DX Fanzine nr. 28 – December 2015

DX Fanzine, an electronic newsletter which was originally edited in 1999/2000, brings together tips and news as contributed by individual DXers or ascertained from different sources. We are interested in any change about frequencies, times, language-services, transmitters, programme contents, phone and fax-numbers, electronic and postal address, station personnel.
The purpose of DX Fanzine, which doesn’t pretend to be in competition with any other electronic DX newsletter, is to provide timely and topical news and information to shortwave enthusiasts worldwide.
It is available on the web at http://www.dxfanzine.com and updated as soon as loggings, DX news, frequency upadates as well as QSL notes are received from any SWL around the world.
Although the primary platform for delivery of DX FANZINE information remains its web site, it is turned into a pdf file, (where you can see the final version of it with loggings and information, just as they appear online), a couple of days after the end of each month and sent out FREE
to anyone who has subscribed. The current as well as the previous editions of DX Fanzine (including those of years 1999/2000!) can be accessed from its home page and are there almost indefinitely.
NB: All times, days and dates are day/month GMT-UTC, unless otherwise stated.

Logs are entered in frequency order. Reception quality shorties: P = Poor, F = Fair, G = Good, E = Excellent.

Language shorties: AA=Arabic, DD=Dutch, EE=English, FF: French, GG= German, IT=Italian, PP=Portoguese, RR=Russian, SS=Spanish, VV=Vernacular

Material from DX Fanzine may be redistributed, posted to any other location, published or used for broadcast, provided it be fully credited to DX Fanzine and the original and intermediate sources.

Please send your contributions to: tarantodx@hotmail.com

LAST UPDATED: 31 December, 2015 at 10.30 (PREVIOUS UPDATE: 23 December, 2015 at 08.30) – http://www.dxfanzine.com

Editor:Antonello Napolitano

 Freq.   Date     Time-UTC  ITU Station, Language and Programme Details.    SINPO Contributor

