico@web.de     G.    RP
 6265   11.03.17 1700      PIR R.Mexico, EE: ID:, MX. E-mail: radiomexico@web.de    G.    RP
 6305   12.03.17 1010      PIR R.Merlin International, EE: ID, MX. E-mail address:  F.    RP
 6423   25.03.17 1745      PIR R.Studio 52, DD: ID, MX. E-mail: studio52@planet.nl  G.    RP
 6950   12.03.17 0930       I  Enterprise R., IT: ID, MX. E-mail address:           G.    RP
 7120   11.03.17 1836-1845 SOM R.Hargeisa, Hargeisa, Somali: TK and songs.          24322 MM
 7120   29.03.17 1839-1847 SOM R.Hargeisa, Hargeisa, Somali: TK.                    22322 MM
 7236.4 22.03.17 0356-0430 ETH VO Peace & Democracy of Eritrea, Addis Ababa-Gedja,  35443 PR
                               VV: TK. PX repeated at 1801.      
 7238.5 22.03.17 1801-1835 ETH VO Peace & Democracy of Eritrea, Addis Ababa-Gedja,  22542 PR
                               VV: TK.                            
 7255   11.03.17 1757-1806 NIG VO Nigeria, Ikorodu, EE: IS, TK. Co-channel QRM CRI  21321 MM
 7255   29.03.17 1830-1845 NIG VO Nigeria, Ikorodu,  EE: NX.                        34433 MM
 7259.9 07.03.17 0959-     VAN R.Vanuatu, Bislam: End of song, TK, fanfare, OM then XXXXX DV
                               YL anncrs briefly, usual conch shell blowing ToH sig- 
                               nature at 1000:41, then NX by YL w/many actualities.  
 7290   17.03.17 1903-1915 BUL R.City, Kostinbrod relay, EE: Pop MX, ID, TK.        12321 MM
 7300   27.02.17 2125       G  R.Akhbar Mufriha, Wooferton relay, AA: TK. E-mail:   G.    RP
 7340   26.03.17 1800      CHN China R.Int, via Kashi-Saibagh, IT: ID, NX. // 7435  E.    RP
 7480   12.03.17 1800      MDA R.Payam-e Doost, via Kishinev, Farsi: TK. E-mail ad- G.    RP
                               adress: payam@bahairadio.org 
 7700   12.03.17 1715      PIR UNID. Not Marconi R.Int. which uses USB! Non stop MX G.    RP
 7700U  14.03.17*1743-1855  I  Marconi R.International, EE/IT/Other Languages: IS,  13221 MM
                               ID.Later Mailbag PX & DX Show in IT.Also SINPO 24322 
 7700U  19.03.17 1725       I  Marconi R.International, IT: DX PX. E-mail address:  G.    RP
 7700U  19.03.17 1750-1945  I  Marconi R.International, IT: DX NX, ID in EE and     14321 MM
                               other languages, songs.  
 7850   26.03.17 0015      CAN CHU, Ottawa, EE/FF: ID and Pips.                     G.    RP
 9100   15.03.17*1800-1810 KOR Echo Of Hope, Seoul, Korean: S/on with TK.           23442 PR
 9300   23.03.17 1500-1527 PLW R.Free Asia, Tinian relay, EE: ID, then into Korean  45333 AN
                               PX with TK.
 9390   09.03.17 1905      THA R.Thailand, Bangkok via Udon Thani, EE: NX.          E.    RP
 9390   10.03.17 1459-1505 UZB FEBA/IBRA R., Tashkent relay, Bengali: FEBA vintage  45444 AN*
                               IS, MX Bridge, TK (Sounded like a radio drama).
 9390   26.03.17 1500-1503 UZB FEBA R., Tashkent relay, Bengali: IS, Chant, TK.     45444 AN*
 9390   26.03.17 2000-2003 THA R.Thailand, Bangkok via Udon Thani, GG: ID, NX.      45444 AN
 9445   07.03.17 1941-1951*IND AIR, Delhi, EE: Song Alvida by KK, TK, ID, SCH, QRT. 45444 AN*
 9445   18.03.17 1803-1806 IND AIR, New Delhi via Kamphur, EE: NX, ID.              45444 AN 
 9475   18.03.17 1752-1815*SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, VV: TK, Rlgs Song. At 1815   45444 AN
                               IS and QRT. At 1800 QRM from VOA on 9485 kHz!
 9485   19.03.17*0900-1000* D  European Music R., Goehren, EE: ID, Pop MX, TK.      34433 MM 
 9485   19.03.17 0935       D  European Music R., Goehren, EE: Pirate NX. E-mail.   G.    RP
                               address: emrshortwave@gmail.com
 9490   26.03.17 2004-2008 KWT VOA, Kuwait relay, FF: NX, ID, Rock MX.              35433 AN
 9490   27.03.17 1820      EGY R.Cairo, Cairo via Ablis: IT: NX. Very poor!         P.    RP
 9495   18.03.17 1800-1803 MDG Madagascar World Voice, Antananarivo, RR: IS, TK,    34433 AN
                               Song "I don't know why" by Nora Jones.
 9500   10.03.17*1801-1805 SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, EE: IS, ID, Rlgs TK. Song:   45333 AN*
                               "Your Presence is Heaven" by Marinatha! 
 9500   18.03.17 1817-1822 SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, EE: Web address, Rlgs TK.    34433 AN
 9500   20.03.17 1800      SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, EE: ID.                      G.    RP
 9515   13.03.17 2110       B  R.Marumby, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK.                    F.    RP
 9526   26.02.17 1750      INS VO Indonesia, Jakarta-Cimanggis, SS: ID, MX.         G.    RP
 9526   07.03.17 1937-1940 INS VO Indonesia, Jakarta-Cimanggis, EE: ID, MX show.    45444 AN*
 9526   18.03.17 1736-1739 INS VO Indonesia, Jakarta, SS: ID, Song "Tegar" by Rossa 45444 AN
 9526   26.03.17 1451-1455 INS VO Indonesia, Jakarta-Cimanggis, Indonesian: ID,     43433 AN*
                               Song: "Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta" by Nidji.
 9550   26.03.17 0430-0515  D  Bible Voice Broadcasting (BVB), Nauen relay, AA/EE:  45544 PR
                               PXs: "Dardasha Seven" (AA), "Day of Decision" (EE). 
 9565   26.03.17 2010       D  AWR, Nauen relay, FF: Rlg PX, TK+Addr in Ivory Coast 34433 AN
 9590   07.03.17 1933-1935 STP VOA, Pinheira relay, FF: NX. ID. //12075 kHz.        45444 AN*
 9635   04.03.17 1710-1712 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF: TK.                              14321 MM
 9635   13.03.17 0809-0816 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF: TK.                              14321 MM
 9635   26.03.17*0801-0815 MLI R.Mali, Bamako, FF: IS, ID, TK.                      14321 MM
 9650   04.03.17 0700-0730 GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: African songs, ID, TK.        44444 MM
 9650   11.03.17 0700-0704 GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: NX. . At 0703 Song "Nyingui"  35433 AN
                               by Fode Kouyati, ID.
 9650   12.03.17 0715-0840 GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: African songs, ID, TK.        34433 MM
 9650   19.03.17 0658-0702 GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: African MX and many IDs.      35333 AN  
 9650   26.03.17*0703-0730 GUI R.Guinée, Conakry, FF: MX, ID, NX, TK.               43443 MM
 9660   19.03.17 0655-0657*CVA Vatican R, S.Maria di Galeria, EE: NX report from UN 35433 AN
                               about Philippines, End of "World around us" ID, S/OFF  
 9674.9 09.03.17 2011-2020  B  R.Cançao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, PP: Rlgs "Santo   14321 MM
                               Rosario" (Ed: Holy Rosary prayer). 
 9674.9 16.03.17 2055-2117  B  R.Cançao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, PP: Rlgs TK, ID.  24322 MM
 9674.9 18.03.17 2058-2109  B  R.Cançao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, PP: Rlgs TK, ID.  14321 MM
 9675   20.03.17 2110       B  R.Cancao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, PP: Rosary.       G.    RP
 9725   06.03.17 2100       B  R.B2, Curitiba, PP: NX.                              F.    RP
 9740   18.03.17 1807-1812 KOR KBS World, Kimjee, SS: NX, ID PX: "Cine en la radio" 45444 AN
 9765   20.03.17*0759-0803 NZL R.New Zealand Int., via Rangitaiki, EE: IS, Pips, NX 35433 AN
 9790   26.03.17 0900       D  AWR, Nauen relay, IT: PX Obiettivo DX by R.Scaglione E.    RP
 9810   26.03.17 1955-2000 IRN VO Islamic Republic of Iran, EE: Mailbag PX, ID.     55444 AN                          
 9818.9 04.03.17 2037-2046  B  R.9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, PP: Rlgs TK.                14321 MM
 9930   04.03.17 1300      PLW T8WH, Palau, EE: ID, Rlgs TK.                        F.    RP
 9940   07.03.16*1903-1908 SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, EE: IS, ID. At 1905 into     35433 AN*
                               Lingala with MX bridge, TK, Song.
 9940   18.03.17 1903-1906 SWZ TWR Swaziland, Manzini, EE: IS, ID. At 1905 into     35222 AN
                               Lingala with MX bridge, TK, Song.  
 9960   23.03.17 1429-1455 PLW Furusato No Kaze, via WHRI T8WH, EE: ID by WHRI then 45444 AN* 
                               into JJ with MX Bridge, TK, Songs "Medaka No Gakkou"
                               by Hibari Children's Chorus. At 1451 Song: "Azusa 
                               Nigou" by Karyudo.
10000   04.03.17 1340      CHN BPM, Lintong, CC: Pips                               G.    RP
