DX Fanzine nr. 29 – January 2016

DX Fanzine, an electronic newsletter which was originally edited in 1999/2000, brings together tips and news as contributed by individual DXers or ascertained from different sources. We are interested in any change about frequencies, times, language-services, transmitters, programme contents, phone and fax-numbers, electronic and postal address, station personnel.
The purpose of DX Fanzine, which doesn’t pretend to be in competition with any other electronic DX newsletter, is to provide timely and topical news and information to shortwave enthusiasts worldwide.
It is available on the web at http://www.dxfanzine.com and updated as soon as loggings, DX news, frequency upadates as well as QSL notes are received from any SWL around the world.
Although the primary platform for delivery of DX FANZINE information remains its web site, it is turned into a pdf file, (where you can see the final version of it with loggings and information, just as they appear online), a couple of days after the end of each month and sent out FREE
to anyone who has subscribed. The current as well as the previous editions of DX Fanzine (including those of years 1999/2000!) can be accessed from its home page and are there almost indefinitely.

NB: All times, days and dates are day/month GMT-UTC, unless otherwise stated.

Logs are entered in frequency order. Reception quality abbreviations: P = Poor, F = Fair, G = Good, E = Excellent.

Language Abbreviations: AA=Arabic, CC=Chinese, CT=Catalan, DD=Dutch, EE=English, FF: French, GG= German, IT=Italian, JJ=Japanese, PP=Portoguese, RM=Romanian, RR=Russian, SS=Spanish, VV=Vernacular

Material from DX Fanzine may be redistributed, posted to any other location, published or used for broadcast, provided it be fully credited to DX Fanzine and the original and intermediate sources.