  558   14.12.15 1840       E  RNE. R.5, Valencia, SS: Comun.Valencians Regional NX G.    RP
  576   07.12.15 1455-1510 BUL R.Bulgaria Horizont, Bulgarian: MX, Commercials, ID. 44444 AN
  603   18.12.15 0504-0515  F  France Info, Lyon Tramoyes, FF: NX, ID               24433 AN
  603   21.12.15 1903-1915  F  France Info, FF: Meteo, NX Platini banned from FIFA  44444 AN
  621   05.12.15 1702-1706 BEL RTBF, Wavre relay, FF: NX with voice of Mr.Obama     34333 AN*
  630   05.12.15 1600-1613 ROU R.Timisoara, Romanian: ID, NX, Weather Report, MX.   44343 AN*
  649   21.12.15 0621-0633 SVN R.Murski Val, Slovenian: ID, MX, TK                  35333 AN 
  666   18.12.15 1835       E  R.Barcelona, Catalan: Catalunya regionaal NX         G.    RP
  711   05.12.15 1708-1710  F  France Info, FF: Sport NX, ID.                       24232 AN*
  783   24.12.15 1530-1535 SYR SRTV R.Damascus, AA: ID, MX. At 1535 QRM from Spain  35433 AN*
  828   13.12.15 0035       I  UNID from Lombardia, EE: Non stop MX.                G.    RP 
  828   14.12.15 2040       E  Hit FM, Terrasa, SS: ID, MX.                         G.    RP
  837   07.12.15 1850       E  COPE Sevilla, SS: AndaluciaRegional NX.              G.    RP
  864   08.12.15 1010       F  France Bleu 107.1, Paris, FF: MX                     G.    RP
  864   05.12.15 1533-1543  F  RFI, Villebonne sur Ivette relay, FF: MX (Police),ID 22422 AN*
  864   22.12.15 0530-0545  F  France Bleu 101.7, FF: NX, ID.                       34433 AN
  882   18.12.15 0526       E  COPE Alicante,SS: ID, Commercials for local business 23322 AN
  882   21.12.15 0527-0529  E  COPE Alicante, SS: Commercials for local business    34433 AN
  882   28.12.15 0535-0538  G  BBC R.Wales, EE: TK, MX, ID.                         23422 AN
  936   05.12.15 1507-1516  I  RAI, Venezia relay, IT: Friuli Venezia Giulia Regio- 34333 AN*
                               nal PX with TK on Italian minority in Slovenia
  963   24.12.15 1447      TUN R.Tunis International - Italian MX                   F.    AN*
 1035   05.12.15 1855-1858  I  Media Veneta R.- Italian MX "Aveva un bavero"        23322 AN*
 1035   10.12.15 1855       I  Media Veneta R., Piove di Sacco, IT: ID, MX.         G.    RP
 1053   21.12.15 0654-0657 LBY Al-Itha'ah al-Wataniya (Libyan R.), AA: ID, TK       35543 AN  
 1134   10.12.15 1850       E  COPE Pamplona, SS: Navarra Regional NX               G.    RP
 1170   05.12.15 1646-1659 SVN R.Capodistria, IT: Hit Parade                        34433 AN*
 1206   05.12.15 1635-1645  F  France Info, Bordeaux relay, FF: NX, ID.             35333 AN*
 1107   17.12.15 1835       E  RNE R.5, Logrono, SS: La Rioja Regional NX           G.    RP
 1107   19.12.15 1735       D  AFN Bavaria, Vilseck, EE: NX                         G.    RP
 1116   21.12.15 1730      HNG Danko R., Budapest, Hungarian: NX                    G.    RP
 1206   18.12.15 1947-1957  F  France Info, Bordeaux Nèac relay, FF: TK, ID         35433 AN*
 1224   21.12.15 1850       E  COPE Lleida, Catalan: Catalunya Regional NX          G.    RP
 1224   24.12.15 1453-1457 IRN IRIB WS, Kish, AA: TK mixed with MX                  24322 AN*
 1233   13.12.15 1740      CZE R.Dechovka, Predboj, Czech: MX                       G.    RP
 1242   17.12.15 0548-0600  F  France Info, Marseille Rèaltor, FF: Actualitè        35433 AN
 1260   04.12.15 2306       I  SER R.Murcia, SS: Local NX                           34433 AM
 1260   24.12.15 1527-1528 ARS SBC Radio Riyad, AA: TK with mention of Saudi Arabia 24322 AN*
 1269   20.12.15 1459      SRB R.Novi Sad, Serbian: MX, ID. QRM from DLF            23433 AN*
 1269   27.12.15 1546-1600 SRB R.Novi Sad, Serbian: MX, ID, Sport NX. QRM fm DLF    24333 AN*
 1269   31.12.15 0600-0615  D  Deutschlandfunk, Neumunster, GG: ID, NX. Last day    33433 AN         
 1278   05.12.15 1623-1633  F  France Bleu, Strasbourg relay, FF: TK on Quebec, MX.       AN*
 1278   24.12.15 1500-1518  F  France Bleu Elsass, FF/Alsatian: NX, MX (Wham), ID   34433 AN*
 1287   15.12.15 1758       E  R.Castilla, Burgos, SS ID and Commercials for local  G.    RP
 1296   24.12.15 1430-1443 SRB R.Beograd, Serbian: TK, ID, SPort Journal            24333 AN*
 1341   04.12.15 1845       G  BBC R.Ulster, EE: TK                                 34333 AM
 1350   03.12.15 1921-1924  I  I Am R., IT: ID, MX "Love Come Down".                25333 AN*
 1350   20.12.15 0920       I  I Am R., IT: DX PX Studio DX. Mail:info@iamradio.am  G.    RP
 1368   27.12.15 1506-1509  I  Challenger R., Villa Estense: PX "Alto gradimento"   25433 AN*
 1377   17.12.15 0528-0540  F  France Info, Lille Camphin, FF: ID, Journal, Meteo   35333 AN
 1395   04.12.15 2300       I  R.Activity, Ferrara, Techno MX                       33333 AM
 1422   31.12.15 0010-0030  D  Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler, GG: TK. Last day on air 33433 AN
 1476   04.12.15 1930       I  R.Treviso, IT: ID and Classicasl MX                  43333 AM
 1476   15.12.15 1940      IRN IRIB, Marivan, Farsi: MX                             F.    RP
 1485   15.12.15 1735       E  R.Santander, SS: ID, Commercials for local business  G.    RP
 1494   20.12.15 1652-1723  F  R.Corse Frequenza Mora, FF: Sport NX, MX, Live foot- 22422 AN*
                               ball match GFC-Lyon. QRM from France Info and Moldova
 1503   04.12.15 1900-1930 BIH R.Zavidovici, Bosnian: Time, ID, Commercials, NX, MX 43433 AN
 1503   22.12.15 1835       E  RNE R.5, La Linea, SS: Andalucia regional NX         G.    RP