10000   04.03.17 2032-2036  B  Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, PP: TS+ID.    13321 MM
10000   18.03.17 2330      USA WWV, Fort Collins, EE: ID and Pips.                  G.    RP
10000   17.03.17 2034-2050  B  Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, PP: ID, Time, 12321 MM
                               Pips. QRM from Italcable. Back to its original QRG. 
10000.4 16.03.17 2055-2120  B  Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, PP: TS, ID,   14321 MM
                               Time. After a few days on 10010 kHz (See log of 15 
                               March 2017) it returned to its original frequency. 
10010   15.03.17 2120-2133  B  Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro,PP: TS+ID+Time 15321 MM                      
11550   11.03.17 1800       F  R.Publique Africaine, Issoudun relay, Kirundi: Afri- G.    RP
                               can MX. E-mail: sibo82@gmail.com 
11550   18.03.17 1830-1845  F  R.Publique Africaine, via Issoudun, FF: IDs.         F.    LB
11550   18.03.17 1836-1842  F  R.Publique Africaine, via Issoudun,FF: NX on Burundi 54444 AN
11615   18.03.17 1824-1830*BOT Afia/Hallo Darfur, via Selebi Pikwe, AA: TK (Speech) 45444 AN
                               At 1829 MX bridge and final annmt, then S/OFF. 
11730   19.03.17 1315-1317 GUM KTWR, Agana, Assamese: Phone nr, ID, Song.           45444 AN*
11735   04.03.17 1914-1933  B  R.Transmundial, Santa Maria, PP: Rlgs TK. ID.        14321 MM
11735   11.03.17 1843-1857  B  R.Transmundial, Santa Maria, PP: Rlgs songs and TK.  13321 MM
11735   26.03.17 1425-1429 TZN Zanzibar BC, Dolè, Swahili: Phone-in PX.             44444 AN*
11750   26.03.17 1641-1644 CEY SLBC, Trincomalee, Sinhala: TK, Song "Paramitha" by  45444 AN*
                               Shashika Nisansala, Interview, Song "Obe Atha Gena", 
                               by Rohana Siriwardana.
11764.6 12.03.17 0859-0915  B  Super R.Deus e Amor, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK, ID+QRGs  24322 MM
11765   06.03.17 2105       B  Super R.Deus è Amor, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK.          G.    RP
11765   20.03.17 1945       B  Super R.Deus è Amor, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs TK.          G.    RP
11780   04.03.17 1930-2113  B  R.Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, PP: Brazilian      24322 MM
                               songs, TK. At 2133 ID with mention of PX's title. 
11815   06.03.17 2110       B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: MX.                   G.    RP
11815   13.03.17 0708-0720  B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: TK. // 4985.          24322 MM
11855   06.03.17 2115       B  R.Aparecida, PP: Rlgs TK.                            F.    RP
11895   04.03.17 2001-2030  B  R.Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre,  PP: Rlgs TK.           13221 MM
11925   04.03.17 2024-2037  B  R.Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, PP: Football live, TK.    24322 MM
11925   06.03.17 2120       B  R.Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, PP: NX.                   G.    RP
11934.8 04.03.17 2035-2043  B  R.RB2, Curitiba, PP: Rlgs songs and TK. // 9725.     13321 MM
11965   11.03.17 1710       F  Dimtse R.Erena, Issoudun relay, Tigrinya: TK. E-mail F.    RP
                               address: radioerena@gmail.com   
11975   26.03.17 1600-1630 GUM KSDA AWR, Agat, EE: Wavescan DX PX feat.B.Padula rpt 25422 PR
12050   10.03.17*1800-1801 ASC Dandal Kura R.Int., Ascension relay, Kanuri: ID, TK  35333 AN*    
12050   18.03.17 1832-1835 ASC Dandal Kura R.Int., Ascension relay. Kanuri: ID, TK. 35333 AN
12075   07.03.17 1914-1928 BOT VOA, Selebi Pikwe relay, FF: TK.                     35322 AN* 
12085   18.03.17 1845-1859*??? VOA, Amharic? HOA songs "Ethiopia" mentioned often,  55444 AN
                               At 1852 TK by YL. At 1859 ID in EE and S/OFF.
12120   10.03.17 1542-1559*GUM KTWR, Agana, EE: ID, Rlgs TK. AT 1559 ID and S/OFF.  45444 AN*
12120   18.03.17 1105      GUM KTWR, Agana, Mongolian: Rlgs TK.                     F.    RP
12120   23.03.17 1528-1545 GUM KTWR, Agana, EE: Rlgs TK, Song "We praise your Righ- 45544 AN*
                               teousness" by Sovereign Grace Music, song "Miracle 
                               Child" and ID.
13630   10.03.17 1707-1716 BOT VOA, Selebi Pikwe relay, PP: Interview.              35333 AN*
13680   19.03.17 1435-1505 ZMB VO Hope Africa, Lusaka, EE: IDs by OM.               F.    LB
13680   26.03.17 1608-1640 ZMB VO Hope Africa, Lusaka, EE: Rlgs TK, 1630 ID, Song   35333 AN*
                               "Some trust in Chariots" by Robin Mark. At 1634 PX:
                               "Turning Point".
13800   10.03.17 1120      SOM Puntland R., Garowe, Somali: TK.                     F.    RP
15140   10.03.17 1444-1454 OMA R.Oman, Muscat, EE: Songs "That's What I like" by    55444 AN*
                               Bruno Mars, "It ain't me" by Kigo & Selena Gomez, 
                               "Call on me" by Starley, interspersed with jingles   
15140   23.03.17 1423-1428 OMA R.Oman, Muscat, EE: Song "Welcome to the Black Para- 45444 AN*
                               de" by My Chemical Romance, TK, ID.
15140   26.03.17 1515-1530 OMA R.Sultanate of Oman FM, EE: (Increased time for EE?) 35333 PR
                               Ed: Don't be surprised. I also noted many times that
                               they "forget" to switch to PX in AA after 1500 hrs!
15190   04.03.17 1735-1850  B  R.Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, PP: TK, songs, ID.  24322 MM
15190   11.03.17 1829-1840  B  R.Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, PP: TK, ID.         14321 MM
15225   20.03.17 1253-1257*PHL R.Veritas Asia, Paluig Zambales, Kachin: Song, TK,   35333 AN
                               MX bridge. At 1257 ID in EE and S/OFF.
15235   10.03.17 1700-1705 AFS Channel Africa, Johannesburg via Meyerton, EE: ID+NX 35433 AN*
15235   20.03.17 1750      AFS Channel Africa, Johannesburg via Meyerton, EE: MX.   G.    RP
15340   19.03.17 1228-1240 AUS Reach Beyond Australia, via Kununurra, EE: IS, ID,   35333 AN
                               at 1230 into Urdu with MX Bridge abd TK.  
15340   26.03.17 1439-1445*AUS Reach Beyond Australia, Kununurra, EE: TK. At 1444   25422 AN*
                               ID and S/OFF.
15420   18.03.17 1800-1815 MDG R.Itahuka, via Talata Volonondry, Kirundi: NX by OM  G.    LB
15420   26.03.16 1700-1707 MDG VO Oromo Liberation, Talata Volonondry, Oromo: Horn  25422 AN*
                               of Africa style MX and TK
15430   19.03.17*1301-1306 GUM KSDA AWR, Agat, EE: ID then into Dzongkha w/ ID+Song 45444 AN*
15430   26.03.17 1330-1400 CEY Deutsche Welle, Trincomalee relay, Dari: IS, ID, NX. 35433 AN*
15476   16.03.17 2018-2026 ATA LRA 36 R Nacional, Base Esperanza, SS: TK by YL.     14321 MM
                               Extremely weak. Barely audible, better on USB. 
15476   29.03.17 1904-1916 ATA LRA R.Nacional Arcángel S.Gabriel, Base Esperanza,   14321 MM
                               SS: Songs, TK. Extremely weak, Audible only on USB. 
15580   01.03.17 0600-0604 BOT VOA, Selebi Pikwe relay, EE: NX with Trump's speech. 35433 AN
15580   18.03.17 1742-1744 BOT VOA, Washington via Selebi Pikwe relay. EE: ID, TK.  35333 AN
15580   26.03.17 1430-1434 BOT VOA, Selebi Pikwe Relay, EE: PX "The Correspondents" 45444 AN*
                               focused on Terrorist attack in London, ID.
17530   26.03.17 1505-1518 STP VOA, Pinheira relay, EE: PX Music Time in Africa, ID 45444 AN*
17660   04.03.17 1410      ARS R.Saudi International, Riyadh, FF: Holy Quran.       G.    RP
17660   10.03.17 1417-1421 ARS R.Saudi International, Riyadh, FF: ID, MX bridge, TK 35322 AN*
17660   23.03.17*1410-1420 ARS R.Saudi Int., Riyadh, FF: ID, PX on Islam.           34433 AN*
17660   26.03.17*1400-1420 ARS R.Saudi Int., Riyadh, FF: ID, Freqs, Web, Holy Quran 34433 AN*
17730   10.03.17 1423-1443 CUB R.Habana Cuba, Bauta, SS: NX report, ID. At 1529 IS  35333 AN*
17730   26.03.17 1421-1428 CUB R.Habana Cuba, Bauta, SS: TK on Philately, ID.       25332 AN*
17765   26.02.17 1745       F  R.Kallacha Wolubummaa Oromiyaa (Front for Indepen-   F.    RP
                               dence of Oromia), via Issoudun, Oromo: MX. E-mail: 
17845   18.03.17*1159-1219 UAE R.Ergo, via Dhabbaya, Somali: ID,MX bridge, TK+Songs 35333 AN
17845   19.03.17*1200-1219 UAE R.Ergo, via Dhabbaya, Somali: ID, MX bridge, TK.     35433 AN
Contributors: (Italy 3, Bulgaria 1, Spain 1, USA 1) 

