DX Fanzine nr. 31 – March 2016

DX Fanzine, an electronic newsletter which was originally edited in 1999/2000, brings together tips and news as contributed by individual DXers or ascertained from different sources. We are interested in any change about frequencies, times, language-services, transmitters, programme contents, phone and fax-numbers, electronic and postal address, station personnel.
The purpose of DX Fanzine, which doesn’t pretend to be in competition with any other electronic DX newsletter, is to provide timely and topical news and information to shortwave enthusiasts worldwide.
It is available on the web at http://www.dxfanzine.com and updated as soon as loggings, DX news, frequency upadates as well as QSL notes are received from any SWL around the world.
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NB: All times, days and dates are day/month GMT-UTC, unless otherwise stated.

Logs are entered in frequency order. Reception quality abbreviations: P = Poor, F = Fair, G = Good, E = Excellent.

Language Abbreviations: AA=Arabic, CC=Chinese, CT=Catalan, DD=Dutch, EE=English, FF: French, GG= German, IT=Italian, JJ=Japanese, PP=Portoguese, RM=Romanian, RR=Russian, SS=Spanish, VV=Vernacular

Material from DX Fanzine may be redistributed, posted to any other location, published or used for broadcast, provided it be fully credited to DX Fanzine and the original and intermediate sources.