 1521   09.12.15 1830       E  R.Castellon, SS: ID, Commercials for local bussiness G.    RP
 1548   08.12.15 1020       G  Gold, London, EE: MX                                 F.    RP
 1557   21.12.15 0553-0605  F  France Info, FF: NX, New smartphone by Blackberry    44444 AN    
 1566   19.12.15 1730       G  BBC Somerset, Taunton, EE: NX                        F.    RP 
 1575   25.12.15 2255       E  R.Cordoba, SS: ID, commercials for local bussiness   G.    RP
 1584   13.12.15 1710       I  R.Studio X, Momigno, IT: ID, MX.                     G.    RP
 3330   13.12.15 0010      CAN CHU, Ottawa, EE/FF: ID and Beeps                     G.    RP
 3330   19.12.15 0430      CAN CHU, Ottawa, EE/FF: ID and beeps                     F.    RP
 3905   05.12.15 2054-2106 PIR R.Skyline, EE: MX, greetings to listeners, ID.       45333 AN*
 4025   04.12.15 1945      PIR Laser Hot Hits, Disco MX                             44444 AM
 4026   19.12.15 1705      PIR Laser Hot Hits, EE: ID, MX studio@laserhothits.co.uk G.    RP
 4810   19.12.15 1710      IND AIR Bhopal, Hind: MX                                 F.    RP
 4930   18.12.15 1843-1847 BOT VOA, via Selebi-Pikwe, EE: ID, TK                    45444 AN*
 5020   03.12.15 1908-1918 SLM SIBC, Honiara, EE: MX, TK.                           25322 AN*  
 5020   05.12.15 1901-1938 SLM SIBC, Honiara, EE: MX, TK, NX.                       25322 AN*
 5020   10.12.15 1901-1935 SLM SIBC, Honiara, EE: Religious PX, MX, NX              35333 AN*
 5020   13.12.15 1901-1909 SLM SIBC, Honiara, EE: NA, TK.                           25222 AN*
 5020   18.12.15 1912-1944 SLM SIBC, Honiara, EE: MX, TK                            25322 AN*
 5025   30.12.15 0602-0604 CUB R.Rebelde, la Habana, SS: Freqs, ID, Cuban MX        35333 AN
 5040   05.12.15 0303-0307 CUB R.Habana Cuba, SS: NX                                35333 AN  
 5040   28.12.15 0500-0503 CUB R.Habana Cuba, SS: National Anthem, TK               35333 AN
 5915   18.12.15 1857      ZMB Tentative R.Zambia, VV: TK. QRM from CW station!     22322 AN*
 5950   15.12.15 1750      ETH VO the Tigray Revolution, Mekele, Tigrino: MX        F.    RP
 5952.5 13.12.15 0015      BOL R. Pio XII, Siglo XX, Aymara: TK by YL               F.    RP
 5975   30.12.15 0530-0533  G  BBC, Wooferton relay, Hausa: IS, ID, NX.             45544 AN
 5985   05.12.15 1716-1744 COG R.Diffusion TV Congolaise, VV: PX of AFrican MX pre- 33433 AN*
                               sented by OM. At 1744 blocked by CRI
 5985   11.12.15 1600-1601 CHN China R.Int, Swahili: Opening announcement with ID   43433 AN* 
 5985   20.12.15 1516-1532 BRM Tentative R.Myanmar?, UNID Language: MX, TK.         33433 AN*
 5985   22.12.15 1357-1359*JPN Shiokaze Sea Breeze, Japanese: TK. S/OFF at 1359.    35433 AN*
 6030   05.12.15 0300-0302 USA R.Marti, Greenville relay, SS: Id, Rpt on Cuban      33433 AN
 6035   28.12.15 0506-0508 ASC VOA, Ascension relay, Hausa: Jingle, TK              35433 AN
 6045   20.12.15 0935       D  European Music R, EE: TK. emrshortwave@gmail.com     G.    RP
 6070   06.12.15 0810-0830  D  Surf R., via Rohrbach Waaal relay, EE: MX, ID        45333 AN*
 6070   13.12.15 0020      CAN CFRB, Toronto, EE: NX                                F.    RP
 6070   13.12.15 0920       D  R.Diamond, GG: ID, MX. Mail: radiodiamond@gmx.de     G.    RP
 6070   20.12.15 0920      PIR Superclan R., GG: ID, MX. superclanradio@yahoo.com   G.    RP
 6090   13.12.15 0025      ATG Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla, EE: Sermon               G.    RP
 6115   16.12.15 1800      COG R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: NX                         F.    RP
 6115   21.12.15 1805-1823*COG R.Congo, Brazzaville, FF: TK. Short MX and QRT @1723 23222 AN
 6130   16.12.15 1805      SWA TWR Africa, Manzini, Umbundu: Gospel                 F.    RP 
 6135   30.12.15 0538-0540 ASC BBC Ascension, Hausa: TK. // 5975 kHz.               35333 AN
 6200   06.12.15 1439-1441 PIR R.Technical Man,- MX "Hey Hey Guy" by Ken Laszlo     43333 AN* 
 6201   13.12.15 0940      PIR R.Sunflower, EE: ID, MX. radiosunflower@hotmail.com  G.    RP
 6210   13.12.15 1555.1611 PIR UNID R.Barraquda? - Italian MX (Luna by Gianni Togni)25222 AN*       
 6220   19.12.15 1520      PIR R.Casanova, DD: ID, MX. radiocasanova@hotmail.com    G.    RP
 6235   05.12.15 1833-1852 PIR R.Brune Beer, Swedish? MX, TK ID by Johnny Tobacco!  23322 AN*
 6265   24.12.15 1620      PIR Mike R., Holland, EE: ID, MX. mikeradio@live.nl      G.    RP
 6269   13.12.15 1429-1441 PIR UNID, Non stop MX (Get Down by Gilbert O'Sullivan)   23222 AN*
 6280   20.12.15 0950      PIR R.Geronimo, EE: ID,MX. geronimoshortwave@hotmail.com G.    RP
 6280   25.12.15 0935      PIR R.Lowland, EE: ID, MX.Mail: radiolowland@hotmail.com G.    RP
 6285   13.12.15 1421-1427 PIR R.Telstar, Holland, EE: Greetings to listeners, MX   23222 AN*
 6295   13.12.15 0950      PIR Tower R., EE: ID, MX. Mail: radiotoweram@gmail.com   G.    RP
 6295   13.12.15 1502      PIR R.Tower, Holland, DD: TK, MX.                        P/F   AN*
 6295   19.12.15 1525      PIR Telstar R., EE: ID, MX.  dutchradio48@hotmail.com    G.    RP
 6295   25.12.15 0940      PIR Crazy Wave R., EE: ID, MX. E-Mail: shortwave@gmx.de  G.    RP
 6305   24.12.15 1030      PIR R.Marabu, GG: ID, MX.  info@radiomarabu.de           G.    RP
 6306   13.12.15 1534-1544 PIR R.Brandaris, DD: ID, MX.                             25222 AN*