AN  = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: ICOM IC R70, Sony ICF 2001. ANT: 20 metre 
      outdoor wire. Tecsun AN-200 Medium Wave Tunable Loop antenna.
AN* = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: KENWOOD R-1000. ANT: inverted "V"+20m wire.
DV  = Dave Valko in Dunlo (PA-USA). RX: Perseus. ANT: Wellbrook ALA1530S, 153 foot Delta Loop.
LB  = Luca Botto Fiora in Rapallo (Italy). RX: R7 Drake, Yaesu VR5000, Tecsun PL-660, Degen 
      DE1103. ANT: 75 cm loop ferrite rod, Magnetic Loop Antenna, 20 m Windom dipole antenna.
MM  = Manuel Méndez in Friol or Lugo (Spain). RX: Sangean ATS-0909X, Tecsun PL880, Sony ICF 
      SW 7600G, ANT: Degen, 31MS active loop antenna and 8 metre cable antenna.
PR  = Rumen Pankov, in Sofia (Bulgaria). RX:  Sony ICF2001D. ANT: Folded Marconi antenna 16 
      meters long own made, Rod for MW.
RP  = Roberto Pavanello in Vercelli (Italy). RX: EGZ DX 10, Icom R-71. ANT: EGZ LPF1R ferrite
      loop for reception of MW, 30-metre long wire.