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Editor:Antonello Napolitano

 Freq.   Date    Time-UTC  ITU Station, Language and Programme Details.    SINPO Contributor
  657   03.03.16 1730-1735  I  RAI Toscana, Pisa relay, IT: ID, Toscana Regional NX 35333 AN*
  657   21.03.16 1731-1735  I  RAI Toscana, Pisa relay, IT: Toscana regional NX.    34444 AN
  711   11.03.16 1850       E  COPE Murcia, SS: Regional NX of Comunidad Murciana.  G.    RP 
  828   05.03.16 1110       I  Z100, Milano: IT: ID,MX.  z100milano@ondemedie.am    F.    RP
  837   25.03.16 2000  E  COPE Sevilla, SS: Live of Semana Santa in Sevilla.        G.    RP 
  846   14.03.16 2100       G  R.North Sound 2, Redcastle, EE: NX.                  F.    RP
  873   01.03.16 1600-1602 MDV R.Moldova, Chisinau, RM: ID, NX.                     33333 AN
  963   03.03.16 1530-1532 TUN R.Tunis Int., IT: TK, Song by Charles Aznavour.      35333 AN*
 1017   09.03.16 1835       E  RNE R.5, Burgos, SS: Regional NX of Castilla y Leon  G.    RP
 1035   07.03.16 1750      EST R.Eli, Tartu, RR: Sermon.                            F.    RP
 1035   14.03.16 2105       G  Northsound 2, Aberdeen, EE: MX.                      G.    RP
 1044   08.03.16 1835       E  R.Valladolid, SS: Commercials for local business.    G.    RP
 1053   29.02.16 1850       E  COPE Vila Real, SS: Comunidad Valenciana Regional NX G.    RP
 1062   09.03.16 1730-1735  I  RAI Sicilia, Catania relay, ID, NX. QRM RAI Sardegna 33433 AN*
 1116   04.03.16 1840      HNG Danko R., Budapest, Hungarian: Opera MX.             G.    RP 
 1125   03.03.16 1619-1620 BEL RTBF Vivacitè, Houdeng, FF: TK.                      23322 AN*
 1125   07.03.16 1840       E  RNE R.5, Castellon,SS: Comunidad Valenciana Regional G.    RP
 1125   10.03.16 1840       E  RNE R.5, Vitoria, SS: Regional NX of Pais Vasco.     G.    RP
 1134   07.03.16 1850       E  COPE Pamplona, SS: Regional NX of Navarra.           G.    RP
 1143   01.03.16 1850       E  COPE Jaen, SS: Regional NX of Andalucia.             G.    RP
 1215   03.03.16 1700-1702  G  Absolute R., London, EE: ID, NX, Jingle.             24333 AN*
 1224   29.02.16 2240       E  COPE Lleida, CT: ID and Commercials  local bussiness G.    RP
 1224   03.03.16 1624-1629  E  COPE Mallorca,SS: ID, Commercials for local business 34333 AN*
 1224   08.03.16 1850       E  COPE Lleida, CT: Regional NX of Catalunya.           G.    RP
 1260   01.03.16 1830       E  R.Murcia, SS: Regional NX of. Comunidad de Murcia.   G.    RP
 1278   03.03.16 1800-1810 UKR R.Ukraine, Petrivka relay, Ukrainian: IS, ID.        43433 AN*
 1287   25.03.16 1830       E  R.Lleida, CT: Regional NX of Catalunya.              G.    RP
 1305   16.03.16 1835       E  RNE R.5, Ciudad Real, SS: Regional NX of Castilla    G.    RP 
                               La Mancha.
 1341   07.03.16 2258       E  Onda Cero, Almeria, SS: ID, Commercials for local    G.    RP
 1341   14.03.16 1740       G  BBC R. Ulster, Belfast, EE: NX.                      G.    RP
 1350   06.03.16 1400       I  I Am R., IT: ID, MX. E-mail: Info@iamradio.am        G.    RP
 1350   11.03.16 1905-1908  I  I Am R., EE: MX, ID.                                 34433 AN*
 1350   20.03.16 0910       I  I AM R., IT: DX PX  by R.Scaglione info@iamradio.am  G.    RP
 1368   14.03.16 2110       G  Manx  R., Douglas, EE: TK. Ed: Challenger R.Off-air? F.    RP
 1368   14.03.16 1725-1729  I  Challenger R., IT: Songs, NX.                        34333 AN*
 1377   19.03.16 2228      CHN CNR1, Xingyang, CC: TK, MX.                          23232 AM
 1377   26.03.16 2330      TZN R.Free Africa, Mwanza, Swahili: NX.                  F.    RP 
 1404   03.03.16 1600-1610 GRC ERT Deftero Programa, Komotini relay?, Greek: ID, MX 34333 AN*
 1404   31.03.16 1647-1652 ROU R.Cluj, Cluj, RM: ID. Italian Song "Acapaulco" by    33433 AN*
                               Ricchi e Poveri. QRM by Greece which later dominates!
 1413   30.03.16 1735       E  RNE R.5, Girona, CT: Catalunya Regional NX           G.    RP
 1431   14.03.16 1730       I  RAI R.1, Foggia relay, IT: Regional NX of Puglia.    G.    RP
 1440   20.03.16 0015      NIG Adamawa BC, Yola, VV: TK.                            F.    RP 
 1449   14.03.16 1730-1745  I  RAI Veneto, Belluno relay,IT: ID, Veneto Regional NX 23322 AN*
 1485   21.03.16 2255       E  R.Alcoi, SS: ID, Commercials for local business.     F.    RP
 1503   17.03.16 1835       E  RNE R.5, La Linea, SS: Reg NX of Andalucia.          G.    RP
 1521   15.03.16 1830       E  R.Castellon, SS: Regional NX of Comunidad Valenciana G.    RP
 1530   14.03.16 1830       E  R.Manresa, CT: Regional NX of Catalunya.             G.    RP
 1557   21.03.16 2300       G  Smooth R., London, EE: MX.                           G.    RP
 1566   14.03.16 2120       G  BBC Somerset & R. Bristol, Taunton, EE: TK.          F.    RP
 1566   27.03.16 0005      HOL Vahon FM, Den Haag, Hindostan: MX.                   G.    RP
 1584   06.03.16 0110       I  R.Studio X, Momigno, IT: ID, MX                      G.    RP
 1584   27.03.16 0015       I  R.Studio X, Momigno, IT: ID,  MX.                    G.    RP
 1593   21.03.16 2305       F  R.Bretagne 5, Quessoy, FF: Sea warnings.             G.    RP
 1647   19.03.16 2048      PIR R.Mustang, Holland, - Folk MX.                       23322 AM
 3330   26.03.16 0400      CAN CHU, Ottawa, EE/FF: ID, MX.                          G.    RP
 4055   12.03.16 0430      GTM R.Verdad, Chiquimula, SS: MX.                        G.    RP
 4765   05.03.16 0430      CUB R.Progreso, La Habana, SS: MX.                       G.    RP
 4775   27.03.16 0020      PRU R.Tarma, SS: MX.                                     F.    RP
 4800   07.03.16 1950      IND AIR, Hyderabad, Telegu: Special PX on the occasion   G.    RP    
                               of religious festival "Shivaratri" on 7th March 2016
 4810   03.03.16 1745-1748 ARM VO Armenia, Gavar relay, Persian: MX (NA?), ID       44444 AN*   
 4835   07.03.16 2100      AUS VL8A ABC, Alice Springs, EE: NX.                     G.    RP
 4885   12.03.16 2345       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem  PP: Football live.           F.    RP
 4885   20.03.16 0000       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: NX.                      F.    RP
 4885   26.03.16 2345       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem, PP: Football live.           G.    RP
 4930   31.03.16 1735-1742 BOT VOA, Selebi-Pikwe relay,EE: NX on Zimbabwe political 45444 AN*
                               situation and interview with great Zimbabwen musician 
                               Thomas Mapfumo who criticises President Robert Mugabe
 5130   01.03.16 1738      KGZ R.Sedaye Zindagi? Song by YL+long blank carrier.     P/F.  LB
 5910   12.03.16 0435      CLM R.Alcaravan, Puerto Lleras, SS: MX.                  F.    RP 
 5910   28.03.16 1600      ROU R.Romania International, IT: ID, NX.                 G.    RP
 5952.5 27.03.16 0010      BOL R.Pio XII, Siglo XX, Aymara: TK.                     F.    RP
 5985.  06.03.16 0030      MYA Myanma R., Naypyidaw, Burmese: TK.                   G.    RP
 6005.1 05.03.16 0707       D  R.Mi Amigo-R700, Kall Krekei - MX "Sugar Baby Love". G.    LB
 6005.1 12.03.16 0710       D  R.Mi Amigo-R.700, Rohrbach Waal, EE: TK by OM.       E.    LB
 6005   06.03.16 0721       D  R.Mi Amigo-R700, Kall Krekei.Ed Details?Today QRG ok G.    LB