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Editor:Antonello Napolitano

 Freq.   Date    Time-UTC  ITU Station, Language and Programme Details.    SINPO Contributor
  183   11.01.16 1940       F  Europe 1, Saarlouis, FF: Tribute to David Bowie      G.    RP
  252   26.01.16 1030      ALG R.Algerienne, Algers, FF: live phone                 G.    RP
  549   02.01.16 2345      SVN R.Koper, Slovenian: TK                               G.    RP 
  585   22.01.16 0650       E  RNE R.1, Madrid, SS: Regional NX Comun. de Madrid    G.    RP  
  603   01.01.16 1705       F  France Info, Lyon relay, FF: NX                      G.    RP 
  603   03.01.16 1808-1811  F  France Info, Lyon relay, FF: ID, NX. Last day on air 34333 AN*
  603   03.01.16 1700       F  France Info, Lyon, FF: Notre Dame des Ondes Mass     G.    RP
  612   28.01.16 0650       E  RNE R.1, Vitoria, SS: NX reg. Pais Vasco             F.    RP
  657   14.01.16 1730       I  RAI R.1, Pisa Relay, IT: Toscana Regional NX         G.    RP
  657   21.01.16 0650       E  RNE R.5, Madrid, SS: Regional NX Comun. de Madrid    F.    RP 
  684   20.01.16 0650       E  RNE R.1, Sevilla, SS: Regional NX Andalucia          G.    RP 
  711   01.01.16 1710       F  France Info, Rennes relay, FF: NX                    G.    RP
  711   02.01.16 1720      ROU R.Romania Actualitati, Bucarest, RM: Sport           G.    RP
  711   07.01.16 1850       E  COPE Murcia, SS: Comunidad Murciana Regional NX      F.    RP
  729   29.01.16 0650       E  RNE R.1, Oviedo, SS: NX reg. Asturias                F.    RP
  738   19.01.16 0650       E  RNE R.1, Barcelona, CT: Regional NX Catalunya        G.    RP
  747   21.01.16 1740      IRN IRIB. Gonbad, Farsi: TK                              G.    RP
  747   21.01.16 1835       E  RNE R.5, Cadiz, SS: Regional NX Andalucia            G.    RP
  783   30.01.16 1502-1515 SYR Syrian R & TV, Tartus Tx site, AA: ID, TK.           25333 AN*
  792   21.01.16 1825       E  R.Sevilla,  SS: Regional NX Andalucia                G.    RP 
  810   25.01.16 1835      MKD R.Makedonija, Skopje, Macedonian: NX                 G.    RP
  828   02.01.16 0430       E  Hit FM, Terrasa, SS: ID, MX.                         G.    RP
  828   03.01.16 0010       I  D 100, QTH?, IT: ID, MX.                             G.    RP
  828   09.01.16 1400       I  R.Z 100, QTH? IT: ID, MX.                            F.    RP
  828   16.01.16 0450       E  Hit FM, Terrasa, SS: ID and MX                       F.    RP
  828   16.01.16 0500       G  Smooth R., London, EE: NX                            F.    RP
  828   16.01.16 1105       I  Z 100, IT: DX PX "Studio DX" z100milano@ondemedie.am F.    RP 
  828   25.01.16 1020       I  Z-100, IT: ID, MX. E-Mail: z100milano@ondemedie.am   G.    RP
  837   18.01.16 1850       E  COPE Sevilla, SS: Regional NX Andalucia              G.    RP
  855   27.01.16 0650       E  RNE R.1, Murcia, SS: NX reg. Comunidad Murciana      G.    RP
  873   04.01.16 1601-1616 HNG Magyar R, RM: ID,Meteo Song La Multi ani Zile Senine 34433 AN*
  873   28.01.16 1835       E  R.Zaragoza, SS: NX reg. Aragon                       G.    RP
  882   04.01.16 0528-0530  E  COPE Alicante, SS: Commercials for local bussinnes   25433 AN
                               At 0530 into National network transmissions
  882   04.01.16 0528-0530  E  COPE Alicante, SS: Commercials for local business    25433 AN
  882   21.01.16 1850       E  COPE Alicante, SS: Regional NX Comun. Valenciana     G.    RP  
  882   26.01.16 1545       G  BBC R.Wales, Cardiff, EE: ID, MX.                    F.    RP
  900   17.01.16 1115       I  RAI R.1,  Milano relay, IT: NX Gazzettino Padano     E.    RP
  900   31.01.16 1130       I  RAI, Milano relay, IT: Lombardia Regional NX         33333 AM
  936   10.01.16 1438-1440  I  RAI, Venezia Relay, IT: Friuli VG Regional NX, ID    25222 AN*
  936   11.01.16 1840       E  RNE. R.5, Zaragoza, SS: Aragon Regional NX           G.    RP
  936   31.01.16 1129       I  RAI, Venezia relay, IT: Veneto Regional NX. Ed.: Are 43333 AM
                               you sure? Usually I hear regional NX from Friuli VG!
  963   03.01.16 1454-1459 TUN R.Tunis International, IT: Sport NX, Italian song    34333 AN*
  963   04.01.16 1556-1600 TUN R.Tunis International, IT: Details on Italian sweets 35333 AN*
                               Song by Fiorella Mannoia. NEW TIME!! At 1600 into FF. 
  963   15.01.16 1545      TUN R.Tunis International, Tunis, IT: MX                 G.    RP
  963   24.01.16 1501      TUN R.Tunis International, Tunis, IT: ID, MX, NX.        34433 AN*
  963   30.01.16 2228      TUN R.Tunis, Tunis,- Pop MX                              23232 AM
  981   26.01.16 1550      CZH R.Cesky Impuls, Praha, Czech: MX                     F.    RP
  981   31.01.16 1132       I  RAI, Trieste, Slovenian: Local PX for Slovenian      23322 AM
                               minority living in Italy.
  990   11.01.16 2255       E  R.Bilbao, SS: ID, Commercials for local bussiness    G.    RP
  999   19.01.16 0144-0206 MLT R.Malta, Bizbizja, Maltese: Phone-in PX, QRM SBC     34433 AN 
  999   18.01.16 2155       E  COPE Madrid, SS: ID, Commercials for local bussiness G.    RP
  999   18.01.16 2205      ARS Saudi BC, Duba, AA: Holy Quran                       F.    RP
  999   26.01.16 2255       E  COPE Madrid, SS: ID, Commercials for local business  G.    RP
 1008   26.01.16 1735       E  R.Girona, CT: Commercials for local business         F.    RP
 1017   26.01.16 1840       E  RNE R.5, Burgos, SS: NX reg. Castilla y Leon         G.    RP
 1026   08.01.16 1835       E  R.Reus, CT: Catalunya Regional NX                    G.    RP
 1026   26.01.16 1830       E  R.Reus, CT: NX reg. Catalunya                        G.    RP
 1035   17.01.16 1805       I  Media Veneta R.Piove di Sacco, IT: ID, MX.           F.    RP  
 1035   25.01.16 2300       I  Amica R.Veneta (NEW NAME!), Piove di Sacco IT: DX PX G.    RP
 1035   25.01.16 2315      EST R.Eli, Tartu, RR: Sermon                             F.    
 1035   31.01.16 1035       I  Amica R.Veneta (New Name former Media Veneto R), MX  23232 AM 
 1053   19.01.16 1850       E  COPE Zaragoza, SS: Regional NX Aragon                G.    RP
 1062   31.12.15 1730       I  RAI R.1, Cagliari relay, IT: Sardegna regional NX    G.    RP
 1062   12.01.16 1730-1740  I  RAI Sicilia, Palermo relay, IT: ID+Sicilia region.NX 32422 AN*
 1062   17.01.16 1746-1750  I  RAI Sardegna, Cagliari, IT: ID, Sardegna regional NX.32422 AN*
 1062   19.01.16 1739       I  RAI Sardegna, Cagliari TX, IT: ID, into National PX  33433 AN*
 1062   19.01.16 2340      CZE R.Country, Praha, Czech: MX                          G.    RP
 1062   31.01.16 1126       I  RAI, Ancona relay, IT: Marche Regional NX            22222 AM