NB: Radio stations are listed under the country in which the transmitter (not studios!) is (or
presumed to be) located. Unless otherwise stated, reception reports should be considered as sent
by electronic mail.  

NRW Radiofreunde, via Gavar, 6145 kHz: F/D QSL card "Stylized drawing of antennas and a special
stamp" in 116 days. E-mail: info@radiofreunde-nrw.de (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA).

Radio Menschen & Geschichten, via Gavar, 6005 kHz: F/D QSL card in 86 days for report with 
audioclip sent to: info@shortwaveservice.com (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN).

Bhutan Broadcasting Service, 6035 kHz. F/D QSL letter (Pdf format) and friendly message 6 days after
my 4th F/UP. Total time from my original report: 14 months. V/S: Kaka Tshering, General Manager BBS radio. 
F/UP sent to: kakatshering@bbs.bt NB: The report was about reception via Twentw web SDR receiver in Holland.
(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Holy Tibet, 6130 kHz: F/D QSL card in 105 days for report with audioclip sent to: 925403176@qq.com but 
the QSL includes as official address: holytibetprogram@163.com - Previously I received an e-mail with station 
info and nice pictures of Tibet. (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN).

Radio Maria, 1467 kHz: F/D e-QSL in 19 days for report in French with audio clip sent to: qsl@radiomaria.org 
(Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN).

Atlantic 2000 International, via Kall Krekel, 6005 kHz and 7310 kHz: F/D eQSL featuring a "Boat at sea" 
in 10 days. E-mail: atlantic2000international@gmail.com (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA).

Radio Mi Amigo International, via Kall Krekel, 6085 kHz: F/D QSL in 92 days. Addres: Avenida de Europa 85,
Urb. La Marina, San Fulgencio, Alicante, Spain. Electronic report to: info@radiomiamigo.es (Roberto Pavanello, 

Radio BCL News, via Rohbach Waal, 6070 kHz: eQSL in 26 days. E-mail: info@bclnews.it V/S: Roberto Scaglione.
(Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

Enterprise Radio, 6950 kHz: F/D QSL card "Space theme" in 29 days. E-mail: enterpriseradio@hotmail.com
(Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA).

Enterprise Radio, 6950 kHz: e-QSL received in a few hours for report with audio clip sent to:
enterpriseradio@hotmail.com (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN).

Key Channel Radio, 6915 kHz: Special e-QSL celebrating the 1st anniversary of the station, station info 
and pictures in 1 day for report with audioclip sent to: keyradioam@gmail.com (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN).

Radio Free Asia, via IBB Kuwait, 11800 kHz: F/D QSL card featuring "2017- Year of the Rooster" in 50 
days. E-mail: qsl@rfa.org (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA).

Radio Japan NHK World, via Sitkunai, 9510 kHz: F/D QSL card featuring "Rollede A Fog Over the Woods" in 
64 days. Report to Russian section via website. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA ).
Radio Payam-e Doost, via Kishinev, 7480 kHz: F/D eQSL in 1 day. Report sent/and verification came to/from 
Pridnestrovsky Radio TV Centre: prtc@idknet.com (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

Radio Free Asia, via Tinian, 5885 and 9300 kHz: F/D QSL cards (RFA 20th anniversary) in 11 and 29 days for 
report with audio clip sent to: qsl@rfa.org (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN).

Radio Veritas Asia, 15225 kHz: F/D QSL card, acknowledgement card, 2 stickers and bookmark in 230 days.
It should be said that the QSL is dated 15 September 2016 and sent on 26 January 2017. In the meantime I sent
a F/UP on 13 January 2017. The reply came 63 days after my F/UP but apparently they acknowledged my original 
reception report. A few days before I also received (See DX Fanzine nr. 42) a N/D acknowledgement card, 2 
stickers and Waterproof Bag Case for Cell Phone with RVA logo, by registered mail. V/S: Arlene A. Donarber. 
(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY)-

Radio Mexico, 6265 kHz: F/D eQSL in 2 hours. E-mail: radio.mexico@web.deNB: The reply came from
gcotten5558@gmail.com (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

Radio Deltracks, 6295 kHz: P/D friendly E-mail message in 19 days. E-mail: info@deltracks.nl V/S:
Jan Koot. The reply came from: schilderjos@gmail.com (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

Radio March Music, 6200 kHz: F/D eQSL in 11 days. E-mail: radiomarchmusic@gmx.net (Roberto Pavanello, 

Radio Orion 2000, 6940 kHz: e-QSL in 23 days for report with audio clip sent to: radioorion2000@gmail.com
(Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN).

Mustang Radio, 3905 kHz: e-QSL in 1 day  for report with audio clip sent to: mustangradio@live.nl
(Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN).

FRS Holland, 7700 kHz: e-QSL and e-letter verifying the 2016 Boxing day transmission in 87 days for 
report with audioclip sent to: frs@frsholland.nl (Rafael Martínez, Barcelona-SPAIN).