 6045   20.03.16 0940       D  European Music R., Nauen relay, EE: ID, MX. E-mail   G.    RP
                               address: emrshortwave@gmail.com  
 6070   05.03.16 0435      CAN CFRB, Toronto, EE: NX.                               G.    RP
 6070   05.03.16 0706      CAN CFRX, Toronto, EE: NX by OM.                         F.    LB
 6070   05.03.16 1300       D  Laser 558, Den Haag, via Rohrbach Waal, EE: ID e MX. G.    RP
 6070   05.03.16 1510       D  R.Albatross, ???, via Rohrbach waal, EE: ID and MX.  G.    RP
 6070   06.03.16 1145       D  R.Klien Paris Int.???, Rohrbach wall, GG: ID, MX.    G.    RP
 6070   10.03.16 1615       D  VORW, Rohrbach Wall, EE: ID, MX. vorwinfo@gmail.com  G.    RP
 6070   12.03.16 0800       D  Authentic ROCK R.-Ch 292, Ed: Language? IDs OM.      E.    LB  
 6070   12.03.16 1100       D  R.Enterhaken-Ch 292, Rohrbach Waal, GG: Long jingle. E.    LB
 6070   12.03.16 1715       D  Skyline R. Germany-Ch.292+CRI, Rohrbach Waal, RR:    P/F   LB
 6070   13.03.16 1650       D  Broad Spectrum R., Rohrbach Waal relay, EE: ID, MX.  G.    RP
                               E-mail address: broadspectrumradio@gmail.com 
 6070   27.03.16 0000      CAN CFRB, Toronto, EE: NX.                               F.    RP
 6070   27.03.16 1600       D  R.Bclnews, Rohrbach Wall relay, IT: DX PX Studio DX  G.    RP
                               by Roberto Scaglione. E-mail: info@bclnews.it 
 6150   06.03.16 0722      PIR Europa 24, Datteln relay, MX of '80s Thompson Twins. F/G.  LB
 6160   06.03.16 0015      CAN CKZN, St. John's, EE: MX (Beatles)                   F.    RP
 6160v  06.03.16 0723      CAN Tentative CKZN, St. John's,Ed: Language and details? P.    LB
 6160   13.03.16 0040      CAN CKZN, St. John's, EE: MX.                            G.    RP
 6190   12.03.16 0745          MVBR, via Göhren-D?-EE: World of Radio               G.    LB
 6200   28.02.16 1030      PIR R.BZN, EE: ID, MX. E-mail: bznradio@gmx.net          F.    RP
 6205   29.02.16 1720      PIR Energy FM Tenerife, EE: ID and MX. E-mail address:   G.    RP
 6205   05.03.16 0700      PIR Energy FM, EE: ID, Dance MX.                         F/G.  LB
 6205   06.03.16 0726      PIR Energy FM mixed with King SW? - Both MX.             F.    LB
 6205   12.03.16 0700      PIR Atlantis FM+UNID King SW?                            P/F   LB
 6205.1 08.03.16 1724      PIR UNID - Non stop Dance MX. Relaying ENERGY FM?        P/F.  LB
 6210.4 01.03.16 1710      PIR Tentative R.Merlin Int., EE: ID by OM, Oldies.       P/F.  LB
 6219.8 08.03.16 1632-1736 PIR R.Caroline, Non stop MX. Vocoder ID @ 1736.          P/F.  LB
 6224   02.03.16 1740      PIR Hit Mix R., GG: ID. MX. E-mail: hitmix58@gmx.de      G.    RP
 6230   06.03.16 0945      PIR CWR, EE: ID, MX. E-mail: shortwave@gmx.de            G.    RP
 6240   06.03.16 1740      PIR Artem's Word Music, EE: ID. wordmusicrussia@mail.ru  F.    RP
 6240   23.03.16 1715      PIR R.Goofy, EE: ID, MX.Mail: carolineradio@hotmail.com  G.    RP
 6240   27.03.16 0925      PIR R.Casanova, DD: ID, MX. radiocasanova@hotmail.com    G.    RP
 6245   13.03.16 0955      PIR R.Casanova, DD: ID, MX. radiocasanova@hotmail.com    G.    RP
 6258   26.03.16 1901-1935*PIR R.Johnny Tobacco, EE: Imagine by J.Lennon, TK by JT. 45333 AN*
 6260   08.03.16 1725-1745*PIR UNID, EE: MX and ann: "I close down after this song" F/G.  LB
 6260   08.03.16 1730      PIR R.Weg Piraat, EE: ID, MX. E-Mail: roadpirate@live.nl G.    RP
 6268   05.03.16 1225       I  Key Channel R., SS: Latin American MX. E-mail:       G.    RP
                               Keyradioam@gmail.com. New station first day on air! 
 6270   27.03.16 0840      PIR VO the Netherlands, EE: ID, MX. Mail: votn@planet.nl G.    RP 
 6276   13.03.16 1015      PIR R.Zwarte Panter,EE: ID.zwartepanter1951@hotmail.com  G.    RP
 6280   28.03.16 0810      PIR R.Black Arrow, EE: ID,MX.radioblackarrow@hotmail.com G.    RP
 6280   28.03.16 1620      PIR R.Merlin International, EE: ID, MX. E-mail address:  G.    RP
 6284.8 12.03.16 0653      PIR R.Focus International? Old rec.                      F.    LB
 6285   06.03.16 0955      PIR R.Verona, DD: ID, MX. zenderdakota@gmail.com         G.    RP
 6285   08.03.16 1634-1720 PIR R.Python, EE: MX & IDs by OM at 16.50 and 17.20. G.    LB
 6285   08.03.16 1715      PIR R.Python, EE: ID, MX. Mail: python@pirateradio.at    G.    RP
 6285   10.03.16 1730      PIR R.Focus Int., EE: ID, Mx. focus@live.co.uk           G.    RP
 6285   15.03.16 1715      PIR R.42, EE: ID, MX. E-Mail: radio42@outlook.com        G.    RP
 6285   21.03.16 1710      PIR Hitmix, EE: ID, Mx. E-mail: hitmix58@gmx.de          G.    RP
 6290   01.03.16 1747-1818*PIR UNID, EE: Announcement, Electropop MX. S/Off 1818.   P/F.  LB
 6290   08.03.16 1738-1739*PIR UNID - Non stop Dance MX. S/Off 1739.                G.    LB
 6290   15.03.16 1710      PIR R.Goofy, EE: ID, MX. Mail: carolineradio@hotmail.com G.    RP
 6292   27.03.16 0850      PIR R.Scotland, EE: ID, MX. radioscotland@hotmail.com    G.    RP
 6295   04.03.16 1700      PIR R.Caroline, EE: ID, MX. carolineradio@hotmail.com    G.    RP
 6295   06.03.16*0733      PIR Mike R., Holland, EE: S/ON, ID by OM and oldies.     F/G.  LB
 6295   06.03.16 1005      PIR R.Zwarte Panter, DD: ID and MX. E-mail addrress:     G.    LB
 6295   12.03.16 1705      PIR R.Mustang, EE: ID, MX. Mail: mustangradio@live.nl    G.    RP
 6295   25.03.16 1755      PIR Enjoy R., EE: ID, MX. E-mail: enjoyradio@hotmail.com G.    RP 
 6298   19.03.16 1800      PIR R.Blueman, EE: ID, MX. bluemanradio@hotmail.de       G.    RP
 6299.8 08.03.16 1637-1717*PIR UNID - Non stop MX, TK by OM and s/off 17.17.        P/F.  LB
 6300   06.03.16 0950      PIR Top R., EE: ID, MX. E-mail: swtopradio@rock.com      G.    RP
 6300   14.03.16 1750      PIR R.Integratie, ??? EE: ID e MX.                       G.    RP
 6300   26.03.16 1939-1957 PIR R.Joey, - Pop Rock MX (Abba, Led Zeppelin, etc)      35333 AN*
 6305   13.03.16 0930      PIR R.Borderhunter, EE: ID.borderhunterradio@hotmail.com G.    RP
 6305   19.03.16 2020      PIR Wonderful R.London, - MX from 60's.                  44444 AM
 6305   20.03.16 1045      PIR Wonderfull R.London, ??? EE: ID, MX.                 F.    RP
 6305   21.03.16 1715      PIR R.Merlin International, EE: ID, MX. E-mail address:  G.    RP
 6305   28.03.16 0830      PIR Telstar R., EE: ID, MX. dutchradio48@hotmail.com     G.    RP
 6319   07.03.16 1710      PIR R.Goofy, EE: ID, MX. carolineradio@hotmail.com       G.    RP
 6320   08.03.16*1655-1735*PIR UNID - Non stop MX. S/off 17.35.                     G/E.  LB
 6320   24.03.16 1715      PIR R.Black Bandit, EE: MX. Mail: corsnoek9422@gmail.com G.    RP
 6320   27.03.16 0930      PIR Magic AM, EE: MX, ID.E-mail: magicamradio@gmail.com  G.    RP
 6324   30.03.16 1620      PIR Hitmix, EE: ID, Mx. hitmix58@gmx.de                  G.    RP
 6325   01.03.16 1726-1733*PIR Hit Mix R. (per Achim's FRD), Ed: language details?  F/G.  LB   
 6325   22.03.16 1710      PIR R.Rainbow, EE: ID, MX.Mail: radiorainbow@hotmail.com G.    RP
 6330   11.03.16 1720      PIR R.Black Bandit, EE: MX. corsnoek9422@gmail.com       G.    RP
 6399   08.03.16 1726      PIR UNID - Pan Flute MX. Moving to 6424 due to Ute QRM.  F/G.  LB
 6424   08.03.16 1730-1746*PIR UNID - Non stop MX. S/Off at 1746.                   F.    LB
