DX FANZINE Nr. 25 – September 2015

DX Fanzine brings together tips and news as contributed by individual DXers or ascertained from different sources. It is updated daily, otherwise as soon as we receive logs and news from any DXer around the world. We are interested in any change about frequencies, times, language-services, transmitters, programme contents, phone and fax-numbers, electronic and postal address, station personnel. Emphasis is on broadcasting from Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean area.

NB: All times, days and dates are day/month GMT-UTC, unless otherwise stated.

Tips are entered in date order. Reception quality shorties: P = Poor, F = Fair, G = Good, E = Excellent.

Material from DX Fanzine may be redistributed, posted to any other location, published or used for broadcast, provided it be fully credited to DX Fanzine and the original and intermediate sources.

Please send your contributions to: tarantodx@hotmail.com

NB: ALL TIPS REFER TO SEPTEMBER 2015 – LAST UPDATED: 1st October, 2015 at 07.50

 Freq.   Date     Time-UTC  ITU Station, Language and Programme Details.           SINPO 

 5049   11.09.15 0338-0350 CUB R.Habana Cuba, SS: ID, Jazz MX-                      25533 AN
 5025   11.09.15 0350-0405 CUB R.Rebelde, La Habana, SS: Songs, ID, TK.             44544 AN
 1530   11.09.15 0408-0420 STP VOA, Pinheira relay, EE: ID, NX on South Sudan.      34543 AN
 4840   11.09.15 0425-0427 USA WWCR, Nashville, EE: TK                              45444 AN
 4960   11.09.15 0431-0433 STP VOA, Pinheira relay, EE: TK                          35533 AN
 6165   11.09.15 0431-0453 LTU NHK R.Japan. via Sitkunai relay, RR: NX, ID.         44544 AN
11560   11.09.15 0454-0502 MDA R.Miraya, Kishinev-Grigoriopol, EE: Interview, ID.   45544 AN
 6470   11.09.15 1940-2002 PIR R.Tower, Holland, EE: Pop MX and ID                  45333 AN*
 7585   11.09.15 2041-2105  I  R.Latino, EE: Italian and Pop songs, ID.             25422 AN*
 7590   12.09.15 1833       I  R.Latino, Latin MX                                   55444 AM
 1035   12.09.15 1842       I  Media Veneta, Folk MX                                55444 AM
 1584   12.09.15 1846       I  R. Studio X, Italian MX                              55444 AM
 1368   12.09.15 1852       I  Challenger R, realy of VOA PX                        44444 AM
 4910   12.09.15 1907      ARM Vo Armenia, AA: National Anthem and S/ON in AA       33433 AM
 6030   12.09.15 1911      ETH R.Oromiya, VV: TK and African MX.                    44333 AM
  675   12.09.15 2002      QAT R.Qatar, Doha, Arab songs.                           33433 AM
 1134   12.09.15 2008      KWT R.Kuwait, AA: TK                                     33433 AM
  594   12.09.15 2022      ARS BSKSA, Riyahd, Arab MX.                              33443 AM
  612   12.09.15 2028      IRN IRIB, Teheran, very long piece of Iran's MX          33333 AM                   
 1530   12.09.15 2040      STP VOA, Pinheira relay, EE: PX Music Time in Africa.    44444 AM
  945   12.09.15 2045      IRN IRIB Sanandaj (Kordestan), Lyrics                    23322 AM
 4835   12.09.15 2106      AUS VL8A, ABC Northern Territory, Alice Springs, EE: TK  34343 AM 