 1071   23.01.16 1730      IND AIR. Rajkot, Urdu: NX                                G.    RP
 1071   30.01.16 1600-1612 CZH Cesky Rozhlas Puls, Ostrava relay: Czech: ID, NX.    34433 AN*
 1080   04.01.16 1823-1830  E  SER R.Huesca, SS: Commercials for local bussiness,   34333 AN*
                               weather report and Current news in Huesca region
 1080   19.01.16 1835       E  R.Huesca, SS: Local NX                               G.    RP
 1098   18.01.16 1840       E  RNE R.5, Almeria, SS: Regional NX Andalucia          G.    RP
 1098   28.01.16 1840       E  RNE R.5, Avila, SS: NX reg. Castilla y Leon          G.    RP
 1107   04.01.16 1730       I  RAI R.1, Roma, IT: Lazio Regional NX                 F.    RP
 1107   12.01.16 1850       E  RNE R.5, Logrono, SS: La Rioja Regional NX           G.    RP
 1116   31.12.15 1735       I  RAI R.1, Palermo relay, IT: Sicilia regional NX      F.    RP
 1116   14.01.16 1830       E  R.Pontevedra , SS: Galicia Regional NX               G.    RP
 1116   20.01.16 1730       I  RAI R.1, Palermo, IT: Regional NX Sicilia            F.    RP
 1125   19.01.16 1845       E  RNE R.5, Toledo, SS: Regional NX Castilla La Mancha  F.    RP
 1134   22.01.16 1850       E  COPE Astorga, SS: Regional NX Castilla y Leon        G.    RP
 1134   26.01.16 1850       E  COPE Pamplona, SS: NX reg. Navarra G.    RP
 1179   12.01.16 1835       E  R.La Rioja, Logrono SS: La Rioja Regional NX         F.    RP
 1215   11.01.16 2049       G  Absolute R., London, EE: Tribute to David Bowie      G.    RP
 1224   05.01.16 1850       E  COPE Mallorca, SS: ID, Baleares regional NX          G.    RP
 1287   12.01.16 1830       E  R.Castilla, Burgos, SS: Castilla y Leon Regional NX  G.    RP
 1296   05.01.16 0526-0530  E  COPE Valencia, SS: ID, NX, Commercials for local     34533 AN
                               bussiness. At 0530 into National Network PX
 1314   04.01.16 1835       E  RNE R.5, Tarragona, CT: Catalunya regional NX        G.    RP
 1341   01.01.16 0130       I  Gold 15-93, IT: ID,MX. Mail: gold1593radio@gmail.com G.    RP 
 1341   09.01.16 2345       I  Gold 15-93, IT: ID, MX. Mail gold1593radio@gmail.com F.    RP
 1341   25.01.16 2255       E  R.Onda Cero, Ciudad Real, SS: ID, Commercials for    F.    RP
                               local bussiness.
 1350   30.12.15 1810      HNG R.Gyor, Slovak: MX                                   F.    RP
 1350   04.01.16 1841-1844*ARM TWR Europe, Gavar relay, Turkish: TK, IS, S/OFF 1844 43433 AN*
 1350   12.01.16 1944-1946  I  I Am R., EE: Jingle, Song by Cheryl Linn             23422 AN*
 1350   17.01.16 0915       I  I Am R., IT: DX PX "Studio DX".Mail info@iamradio.am G.    RP
 1350   24.01.16 0900       I  I Am R., IT: DX PX (Studio DX) Mail info@iamradio.am G.    RP
 1350   30.01.16 2215       I  I Am R., MX of the '70s                              43333 AM
 1368   19.01.16 1841-1843  I  Challenger R., IT: ID, Time, MX by Fiordaliso        34433 AN*
 1377   04.01.16*1816-1818 ARM TWR Europe, Gavar relay, Farsi: IS, TK               25222 AN*
 1377   09.01.16 1700       I  R.Music Time, EE: MX. E-Mail radiomusictime@mail.com F.    RP
 1377   24.01.16 0010      TZN R.Free Africa, Mwanza, Swahili: African MX           F.    RP
 1377   24.01.16 0203-0233 TZN R.Free Africa, Mwanza, Swahili: TK, Commercials, ID  45444 AN
 1386   12.01.16 1800-1802 LTU R.Svoboda (RL/RFE), via R.Baltic Waves, RR: ID, NX.  35544 AN*
 1386   24.01.16 1930      LTU R.Free Europe, Vilnius Relay, Bielorus: Interview.   G.    RP
 1404   01.01.16 0200      ROU R.Cluj, RM: MX . // 909 KHz                          F.    RP
 1422   08.01.16 1740      ALG R.Algerienne, Algiers, AA: MX                        G.    RP
 1431   04.01.16 1735      UKR R.Ukraine Int., Kiew, RR: NX                         G.    RP
 1431   21.01.16 1730      DJI R.Sawa, AA: MX                                       F.    RP
 1440   11.01.16 2050      ARS Saudi BC, Riyadh, AA: MX                             F.    RP
 1440   30.01.16 1705-1800*NIG Adamawa BC, Yola, EE/VV: NX in EE, then into VV PX  34433 AN*
                               listeners'messages, Pop MX, jingles. S/OFF at 18.00
 1449   12.01.16 1830       I  RAI R.1, Belluno relay, IT: Veneto Regional NX       G.    RP 
 1449   31.01.16 1121       I  RAI, Belluno relay, IT: Veneto Regional NX           33333 AM
 1458   17.01.16 1459-1502 ALB R.Tirana, Fllake relay, Albanian: IS, ID, NX.        35343 AN*
 1494   11.01.16 1700      MDV R.Moldova Actualitati, Chisinau, RM: NX              F.    RP
 1521   20.01.16 1830       E  R.Castellon, SS: Commercials for local bussiness     G.    RP
 1521   24.01.16 1551-1600  E  R.Castellon, SS: ID, Commercial for local bussiness  44544 AN*
 1530   19.01.16 1829-1833 STP VOA, Pinheira relay, FF: IS ID in EE then into FF PX 33433 AN*
 1539   14.01.16 2340       E  R.Manresa, CT: ID, Commercials for local bussiness   G.    RP
 1550   25.01.16 2140      ALG R.Nacional Saharaui, Algiers, AA: TK                 F.    RP
 1557   01.01.16 0145       G  Smooth R., EE: MX. Two Tx mixed. // a 1359 KHz       F.    RP
 1566   23.01.16 1835      HOL Vahom FM, Den Haag, Industan:  MX                    F.    RP
 1575   25.01.16 1115       I  RAI R.1, Genova relay, IT: NX reg. Liguria           G.    RP
 1584   02.01.16 1710       I  R.Studio X, Momigno, IT: ID, MX                      G.    RP
 1584   15.01.16 1825       I  R.Studio X, Momigno, IT: ID, MX                      G.    RP
 1602   13.01.16 1830       E  R.Cartagena, SS: Comunidad Murciana Regional NX      G.    RP
 1602   19.01.16 1741-1743  E  R.Cartagena, SS: ID, Commercials for local bussiness 23222 AN*
 1626   10.01.16 0030      PIR R.Samara, DD: ID and MX                              G.    RP
 1629   17.01.16 0020      PIR R.Barones, EE: ID, MX. Mail:  3927am@rock.com        G.    RP
 1655   31.01.16 0010      PIR R.Moby Dick, DD: ID, MX. mobydickradio@hotmail.com   G.    RP
 3330   02.01.16 0440      CAN CHU, Ottawa, EE/FF: ID and Beeps                     G.    RP
 3905   17.01.16 0000      PIR R.Alice, Holland, EE: ID, MX. radioalice@hotmail.com G.    RP
 4026   09.01.16 0430      PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: ID, MX studio@laserhothits.co.uk G.    RP
 4765   09.01.16 0325      CUB R.Progreso, La Habana, SS: Jazz MX.                  G.    RP
 4810   29.01.16 1715      IND AIR Bhopal, Hindi: TK.                               G.    RP
 4835   29.01.16 1940      AUS VL8A Alice Springs, EE: MX.                          G.    RP
 4885   30.01.16 2345       B  R.Clube do Parà, Belem PP: Football live             F.    RP
 4910   09.01.16 1615      IND AIR Jaipur, Hindi: MX                                G.    RP