 6760   01.03.16 1820      PIR UNID Greek Pirate, Greek: Greek MX, TK by OM         P/F.  LB 
 6803   20.03.16 1730      PIR R.Pink Panther,EE: ID, MX. pinkpantheram@hotmail.com F.    RP
 6835   06.03.16 1730       I  R.Arcadia, IT: ID, MX. arcadiawaves@gmail.com IT     F.    RP
 6875   06.03.16 0940       I  R.Europe, EE: ID, MX. E-mail: radioeurope@iol.it     G.    RP
 6875   06.03.16 1650       I  R.Europe, IT: ID, MX. E-Mail: radioeurope@iol.it     G.    RP
 6875   28.03.16 0840       I  R.Europe, IT: ID, MX. E-mail: radioeurope@iol.it     G.    RP
 6930   28.02.16 1710       I  R.Arcadia, IT: ID, MX.E-mail: arcadiavawes@gmail.com G.    RP
 6940   12.03.16 1700      PIR R.Orion 2000, EE: ID. radioorion2000@googlemail.com  G.    RP
 6945   20.03.16 0925       I  R.Enterprise, IT: radioplay. E-mail address:         G.    RP 
                               enterpriseradio@hotmail.com IT 
 6945   20.03.16 1008       I  Enterprise R., - Italian songs                       54444 AM
 6965   31.03.16 1816-1826 PIR QBC R., Hungary, EE: Rock MX (Gun by Chvrches), ID.  33433 AN*
 6984.8 01.03.16 1822      PIR R.QBC Int., Hungary, EE: ID by YL, Dance MX.         P/F.  LB
 6984.8 05.03.16 0702      PIR Tentative R. QBC International, Hungary, - Only MX.  P/F.  LB
 7300   27.03.16 0653-0659  I  U Boat 66, EE: Greetings to listeners, MX, ID.       35433 AN*
 7310   05.03.16 0904-0920  D  Probably Deutsche R.700, Kall Krekel relay, Rock MX. 35343 AN* 
 7310   20.03.16 0930       D  R.Atlantic 2000, Kall Krekel relay, FF: ID and MX.   G.    RP
                               E-mail address: atlantic2000international@gmail.com 
 7310   20.03.16 1010       D  R.Atlantic 2000, Kall Krekel relay, - German songs   44444 AM
 7465   28.03.16 1700      ALB R.Tirana, IT: ID, NX.                                G.    RP
 7690U  27.03.16 0910       I  Marconi R.International, IT: DX PX by Roberto Sca-   F.    RP  
                               glione. E-mail: marconiradiointernational@gmail.com 
 7770   20.03.16 0935      PIR Free R.Service Holland,EE: ID, MX. frs@frsholland.nl G.    RP
 7850   06.03.16 0735      CAN CHU, Ottawa, - Beeps                                 F.    LB
 9265   29.02.16 2130      USA WINB, Red Lion, EE: Sermon.                          G.    RP
 9275   29.02.16 2135      USA WMLK, Bethel, EE: MX.                                G.    RP
 9390   03.03.16 1910-2000 THA R.Thailand, Udon Thani relay, EE:ID, NX.@ 2000 in GG 55444 AN 
 9390   19.03.16 1900      THA R.Thailand, Udon Thani relay, EE: ID and MX.         G.    RP
 9490   30.03.16 1835      EGY R.Cairo, IT: MX. Very low modulation!                P.    RP
 9525   11.03.16 1740      INS VO Indonesia, Jakarta, SS: MX.                       G.    RP
 9525   31.03.16 1809-1813 INS VO Indonesia, Jakarta, GG: NX.                       35333 AN*
 9610   06.03.16 1000       D  AWR Firenze, Nauen relay, IT: DX PX by R.Scaglione   E.    RP
 9610   27.03.16 1400      TUR VO Turkey, IT: ID, NX.                               G.    RP
 9630   19.03.16 2150       B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: Religious PX.            34433 AM
 9645   05.03.16 0440       B  R.Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, PP: NX.                   F.    RP
 9660   01.03.16 0600-0605 VAT Vatican R., Santa Maria di Galeria, FF: ID, NX.      44333 AN
 9665   07.03.16 2105       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: Sermon.               G.    RP
 9665   20.03.16 0005       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: Sermon.               G.    RP
 9665   19.03.16 2153       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: TK                    34333 AM
 9690   03.03.16 1859-1803  E  REE, Noblejas relay, SS: IS, ID, Schedule, Football  45444 AN
 9725   19.03.16 2158       B  R.RB2, Curitiba, PP: TK.                             33333 AM
 9790   27.03.16 0900       D  AWR, Nauen relay, IT: Studio DX by Robero Scaglione  E.    RP
 9910   19.03.16 2203      IND AIR, Delhi, EE: TK.                                  34433 AM
 9955   05.03.16 0445      USA WRMI, Miami, via Okeechobee relay, EE: TK            G.    RP
10000   06.03.16 0010      USA WWH, Fort Collins, EE: ID and beeps                  G.    RP
10000   21.03.16 2100       B  Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, PP: ID, Time. F.    RP
11390   05.03.16 0940       I  Marconi R. International, IT: ID, MX. E-mail address F.    RP
11615   30.03.16*2100-2106 MDG Madagascar World Voice, CC: IS, Song "Intuition" by  35333 AN
                               Jewel, Opening ann.
11690   05.03.16 1520      FIN Scandinavian Weekend R., Virrat, EE: ID, MX.         F.    RP
11735   19.03.16 2001      TZN ZBC, Zanzibar, Swahili: TK                           34433 AM
11765   07.03.16 2110       B  R.Deus è Amor, Curitiba, PP: Sermon.                 G.    RP
11765   19.03.16 2002       B  R.Deus è Amor, Curitiba, PP: Religious PX.           24432 AM
11765   21.03.16 2105       B  R.Deus è Amor, Curitiba, PP: Sermon.                 G.    RP
11780   07.03.16 2115       B  R.Nacional Amazonas, Brasilia, PP: NX.               G.    RP
11780   21.03.16 2110       B  R.Nacional Amazonas, Brasilia, PP: NX.               G.    RP
11855   07.03.16 2120       B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: Sermon.                  F.    RP
11855   21.03.16 2115       B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: MX.                      F.    RP 
11860   19.03.16 2007      ??? R.Sanaa, from Riyah??, AA: TK                        22222 AM
11875   19.03.16 2009      OMA BBC, Al Seela relay, AA: TK.                         22222 AM
12065   14.03.16 1635      AUS R.Australia, Melbourne, EE: TK.                      G.    RP
12075   19.03.16 2011      BOT VOA, Selebi-Phikwe relay, FF: TK.                    34443 AM
12120   07.03.16 0745      PHI R.Pilipinas, Manila, Philipino: NX.                  G.    RP
13630   31.03.16 1718-1721 BOT VOA, Selebi-Pikwe relay, PP: NX, ID, Freqs.          44444 AN*
13710   30.03.16 2054-2058*MDG Madagascar World Voice, AA: Arab song, closing ann.  35333 AN
15140   14.03.16 1630      OMA R.Oman, Muscat, AA: Interview.                       G.    RP
15160   31.03.16 1728-1729* D  Bible Voice Broadcasting, Nauen relay, EE: Christian 55444 AN*
                               songs, ID and S/OFF. 
15190   31.03.16 1830-1834 PHL R.Pilipinas, Tagalog: Conversation between two women 35333 AN*
15345   04.03.16 1930      ARG RAE, Buenos Aires, FF: MX                            F.    RP
15345   19.03.16 1910      ARG R.Nacional, Buenos Aires, SS: NX.                    F.    
15345   28.03.16 1915      ARG RAE, Buenos Aires, IT: NX.                           F.    RP
15405   01.03.16*1630-1645  F  R.Diaspora, via Issoudun, EE/Swahili?: ID, TK.       55444 AN
15505   28.02.16 1400      BGD Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka, Urdu: ID, NX.               G.    RP
15580   21.03.18*1700-1704 BOT VOA, Selebi-Phikwe relay, EE: ID, NX, 1st item: USA  45433 AN
                               President Barak Obama historic visit to Cuba.
15620   01.03.16 0607-0657*CHI China R.Int., IT: NX, ID. Abrupt S/OFF at 0657.      55444 AN
17800   31.03.16 1805-1808  F  Deutsche Welle, Issoudoun relay, Hausa: ID, TK.      35333 AN*
17860   28.02.16 1145      TJK VO Khmer M'Chas Srok, via Dushambè relay, Khmer: TK  G.    RP