 6325   13.12.15 1000      PIR R.Zwarte Panter, EE: ID, MX. E-mail address:         G.    RP 
 6850   20.12.15 1428-1445  I  R.Arkadia, EE: MX, greetings to listeners.           45333 AN*
 6875   19.12.15 0920       I  R.Europe, IT: ID, MX. Mail: radioeurope@iol.it       G.    RP
 6875   20.12.15 1416-1426  I  R.Europe - MX "All My Life" by Arthur Pryscock       45333 AN*
 6875   25.12.15 0930       I  R.Europe, IT: ID, MX. E-Mail: radioeurope@iol.it     G.    RP
 6943   13.12.15 0930       I  R.Enterprise, IT: ID, MX enterpriseradio@hotmail.com G.    RP
 6990   06.12.15 1418-1435 PIR R.Komintern, Russia - Russian Patriotic songs        35333 AN*
 6990   13.12.15 1446-1450 PIR R.Komintern, Russia, RR: TK, MX.                     35333 AN*
 7120   09.12.15 1840      SOM R.Hargeisa, Somali: TK by YL                         G.    RP
 7245   06.12.15 1300-1315 TJK VO Tajik, Dushanbè, EE: Opening Announcement,TK, MX  33333 AN*         
 7245   13.12.15 1400-1416 TJK VO Tajik, Dushanbè, Tajik: Opening Annoucement, TK.  44333 AN*
 7310   25.12.15 0950      PIR R.Mi Amigo International, EE:ID and MX. E-mail:      G.    RP
 7570   18.12.15 1837-1840 KRE VO Korea, Pyongyang, EE: MX, TK                      45333 AN*
 7590   20.12.15 1316-1347* I  R.Latino, EE: MX, ID, Jingle, NA of Italy! QRT 1347  45333 AN
 9420   23.12.15 0714-0732 GRC ERT, Avlis, Romanian, 0723 SS, 0731 Polish, 0735 IT, 55444 AN
                               0742 RR: NX. 
 9425   29.12.15 1930-1933 KRE VO Korea, Pyongyang, GG: IS, ID, MX.                 45444 AN
 9500   01.12.15 1858-1902*SWZ TWR Africa, Manzini, VV: TK, MX, Address, IS, S/OFF. 44544 AN
 9505   24.12.15           SDN Voice of Africa, Omdurman, FF: TK on Tourism         G.    RP
 9505   29.12.15 1906-1913 SDN R.Omdurman, Hausa?: MX, ID. Dead air for 2 minutes!  45433 AN
 9525   29.12.15 1900-1904 INS VO indonesia, Jakarta, EE: ID, NX.                   44333 AN
 9565   29.12.15 2303-2308 USA R.Marti, Greenville, SS: NX about Cuban migrants     45433 AN
 9610   06.12.15 1000-1005  D  AWR Europe, Nauen relay, IT: ID, Summary of PXs, DX  55444 AN* 
                               PX "Studio DX" nr. 649 by Roberto Scaglione
 9610   13.12.15 1005       D  AWR Europe, Nauen relay, IT: DX PX by R.Scaglione    E.    RP 
 9630   13.12.15 0030       B  R.Aparecida, PP: Rosario                             F.    RP
 9665   18.12.15 0539-0603  B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: MX, Time, TK          35333 AN
 9665   22.12.15 2345       B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: Sermon                G.    RP 
 9665   28.12.15 0607-0609  B  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: TK                    35333 AN
 9690   28.12.15 0610-0613 NIG VO Nigeria, Hausa: TK (Nigeria mentioned often!)     45333 AN
 9700   07.12.15 1400-1405 NZL R.New Zealand Int., EE: Time, NX, Promo for RNZI     33433 AN 
 9700   19.12.15 1640      NZL R.New Zeland Int., Wellington, EE: NX                G.    RP
 9820   08.12.15 0015       B  R.9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, PP: NX                      F.    RP
 9830   21.12.15 1832-1858 STP DW, via Pinheira relay, Hausa: TK, ID at 1840        45544 AN  
 9830   22.12.15 0630-0700 STP DW, via Pinheira relay, Hausa: TK, ID.               35333 AN 
10000   08.12.15 0010       B  Observatorio Naciona, Rio de Janeiro, PP: ID, Time   F.    RP
10000   25.12.15 1050       I  Italcable, Viareggio, IT: MX and Time.               G.    RP
11640   18.12.15 1830      MLI China R.Int, via Bamako relay station, AA: ID, TK.   35323 AN*
11735   20.12.15 1812-1820 TZA ZBC VO Zanzibar, Swahili: TK                         44544 AN*
11780   08.12.15 0005       B  R.Nacional Amazonas, Brasilia, PP: NX                G.    RP
11780   21.12.15 2215       B  R.Nacional Amazonas, Brasilia,PP: PX A Voz do Brasil F.    RP
11810   29.12.15 2257-2300 KOR KBS World, EE: Korea Panorama, ID.                   45333 AN
11815   08.12.15 0000       B  R.Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: Weather report        G.    RP
11860   19.12.15 1540      ARS R.Sana'a, unofficial station from Riyadh, AA: MX     G.    RP
12025   30.12.15 1345-1403 ARM TWR India, Gavar relay, Maithili?: IS, ID, TK        45444 AN*
12050   03.12.15 1839-1842 ASC R.Dandalkura Int, via Ascension, Kanuri: ID, TK.     45433 AN*
12065   24.12.15 1700      AUS R.Australia, Melbourne, EE: NX                       G.    RP
12065   30.12.15 1409-1412  G  R.Australia, Shepparton TX, EE: TK, Classical MX.    35333 AN*
12075   03.12.15 1843-1846 BOT VOA, Selebi-Pikwe relay, FF: Sport NX, ID, Review of 35433 AN*   
                               frequencies inside Burkina Faso.
13800   19.12.15 1506-1529 MDG R.Tamazuj, via Talata-Volondry, AA: NX, IDs          35433 AN
13800   19.12.15 1530-1532 MDG R.Dabanga, via Talata-Volondry, AA: ID               35433 AN
15105   03.12.15 1815-1821 ASC BBC, Ascension relay, FF: ID, NX with voice of Obama 45433 AN*
                               US Military to allow women in combat roles. 
15140   19.12.15 1500-1503 OMA R.Sultanate of Oman, AA: ID, TK (NX?)                35433 AN
15190   14.12.15 1940       B  R.Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, PP: Interview       F.    RP
15300   03.12.15 1821-1824  F  R.France Internat., Issoudun, FF: ID, Economic NX.   45444 AN*
15345   14.12.15 1935      ARG RAE, Buenos Aires, IT: NX                            G.    RP
15580   01.12.15 1827-1835 BOT VOA, Selebi-Pikwe relay, EE:ID, Editorial.           45333 AN