 5010   09.01.16 1610      IND AIR Thiruvanathapuram, Hindi: MX                     G.    RP
 6070   10.01.16 0015      CAN CFRB, Toronto, EE: NX.                               F.    RP 
 5020   04.01.16 1913-1922 SLM SIBC, Honiara, EE: TK                                25322 AN*
 5025   02.01.16 0500-0503 CUB R.Rebelde, La Habana, SS: NA, TK                     34333 AN
 6020   04.01.16 0536-0546 STP VOA, Pinheira relay, FF: NX                          35222 AN
 6070   10.01.16 0940       D  Superclan R., EE: ID, MX. superclanradio@yahoo.com   G.    RP
 6070   10.01.16 0820-0842  D  Sperclan R, Rohrbach Waal relay, EE: MX, ID.         35222 AN*
 6070   17.01.16 1015       D  R.DARC, via Rohrbach Waal, GG: ID, MX. darc@darc.de  G.    RP
 6070   24.01.16 0000      CAN CFRB, Toronto, EE: NX                                F.    RP
 6070   30.01.16 0420      CAN CFRB, Toronto, EE, NX                                G.    RP 
 6070   31.01.16 0930       D  R.Atlantic 2000, Rohrbach Waal relay, FF: ID, MX.    G.    RP
                               E-mail: atlantic2000international@gmail.com 
 6090   16.01.16 0445      ANG Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla, EE: Sermon               35443 RP
 6090   21.01.16 1745      ETH Amhara State R, Bahir Dar, Amharic: MX               F.    RP
 6095   03.01.16 1342-1356  D  Mighty KBC R, EE: Commercials, MX                    45433 AN*
 6110   30.01.16 0425      ETH R.Fana, Addis Ababa, Amharic: MX.                    F.    RP
 6160   30.01.16 0430      CAN CKZN, St. John's, EE: MX                             F.    RP
 6170   17.01.16 0940      PIR Mike R., EE: ID. MX. mikeradio@live.nl               G.    RP 
 6200   31.01.16 0910      PIR R.Technical Man, DD: ID, MX. technicalman@hotmail.nl G.    RP 
 6200   31.01.16 1146      PIR R.Technical Man, Holland, DD: German MX, TK.         34333 AM
 6225   03.01.16 0945      PIR R.Casanova, EE: ID, MX. radiocasanova@hotmail.com    G.    RP
 6225   10.01.16 0930      PIR R.Casanova, EE: ID, MX. radiocasanova@hotmail.com    G.    RP
 6229   10.01.16 1445      PIR Skyline R. Germany, EE: ID, MX. E-mail address:      G.    RP
 6240   31.01.16 1703-1718 PIR R.Batavia, Holland, DD: TK, MX                       35433 AN*
 6245U  02.01.16 1705      PIR Mike R., EE: ID, MX. E-mail:  mikeradio@live.nl      G.    RP
 6250   10.01.16 1450      KRE Echo of Unification, Pyongyang, Korean: TK           F.    RP
 6260   03.01.16 0900      PIR R.Benelux, EE: ID, MX. Address: Postfach 220342,     G.    RP                              
                               42373 Wuppertal, Germany.  
 6260   10.01.16 1005      PIR R.Victoria, EE: ID, MX freeradiovictoria@hotmail.com G.    RP
 6265   17.01.16 1611-1642 PIR R.Johnny Tobacco, Holland, EE: MX, ID at 1638.       45333 AN*
 6280   30.01.16 1445      PIR R.Verona, DD: ID, MX. shortwaveveronaradio@gmail.com G.    RP
 6285   10.01.16 1000      PIR R.Zwarte Panter,EE: ID  zwartepanter1951@hotmail.com G.    RP 
 6285   29.01.16 1710      PIR Mike R., EE: ID, MX. E-mail: mikeradio@live.nl       G.    RP
 6286   31.01.16 0950      PIR R.Focus Int., EE:ID, MX. E-mail: focus@live.co.uk    G.    RP
 6286   31.01.16 1720-1735 PIR R.Focus Int., EE: MX, ID                             35322 AN*
 6280   30.01.16 1631-1644 PIR Probably R.Mustang, Holland, MX                      45444 AN*
 6285   10.01.16 1513-1526 PIR Zender Akenzo, Holland, EE: Id, MX by Talk Talk.     35333 AN*
 6285   17.01.16 1528-1535 PIR Zender Akenzo, Holland, EE: MX, ID.                  35333 AN*
 6295   17.01.16 0955      PIR Top R., EE: ID, MX. Mail:  info@top,am.nl            G.    RP 
 6304   30.01.16 1613-1630 PIR R.Verona, Holland, DD: MX presented by OM            35433 AN*
 6305   31.01.16 1643-1656 PIR R.Verona, Holland, DD: MX, TK.                       45444 AN*    
 6306   10.01.16 0935      PIR R.Tower, EE: ID, MX. Mail: radiotoweram@gmail.com    G.    RP
 6306   10.01.16 1508-1512 PIR R.Tower, Holland, MX                                 25222 AN*
 6380   31.01.16 1503-1505*PIR Probably R.Blackstone GG: TK, MX.                    35222 AN*                                                                  6400   24.01.16 1534      PIR Probably R.Verona, Holland, DD: MX, TK, S/OFF.       25222 AN*
 6735   09.01.16 1605      PIR R.Pioneer, EE: ID, MX. E-Mail: pioneeram@hotmail.com G.    RP
 6852   30.01.16 1420      PIR R.Soul Train, ?? EE: ID, MX.                         G.    RP
 6875   01.01.16 1015       I  R.Europe, IT: ID, MX. E-mail: radioeurope@iol.it     G.    RP
 6875   06.01.16 1100       I  R.Europe, IT: ID, MX. E-mail: radioeurope@iol.it     G.    RP
 6875   24.01.16 0910-0916  I  R.Europe, IT: MX, TK.                                34222 AN*
 6875   24.01.16 0935       I  R.Europe, IT: ID, MX radioeurope@il.it               G.    RP
 6875   30.01.16 0920       I  R.Europe, IT: ID, MX. E-mail: radioeutope@iol.it     G.    RP
 6910   24.01.16 0945      PIR R.Orion 2000, GG: ID, radioorion2000@googlemail.com  G.    RP
 6915   31.01.16 1451-1501 PIR R.Orion 2000, DD: MX, TK                             35222 AN*
 6970   03.01.16 1618-1645  I  IBC Italian Broadcsating Corporation, IT: DX PX, ID  35322 AN*
                               MX, Mailbag PX. Those were old recordings of 80's!       
 6970   29.01.16 1520       I  Italian BC, IT: ID, MX. E-mail: ibc@europe.com       G.    RP
 6975   31.01.16 1419-1440  I  Blue Dragon AM, FF: Rock MX and Italian songs, ID.   55444 AN*
 7120   19.01.16 1750      SOM R.Hargeisa, Somali: TK                               F.    RP
 7255   19.01.16 1534-1554 BLR Belaruskaye Radio 1, Belorus: Italian Song, ID,      54444 AN*
 7300   01.01.16 0945       I  U-Boat 66 R., EE: ID, MX. Mail: uboatradio@gmail.com G.    RP
 7310   24.01.16 0930       D  Hobart R. Kall-Krekei,EE: ID, MX. hriradio@gmail.com G.    RP
 7310   24.01.16 0923-0931  D  Probably Deutsches R. 700, kall-Krekei, GG: MX, TK   35433 AN*
 7495   09.01.16 1630      CEY Deewa R., Iranawila relay, Pashto: MX.               G.    RP
 7590   12.01.16 1411-1416* I  R.Latino, EE/SS: MX "Only You", Jingles, ID, S/OFF   35333 AN*
 7615   31.12.15 1430      UZB VO the Wilderness, Tashkent relay, Korean: Sermon    F.    RP 
 7615   10.01.16 1350      UZB VO the Wilderness, Tashkent relay, Korean: MX        F.    RP   
 9265   31.01.16 0000      USA WINB, Red Lion, EE: MX.                              G.    RP
 9290U  17.01.16 1525-1516*PIR Mike R., Holland, EE: Greetings, ID, MX, S/OFF.      45444 AN* 
 9390   30.01.16 1900      THA R.Thailand, Bangkok, EE: ID, NX.                     G.    RP
 9475   17.01.16 1750      SWZ TWR Manzini, Swahili: Sermon                         G.    RP
 9485   24.01.16 0940       D  R.Gloria Int., GG: ID, MX. Mail: mail@radiogloria.de G.    RP