AN  = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: ICOM IC R70, Sony ICF 2001. ANT: 20 metre 
      outdoor wire. Tecsun AN-200 Medium Wave Tunable Loop antenna.
AN* = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: KENWOOD R-1000. ANT: inverted "V"+20m wire.
AM  = Alex Micheli in Canal San Bovo (TN-Italy). RX: KENWOOD R-1000, YAESU FT-917. ANT: Well-
      brook Ala 1530.
LB  = Luca Botto Fiora in Rapallo (Italy). RX: R7 Drake, Yaesu VR5000, Tecsun PL-660, Degen 
      DE1103. ANT: 75 cm loop ferrite rod, Magnetic Loop Antenna, 20 m Windom dipole antenna.
RP  = Roberto Pavanello in Vercelli (Italy). RX: EGZ DX 10, Icom R-71. ANT: EGZ LPF1R ferrite
      loop for reception of MW, 30-metre long wire


Office Nationale de Radiodiffusion et Télévision du Chad (ORTN) which brodcasts from N'Diamena 
has reactivated its shortwave frequency of 6165 kHz. The station was heard in Finland on 20th
March 2016 until 2000. (Mauno Ritola via WRTH Facebook Group).

Michel ANGAIKA BHABA, director of Radio Tele Candip, says in an E-mail message dated 19th March
2016, they are on air on 5066 kHz with 1 kW, from 0430 to 1100 and from 1600 to 2200 local time.
He adds that Congo DR is UTC+2 (so the schedule in UTC should be 0230-0900 and 1400-2000). He
also says they are looking for some spare tubes which are not available in Congo DR, asking if 
I can help him by suggesting where those spares can be found in Italy. Unfortunately he didn't
mention which kind of tubes he needs. Last but not least: he states they also broadcast on VHF 
FM with 500 watts. (Antonello Napolitano Taranto-ITALY).

As from 3rd April 2015, the 1-hour Italian programme of Adventist World Radio, which includes
"Studio DX", the only DX programme in Italian presented by Roberto scaglione, will be aired
from 0900 to 1000 hours on the new frequency of 9790 kHz via a transmitter located in Nauen.
(Roberto Scaglione via Studio DX Facebook Group).
As from 21st March 2016, Radio Base 101, which broadcasts from Peraga di Vigonza (Veneto region, 
North West of Italy) on 1323 kHz has activated a new E-mail address for reception reports: 
ondemedie@radiobase101.it. This E-mail is checked by Mr. Kiko Battaglia who is Program director 
and also a medium and short wave enthusiast. Mr. Battaglia invites listeners whose reception 
reports have remained unanswared, to re-send them to the above mentioned new E-mail address.
(Antonello Napolitano Taranto-ITALY).