15345   12.09.15 2113      ARG RAE, Buenos Aires, SS: TK                            44444 AM
 5940   12.09.15 2126       B  R.Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, PP: Religious PX.//9665 22322 AM
 9630   12.09.15 2129       B  R.Aparecida, PP: Religious PX // 11855               22222 AM
 5915   12.09.15 2134      ZMB ZNBC R.Zambia, VV: TK and African MX.                33443 AM 
 5025   12.09.15 2136      AUS VL8K ABC-Katherine, EE: TK                           24422 AM
 1566   12.09.15 2238      BEN TWR, Parakou, FF/VV: TK                              22222 AM  
 6090   12.09.15 2258      NIG FRCN Kaduna, VV: TK.                                 33333 AM
 5952   12.09.15 2308      BOL Emisora Pio XII, Siglo Veinte, SS: TK                22222 AM       
 4910   12.09.15 2315       B  R.Difusora do Macapa, Macapa, Brazilian MX           22222 AM   
 5025   12.09.15 2320      CUB R.Rebelde, La Habana, SS: TK and Salsa MX            33333 AM
 5980   15.09.15 0349-0400 AFS Channel Africa,EE: NX, Sport NX, Africa rise'n'shine 45544 AN
 6030   15.09.15 0403-0405 USA R.Marti, Greenville, SS: VOA editorial, ID. Jammed!  33533 AN
 5985   15.09.15 0414-0420 USA NHK R.Japan, via Okeechobee relay, SS: NX, ID        34533 AN
 6175   15.09.15 0423-0424 USA VO Vietnam, via Cypress Creek relay, SS: TK          35544 AN
 6080   15.09.15 0425-0427 STP VOA, via Pinheira relay, EE: Sport NX, ID.           Fair  AN
 6050   15.09.15 0430-0438 EQA Probably HCJB, Quito,SS: Western songs, TK.          25522 AN
 5810   15.09.15 0440-0443 USA EWTN, Vandiver, SS: Prayer                           35533 AN
15720   15.09.15 1530-1540 GUM KSDA AWR, EE/Kannada: ID in EE, S/ON in Kannada      35333 AN
11695   15.09.15 1542-1544 PHL Vatican R, Palauing-Zambakes relay, EE: TK           45333 AN
15660   15.09.15 1547-1548 AFS Channel Africa, Swahili: TK                          45544 AN
15735   16.09.15 1417-1430 UZB NHK R.Japan, Tashkent realy, EE: Focus, Song, ID.    35343 AN
 5985   16.09.15 1738-1800 BUR UNID Myanmar BC?, EE: TK. At 1800 blocked by CRI     25222 AN
 6300   16.09.15 1841-1900 PIR R.Monique, Holland, DD/EE: ID, greetings to listener 34433 AN
 3905   16.09.15 1902-1917 PIR R.Skyline, Holland, Country style Dutch songs.       25222 AN
 6290   16.09.15 1933-1950 PIR Zender Digital AM, Holland, Pop MX (Boney M, E.John) 35433 AN
 6110   16.09.15 2047-2100 ETH R.Fana, Amharic: TK, Song, QRT with Nat.Anthem  2100 45444 AN
 5980   16.09.15 2103-2111 ??? VOA, FF: NX, ID, EE lesson. TX site Greenville?? In  45444 AN
                               // 9490, 9885, and 11900 kHz.
 6307   22.09.15 1945-2014 PIR R.Desperado, Holland, DD/EE: Pop MX (Abba), ID.      24322 AN
 6050   23.09.15 0423-0459 EQA HCJB, Quito, SS: Christian songs, Bible raedings,    35433 AN
                               Anuncios, Jingle, ID, National Anthem and QRT. 
 5920   24.09.15 0258-0322 USA WHRI, EE: ID, NX, Christian songs.                   55444 AN
 1008   24.09.15 0352-0405 HOL GrootNieuws R., Zeewolde, DD: Rlg PX, NX, ID.        35333 AN
  621   24.09.15 0415-0425 BEL RTBF, FF: NX                                         25433 AN