 9500   07.01.16 1810      SWZ TWR Africa, Manzini, EE: Sermon                      G.    RP
 9500   12.01.16 1830-1832 SWZ TWR Africa, Manzini relay, EE: ID, Address, IS.      45444 AN*
 9505   17.01.16 1730      SDN VO Africa, Omdurman, EE: ID. NX.                     F.    RP
 9526   30.12.15 1750      INS Voz de Indonesia, Jakarta, SS: MX                    F.    RP
 9526   15.01.16 1800      INS VO Indonesia, Jakarta, GG: NX                        G.    RP
 9526   25.01.16 1805      INS VO Indonesia, GG: NX.                                G.    RP
 9610   03.01.16 1000       D  AWR Firenze, Nauen realy, IT: DX PX by R.Scaglione   E.    RP 
 9610   24.01.16 1000       D  AWR Firenze, Nauen relay, IT: DX PX "Studio DX"      E.    RP
 9610   31.01.16 1000       D  AWR, Nauen relay, IT: DX PX Studio DX by R.Scaglione E.    RP
 9630   05.01.16 2345       B  R.Aparecida, Aparecida, PP: Sermon                   F.    RP
 9635   19.01.16 2350       B  R.Aparecida, PP: Sermon.                             F.    RP
 9660   12.01.16 0612-0614 VAT Vatican R., Santa Maria di Galeria, FF: NX, ID.      44333 AN
 9665   05.01.16 2350       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: MX                    G.    RP
 9665   22.01.16 2340       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: Sermon.               F.    RP
 9665   30.01.16 2158       B  Voz Missionaria, camboriu, PP: Religious PX          33333 AM
 9700   09.01.16 1520      NZL R.New Zeland International, Wellington, EE: MX       G.    RP
 9700   24.01.16 1403-1405 NZL R.New Zealand Int., EE: NX                           45333 AN*
 9730   14.01.16 1840      VTN VO Vietnam, Hanoi-Sontay, FF: NX                     G.    RP
 9800   05.01.16 1830       F  Sawtu Linjiila, Issoudun relay, Fulfulde: Sermon.    G.    RP
 9925   30.12.15 1805      PHL R.Pilipinas, Manila, Philipino: NX                   F.    RP
 9925   24.01.16 1745      PHL R.Pilipinas, Manila, Philipino: MX                   G.    RP
 9955   16.01.16 0430      USA WRMI, Okeechobee relay, EE: NX                       G.    RP
 9960   31.12.15 1440      PLW Furusato No Kaze, Tokyo, Palau relay, JJ: TK         F.    RP
 9975   17.01.16 1350      GUM KTWR, Agana, CC: Sermon                              G.    RP
10000   03.01.16 0000      CHN BPM - Lintong Cinese ID e pip pip G.    RP 
10000   30.01.16 0435       B  Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, PP: ID, Time  F.    RP
11580   22.01.16 2250      USA WRMI, Okeechobee, EE: TK on Xmas Trees               G.    RP
11660   30.12.15 1745      SWZ TWR Africa, Manzini relay, Oromo: Sermon             G.    RP
11660   04.01.16*1829-1833 SWZ TWR Africa, Manzini, Oromo: IS, Religious PX         45333 AN*        
11720   31.12.15 1745       F  VO Assenna, via Issoudoun, Tigrinya: TK. E-mail:     F.    RP 
11720   11.01.16 1730       F  VO Assenna, via Issoudoun, Tigrinya: TK. E-mail:     G.    RP 
11725   30.12.15 1800      NZL R.New Zeland Int., Wellington, EE: NX                G.    RP 
11735   30.12.15 1740      TZN Zanzibar BC, Swahili: NX                             G.    RP
11735   07.01.16 1805      TZN Zanzibar BC, Swahili: Gooooool (Football live)       G.    RP
11735   20.01.16 1800      TZN Zanzibar BC, EE: NX                                  G.    RP
11750   26.01.16 1730      CLN Sri Lanka BC, Colombo, Singhalese: MX                F.    RP
11765   25.01.16 2020       B  R.Deus è Amor, Curitiba, PP: Sermon                  G.    RP
11780   25.01.16 2025       B  R.Nacional Amazonas, Brasilia, PP: NX.               G.    RP
11850   31.12.15 1310      PHL R.Veritas, Manila, Vietnamese: TK                    G.    RP
11860   16.01.16 1800      ??? R.Sana'a, Riyad?, AA: NX                             G.    RP
11900   04.01.16 1851-1859*AFS VOA, Meyerton TX, Sudanese EE: ID, NX on South Sudan 45544 AN*  
11935   25.01.16 2030       B  R.B2, Curitiba, PP: MX                               G.    RP
12025   05.01.16 1344-1315 ARM TWR India, Gavar relay,IS, TK. At 1414 Address.      35322 AN  
12025   10.01.16 1415-1430 ARM TWR India, Gavar relay, Kharia?: IS, TK.             45544 AN*
12025   12.01.16 1459-1515 ARM TWR India, Gavar relay, Bhili?: IS, ID, Song.        45444 AN*
12025   19.01.16 1345-1400 ARM TWR India, Gavar relay, Mahili?: IS, ID, MX, TK      44444 AN*
12095   30.01.16 1235      PHL FEBC, Bocaue relay, Achang: Sermon                   G.    RP
13640   04.01.16 1634-1640 IND AIR, Bangalore relay, Farsi: TK, Song "Haina"        45444 AN*
15105   12.01.16 1558-1602 SWZ TWR Africa, Manzini relay, Kirundi?: TK religious MX 35333 AN*
15140   31.12.15 1405      OMA R.Oman, Muscat, EE: NX                               G.    RP
15235   30.12.15 1735      AFS Channel Africa, Moyabi, EE: MX                       G.    RP
15235   19.01.16 1621-1624 AFS Channel Africa, Moyabi TX Site, FF: African NX       45444 AN*
15235   26.01.16 1710      AFS Channel Africa, Moyabi relay, EE: NX                 G.    RP
15340   31.12.15 1305      AUS Reach Beyond Australia, Kilsyth, Nepali: TK          G.    RP
15345   03.01.16 0005      ARG R.Nacional, Buenos Aires, SS: NX                     F.    RP
15345   12.01.16 1914-1916 ARG RAE, Buenos Aires, IT: TK                            25322 AN*
15345   13.01.16 1945      ARG RAE. Buenos Aires, IT: NX                            G.    RP
15565   09.01.16 1500      PLW T8WH, Palau, EE: Sermon.                             F.    RP
15690   01.01.16 1059-1004 CEY R.Farda, Iranwila relay, Farsi: MX, Time, ID, TK     35333 AN
17630   12.01.16 1523-1550 MLI China R.Int, via Bamako relay, EE: NX, ID            35433 AN*
17630   26.01.16 1615       F  R.Xoriyo Ogaden, via Issoudun, Somali: Interview.    G.    RP
                               E-mail address: raadioxoriyo@yahoo.com 
17660   31.12.15 1400      ARS R.Saudi International, Riyadh, FF: ID, Holy Quran    G.    RP
17660   10.01.16 1400-1401 ARS R.Saudi International, Riyadh, FF: ID, Holy Quran    34322 AN*
17660   12.01.16*1400-1405 ARS R.Saudi International, Riyadh, FF: S/ON, ID, Freqs,  35433 AN*
                               Web address, Quran. Echoe effect surely unwanted! 
17730   26.01.16 1050      GUM KSDA, Guam, Mongolian: MX                            F.    RP
AN  = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: ICOM IC R70, Sony ICF 2001. ANT: 20 metre 
      outdoor wire. Tecsun AN-200 Medium Wave Tunable Loop antenna.
AN* = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: KENWOOD R-1000. ANT: inverted "V"+20m wire.
AM  = Alex Micheli in Canal San Bovo (TN-Italy). RX: YAESU FT 817. ANT: Wellbrook Ala 1530.
RP  = Roberto Pavanello in Vercelli (Italy). RX: EGZ DX 10, Icom R-71. ANT: EGZ LPF1R ferrite
      loop for reception of MW, 30-metre long wire