Here is the schedule for the next  broadcasts of Marconi Radio International (MRI) which is 
continuing its tests on 7 and 9 MHz as well as 11 MHz. Saturday, 2nd April, 2016.
1230-1300 on 7690 USB; 1400-1500 on 7790 USB; 1700-1800 on 7690 USB; 2100-2200 on 7690 
USB; Sunday, 3rd April, 2016 0700-0800 on 7690 USB; 0830-0930 on 7690 USB;
1000-1100 on 11390 USB; 1700-1800 on 7690 USB; 1830-1900 on 9210 USB; 2000-2100 on 7690 AM
2200-2300 on 7690 USB. Their test broadcasts will also include station identification 
announcements in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Catalan as well as DX and music 
shows in English and Italian. Power will be from 40 watts (AM) to 100 (USB). 
MRI encourages reception reports from listeners. Audio clips (mp3-file) of our broadcasts are 
welcome! We QSL 100%. Our electronic mail address is: marconiradiointernational@gmail.com - 
The station suggests to include your postal address as some lucky listeners will also receive 
a printed QSL card. Last week MRI received around 50 reports not only from many countries in 
Europe but also from Canada and USA. They ask listeners to post an announcement about their 
tests on Facebook, send out a tweet the day  before the broadcast or forward a message to a DX
friend. (Press release from Marconi Radio International).

Also the new Key Channel Radio will make some tests on 6750 kHz: On 2nd April 2016 from 1100 to
2300, and on 3rd April 2016 from 0830 to 1430.The station, which describes itself as "The new 
Multi-ethnic station across Europe", will play songs from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin 
America interspersed with jingles. KCR confirms reception report with eQSL. Its E-mail address
is: Keyradioam@gmail.com (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

Radio Akhbar Mufriha, via Ascension relay, 11985 kHz (2 August 2015), verified an E-mail
report in 4 hours with eQSL and letter. E-mail: email@akhbarmufriha.com. V/S: Daniel Berger.
Secretary. (Luca Botto Fiora, Rapallo-ITALY).

Radio Candip,  5066 kHz, verified an E-mail report 81 days after a F/UP for a reception
report of 1985!! with a long and friendly E-mail. V/S: Michel ANGAIKA BHABA, Chef de Section 
CANDIP et Directeur de la Radio Télévision Communautaire CANDIP-ISP/Bunia (RTCC); Coordonnateur 
de l’Association des Radios Communautaires et de Proximité du Haut-Uélé et de l’Ituri (ARCPHI). 
Contacts: +243 (0) 817363753 / 998714482 / 893453829 / 859186203. Mail: michelbhaba@gmail.com or 
michel_bhaba@yahoo.fr. Adresse du Centre: 1, Av. du CANDIP, Q. MUDZI-PELA, Ville de BUNIA,
Province de l’ITURI, RD Congo. NB: In August 2015 I already received an E-mail message confirming 
my very old reception report. Mr. Bhaba also promised to send me in the next days a verification 
letter as an attachemnt. As I never received such a letter in December 2015 I wrote a second E-mail.
Mr. Bhaba says in his reply he was experiencing lot of problems with Internet connection during the 
last months and for this reason he wasn't able to keep his promise. The report was sent to: 
How I got this reply is a little bit funny and intriguing. In summer of 2015, after hours and hours 
of research on Google I found a website from India (!) which included the E-mail address of Mr. Frank
Bura Dhengo, a librarian and teacher of "Institut Supérieur Pédagogique de Bunia"(ISP). As I was aware 
there is a link between ISP and Radio Candip, I wrote to Mr.Bura Dhengo explaining that, despite some 
F/ups via snail-mail, I never received a reply from Radio Candip. I attached my original report (of 1985!) 
and mp3 recording. As I didn't know any E-mail contact for this station I asked him to forward my report 
to Radio Candip. After a few days I received the following reply from Mr. Bura Dhengo: "Merci Mr 
Napolitano pour ce contact intéressant sur la Radio CANDIP. En 1985, je produisais encore des émissions 
à la radio CANDIP. Pour de meilleurs échanges avec la Radio CANDIP, je partage avec vous son adresse 
Email,laquelle permettra que vous échangiez régulièrement avec les responsables actuels. Adresse Email: 
radiotelecandipisp@gmail.com. Pour le moment, la Radio CANDIP émet sur 5066 KHz avec l'émetteur 
Bauer 1 KW. Les deux autres antennes Onde courte sont en panne. En outre, je viens de transférer votre 
message à la radio CANDIP pour une suite plus riche. En ce qui concerne la boîte postale de la Radio 
CANDIP, il faut utiliser 340 ou 373 BUNIA-ITURI RD CONGO. Quant à moi, je suis actuellement Enseignant
et Bibliothécaire toujours à l'ISP/Bunia, et je fais beaucoup de recherches dans le domaine d'histoire 
et de la documentologie. Avec l'espoir que nous resterons en contact. Amicalement Franck BURA DHENGO".
Two days after Mr. Bhura Dhengo reply I got an E-mail confirmation from Michel ANGAIKA BHABA, director 
of Radio TV Candip who promised to send me later an appropriate verification letter as attachment. 
Last but not least: I never spread this story to shortwave community (Only a few DX friends knew about 
my special contact with Radio Candip) as I decided to keep a low profile until the reception of a new 
feedback from Mr. Bhaba. Despite this on 30th September 2015 I sent contact details of Mr.Bhaba to 
Mauno Ritola so he can ask him if the information in WRTH was correct.(Antonello Napolitano Taranto

Cesky Impuls, Libeznice relay 981 kHz (25 August 2015), verified an E-mail report in 86 days 
with a eQSL. E-mail: moderator@ceskyimpuls.cz. V/S: HRABÁK MATOUS. NB: The report was re-sent a few 
weeks later after having seen no reaction from impuls@impuls.cz (Luca Botto Fiora, Rapallo-ITALY).
Radio Rebelde, 5025 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 192 days with a N/D eQSL. V/S:
Yirian García de la Torre, Editora Web. E-mail: web@radiorebelde.icrt.cu, The reply came from:
yirian@radiorebelde.icrt.cu. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Taiwan International via Issoudun relay, 9800 kHz verified an E-mail report sent to
Russian programme in 40 days with a F/D QSL-card  featuring "2016-1". E-mail: russ@rti.org.tw. 
(Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

Missionswerk Friedensstimme,  9465 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 93 days with a F/D
standard QSL card. E-mail: info@mwfst.de.(Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

Radio Enterhaken, 6070 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 5 days with a F/D e-QSL. E-mail
address: enterhaken@gmx.net. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA).