AN  = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: ICOM IC R70, Sony ICF 2001. ANT: 20 metre 
      outdoor wire. Tecsun AN-200 Medium Wave Tunable Loop antenna.
AN* = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: KENWOOD R-1000. ANT: inverted "V"+20m wire.
AM  = Alex Micheli in Passo Brocon (Italy). RX: YAESU FT 818, TECSUN PL 660. ANT:RGP3 Ferrite road  
      and telescopic.
RP  = Roberto Pavanello in Vercelli (Italy). RX: EGZ DX 10, Icom R-71. ANT: EGZ LPF1R ferrite
      loop for reception of MW, 30-metre long wire


TWR, via Gavar relay, 1350 kHz verified a report with a F/D eQSL in 29 days. V/S: Kalman Dolbos who
writes: "Dear Mr. Napolitano, Thank you for your e-mail with a reception report for one of our transmis-
sions. On behalf of Trans World Radio, I'm verifying it with the attached eQSL card, but the exact 
location of the transmitter site I’m not allowed to disclose. Hopefully, you understand that". That's why 
my eQSL includes "Central Asia" and not "Gavar-Armenia" as transmitter site. E-mail: kdobos@twr.org.
(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

ORF, 6155 kHz, verified an electronic report with a F/D QSL card "Wien. St Stephan's Cathedral" in 51 days.
E-mail: roi.service@orf.at. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