VOA, via Pinheira, 1530 kHz: F/D QSL CARD and leaflet in 244 days. The QSL mentions full A16 period 
instead of my date of reception, (29 June 2016) full 0300-0400 block hour instead of my time of reception 
(0326-0336). Only frequency is correct while transmitter site was omitted! The envelope includes the following
stamp: "Shipped AUG 05 2016"!. Report sent to: letters@VOA.gov, askvoa@voanews.com, lettersuser@voanews.com, 
voanews@voanews.com.  Luckily, see DX Fanzine nr. 35, I already got a F/D, including transmitter site, E-mail 
message from Helena de Menezes, Manager's secretary IBB Sao Tome Transmitting station in one day. The report 
was sent to: HMENEZES@bbg.gov - (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY). 

Shortwave Service, via Dushanbè, 9900 kHz: F/D QSL card "Wooden bird on the background of the   
antennas" in 43 days. E-mail: info@shortwaveservice.com (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA).

Voice of Turkey, 9410 kHz: F/D QSL card in 90 days for report to Russian section: russian@trt.net.tr 
(Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti - RUSSIA).  

Deutsche Welle, via Dhabbaya, 11620 kHz: F/D QSL card featuring "Vintage radios" in 24 days. E-mail: 
tb@dw-world.de (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA).

KBS World, via Woofferton, 7235 kHz: F/D QSL card featuring "The mascots of PyeongChang 2018/Meet 
Soohorang & Bandabi" in 26 days. Report to Russian section: russian@kbs.co.kr (Alexander Golovikhin, 


GUAM Here is the A17 Spring/Summer Schedule of KTWR, Effective March 26 2017. Address: Trans World 
Radio - Guam, P.O. Box 6095 Merizo, Guam 96916 USA. Reports by E-mail can be sent to: Rebecca Philyaw: 
rphilyaw@twr.org (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY). 

Language    Time  UTC Days            Frequency/MB

Cantonese   1400-1430 Mon-Fri          9975/31		
Mandarin    1015-1100 Mon-Fri         13710/22			
Mandarin    1015-1100 Saturday        13710/22			
Mandarin    1030-1100 Mon-Fri         12120/25			
Mandarin    1145-1200 Saturday        11695/25			
Mandarin    1130-1200 Sunday           9910/31			
Mandarin    1100-1230 Mon-Fri          9910/31			
Mongolian   1100-1115 Mon-Sun         12120/25			
Cantonese   1115-1130 Mon-Sun         12120/25			
Hakka       1130-1145 Mon-Sun         12120/25			
Mandarin    1145-1200 Mon-Fri         12120/25			
Mandarin    1145-1200 Mon-Fri         11695/25			
Mandarin    1130-1145 Mon-Fri         11695/25			
Mandarin    1315-1430 Sunday           9975/31			
Mandarin    1330-1430 Saturday         9975/31			
Mandarin    1345-1430 Mon-Fri          9975/31			
Cantonese   1315-1345 Mon-Fri          9975/31			
Mandarin    1415-1430 Mon-Fri          9975/31			
Nosu Yi     1200-1215 Mon-Sun         11580/25			
English     1345-1415 Sunday           9975/31			
Korean      1345-1500 Mon-Fri          7510/41			
Korean      1345-1515 Saturday         7510/41			
Korean      1345-1515 Sunday           7510/41			
English     1315-1345 Saturday         7510/41			
Japanese    1215-1245 Sunday           9900/41			
English     1430-1500 Mon-Sat          9975/31			
English     1230-1300 Saturday        11695/25			
English     1100-1105 Monday          11965/25			
English     1115-1125 Tuesday-Friday  11965/25			
English     1215-1240 Monday-Friday    9900/31			
English     1100-1115 Tuesday-Friday  11965/25			
English	    1030-1100 Sunday          11965/25
English	    1100-1130 Sunday          11965/25
English	    1000-1015 Saturday        11995/25
English	    1000-1025 Mon-Fri         11995/25
English	    1015-1045 Saturday        11995/25
Madurese    1000-1030 Mon-Fri         11965/25
Sundanese   1030-1100 Mon-Fri         11965/25
English	    1000-1030 Sunday          11965/25
Indonesian  1030-1100 Sunday          11965/25
Burmese	    1200-1230 Mon-Fri         12040/25
Burmese	    1200-1230 Saturday        12040/25
Burmese	    1200-1245 Sunday          12040/25
S'gaw Karen 1230-1300 Mon-Fri         12040/25
S'gaw Karen 1245-1300 Sunday          12040/25
S'gaw Karen 1230-1300 Saturday        12040/25
Vietnamese  1245-1315 Mon-Fri         11580/25
Vietnamese  1245-1315 Saturday        11580/25
Vietnamese  1245-1315 Sunday          11580/25
Kok Borok   1230-1300 Mon-Fri         11695/25
Kok Borok   1245-1300 Sunday          11695/25
Dzongkha    1230-1245 Sat-Sun         11580/25
Santhali    1215-1230 Sat-Sun         11580/25
Hindi	    1400-1415 Saturday        11695/25
Hindi	    1315-1330 Sunday          11585/25
Hindi	    1315-1345 Mon-Fri         11585/25
Assamese    1200-1230 Mon-Fri         11695/25
Manapuri    1315-1330 Saturday        11585/25
Telugu	    1315-1330 Sunday          11695/25
Hindi	    1330-1345 Sunday          11585/25
Nepali	    1330-1345 Saturday        11585/25
Kashmiri    1345-1400 Sat-Sun         11585/25
Dogri	    1345-1400 Mon-Fri         11585/25
Garhwali    1400-1415 Mon-Fri         11585/25
Hindi	    1400-1430 Sat-Sun         11585/25
Hindi	    1414-1435 Mon-Fri         11585/25	

ITALY Italian Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) has introduced a new 30 minutes weekly broadcast 
in English, to Europe and the Americas; at the end of every English broadcast there will be 5 minutes 
of "IBC Digital" in MFSK32. Reception reports and feedbacks to: ibc@europe.com -  More details on 
their website: www.ibcradio.webs.com which is constantly updated. FB: @ITALIANBROADCASTINGCORPORATION
TW: @RADIOIBC - Here is the new full schedule, effective March 26 2017: 

