DX FANZINE Nr. 24 – August 2015

DX Fanzine brings together tips and news as contributed by individual DXers or ascertained from different sources. It is updated daily, otherwise as soon as we receive logs and news from any DXer around the world. We are interested in any change about frequencies, times, language-services, transmitters, programme contents, phone and fax-numbers, electronic and postal address, station personnel. Emphasis is on broadcasting from Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean area.

NB: All times, days and dates are day/month GMT-UTC, unless otherwise stated.

Tips are entered in date order. Reception quality shorties: P = Poor, F = Fair, G = Good, E = Excellent.

Material from DX Fanzine may be redistributed, posted to any other location, published or used for broadcast, provided it be fully credited to DX Fanzine and the original and intermediate sources.

Please send your contributions to: tarantodx@hotmail.com

NB: ALL TIPS REFER TO AUGUST 2015 – LAST UPDATED: 28 August, 2015 at 15.30 UTC

Freq.   Date     Time-UTC  ITU Station, Language and Programme Details.             SINPO Contributor
 6290   05.08.15 2120-2145 PIT R.Powerliner International, DD/EE: Songs & ID        35333 AN
 6280   05.08.15 2147-2204 PIR R.Experience, DD/EE: Songs & ID                      35433 AN
 6301   05.08.15 2205-2235 PIR Probably R.TRX, Blues songs only! The first "Funeral 35433 AN
                               Hearse at my door" by Rocky Fuller.                    
11930   05.08.15 2333-2334 USA R.Marti, Greenville, SS: NX and ID                   35333 AN
11765   05.08.15 2338-2345 AUS Reach Beyond Australia, Burmese/EE: Songs, TK, ID    35333 AN
11670   05.08.15 2351-2357 CUB R.Habana Cuba, SS: Cuban songs presented by OM       45433 AN
 6090   06.08.15 0000-0010 ANG Caribbean Beacon, EE: Religious ssermon              35333 AN
 6450   06.08.15 2043-2130 PIR R.Crombi, East Coast of England, EE: Pop MX, ID.     45433 AN
 6305   07.08.15 0047-0123 PIR R.Powerliner International, Holland: DD/EE: ID, Pop  35433 AN
                               and Polka MX, Greetings to listeners. S/OFF at 0123
 6390   07.08.15 2024-2047 PIR R.Crombi, East Coast of England, EE: Pop MX, ID.     45433 AN
 6870   07.08.15 2048-2100 PIR Probably R.Pioneer, Pop MX (Atemlos by Claudia Jung) 25322 AN
 6242   07.08.15 2108-2128 PIR More 24, EE: ID and Pop MX. NB: Probably it was an   25332 AN 
                               unauthorized relay of web-radio more24.info!!! 
 6423   07.08.15 2131-2141 PIR Probably R.Studio 52, Pop MX.                        25222 AN
 6285   07.08.15 2144-2209 PIR R.Focus International, EE: Rock MX (Pibk Floyd), ID. 35433 AN
 6000   11.08.15 0425-0430 CUB R.Habana Cuba, EE: MX, ID, NX                        35433 AN
 7350   11.08.15 0437-0439 BOT VOA, Selebi-Pikwe, Kirundi: TK. // 9815 kHz.         35533 AN
 9660   11.08.15 0443-0445 VTA Vatican R. FF: NX.                                   35433 AN
15195   11.08.15 0447-0500 JPN R.Japan, Yamata, JJ: TK. S/OFF at 0500.              35433 AN 
 6255   14.08.15 1855-1930 PIR R.Rode Adelaar, Holland, DD/EE: Rock MX and IDs      34433 AN
 6305   14.08.15 2002-2010 PIR R.Mustang, Holland, DD: Songs and ID                 45444 AN
 6950   14.08.15 1931-2000  I  Entrerprise R, IT: ID, Pop songs, including Italian  44444 AN
                               reggae by Pitura Freska "So mato per la mona". :-) 
  783   20.08.15 2047-2059 SYR Syrian R.& TV: AA, TK, ID, MX Song                   35443 AN
 1233   20.08.15 2100-2110 CZE R.Drechovka, Praha, Czech: ID, TK, Brass MX.         34433 AN 
  963   20.08.15 2128-2148 TUN R.Tunis Chaine Internationale, FF: PX on Heavy Metal 44544 AN
 5910   21.08.15 1615-1625 ROU R.Romania Int, IT: Interview on Tourism, Romanian MX 34443 AN
                               ID, Contact info and QRT at 16.25
 6470   21.08.15 1934-1939 PIR R.Tower, Holland, DD/EE: ID, Led Zeppelin's song     45444 AN
 6400   21.08.15 1944-2006 PIR R.Pioneer, Holland, EE: ID, MX                       35433 AN
 6950   21.08.15 2012-2034  I  R.Voyager, IT: Classical and Jazz MX, ID.            45444 AN
 6155   22.08.15 0508-0520 AUT R.Oesterreich Int, Moosbrun, GG: NX                  45433 AN
 5975   22.08.15 0522-0525  G  R.Japan, Wooferton Relay, EE: TK, Japanese song      45433 AN
15090   22.08.15 0528-0529 KWT R.Free Afghanistan, via Kuwait, Dari: Contacts info  35433 AN
21690   22.08.15 0538-0540     Probably R.Free Asia, CC: TK                         34433 AN 
 6850   24.08.15 2028-2019  I  R.Bandido, IT: MX, ID and S/OFF.                     34232 AN
 6290   26.08.15 1913-1931 PIR R.Caroline, EE: ID, MX.                              22432 AN
 6265   26.08.15 2024-2051 PIR R.42, Holland, DD/EE/FF/IT/SS: IDs and Pop MX.       23432 AN