HCJB World Radio (Russian section), via Moosbrunn relay, 13800 kHz verified a report with a F/D QSL card 
"Voronezh. The bridge over the river Vorona" in 38 days. The report weas sent to this address: "Golos And", 
P. O. Box 585,  Voronezh 394036 Russia. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

TWR Benin, 1566 kHz, verified an electronic report with a F/D QSL card in 43 days. I sent the report in 
English to twrafrica@twr.org and in French to info@twrbenin.com. The reply came from TWR A.R.O. P.O. Box 
4232, Kempton Park 1620, South Africa. Also included a B-2015 MW Schedule from Benin and a couple of lines
from Mrs. Lorraine Stavropoulos who signed the QSL.(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Zavidovici, 1503 kHz,  verified an electronic report with an E-mail message in 7 days. The report was
sent via their website www.radiozavidovici.net/index.php/kontakt-mainmenu-3-1510. V/S: Danijel Dado Schlipogor.
The message included a youtube link (www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4eUcR4xmYM) which shows the transmitter site.
Danijel is an HAM whose callsign is E72DS. The reply came from the following E-mail address:
zavidovicanin@hotmail.com (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Bulgarian National Radio, 576 kHz, verified an E-mail report with a F/D electronic letter in 3 days. The 
report was sent to gendirector@bnr.bg, sofia@bnr.bg, pelovska@bnr.bg, pr.fb@bnr.bg to but the reply came from: 
pelovska@bnr.bg. V/S: Maya Pelovska, Chief Expert, International Relations Department. (Antonello Napolitano,