ENGLISH: Wednesday: 18.30-19.00 6070 kHz (Channel 292, Rohrbach Waal, Germany), 1584 kHz (Radio 
Studio X, Momigno, Italy) to EUROPE; Thursday: 02.30-03.00 1584 kHz (Radio Studio X, Momigno, Italy) 
to EUROPE, Friday: 01.00-01.30 9955 kHz (WRMI, Okechoobee, USA) to CENTRAL/SOUTH AMERICA; Saturday: 
01.30-02.00 11580 kHz (WRMI, Okechoobee, USA) to NORTH AMERICA; 20.00-20.30 1584 kHz (Radio Studio 
X, Momigno, Italy) to SOUTH EUROPE; Sunday: 00.30-01.00 7730 kHz (WRMI, Okechoobee, USA) to NORTH 
AMERICA; 10.30-11.00 6070 kHz (Channel 292, Rohrbach Waal, Germany) to EUROPE (via Radio BCL News).
"IBC Digital" (In MFSK32): Wednesday: 18.55 6070 kHz (Channel 292, Rohrbach Waal, Germany), 1584 kHz 
(Radio Studio X, Momigno, Italy) to Europe; Thursday: 02.55 1584 kHz (Radio Studio X, Momigno, Italy)
to EUROPE; Friday: 01.25 9955 kHz (WRMI, Okechoobee, USA) to CENTRAL/SOUTH AMERICA; Saturday: 01.55 
11580 kHz (WRMI, Okechoobee, USA) to NORTH AMERICA; 20.25 1584 kHz (Radio Studio X, Momigno, Italy) to
SOUTH EUROPE; Sunday: 00.55 7730 kHz (WRMI, Okechoobee, USA) to NORTH AMERICA; 10.55 6070 kHz (Channel 
292, Rohrbach Waal, Germany) to EUROPE (via Radio BCL News).
ITALIAN to Europe: Wednesday: 17.00-18.30 6070 kHz (Channel 292, Rohrbach Waal, Germany), 1584 kHz (Radio 
Studio X, Momigno, Italy); Thursday: 01.00-02.30 1584 kHz (Radio Studio X, Momigno, Italy); Saturday:
13.00-14.00 6070 kHz (Channel 292, Rohrbach Waal, Germany). (Antonello Napolitano, ITALY).

MICRONESIA The Cross station, 4755 kHz. is still inactive. Here is what the station replied to
an E-mail about their plans to return back to short waves: "Dear Manuel,Thank you for your inquiry.
At present, the power situation in the island is not consistent with many power outages throughout 
the day. We are working on getting solar equipment to be able to do the SW again. Please pray for 
provision. God bless! Melinda Melinda R. Espinosa, CFO/Administrator, Pacific Mission Aviation,
P.O Box 3209, Hagatna Guam 96932, www.pmapacific.org" (Manuel Méndez, Spain).


Sea of Galilee, Israel – March 28, 2017 - The state of Israel, in an unprecedented decision, has allocated a 
radio broadcast frequency to an American Christian evangelical radio network that will broadcast messages of 
hope and peace to the people in Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and Jordan and expanded night-time coverage into Turkey 
and Egypt. This is the first time a Christian broadcast frequency has been granted in Israel and the first 
domestic radio station with international purpose.

The VOICE OF HOPE – AM 1287 broadcasts in Arabic and some English to the Arab population, much of which is in 
a dire situation in the countries surrounding Israel and who are under religious persecution in Syria.

The radio station is a continuation of the VOICE OF HOPE, which was established in 1979 by Christian businessman
George Otis, and which broadcast until 2000. The new VOICE OF HOPE is owned and operated by Strategic 
Communications Group, a global Christian Evangelical radio network with radio stations reaching Latin America 
and Africa. “I am excited that this powerful Christian radio station was licensed by the State of Israel to
deliver a message of hope and encouragement to the people of the Middle East. The Voice of Hope is established 
in support of Christians of the Middle East and is a gift of love from Christians in the United States and 
Canada.” - John Tayloe, Founder and President.

The VOICE OF HOPE was inaugurated this week in the presense of Israel’s Minister of Communication, Tzachi 
Hanegbi who said, “This radio station exemplifies the deep connection and unique bond that Israel has with the
American people and between Jews and Christians. We are certain that the message of hope that will be brought by 
the station will be an uplifting tool and a benefit to our neighbors. The State of Israel supports any message of
peace to the people in neighboring countries and this is why we decided to support the reestablishiment of the 
Voice of Hope.”

The VOICE OF HOPE broadcast studios are located on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, Israel. The programming will 
include Christian Arabic presenters, Arabic Christian music, news, education, drama and inspirational messages.
(PRESS RELEASE taken from http://www.voiceofhope.com/pressreleases.html).

"REPLAY": Radio Tirana then and now
Originally written by Antonello Napolitano in November 1992

As many of our readers are aware, a few weeks ago Radio Tirana announced the end of its shortwave broadcasts. 
The reason was that they have outdated transmitters. Although the contents of its broadcasts were completely 
unrealistic, Radio Tirana was, until the end of 80’s, well known to most shortwave listeners. 

In 1992 I wrote a very long and detailed report  about Radio Tirana, which appeared in DX Fanzine no. 14, at 
that time an irregularly edited  shortwave publication delivered by mail. A part of the content for this story 
was gleaned from monitoring research, as my home city Taranto, is located in Puglia, the region of Italy which 
stands in front of Albania. Both, the home and external service of Radio Tirana, as well as some regional 
radio stations and the TV service from this close but (at that time) mysterious country, were an easy catch
for me (Needless to say, Radio Tirana meant for me the start of shortwave hobby).  

What leaves me surprised, 25 years after, is that in 1992 the option of suspending the external service, 
because of outdated means and equipment, was already on the table! The disappearance of Radio Tirana is just 
the last sign (and there will be others in the next future, Vatican Radio just to mention one) of how fast 
shortwave radio is declining. As some of our readers are too young  to remember the role that Radio Tirana 
played during the golden era of shortwave broadcasting, I decided to re-publish, 25 years later, this in 
depth review of radio and TV in Albania. 

I hope you will enjoy it. Feedbacks are welcome to: tarantodx@hotmail.com  

Antonello Napolitano, Editor of DX Fanzine.

Albania has a population of over 3 million and an area of 28,748 square kilometres. It is divided into 26 
districts and borders the former Yugoslavia and Greece. The Albanian broadcasting structure is controlled by 
the Radio-Televisione Shqiptar (RTSH). In particular, this organization, which is state-run, operates a national 
TV network, two national radio programmes, Radio Tirana's external service and some regional stations. Since 
1964 the RTSH headquarters is located in a building in the South East part of Tirana. 