According to an announcement over the air the Italian programme of Radio Tunis International as from 4th January 
2016 will be broadcast on 963 kHz one hour later from 1500 to 1600 instead of 1400-1500. (Antonello Napolitano, 


CRI,  5985 kHz, verified an electronic report in 23 days with a F/D printed QSL card. The report was sent to:
kiswahili@cri.com.cn and crieng@cri.com.cn. Four days after having sent my electronic report I received an E-mail 
message from Xie of CRI's Swahili section. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY). ERRATUM
Dear colleagues, please take note that in our DX Fanzine nr. 29 of  December 2015 I included an item about Radio 
Congo on 5985 kHz, but I  made a significant mistake unintentionally. In fact, instead of Radio Congo I heard 
China Radio International’s Swahili service as they have confirmed (and QSLed) after they listened to my recording 
of what I heard on 5985 kHz, which includes an African music show presented by a male DJ. The programme,  was  
probably focused on the Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi as  five of his songs were played during monitored 
time: Ndakuvara,  Wasakara,  Shanda, Hear Me Lord,  Todii. I thought it was unlikely that CRI could air a show 
featuring  a single artist from Zimbabwe, as that is a country in which Swahili is not spoken. But I was wrong. 
It was just CRI!  It should be also mentioned that  at 1744  I reported that CRI appeared on 5985 kHz, preventing
the clear reception of Radio  Congo. Probably I was  a little bit tired as it was simply a CRI programme that 
follows another. Thanks to Glen Hauser for his feedback who stimulated me to further investigate about reception 
of that station on 5985 kHz. I hope those of you that have subscribed to DX Fanzine will consider the total body 
of my work and passion for short wave listening and see my last log  about Radio Congo for what it was – a clumsy 
as well as bona-fide mistake. Again my apologies for any inconvenient. Antonello Napolitano.