 5810   24.09.15 0450-0455 USA WETW, SS: Rlg PX, ID, Freqs and QRT at 0455          25322 AN
 6005   24.09.15 0500-0505 OMA BBC, AL Selay relay, EE: IS (Bells), ID, NX.         45444 AN   
 6420   25.09.15 1927-1939 PIR R.Mustang, Holland, DD: Rock MX by Metallica, ID.    44444 AN*
 8080   25.09.15 1946-2006 PIR UNID, Pop MX by Survivor                             35333 AN*
 6355   25.09.15 2008-2010 PIR Straightline R.Austria, EE: MX+closing announcement  25322 AN*
 1035   25.09.15 2114-2122  I  Media Veneta R., Padova: IT: Pop songs PX by male DJ 12311 AN*
  810   25.09.15 2150-2205 MKD R.Makedonija, Skopje, Macedonian: MX, ID. At 2200 NX 24333 AN*
  918   25.09.15 2048-2100 SVN R.Slovenija, Slovenian: Curreny affairs, ID at 2100. 44544 AN*
 1413   25.09.15 2208-2218 MDA Vesti FM, Grigoriopol relay, RR: TK                  44444 AN*
 1350   25.09.15 2240-2006  I  I AM R., EE: Jingle, ID, MX by janet Jackson         25433 AN*
 1575   25.09.15 2306-2316 IRN R.Iran-IRIB, Farsi: TK, Song "Soli" by Aftab Chiye   33433 AN*
 1503   25.09.15 2319-2335 SRB R.Beograd 202, Serbian: Pop MX, TK.                  33533 AN*
 1089   25.09.15 2344-2355  G  Talksport, EE: Jingle, TK on Sport                   34333 AN*
 1296   26.09.15 0105-0115 SDN R.Omdurman SNBC, AA: TK, ID.                         35433 AN
 1557   28.09.15 0400-0416  F  France Info, Col de La Madonne, FF: NX               35433 AN
 6275   28.09.15 1816-1828 PIR R.Python, Holland                                    23422 AN
 1098   29.09.15 0359-0411 SVK R.Patria, Bratislava, Hungarian: ID, NC              34433 AN
 1440   29.09.15 0415-0425 LUX RTL, GG: MX, NX, Commercials, Jingle                 35433 AN
 1278   29.09.15 0427-0437  F  France Bleu, Sèlestat, FF: NX, ID                    35433 AN
  603   29.09.15 0443       F  France Info, Tramoyes, FF: Meteo                     23522 AN
 6400   29.09.15 1912-1926 PIR R.Blauwe Panter, DD: Polka MX, Announcements         25422 AN
  648   30.09.15 0455-0525 SVN R.Murski Val, Slovenian: U2'song, Commercials, NX    25432 AN
                               relayed from R.Slovenia // 918 kHz, ID, song.           
 6295   30.09.15 1656-1723 PIR R.Python, Holland, DD/EE: Rock Pop MX and ID         35333 AN*
 6285   30.09.15 1726-1733 PIR UNID-Dutch songs and Lovely one by The Jacksons      35333 AN*
  981   30.09.15 2152-2205 CZE Cesky Rozlas (Czech R.), Praha, Czech: MX and ID     34433 AN*
 1593   30.09.15 2207-2211 ROU R.Romania Actualitati, Rock MX in //1530 kHz         35333 AN*
 1215   30.09.15 2239-2257  G  Absolute R., EE: interview, commercials, ID, MX      34433 AN*
 1386   30.09.15 2259-2310 LTU R.Svoboda, Sitkunai relay, RR: ID, NX                45433 AN*  
 1368   30.09.15 2319-2328  I  Challenger R., IT/EE: Jingle, ID, Pop MX             24433 AN*
 1730   30.09.15 2333-2349 PIR UNID - Jazz and Bossa nova MX. Usually Greek pirates 35444 AN*
                               are heard around that QRG here in Taranto but never
                               heard such good MX. Usually they play only Greek MX.
                               So I wonder if this was really from Greece!         
 1503   30.09.15 2354-0015 SRB R.Beograd 202, Serbian: Rock MX PX hosted by male DJ 34544 AN*    