The first Albanian national programme signs on at 04.00 and runs till 23.00 UTC, It is carried mainly on medium 
wave and is easily heard in Italy on 1089 kHz. It has also been relayed on the shortwave frequencies of 5020 and 
5057 kHz for some years. Both channels, which gave fine reception in Italy, are now inactive. 

The second home service programme runs from 10.00 to 15.00 UTC exclusively on 1458 kHz. As the name "Kanali 
I Dytë Eksperimentale” (Channel Two Experimental) suggests, this programme is still experimental. According to 
this year's World Radio TV Handbook, there are 14 medium wave stations in Albania, most of which are located in
some district capitals. 

Some observations can be made about the transmitter usage of the national programme. First some transmitters are 
not always used for the full span of the programme. The main frequency of 1089 kHz, for instance, is on the air 
from 04.00 to 07.00 and again from 11.00 to 23.00 UTC except for Sunday when it goes continuosly. Another point 
which is interesting to mention is that parts of this programme are also relayed by a number of regional stations. 

According to Radio Tirana there are 4 regional radio stations broadcasting from Albania. They are Radio Korce,
Radio Kukesi, Radio Shkoder and Radio Gjirokaster, All of these stations, except Radio Gjirokaster, are also 
included in the World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH) 1992 together with, Radio Rrogozhina on 648 kHz, Radio Pogradec
on 693 kHz, Radio Kelcyra on 864 kHz, Radio Puke on 972 kHz and Radio Fier on 1260 kHz. 

With the only exception of Radio Puke on 972 kHz, all of these stations are heard here in Taranto. According 
to the World Radio TV Handbook 1992, these stations in addition to their own local programmes carry relays from 
the Tirana national programme. However, except for Radio Kukesi on 990 kHz and Radio Shkoder on 1323 kHz, none 
of these stations has ever been heard carrying local programmes, so a question mark must hang over their real 

Radio Shkoder which operates on 1323 kHz starts its programmes at 11.00 UTC. It is good until around 15.00 UTC 
when Radio Moscow International dominates the channel. News from the Tirana national programme are relayed from 
14.30 until around 15.05 UTC (14.00 to 14.30 on Sundays when the soccer season is open) in Winter and one hour 
earlier when summer time is in force. Harder-to-hear is Radio Kukes which operates on 990 kHz. Though its channel 
is almost always blocked by other stations such as the RAI and RIAS Berlin, it can sometimes be heard from its 
sign on at 16.00 UTC until around 19.00 hours UTC. Other listed regional stations in Albania have never been 
heard carrying local programmes here in Taranto. They seem to be mere relays of the Tirana national programme 
without any programme of their own. There are some other stations, whose nature is unclear, listed in the World 
Radio and TV Handbook edition 1992's long and medium wave frequency table such as Berati (1170 kHz), Prenjas
(1494 kHz), etc., but it is unsure wheter they are actually on the air or not as we have never heard them. 

Albanian Television (TV Shqiptar in the Albanian language) traces its origin back to April 29, 1960. Until 1965,
TV programmes were about 2 hours, 3 evenings per week. Initially, they were received only in Tirana and Durres,
but later with the addition of new transmitters they were also seen in other cities. For the first 11 years 
Television was experimental. Regular daily programmes were started in 1971. Since then Albanian Television grew
constantly and by 1981 was going colour. Albania uses the PAL colour system. The Radio Television Shqiptar (RTSH)
has also created its own National Symphony Orchestra. This it did in 1962. The programmes are varied and touch 
all fields of interests. Full use is made of RTSH's network of domestic correspondents in the production of TV 

According to an Italian magazine, the number of TV sets in Albania is 250,000. A monitoring research made by 
Carlo Pepe in 1986 has revealed that special events programmes, like World Cup Football (Soccer) matches, 
aired by the Italian Radio and Television (RAI), are relayed by picking they up from the air. In fact, given the 
short distance to some RAI transmitters, there is good reception in Albania of transmissions from the 3 italian 
television networks. 

During the broadcast of these events, while the original Italian dialogue is faded out and the comment of a 
studio announcer in Tirana is added, the screen shows the original RAI letter mark, which identifies the TV 
station. This is probably evidence of the Albanian Television's impossibility to have access to any broadcast 
material made available to affiliated stations by international broadcasting organizations like EBU. 

"Radio Tirana is a typical example of a totally-dehumanized station". Some critical listener's groups said that 
ten years ago. Whatever their reasons, their assertion was largely correct. The station used to broadcast long 
talks about Marxism-Leninism and hold a hostile attitude not only toward Western countries but also toward what 
it described as "revisionist-ruled" nations (the other Communist countries loyal to the Soviet Union). 

The invasion of Albania by Italian Armed forces on April 7, 1939 meant the start of an armed rebellion. A few 
months before the end of the World War II forces of the Communist Party of Albania, led by Enver Hoxha, seized 
control of the country and imposed one of the most fanatic Marxist-Leninist regimes. The country established 
close ties with Soviet Union and other Communist regimes but after the end of Stalin's era in 1961, when the 
then Secretary of the Communist Party of Soviet Union, Nikita Krushev accused his predecessor of crimes 
ranging from personality cult to the murder of thousands of political opponents, diplomatic relations were 
officially broken. This event led to the complete isolation of Enver Hoxha's Stalinist regime. 

In the years since then, Hoxha's hostility for the U.S.S.R., and much of the outside world, has never 
diminished. But all that began to change in 1990, when the then President (and leader of the Communist Party) 
Ramiz Alia, in an effort to not loose power, inaugurated a process of democratization. 

In Albania today, freedom and democracy are reflected in every walk of life. Only 2 years ago, there was no 
freedom of expression and official media were heavily censored. It was in this atmosphere that Radio Tirana, 
which often engaged in dogmatic battles with other Communist countries, has been operating for many years. 
Radio broadcasting in Albania traces its history back to November 28, 1938, when the first broadcast was made 
over a 3-kW short-wave station. Regular programmes by Radio Tirana started only after the liberation of Tirana, 
on November 27, 1944. The following day, the triumphal words of the then head of government Enver Hoxha 
celebrating the so-called Democratic government's entry into Tirana, were heard for the first time over the 
transmitters of Radio Tirana. 