Superclan Radio, 6070 kHz via Rohrbach relay, verified an E-mail report in 5 days with a F/D eQSL. The report was
sent to: superclanradio@yahoo.com. (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).
Deutschlandfunk, 1422 and 1269 kHz, verified two separate e-mail reports on last day of transmission (31.12.205)  
in 14 days with two separate F/D QSL cards. E-mail: dlf@dlf.de and hoererservice@deutschlandradio.de (Antonello 
Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY)

MTVA,  873 kHz, verified an electronic report in 14 days with a F/D QSL certification sent by snail-mail. V/S:
Kornel Suveges, Technical department MTVA. The report was sent to: corporate@mtva.hu; kozonsegszolgalat@mtva.hu; 
info@dunamsz.hu; mediaklikk@mtva.hu. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Margherita,  88.7 MHz, verified an electronic report 15 minutes from the time I sent e-mail with a short
E-mail message. V/S: Giuseppe Orobello. E-mail: info@radiomargherita.com. Postal address: Via Marchese di 
Villabianca 82, 90143 Palermo. (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

Radio Music Time,  1377 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 1 day with a F/D eQSL. The report was sent to:
radiomusictime@mail.com. (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

Radio Z-100 Milano,  828 kHz, verified an electronic report in 1 day with a N/D e-mail message. The report was 
sent to: z100milano@ondemedie.am. V/S: Alessandra. (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

RAI SICILIA, 1062 kHz, verified an electronic report about a regional programme in 4 days with a N/D e-mail 
message which only mentions Catania Coda Volpe transmitter site. V/S Luigi Di Chiara, Rai Way S.p.A., Gestione 
Territoriale, responsabile Zona Sicilia, who promised to send a QSL, too. 14 days after his E-mail verification (18 
days after the electronic report was sent to: luigi.dichiara@rai.it) a F/D QSL card was delivered to me by registered
mail!! (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

IBC,  6970 kHz, verified an electronic report in 18 days with a F/D printed QSL card. E-mail: ibc@europe.com.
(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