Cesky Impuls, 981 kHz, verified an E-mail report with a F/D eQSL in 62 days. The report was sent to 
moderator@ceskyimpuls.cz but the reply came from: Matous.Hrabak@impuls.cz. (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

Cesky Impuls, 981 kHz, verified an E-mail report 30 minutes after the time I sent F/Up to 
Matous.Hrabak@impuls.cz with a F/D eQSL. The original report, remained unanswered, was sent to 
moderator@ceskyimpuls.cz. The reply came from Mr. Hrabak Matous. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Atlantic 2000 International (via Gohren), 7265 kHz verified an electronic report with a F/D e-QSL "Christmas 
Alley" in 5 days. E-mail: Atlantic2000international@gmail.con (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

Annoeska Surfradio (via Radio Channel 292/R.Geronimo, Rohrbach Waal), 6070 kHz,  verified an electronic report 
4 hours after the time I sent E-mail with F/D eQSL. V/S: Annoeska Drankier. E-mail: annoeska@surfradio.nl. 
(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).
Missionswerk Friedensstimme (via Nauen) 13710 kHz verified an E-mail report with a F/D QSL-card "Map of Russia 
and Kazakhstan" in 45 days. E-mail: redaktion@mwfst.de (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

Radio Goldrausch (via Channel 292) 6070 kHz, verified an electronic report sent to Goldrausch6070@yahoo.de with
a F/D eQSL in 1 day. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).                                               

SuperClan Radio (via Channel 292) 6070 kHz, verified am electronic report sent to superclanradio@yahoo.com with  
an eQSL in 1 day. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).                                                                                                    

AIR Bangalore, 9595 kHz, verified an E-mail report with a F/D QSL card "Bas relief with elephants" in 44 days.
The report was sent to: spectrum-manager@air.org.in. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

Radio Studio 98, 1359 kHz, verified an electronic report sent to their Facebook page with a Facebook message
via Messenger App in 3 days. (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

Blue Dragon AM, 6975 kHz, verified an electronic report 20 minutes after the time I sent E-mail with a F/D
eQSL "Picture female -dragon".E-mail: bluedragonam@hotmail.com (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

Radio Europe, 6875 kHz, verified an electronic report about 12 hours after the time I sent E-mail with a F/D
"Christmas" eQSL. E-mail: radioeurope@iol.it. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Arcadia, 6850 kHz, verified an electronic report sent to arcadiawaves@gmail.com  with a P/D eQSL in 3
days.  (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

NHK World (Russian Section), 6165 kHz, verified an electronic report with a F/D QSL card "Autumn in Mountain 
Village" in 63 days. The report was sent via website (www.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/ru/contact). (Alexander Golovikhin 

RTL, 1440 kHz, verified an electronic report with a F/D printed QSL card in 7 days. The report was sento to 
BCE, the company that owns the transmitter site: contact@bce.lu, patrick_bernard@bce.lu, eugen_muller@bce.lu, 
eugene_muller@bce.lu, vincent_demarque@bce.lu. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Macedonian Radio TV, 810 kHz, verified an e-mail report with a F/D electronic letter 3 days after having
sent F/UP. The report was sent to dimac.mitkovski@mrt.com.mk and lot of others e-mail addresses but the reply
came from Mr. Dimac Mitkowski, Head of Radio Technical Department, Macedonian Radio TV who signed the letter. 
(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Mike Radio 15070 kHz, verified an electronic report 10 hours after the time I sent F/Up with F/D electronic 
letter. E-mail: mikeradio@live.nl. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio 42, 6265 kHz, verified an electronic report sent to Radio42@outlook.com  with a F/D eQSL in 7 days. 
(Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

Radio Magic AM, 6298 kHz, verified an electronic report 4 hours after the time I sent E-mail with a F/D eQSL
showing "Ship-schooner". E-mail address: magicamradio@gmail.com. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