Radio DARC (NON), 4895 kHz, verified an E-mail report 11 days after the time I sent a F/UP 
with a F/D QSL card and letter by snail-mail. It should be mentioned that they confirmed reception 
on 6070 kHz at 17.00 but actually I reported reception on 4895 kHz from 1650 to 1712 UTC. I sent a
second E-mail explaining what's happened and I got this reply: "RADIO DARC broadcasts are Sundays 
10 hrs UTC and Mondays 16 and 19 hrs UTC all on 6070 kHz. If you have received another transmission, 
it is not from us or it might be a re-broadcast by a pirate. There are some pirates from Holland who
often re-broadcast recorded other transmissions e.g. from Channel 292, also in 6070 kHz. So I am 
also not sure what you heard, but on 4895 kHz it is not an original broadcast of RADIO DARC. Kind 
regards, Rainer". So what I heard was a pirate station. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Atlantic 2000 International, via Kall Krekei relay, 7310 kHz, verified an E-mail report with
a F/D eQSL in 6 days. E-mail: atlantic2000international@gmail.com.(Alexander Golovikhin, RUSSIA).

ERT Proto Programma, 1008 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 6 days with a F/D Voice of 
Greece e-QSL featuring “The prince of the lilies” fresco from Knossos (1.500 B.C.) Heraklion 
Archaeological Museum (Crete). V/S: Dimitris K. Gazidellis Ph.D, Head of Network Development 
& Operation ERT SA. The report was sent to: proto@ert.gr, info@ert.gr; diktio@ert.gr; 
thevoiceofgreece@ert.gr; ertkerkiras@ert.gr; dgazidellis@ert.gr (The reply came from this E-mail 
address). (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).
Key Channel Radio, 6268 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 2 days with a F/D eQSL, picture
of antenna and friendly message. E-mail: keyradioam@gmail.com (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

RAI Liguria, 1575 kHz, verified an electronic report in 13 days with a F/D printed QSL 
card including transmitter site Genova-Portofino. The report was sent to Luigi Di Chiara of Rai 
Way S.p.A., Zona Sicilia. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Italian Broadcasting Corporation,, 6970 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 29 days with a F/D QSL 
card. E-mail: ibc@europe.com. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA).

Radio Base 101 1323 kHz, verified an E-mail report with a F/D eQSL 5 hours after a F/UP was sent 
to this new E-mail address: ondemedie@radiobase101.it. V/S: Kiko Battaglia, Program Director RB101. He
says in his message that this is the first eQSL issued! (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

NHK World, 11790 kHz verified a report sent via their website www.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/ru/contact/
in 68 days with a F/D QSL card featuring "Kagura: Sacred Dance". (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA)

Radio Nikkei, 9595 kHz, verified an E-mail report with a F/D QSL card in 42 days. E-mail address: 
webmaster@radionikkei.jp. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA). 
KBS World Radio, 9645 kHz, verified an E-mail report sent to Russian service in 29 days with 
a F/D QSL card featuring "BULL by artist Lee Joon Sop 1953. E-mail: russian@kbs.co.kr. (Alexander 
Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).
KTRK Kyrgiz Radiosu, 4010 kHz, verified an E-mail report 2 days after the time I sent my second 
F/UP with a friendly and F/D E-mail message and mp3 file including a song. V/S: Roza Tashtanalieva. 
The report was sent to many E-mail addresses: public@ktrk.kg; office-rrtc@ktrk.kg; ktrksite@gmail.com;
aripova.otrk@gmail.com; rkktrkkg@gmail.com; t.valieva@ktrk.kg; minculture.kg@gmail.com. The reply
came from a private E-mail address of Mrs.Roza Tashtanalieva. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).  

RTL,1440 kHz, verified an electronic report with a F/D printed QSL card (featuring MW Station
Marnach) in 99 days. V/S: J.Junk LX1JX  who stated: "This station closed forever on Dec. 31 2015 
at 22.58 UTC!". I have already received a QSL card for this report 7 days after my E-mail was 
sent (See DX Fanzine Nr.28 - december 2015) to BCE, the company that owns the transmitter site: 
contact@bce.lu, patrick_bernard@bce.lu, eugen_muller@bce.lu, eugene_muller@bce.lu, 
vincent_demarque@bce.lu. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio France Internationale,  via Talata Volondry relay 17660 kHz (2 August2015), verified an
E-mail report with eQSL in 1 day. E-mail: sebastien.bonijol@rfi.fr (Relations Auditeurs RFI-France 
24). (Luca Botto Fiora, Rapallo-ITALY).

Radio Underground, 6305 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 17 days with a F/D eQSL. V/S:
Steve from England. E-mail: radioundergroundsw@gmail.com (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Verona, 6305 kHz, verified an E-mail report 30 minutes after the time I sent my
second F/Up with a F/D eQSL. The F/UP was sent to both shortwaveveronaradio@gmail.com and
zenderdakota@gmail.com. The reply came from Roberto Hofstede (zenderdakota@gmail.com).
(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Pioneer Radio,  6735 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 28 days with a F/D eQSL featuring 
"Old radio". E-mail: pioneeram@hotmail.com. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

Artem's World Music, 6240 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 3 days with a friendly message
and F/D eQSL. E-mail: worldmusicrussia@mail.ru. (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

Radio Goofy,  6319 kHz, verified an electronic report with a N/D friendly E-mail in 7 days.
E-mail address: carolineradio@hotmail.com. (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).
BZN Radio, 6200 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 11 days with a F/D eQSL. The report was
sent to: bznradio@gmx.net.(Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).
Radio Telstar,  6295 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 21 days with a N/D eQSL. E-mail address:
shortwaveman@gmail.com.(Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

Radio 42,  6285 KHz, verified an E-mail report in 6 days with a F/D eQSL. E-mail address:
radio42@outlook.com .(Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

Radio Blackstone, 6380 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 59 days with a long and full of 
details about the station, F/D eQSL, and pictures of studio, transmitters and antenna. V/S: Herman.
E-mail: radioblackstone@outlook.com. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Komintern,  6990 kHz (27 November 2015), verified an E-mail report with eQSL in 5 days. 
E-mail: 050353@mail.ru  V/S: Sergey. (Luca Botto Fiora, Rapallo-ITALY).

Radio Romania International, 11985 kHz, verified an E-mail report sent to Russian service in 
45 days with a F/D QSL card featuring "The royal Palace, Bucuresti". E-mail: rusa@rri.ro. (Alexander
Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

Radio Prague,  via WRN Moscow 738 kHz. verified an E-mail report sent to Russian service 
in 40 days with a F/D QSL card featuring "The Catholic Church in Prague". E-mail: rusky@radio.cz.
(Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA ).