AM  = Alex Micheli in Passo Brocon (Italy). RX: YAESU FT 818, TECSUN PL 660. ANT:RGP3 Ferrite road and 
AN  = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: ICOM IC R70. ANT: 20 metre outdoor wire.
AN* = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: KENWOOD R-1000. ANT: inverted "V".


KSDA-AWR Asia, 15720 kHz, verified an electronic report sent by E-mail to web@awr.org, guam@awr.org,
wavescan@awr.org with a real f/d QSL card, leaflets about religion and Wavescan 2015 DX contest in 7 days.
The letters came from Indianapolis USA. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto ITALY)

Radio Japan, 15195 kHz, verified an electronic report sent by E-mail (nhkworld@nhk.jp) and via their website 
with a real f/d QSL card including transmitter site (Yamata) and schedule in 28 days. (Antonello Napolitano,
Taranto ITALY)

Radio Latino, 7585 kHz, verified an electronic report with F/D eQSL accompanied by friendly message after 
1 day. E-mail: radiolatino@live.com (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY).

Radio Europe, 6875 kHz, verified an electronic report sent by E-mail (radioeurope@iol.it) with a real f/d QSL 
card, stickers, pen with R.Europe logo, CD Music Compilation containing R.Europe 25 Hits, in 51 days. Really 
unexpected (and appreciated) a reply with all those gadgets! This resembles old time of shortwave broadcasting 
when major broadcasters (most from Eastern Europe) like R.Netherlands, R. Budapest or Radio Praha used to send 
lot of gadgets and promo material to their listeners. Mr. Alessio Bertini I suggest to change name to R.Eastern 
Europe! :-) It should be mentioned that, being an elecronic report, there was (of course) no return postage! 
Really great if you take into consideration that R.Europe is a small free radio (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto ITALY)

Radio 42, Holland, 6265 kHz, verified an electronic report with F/D eQSL accompanied by friendly message after 
17 days. E-mail: radio42@outlook.com (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY).

Radio Pirana International, 6291 kHz verified an electronic report with f/d eQSL and friendly message 7 days 
after follow/up. V/S Jorge R. Garcia. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY).

Radio Monique, 6300 kHz, n/d picture (Called "QSL" but there is no mention of my reception report!) of a their
antenna mast in 32 minutes from the time I sent the report. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Tower (From Holland), 6470 kHz, verified an electronic report with a f/d eQSL card in 4 days. V/S:Robbie, 
Beumer, Raymond, Bennie, John, Stefan. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Radio Skyline, Holland, 3905 kHz, replied by E-mail (no attachment) written in broken English in 8 hours from 
the time I sent the report. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY).

Straightline Radio Austria, 6355 kHz verified an electronic report with f/d eQSL and friendly message in 5 hours
from the time I sent report. V/S Chris. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY).

Radio Mustang, 6420 kHz verified an electronic report with f/d eQSL in 18 hours from the time I sent report. 
V/S Herman Boers. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY).

Radio Desperado, 6307 kHz, verified an electronic report with n/d eQSL and friendly message in 7 hours from the
time I sent report. E-mail: desperadoam89@gmail.com. V/S: Eddy Schepers. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto, ITALY)


by Antonello Napolitano

During the first week of September I visited the city of Timisoara (in the west part of Romania), the cradle of 
1989 anticommunist revolution and today  candidate for the European capital of Culture 2021. I took that occasion
to stop by at Radio Timisoara. I was greeted by its director  Mr. Mihai Anghel, a true gentleman who speaks five 
languages. Although his Italian was not fluent, due to the presence of my wife who doesn’t  understand any 
foreign language, He insisted that we speak my mother tongue rather than English. Two interesting facts emerged:
unlike, for example in France where all AM frequencies will be shutdown at the end of September,  Radio Timisoara
still relies on its medium wave outlet and that broadcasts are made in ten different languages, including

As is well known the number of broadcasters which have ceased transmissions on medium waves has increased
significantly over the last years. This led most to assume that medium wave band has no future. But in some parts 
of Europe there are some who still  rely on  AM to reach their listeners. “The frequency of 630 kHz is important
to us because it guarantees a large audience” says Mihai Anghel, manager of Radio Timisoara, one of the nine
regional stations of  country’s public broadcasting organization Radio Romania.

The station studios are located in Timisoara and housed in a three-storey building which, prior to 1989 Romanian
revolution, was used as a guest house for students of adjacent Communist Party's school. In the same building is
housed TVR Timisoara which however is a separate organization. There is also an additional studio in the city of
Arad.  Radio Timisoara is primarily funded through public television license fees as well as advertising. All of 
studios, except for one which dates back to 1990, are digitalized. 

Timisoara, capital city of Timi? County, and the main social, economic and cultural centre in western Romania, is
considered the informal capital city of the historical region of Banat which is currently divided among three
countries: Romania, Serbia  and Hungary. 

The Banat is populated by ethnic Romanians, Serbs, Hungarians, Romani, Germans, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Bulgarians,
Czechs, Croats, Jews and other ethnicities. That’s explains why a regional station like Radio Timisoara
broadcasts in ten languages (only two less than Radio Romania International!): Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian,
German, Romi (the language spoken by Romani people or Gypsies), Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and, what a 
surprise, Italian, a language which, historically, has never been spoken in the Banat region.

Asked   why  they  broadcast in Italian Mr. Mihail replies: “We have many Italian friends.The Italian community
is very large. About 18000 Italians are here for work reasons”.