Radio Komintern, 6990 kHz, verified an electronic report sent to 050353@mail.ru with a F/D eQSL in 1 day. 
(Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).
Radio Technical Man, 6200 and 6235 kHz, verified two separate electronic reports with two F/D eQSLs in 2 days. 
E-mail address: technicalman@hotmail.nl.(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio 6-2-6-0, 6260 kHz, verified an electronic report sent to voiceoftheworldradio@hotmail.com with a F/D eQSL 
in 2 days. The QSL was accompanied by this message: "Hi Antonio, we are a international peace project, Website: 
http://www.voiceoftheworldradio.blogspot.com/. Hey, we need you! Please be a member of Pirates for Peace. 
as listener or transmitter (www.peacepiratemedia.tk ) It's an international peace project all over the planet 
with great results in troubled areas". (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Pioneer, 6870 kHz, verified an electronic report sent to pioneeram@hotmail.com with a F/D eQSL "Christmas
Holidays" in 126 days. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Pioneer, 6735 kHz, verified an electronic report sent to pioneeram@hotmail.com with a F/D eQSL "Christmas
Holidays in 171 days. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

Radio Montferland, 6295 kHz, verified an electronic report sent to Radiomonferland@hotmail.com with a F/D eQSL   
(showing Pirate frigate) in 5 days. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

Radio Sunflower, 6201 KHz, verified an electronic report sent to radiosunflower@hotmail.com with an E-mail 
message including 2 pictures of their antenna in 1 day and eQSL in 8 days. (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITALY).

Radio Sluwe Vos, 21460 kHz, verified an electronic report sent to rxreport@live.nl with a P/D eQSL in 51 days. 
(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Sluwe Vos, 6295 kHz, verified an electronic report sent to rxreport@live.nl with a P/D eQSL in 44 days. 
(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Oltenia Craiova, 1313 kHz, verified an electronic report with E-mail message 5 days after F/Up.
V/S: Daria Andriescu. Original report and F/UP were sent to office@radiocraiova.ro. A copy of F/Up 
also to Mrs Daria Andriescu's Facebook profile. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Romania International (Russian Section), 9880 kHz, verified an electronic report with a F/D special QSL
card "First week 25.10-1.11, 2015" in 20 days. E-mail: rusa@rri.ro. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

Radio Beograd 202, 1503 kHz, verified an electronic report with a F/D electronic verification letter the day after having sent F/Up to: sekretarijat.202@Rts.rs; glur202@rts.rs; desk205@rts.rs; kult202@rts.rs. The reply 
came from sekretarijat.202@Rts.rs V/S: Snežana Grujic Chief in editor, Alexander Babic, Secretariat Belgrade 
202. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Koper/Capodistria, 1170 kHz, verified an E-mail report with a F/D electronic letter in 1 day. The report
was sent to nives.decman@rtvslo.si, produkcija.rakp@rtvslo.si, aljosa.curavic@rtvslo.si but the reply came
from: antonio.rocco@rtvslo.si. V/S: Antonio Rocco, Vicedirettore generale RTVSLO per la Radio e la Televisione
per la Comunità nazionale italiana autoctona. Report and reply in Italian (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY). 

Ovozi Tojik, 7245 kHz, verified an electronic report with an informal E-mail message from Mrs. Anisa Haidarova
in 3 days. Mrs Haidarova says I listened to her programme. The report was sent to info@ktr.tj, radiotoj@mail.ru.
The second address was not working. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Voice of Turkey (Russian Section), 11965 kHz, verified an electronic report with a F/D special QSL card 
"30 August Victory Day" in 81 days. E-mail: russian@trt.net.tr. (Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

KBS World Radio (Russian section), via Woofferton, 7235 kHz, verified an electronic report with a F/D QSL card 
"The Russian service KBS World Radio - 50 years 13-02-2011" in 38 days. E-mail: Russian@KBS.co.kr (Alexander 
Golovikhin, Togliatti-Russia).

BBC Northern Ireland, 1341, verified an electronic report with a F/D Letter via snailmail accompanied by some
brochures in 62 days. The report was sent to: gerry.allen@bbc.co.uk and oyb@bbc.co.uk. The second E-mail address
was for the programme "On Your Behalf" from which I received this automatic reply: "Thank you for contacting On 
Your Behalf. Because of the volume of emails, we are unable to respond personally. However your correspondence 
will be read by the OYB team if we are able to pursue your complaint, we will contact you. Please ensure that you 
have included daytime and evening contact details. If you want to download OYB in a podcast go to the front page 
of Radio Ulster website and follow the links from there. Thanks". Honestly I don't know if they forwarded my
report to Mr. Mark Pruzina, Technology Support Manager, BBC Northern Ireland, who signed and sent me the 
verification letter. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY). 

------------------------------------------- END OF DX FANZINE nr. 28 -------------------------------------------

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