CRI,  17630 kHz, verified an electronic report in 23 days with a F/D E-mail message but transmitter site was
missing. E-mail: crieng@cri.com.cn. This can be seen as breaking news! Please read the contents of their E-mail 
(They say they are in financial troubles!): "Dear Mr. Napolitano, We are thankful for your reception report and audio 
file. We can’t send you a QSL card by air mail due to our financial difficulty, anyway, we send you a verification 
of your report as follows. We are glad to verify your reception report on our program transmitted on 17630 kHz at 
15:23 hours- 15:50 hours UTC dated January 12th, 2016. Your further reception reports on our broadcasts are welcome.
Yours sincerely, Ying Lian, English Service China Radio International. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY)

Radio Marabu,  6305 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 41 days with a F/D QSL card and promo material via snail-
mail. The report was sent to: info@radiomarabu.de marabu@radiomarabu.de. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

QBC Radio International,  6985 kHz, verified an E-mail report in 41 days with a F/D eQSL and friendly message 
with lot of info. They operates from Hungary V/S: Peter. E-mail: qbcradio@europe.com. (Antonello Napolitano).

Radio Alice,  3905 kHz, verified an E-mail report 25 minutes from the time I sent F/Up with a nice F/D eQSL (82
days after original report). V/S: Herman. E-mail: radioalice@hotmail.com (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Orion 2000, 6910 KHz, verified an E-mail report 4 hours after the time the report was sent with a F/D 
eQSL. E-mail: radioorion2000@googlemail.com. The reply came from: radioorion2000@gmail.com v/s Commander Cliff 
Allister Mx Lane. (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY)

VOA 1530 kHz via Pinheira relay station, received a F/D, including transmitter site, E-mail message from Helena 
de Menezes, Manager's secretary IBB Sao Tome Transmitting station, 9 days after second F/Up. The report was sent 
to: HMENEZES@bbg.gov. The same report was already sent to VOA and was verified in 48 days with a P/D card with 
transmitter site field left blank (!) including the whole A-15 period (03/29/15 and 10/25/15) instead of date of 
reception. See DX Fanzine nr. 26 October 2015 for more details. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY)

BBC Radio Wales, 882 kHz, verified a report by snailmail with a F/D E-mail message from David Mackie, Head of 
Operations, Pennaeth Gweithrediadau 11 days after F/UP. 13 days after my report by snailmail I received a first
E-mail message from David with thanks and promising a letter of verification. Also in his second E-mail, which
included a doc file with some additional information about the programme I monitored and a map locating the 
transmitter at Washford, Mr. Mackie says: "You’ll receive a copy of the enclosed information by post within the 
next few days". The letter arrived 4 days after his second E-mail and 87 days after the report was sent by snail
mail. E-mail: David.mackie@bbc.co.uk (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Free Asia (RFA) announces the release of our Year of the Monkey QSL. The Year of the Monkey begins 
February 8, 2016 and ends January 27, 2017. The design is used with permission from the United Nations Postal 
Administration (UNPA). The sheet is made of ten $ 1.20 USD stamps with the UN emblem as a standard international 
first class postage stamp. Those born in a monkey year are said to be optimistic, adventurous, humorous, 
forthright and to-the-point, and intelligent. Monkeys have strong personalities and are witty, but also 
mischievous, clever and curious about the world around them. The Chinese New Year is celebrated in many countries 
around the world. This is RFA’s 60th QSL and is used to confirm all valid RFA reception reports from January-April 
2016.Created by Congress in 1994 and incorporated in 1996, RFA broadcasts in Burmese, Cantonese, Khmer, Korean to 
North Korea, Lao, Mandarin (including the Wu dialect), Vietnamese, Tibetan (Uke, Amdo, and Kham), and Uyghur. RFA 
strives for accuracy, balance, and fairness in its editorial content. As a ‘surrogate’ broadcaster, RFA provides 
news and commentary specific to each of its target countries, acting as the free press these countries lack. RFA 
broadcasts only in local languages and dialects, and most of its broadcasts comprise news of specific local 
interest. More information about Radio Free Asia, including our current broadcast frequency schedule, is available 
at www.rfa.org. RFA encourages listeners to submit reception reports. Reception reports are valuable to RFA as they
help us evaluate the signal strength and quality of our transmissions. RFA confirms all accurate reception reports 
by mailing a QSL card to the listener. RFA welcomes all reception report submissions at http://techweb.rfa.org 
(follow the QSL REPORTS link) not only from DX’ers, but also from its general listening audience Reception reports 
are also accepted by email at qsl@rfa.org and by mail to: Reception Reports, Radio Free Asia, 2025 M. Street NW, 
Suite 300, Washington DC 20036, United States of America. (Andrew "A.J." Janitschek Radio Free Asia via Anatoly 
Klepov, Moscow, Russia)

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, 4828 kHz, verified a report dated 1999!, 6 days after my latest F/UP sent by 
E-mail along with mp3 recording to: moses.charedzera@zbc.co.zw. V/S Moses, who wrote: "Dear Mr Napolitano, Thank
you so much for the work you do monitoring short wave radio transmission. The broadcast you monitored was indeed 
that of ZBC. I however regret to inform you that the station has since stopped short wave broadcasts due to aging 
equipment. We are currently at an advanced stage of the digitalisation process and it is expected by June this year 
we will launch live streaming of our four radio stations. Thank you for your interest in ZBC. Kind regards Moses". 
(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY)

------------------------------------------- END OF DX FANZINE nr. 29 -------------------------------------------

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