It should be mentioned that there is a large presence of Italian investors in Romania, but most of them are found
in the west part of the country and especially in Timisoara which in 2007 counted 420 Italian companies
registered with a capital of more than 2 million Euro.

Called “Spazio Italia”,  the Italian programme of Radio Timisoara can be heard on the first Monday of each month
from 19.00 to 20.00 (local time) on the VHF-FM frequency of 105.90 MHz or from streaming audio on their website
(www.radiotimisoara.ro). It consists of current affairs, art, culture, recipes and of course Italian songs.   

The first edition of “Spazio Italia” was aired in June 2007. ”Carlo Marchegiano, an Italian investor living in
Timisoara, and his wife Margherita Lenzini, were the initiators of the programme”, says Mr. Mihai Anghel. “There
are three or four more Italians involved  as well as a colleague of Radio Timisoara  who assembles the

A typical broadcast day  includes news, current affairs, culture, sport  and  different kinds of music, including
pop and rock. The station also plays  from 08.00 to 09.00, on 630 kHz  only,  a  show of  Romania’s folk music
accompanied by listener’s dedications.  

Daily programmes are in Romanian, German (13.00-14.00 only on MW ), Hungarian (14.00-15.00 only on  MW) and
Serbian (15.00-16.00 only on MW).  Similar to Italian, broadcasts  in the remaining six foreign languages are not
transmitted daily.

Radio Timisoara in addition to its 630 kHz medium wave frequency  has three FM transmitters at Timisoara (105.90
MHz), Arad (102.90 MHz) and on Mount Coseviza (103.60 MHz).   According to Mr. Anghel,  the same programmes are
carried  on both FM and AM  bands  in the following time blocks:  00.00 to 08.00, 11.00 to 13.00 and 16.00 to 

Not all FM transmitters broadcast the same content simultaneously. For example, from 19.00 to 22.00, on 102.90
MHz and 103.60 MHz, there is a separate programme which is produced in the studio located in Arad.In the same
time block, a repeat of  German (19.00-20.00), Hungarian  (20.00-21.00) and Serbian (21.00-22.00) morning
broadcasts is aired over the 105.90 MHz FM transmitter located in Timisoara.

According to Mr. Mihai Anghel, a 400 Kw transmitter located at Ortisoara, about 25 Kms from Timisoara, is used
for broadcasting on 630 kHz .  The station has been heard in most parts of Europe, including Finland. “We
received many reception reports from listeners who are amateurs radio enthusiasts”, says Mihai Angel. Do you
verify reception reports? “Yes, our chief engineer acknowledges reception reports by E-mail but in the past we 
used to reply by snail-mail”.

Sport is very important for listeners of Radio Timisoara. The manager of Radio Timisoara explains that in the
city there are two football teams: ACS Poli, which plays in the first division and, despite it plays in Liga III 
(the third level of the Romanian football league system), the most loved  Politehnica Timi?oara. “Videos of this
team (Politehnica) on our website – comments Mr. Mihai  Anghel - are among the most viewed by  its Romanian fans
living abroad”.

Among the other activities of Radio Timisoara are sponsorship of traditional folk music festivals and production
of CDs containing traditional, folk,  fanfare and classical  music  performed not only by school or amateur
orchestras, choirs or brass bands but also by well-known composers like György Kurtág. His  composition 
“Colinda Balada”  was released on CD by Radio Timisoara and was first performed  in 2009 Romania. Kurtág, who is
Hungarian, wrote it for his birthplace, Lugos  and it was also a tribute to the Romanian language he learnt when
he was young.
The day of my visit to the station coincided with the “Iosif-Sivu si Cosmin Golban” International Folk Festival’s 
final night which was presented by  Daniela Bacila, a nice music editor of Radio Timisoara. Mr. Mihai Anghel was
also there to deliver a metal plaque to the winner of a 400 RON  (approx 90.00 Euro) Radio Timisoara prize. 

Speaking of future plans Mihai Anghel says: ”We hope to have more frequencies for covering our region. Our
broadcasts attract lots of listeners, 250,000 per day, but there is a big difference between AM and FM which is 
not able to cover all of our region. With the introduction of DRM that difference  will be bigger as listeners
don’t have receivers able to pick up digital broadcasts. For that reason AM remains fundamental for us”.

Antonello Napolitano.

------------------------------------------- END OF DX FANZINE nr. 25 -------------------------------------------

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