 CONTRIBUTIONS TO: tarantodx@hotmail.com                         


AN  = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: ICOM IC R70. ANT: 20 metre outdoor wire.
AN* = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: KENWOOD R-1000. ANT: inverted "V".


ITALY: The next test broadcast of Marconi radio International, is scheduled on 25th August 2015, from 
approximately 1700 to 2030 UTC on 11390 kHz. The transmitter power is in the region of 30 watts. Test 
brodcasts consist of non stop music and station identification announcements in Italian, English, Spanish 
and Catalan but it is possible that old programmes are aired, too. Although the signal was weak, the first 
three test broadcasts have been already heard in Bulgaria, Germany, Scotland and The Netherlands. MRI 
encourages reception reports from listeners. Audio clips (mp3-file) of our broadcasts  are welcome! They QSL 
100%. E-mail address is: marconiradiointernational@gmail.com (Artur Fernandez Llorella, Spain)  



Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, 15476 kHz, verified an electronic follow-up including original recording 
as mp3-file,  with an E-mail signed by Sergio Lucero accompanied by a ND letter (doc file) showing picture of 
"Base Esperanza", in 4 days. The original report was sent (of course) via snail mail in 1999!!! Here is the
text inside the letter, which in my opinion is not a true verification: "Estimado Señor  Antonio Napolitano: 
Tenemos el agrado de saludarlo y agradecerle las molestias que se ha tomado y el tiempo que ha dedicado para 
la escucha de nuestra Emisora radial “LRA 36 Arcángel San Gabriel”. Desde el Continente Blanco “ANTARTIDA 
ARGENTINA” le damos un cordial saludo y un enorme agradecimiento por sus molestias. Atte: Tcnl Fernando Gabriel 
ESTEVEZ – Jefe de base Esperanza/Director de LRA 36. Sarg 1ro Sergio Alejandro LUCERO – Encargado de la Emisora 
LRA 36/Operador Técnico".

Radio 4VEH, 4930 kHz (now inactive on shortwaves), verified an electronic follow-up including original recording 
as mp3-file,  with an E-mail signed by Past. Storly Michel, Director,  in only 1 day. The original report was 
sent (of course) via snail mail in 1986!!!  (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY)

Bayerischer Rundfunk, 801 kHz, f/d QSL card for email report received in 5 days. V/S: Matt. E-mail: 
techinfo@br.de (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY)

Radio Voyager, 6950 kHz, f/d eQSL  accompanied by friendly message for email report received in 32 hours from the
time I sent the report! V/S: Cap. Denny.(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY)

Radio Voyager, 6950 kHz, f/d eQSL nr. 76 (showing the head of a lion wearing headphone and roaring in front of a 
microphone) accompanied by friendly message for email report received in 13 hours from the time I sent the report! 
V/S: Cap. Denny.(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY)

Enterprise Radio, 6950 kHz, f/d eQSL accompanied by friendly message for email report received in 10 hours from the
time I sent the report! V/S: Wes Gonzales.(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY)

Radio Bandido, 6850 kHz, p/d eQSL nr. 23 accompanied by friendly message for email report received in 10 hours from 
the time I sent the report! V/S: Cap. .(Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY)


Radio Crombi (From the East coast of the UK), 6450 KHz, p/d eQSL accompanied by friendly message for email report
received in 2 hours from the time I sent the report! V/S: Matt. E-mail: matt-44@hotmail.co.uk (Antonello Napolita-
no, Taranto-ITALY)

Radio Rode Adelaar, 6285 kHz, n/d picture (Called "QSL" but there is no mention of my reception report!) of a nice
red eagle in 4 hours from the time I sent the report. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY)

Radio Tower (From Holland), 6475 kHz, verified an electronic report with a f/d eQSL card in 8 days. V/S:Robbie, 
Raymond, Bennie, John, Stefan. (Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-ITALY)