Because of lack of adequate recording equipment, during the first years of its operation Radio Tirana has
been broadcasting only live programmes. From 1947 to 1950 Radio Tirana broadcast daily only 7.5 hours of 
domestic programmes as well as 4 hours of foreign programmes in English, French, Italian, Serbo-Croat and 
Greek. Later the following language services were added: Arabic in 1952, Russian and Bulgarian in 1961, 
Hungarian and German in 1964, Spanish in 1965, Polish and Czech in 1966, Indonesian in 1967, Portoguese in 
1968, Romanian in 1969, Turkish in 1976, Chinese in 1978, Persian in 1979 and Swedish in 1981. 
On the technical side, the first medium wave transmitter became operational in 1952. It had a power of 50

The decades since that transmitter was put into operation, have been years of growth with the addition of 
new medium and shortwave transmitters. For a time Radio Tirana relayed the broadcasts of Radio Beijing in
return for a lot of technical assistance from the People's Republic of China. But when the political 
relationships strained between the two countries the relays went away. 

With the communism's end in Albania, programmes changed a lot at Radio Tirana, mostly in the way of reporting, 
according to a translator in the English department of Radio Tirana. "Apart from becoming more free and more 
flexible our news coverage was more complete and more realistic" he continued. That change was reflected in 
the listeners' attitude toward Radio Tirana. In the words of the English Department's translator, whose former 
position in the listener's service gave him a chance to analyze what foreign listeners were writing, during 
the Communist years listeners flattered Radio Tirana just as they did with many other stations in Eastern 
Europe only to get a QSL card. What they did was to say good words about Albania as well as Radio Tirana.
But now their comments on the programmes are more open and more realistic. 

Until the breakdown of Communism in Albania, Radio Tirana was totally controlled by a Communist Party 
organization which, after the peaceful revolution was disbanded because the Parliament decided that the 
radio should be a neutral organization, totally independent from the government. This means that Communists  
have completely lost their power. Thus, although most of them are still working at Radio Tirana they are   
not in high place positions. All the directors who are in charge now, for example, have never been members   
of the Communist Party. Because of this, Radio Tirana has lost its well-known Marxist-Leninist accent. 

Before the fall of Communism in Albania, Radio Tirana had an enormous foreign service with 20 languages on the
air. Some of these language services, however, were receiving very few letters. This is probably explained by 
the fact that programmes were of high political content and did not tell much about daily life in the country. 
In fact the main aim of Radio Tirana was to promote the cause of Communism in the world rather than to inform 
objectively about Albania. But after the revolution things changed dramatically at Radio Tirana which stopped 
broadcasting in 12 of the 20 languages it had then on the air. The eliminated language services were those 
directed to Eastern Europe as well as Chinese, Indonesian, Persian, Portoguese and others which took a lot of 

During the past years the programmes of Radio Tirana directed to foreign countries were rather distinctive. 
Lots of long and emphatic talks about the magnificent achievements made in the development of the socialist 
economy and culture in Albania were presented and the well-known Communist song "The Internationale" was  
played at the end of each transmission. Further, the station used out-of-band frequencies such as 6200, 7080,  
7090. 9375, 9480, 10510 and 16230 kHz. 

A clear sign of changing times came on December 31, 1990 when the station suddenly announced it would be 
carrying commercials. Radio Tirana is clearly in economic difficulties and it seems the only way to keep the 
station going will be to use foreign sponsorship. At least 3 well-known stations like the BBC, Trans World 
Radio and Radio France Internationale, expressed an interest in hiring the medium wave frequency of 1395 kHz 
and started negotiations with the Albanian authorities. Of these stations, Trans World Radio recently signed 
an agreement with Radio Tirana for the rent of that medium wave trasmitter. As from the beginning of October, 
in fact, Trans World Radio has started broadcating religious programmes to Eastern Europe from 20.30 to 
21,30 UTC on 1395 kHz. The transmitter has an output of 1000 kWs. 

Given the technology available in the 1990's, Radio Tirana's equipment, is seriously outdated. According to a 
German listener who visited the station, the facilities seems to be a mixture of Chinese and Soviet equipment 
and very old indeed. "The studios are very simple with giant tape recorders", he continued. "The studio 
technician sits in front of a large panel of rotable knobs and all the set ups resemble the control center of 
an electrical power station rather than a radio studio. But all seems to be in working order" he concluded. 

All the news and features are made in central newsroom and then translated by the various language departments. 
Since 1990 producers in the various language sections have been allowed to make some programmes themselves, for 
example, the mailbag programme. 

For many years the foreign programmes of Radio Tirana have been preceded by the first 9 notes of an Albanian 
patriotic song called "With pickhaxe in one hand and rifle in the other", which tells how the Albanians managed 
to throw the Soviets out of their country. Having been written during the communist years, this song has been 
replaced by a new melody a couple of years ago. 

Radio Tirana currently broadcasts daily in eight languages: English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, 
Serbo-Croat, Italian and German. There are also some programmes in Albanian bringing the total number of 
languages used to 9. Its daily programmes consist of news, commentary, sport, mailbag and music. About 4 years 
ago a section for the production and distribution of high-quality recordings was created. Cassettes devoted to 
Albanian music from folk to light, to instrumental, to simphonic may be purchased by individuals through Radio 
Tirana. Video cassettes with the recording of Albanian dramas, films and concerts are also available. 
A news bulletin from Tirana on 26th September 1992, said that it is now possible to include advertisements for 
domestic and foreign companies in any of its foreign language programmes. Further information about this new 
service may be obtained by calling one of these telephone numbers: 23775, 28322 (The fax numbers are 27919 and 

The future of Radio Tirana appears more uncertain than ever before. Speaking of the possibility of the 
suspension of the service, Radio Tirana, said on April 21, 1992 this "It is true. Radio Tirana is facing major 
difficulties especially in terms of outdated means and equipment it continues to employ for its broadcasts. 
Neverless our staff is doing the utmost to keep work going because Albania is seeking broad recognition among 
the world community and Radio Tirana would be a good start for this". 

Although the political climate is much different today, Albania is still a mysterious country with many  
problems to contend with. Whatever happens, let us hope that everything will be done to save an important  
bridge of communications between Albania and the rest of the world like Radio Tirana. 

SOURCES: Media Network, the weekly media programme of the English Service of Radio Netherlands; Austrian 
Shortwave panorama, the weekly media round up of the English Service of Radio Austria International; Glenn 
Hauser's DX programme "World of Radio"; "Albania - Nozioni generali", a book edited in 1984 by the Tirana 
publishing company "8 Nentori"; Radio Tirana. Special thanks to Carlo Pepe and Mr. Lumo Shehu of the 
Albanian Embassy in Rome. (Originally written and published in DX Fanzine no. 14 in November 1992!)

------------------------------------------- END OF DX FANZINE nr. 43 -------------------------------------------

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