Radio Prague,  via WRN Moscow 738 kHz. verified an E-mail report sent to Russian service 
in 18 days with a F/D QSL card featuring "Chapel of ST. Ciril and St.Methodius-Radhost". E-mail: 
rusky@radio.cz. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA).

Deutsche Welle, via Pinheira relay, 9800 KHz (7 December 2014), verified an E-mail report with
a QSL Card in 31 days. E-mail: info@dw.de. (Luca Botto Fiora, Rapallo-ITALY).

Gaweylon Tibetan Radio,  via FEBC Dhabbaya 15215 kHz (28 July 2015), verified an E-mail report
in 25 days with QSL Card, Letter and Picture Postcards. E-mail: Gaweylon@gmail.com. V/S: Anil R.Alfred,
Director. NB: Received E-mail reply after 2 days, too. (Luca Botto Fiora, Rapallo-ITALY).

Adventist World Radio,  via WRMI Okeechobee 15770 kHz (3 August 2015), verified a snail-mail 
report in 44 days with QSL card IN 44 days. NO RP. V/S: Adrian Peterson (QSL Manager Until The End 
of 2015). (Luca Botto Fiora, Rapallo-ITALY).

Vatican Radio, 11850 kHz, verified an E-mail report with a F/D QSL card featuring "His 
Holiness Francis" in 265 days. E-mail, which currently seems not working: rus@vatiradio.va. (Alexander 
Golovikhin, Togliatti-RUSSIA).


Radio Habana Cuba will start broadcasting in Italian as soon as possible. This explains why that language 
has recently been added to its  website. Italian is the only language among those available  on Radio 
Habana Cuba’s official website that is not used for its short wave broadcasts, too. “We started by adding 
the Italian language website and as more personnel is available, a half hour daily short wave broadcast
to the Mediterranean region – says Arnie Coro, DX Editor of Radio Habana Cuba -  will go on the air”.

Currently there is only one editor who updates the Italian section of Radio Habana Cuba’s official website.
But of course for a daily 30 minute broadcast  a larger staff is necessary. “It is  our perception – 
comments Mr. Coro -  that one can start to feed news and features to a web site with a one person staff,
but it is not wise to start a half hour daily program with just one voice on the air!!! Our past 
experiences with languages such as Portuguese, Creole and Quechua have demonstrated that the right thing 
to fully guarantee a daily broadcast is to have at least two multi-purpose persons, and better yet three...
By multi-purpose I mean a person capable of writing news and scripts, and also with a good on the air voice 

Despite the never-stopping decline of shortwave broadcasting Mr Coro still believes in it. “The absurd idea 
that everyone is connected to the Internet , is just that, an absurd idea. There are many areas of the world 
where Internet connectivity is simply non-existent, and in other areas the bandwidth and reliability of the
connections leaves a lot to be desired, even in highly developed nations areas. Hopefully in the not too 
distant future the now not so new Digital Radio Mondiale may benefit from the availability of good quality 
and relatively low cost DRM capable receivers...”.  Even the small shortwave audience in Europe and North 
America seems to not discourage Mr. Coro. “Regular short wave listeners, let us say fans are not too many 
in developed countries, but my personal experience is that they constitute ¨a high quality audience¨ in the 
sense that we are dealing with highly educated and influential persons...”

Radio Habana Cuba: C’è anche l’italiano 
(The Italian version was originally written for www.coradx.it - Versione italiana scritta in esclusiva 
per www.coradx.it da cui è tratta)

Radio Habana Cuba inizierà un programma in lingua italiana nel più breve tempo possibile. A renderlo noto é 
il Professor Arnie Coro, DX editor dell'emittente cubana. Si spiega così l'inaspettata introduzione qualche
settimana fa di una pagina in italiano, aggiornata regolarmente, sul sito web ufficiale dell'emittente.

Il futuro programma avrà cadenza giornaliera e durerà trenta minuti. Ad impedire il contestuale avvio del 
nuovo servizio è, secondo il Professor Coro, l'attuale mancanza di un numero sufficiente di redattori che 
parlino la lingua italiana. Attualmente la pagina web di Radio Habana Cuba nella nostra lingua è curata da
 una sola persona. Ma questo, ovviamente, non basta per produrre una trasmissione quotidiana. "L'esperienza
maturata con i programmi in Portoghese, Creolo e Quechua ci ha insegnato - sostiene Coro- che  il modo 
migliore per produrre quotidianamente una trasmissione è quello di poter contare su due, o ancora meglio, 
tre redattori capaci di scrivere le notizie ed i testi dei programmi e che siano dotati anche di una bella 

Probabilmente non sarà facile trovare in tempi brevi il personale qualificato ma la strada sembra ormai 
tracciata. Coro smentisce anche alcune illazioni circa il futuro delle trasmissioni in onde corte di Radio
Habana Cuba che potrebbero cedere il passo allo streaming online. "L'idea che tutti siano connessi a 
Internet é assurda. Ci sono ancora molte aree del mondo - afferma - dove il collegamento Internet é 
semplicemente inesistente, mentre in altre aree, persino nei paesi sviluppati, la larghezza della banda e 
l'affidabilità delle connessioni lasciano spesso a desiderare ". 

Per il DX editor di Radio Habana Cuba il futuro delle trasmissioni sulle onde corte appartiene al non più 
tanto nuovo sistema DRM, a patto però  che lo stesso possa beneficiare dell'introduzione sul mercato di 
ricevitori adeguati ed a basso costo.

Il Professor Coro crede ancora nelle onde corte e, tramontato il tempo del loro utilizzo per diffondere 
la propaganda di natura politica, lascia intendere che possano avere ancora un senso per i paesi in via
 di sviluppo alla ricerca di investimenti. “Gli ascoltatori abituali delle onde corte o appassionati non 
sono molti nei paesi sviluppati. Tuttavia, per quella che è la mia esperienza personale so – conclude - 
che essi costituiscono un’audience di alta qualità, nel senso che ci troviamo di fronte a persone con un 
livello di istruzione molto alto ed influenti…”. 

------------------------------------------- END OF DX FANZINE nr. 31 -------------------------------------------

2 thoughts on “DX Fanzine nr. 31 – March 2016

  1. Saluti dalla Finlandia!
    Do you have an email address to RAI Liguria 1575 kHz.
    I heard it in this morning, 27th of Jan., 0618utc-
    Please, could you kindly give little help 😉

    Thank you!
    73´s de PMA


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