SYRIA: Radio Damascus 783 kHz verified an electronic follow up, including original recording as mp3-audio file, 
with f/d eQSL accompanied by friendly message in two days. V/S: Amalia Puga. Mrs Puga says that due to "the 
difficult situation of the country"  (this appears to me as an euphemism) short wave transmissions were suspended 
and that programmes can be followed on Facebook. She also says that for the time being reception reports are 
verified only by eQSL. It should be mentioned that my follow up was sent to the Spanish section of Radio Damascus 
(address:radiodamasco@gmail.com) as my original report was about listening of a programme in Spanish over 30 years
ago, on 5th July 1984. If my memory doesn't fail, at that time, just as today, shortwave transmissions from Syria 
were unavailable and the only opportunity to listen to a programme in a foreign language was on home service 
medium wave frequency of 783 kHz which Radio Damascus used late in the night also to air its Spanish programme.
(Antonello Napolitano Taranto- South of Italy

Pensieri in libertà ascoltando le Onde Medie. di Antonello Napolitano 

L’altra sera mi sono dedicato all’ascolto di stazioni facili sulle onde medie. Questa volta voglio soffermarmi 
sui contenuti e non sulla propagazione delle onde radio. Davvero originale Radio Dechovka da Praga che da qualche 
anno propone un format musicale assolutamente unico, totalmente votato alle brass bands. In realtà, anche se la 
musica non mi è dispiaciuta, mi aspettavo di “ascoltare” i programmi diffusi in Arabo dal trasmettitore di Cape 
Greco (Cipro) da TWR, un ascolto qualche anno fa, quando il canale era ben più affollato, non semplicissimo anche 
qui in Puglia. Da qui la mia sorpresa quando qualche sera fa, mentre percorrevo in auto la Statale 100 Taranto-Bari, 
nei pressi di Gioia del Colle, per un paio di minuti la lingua araba l’ha fatta da padrona all’interno dell’abita-
colo. A proposito di arabi, sui 963 kHz di Radio Tunisi ho ascoltato quello che mai ti aspetteresti di sentire 
dalle antenne della radio nazionale di un Paese islamico: Heavy Metal (Tra i gruppi i Dark of Tranqullity, band 
melodic death metal svedese!). Il programma si chiamava “We Rock”, in onda il giovedì sera, ed il suo conduttore, 
Nessim Bouslama, che di giorno dirige un call center, è tutt’altro che un improvvisatore ma uno tosto e preparato. 
Bravo lui e la radio tunisina che, anche se sul cosiddetto canale internazionale, mostra una grandissima apertura 
e non si limita ad un format unico, tradizionale e popolare, tipico delle emittenti dei paesi di madre lingua araba.

Successivamente, preso dalla foga di inviare quello che sarà l’ultimo rapporto d’ascolto alla Bayerischer Rundfunk 
prima che dia l’addio alle onde medie, mi sintonizzo sugli 801 kHz e che mi capita di ascoltare? Una hit di Gianna 
Nannini. Rifletto che è molto più facile che nostri autori passino sulle radio tedesche che non il contrario. 
Beh sulla musica, inno della rimpianta DDR a parte (Il fenomeno è noto in Germania come “Ostalgie” nostalgia 
dell’Est), i tedeschi ci fanno un baffo!

L’ultimo ascolto, più facile del previsto, è Radio Damasco su 783 kHz. Trent’anni fa, intorno, mi pare alle 0030 
o 0130 italiane veniva irradiato il programma in Spagnolo. Allora come oggi, ma non c’era la guerra civile, le onde
corte siriane erano fuori uso e quello dei 783 kHz era l’unico canale che offriva la possibilità di ascoltare la 
radio siriana, il cui servizio internazionale non ha mai cessato (credo) di operare dagli anni successivi al secondo 

conflitto mondiale, in una lingua che non fosse l’arabo. Come dicevo l’ascolto si è rivelato più facile del previsto. 
Sul canale pensavo di trovare in una posizione dominante la lingua spagnola parlata dalla COPE di Miramar. Invece no,
a farla da padrona, era proprio Radio Damasco, che si è soffermata a lungo, chissà perché, sulla figura dell’ex 
presidente egiziano Mubarak. Per poi, più un là, offrire il brano “Batawanes Beek” della cantante Warda. Nata in
Francia e figlia di una libanese e di un algerino, è divenuta celebre per aver prestato la sua voce alle canzoni 

dell’indipendenza algerina, salvo poi, una volta sposatasi, trovarsi costretta al ritiro dalle scene. Nel 1972 però 
il presidente algerino Houari Boumédienne la invita ad esibirsi per celebrare l’anniversario dell’indipendenza del 
Paese. Il suo matrimonio finisce, ovviamente, in frantumi ma la sua carriera, soprattutto dopo aver sposato il 
compositore egiziano Baligh Hamdi, si indirizza decisamente verso la fama ed il successo. E allora mi sono chiesto 
se è forse per questo suo passato di cantante “militante” che le sue canzoni trovano spazio sulle frequenze di un 
Paese in guerra.

------------------------------------------- END OF DX FANZINE nr. 24 -------------------------------------------

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  1. Bene ben tornato a dx fanzine! Ricordo cm piacere la pubblicazione cartacea tanti anni fa!vedo di mandarti qualche ascolto!


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